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Hi guys  I'm trish and  this is my ever rudhita os also the first time I'm making any posts here. I know its lockdown period and many won't even come across this probably. But for everyone else who reads this I hope you enjoy and do lemme know how you felt reading it.

They were words that she could no longer swallow back; no matter how much it killed her to say them. It had been 12 years since the day Anirudh had married her to save her life and protect her from the evils of the society.He had worked everyday day on her to make her achieve her goal to become a barrister. It would be a lie if she would say that she didn't have feelings for him. She has  had feelings for him from the moment she knew what being in love meant ; maybe from even before that.

Anirudh had always treated her as a mentor should treat his mentee but that couldn't stop her from falling for the man. Fall in love with her husband; with her pati babu.It was the day that she had finally decided to confess her feelings when she came to know that Anirudh was about to marry Saudamini but had to marry her instead, to save her life. She had known when she grew up, from her mother that under which circumstances Anirudh had married her but she had not know that he had even sacrificed on his love that night.

From that day Bondita had been ignoring him not because she wanted to but she just didn't know how to face him. Anirudh would always ask her what happened until he stopped and decided to give her space. Bondita thought he really must have finally gotten tired of her and this was the perfect opportunity to say something which she sincerely hoped to have never said to him but alas not everything can always be as one wants. if it could then bondita would have wished that her husband would love her back the same way as she loved him.

Anirudh was as usual reading his book.Bondita turned on her side to lovingly trace his harsh profile with her.She could no longer contain the words and they spilled from her lips with desperate earnestness.


"I want a divorce."


Every single muscle in his body went  tight. before he turned his head to meet her watchful gaze. His eyes were hooded.


"Par woh tum hi thin a jisne kaha thi kit um yeh shadi apni puri zindagi nibhaogi? ," he taunted her  and Bondita lowered her eyelids, trying to mask her pain at his bitter words. When she was sure she had her emotions under control, she once again lifted her eyes to meet his dark gaze.


“Aur yeh bhi kaha tha nah ki yeh shadi tum akhri din tak nibhaogi"


"Par ab tum mujhe chorke nahi ja sakti Bondita”

“Mein apke sath nahi reh sakti  Anirudh babu”


" But you don't have a choice Bondita“

"Dekhiye Anirudh babu mein apke sath tab tak hi thi jab tak much sach nahi pata the hamare shadi ke peache ka par ab jab mujhe pata hai app jiske sath rehna hai  reh sakte ho." saying this she tried leaving.



He grabbed her hands to halt her movement, Bondita was shocked by the touch. He never touched her. 

Anirudh leaned closer to her and lowered his lips to her ear. She felt his hot breath on the side of her face before he spoke.


“Kaha ja rahi ho...keh kyun nahi deti ki tumhe us Kabir ke sath rehna hai .You know what agar yeh baat hai tum mujhe pehle kehti na toh mein tumhe khushi khushi jaane deta but ab not at all."

"You can't stop me from divorcing you" she responded bravely.

 "Tumhe sahi mein divorce chahiye ?" He asked tauntingly. 

She said nothing, choosing to turn and walk away instead. He watched her go, she could feel his gaze but  She did not turn.He followed her to find setting in the guest room.

"Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho" he hit the door hard.

Bondita was shocked by this behaviour .She knew he would not be happy with her leaving the room but had never expected that he would react like this; Wanting an explanation .

"Bed bana rahi hun"she  answered without looking at him.

"Woh dekh sakta hun bondita par kyun"

"Mein apke sath nahi rah sakti"she faked a smile.

"Dekho Bondita …all this is not gonna work...pagal go gyi kya? "

"Yeh hi sahi hai Anirudh babu. Apke  liye bhi aur mere liye bhi "

"Mujhe tumhare phaltu ki baton mein koi interest nahi hai ...tum mere sath kamre mein wapas aa rahi ho"

He grabbed her hand and tugged her back toward their bedroom . She was so shocked by the abrupt gesture that she stumbled along behind him. 

Bondita could not handle all this any more.With a lot of courage she had decided to be this strong, as now she could not afford to be weak.She released her hand from his grip.

"Mrs.Bondita Anirudh Roy Choudhary mujhe pata tha ki tum ziddi ho par itni ?

"Dekhiye Mr Anirudh Roy Choudhary..apne abhi tak mera asli roop dekh hi nahi hai ..aur mein chahungi ki ap nah hi dekho to accha hai"

“Anirudh Roy Choudhary..Anirudh babu .. yeh sab kya laga ke rachat hai ...seriously Bondita?”

He pushed her to the nearest wall.They were just inches apart.At that point they could even feel each others breath.They both had never thought of being this close and that to in such harsh terms but Anirudh had already had enough of the divorce crap.

"And by the way for your information i can get worser and trust me on that.."

Bondita could not control her emotions anymore and bursted out.

"Don't do this with me pati....Anirudh babu.I can not take this anymore.Aap mujhse aise baat karte ho par then I see your closeness with Saudamini di…I can't see all this ..all i want is to see you happy and nothing else ..agar aap Saudamini di ke sath khush ho toh raho nah ...par mere sath aise mat karo.I want my old pati babu back….old pati babu back." she sobbed.

"And jo tum mere sath kar rahi ho do you think i can take all this ..divorce and all ,tumhari kabir ke sath closeness...tumhe kya lagta hai mujhe pharak nahi parta"

"Kyun pharak parta hai apko… boliya na kyun pharak parta ..boliye ..." she kept on pushing his chest while saying this.

“Stop it bondita kya kar rahi ho?”

"Nhi chorongi aur marungi kyun pharak parta hai bolo"

"Because i love you dammit..."  he  held her tight by her arms and  pulled her into a tight hug .

"Pehle nahi bol akte the aap ...mujhe itna rulaya ."

"Aur tumne jo mujhe itna mara ...and by the way Saudamini is getting engaged ajj uski engagement hai .."

"Excuse Me  ...ajj to Kabir ki engagement hai ..."

“Ek min kahi un dono ki toh engagement nahi ?"

"Let me check "

“Saudamini weds Kabir"

Both started laughing hard ...

“Meine ajj tak notice kyun nahi kiya ..."

"Mujhse nazar hategi toh nah notice karogi "

"Accha betu aur apne bohot notice kiya "  and she started running behind him ...and throwing things at him ..

After running for few minutes karan pulled naina by her waist I love you my pyaari patni "

"I love you too my pati babu”  Anirudh replied as he cupped her face and kissed her forehead .


 I hope you enjoyed and I genuinely hope to make many new friends here <3

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Wait for my unressmiley36

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Lovely... Keep going.smiley32smiley32

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Hey it's lovely..Do write more... Everyday i visit forum to see if anyone updated their ff or any new stories ...It feels so good to read about aniruddha and Bondita..Cute os..smiley20smiley31

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Originally posted by pretty-oni

Lovely... Keep going.smiley32smiley32

thank you ❤️

Barrister Babu 

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