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Hello everyone, during this lockdown time, most of us are vellas and me the biggest vella of you all, want to conduct a game called Sheep games.

The objective is to answer a certain set of questions in the most predictable and common way: as the name suggest you are supposed to think like a sheep and give the answer you would expect other people to give.

Example: Name the best actor in Bollywood.

5 people say Nawaz

7 people say Irfan Khan

10 people say Ranbir

15 person says Varun Dhawan

15 people who said Varun get 1 point.

If there's a tie between 2 most popular answers then both will award 0.5 points. if there's a tie between 3 or more answers (or everybody gives a different answer) then no points will be awarded for this question.

NOTE: Answers should not be factually correct, it should just be common..

Of course the only way to play this game is not publicly posting your answers. You have to send them to me via PM. Do not share your answers with others.

You could say in this thread if you're interested in participating but registration is not necessary as it is a simple game and doesn't require much time and effort. You can simply send me your answers via PM. I'm not sure how many people would want to participate but I set the limit of max 30 people in Round 1 or it would take too long to sort out the answers.

There will be 20 questions in Round I. Top 20 will qualify to Round 2, and than Top 10 will qualify for the Round 3 which will decide the first Indian Forums Sheep Champion. Points from 1st, 2nd and 3rd round will be combined. 

And in case if I don't get 30 players, and say I got only 20 members, than it will be top 15, top 12 and top 10. And so on.

The format is like league format, so you need to score in every round, to secure the most number of points. The more points you earn, the more chance of you to win the competition.

So here below are the ten questions for the first round. Note questions are not strictly Bollywood related, and I will add some mixed bag questions too. 

1. Name a national award winning Bollywood male actor.

2. Name a desi web series from Netflix/Amazon Prime.

3. A popular item song from last decade(not Shiela ki Jawani).

4. An IF forum member who is super popular in the BWF.

5. Name an Indian city.

6. Indian cricketer who is mostly likely to act in movies/television in near future.

7. Which footballing nation will win the next world cup.

8. An actor mostly likely to come out as homosexual(male/female).

9. Who is the best choreographer in Bollywood.

10. Bollywood director who can make it in Hollywood.

DEADLINE: 20th May 2020 9:00 AM IST.

19th May 2020 11:30 (USA TIME/Washington DC)

20th May 2020 4:30 AM(UK Time)

And please don't share your answers with anyone but me, and some of you pathetic vellas don't make MIDs to win. Because I will not accept members who have registered after April 30 2020.

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I’ll play 

I haven’t had a good fight in age 🔫🔫🔫🔫

Posted: 7 days ago

Why will we be Redcafe sheep champion? And why does one want to be that?smiley36

Posted: 7 days ago

Originally posted by Nahiiinnn

Why will we be Redcafe sheep champion? And why does one want to be that?smiley36


Posted: 7 days ago

Ask mode to pin it. I am interested.

Posted: 7 days ago

Nice trick to get PMs from girls smiley36

Posted: 7 days ago

Do you just want lot of PMs?

Posted: 7 days ago

Kuchh samajh nahi aaya.

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