Panga vs Mary Kom? better movie and better lead performance?

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Panga vs Mary Kom? better movie and better lead performance?

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Panga better movie and Kangu better performer
Mary Kom better movie and Priyanka better performer
Panga better movie but Priyanka better performance
Mary Kom better but Kangu better performer
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Posted: 9 months ago

Today i finally watched Panga, and it was a very hearth warming and nice movie. Like you know you will watch Panga for a fairy tale feel, it isn't going to be something which will blast your mind in terms of writing or screenplay. But it was earnest and for a seemingly slow movie, it never lost its direction and narration, never had any distraction or you know trying to make the protagonist a larger than life figure. It was a really well written, beautifully directed and brilliantly acted movie.

So I was like let me open a thread in IF, asking which of the Panga or Mary Kom they found better.

See as a movie Mary Kom disappointed me, like it was a poorly made movie carried by Priyanka Chopra and few excellent supporting roles, but direction, screenplay and engagement was meh. Omung Kumar is an average director and we know that.

Panga on the other hand, I found a very earnest and heart warming movie, which also kept it simple and didn't made any stupid mistakes. As a movie it was much superior to Mary Kom, IMO. Ashiwini is much superior director anyways to Umung.

Now the comparison of Kangana vs Priyanka, as good as was Priyanka, their is a thing about Priyanka which annoys me a lot. She doesn't know how to act angry, she tries too much, her performance while better than most of the average actresses of the industry, isn't as sutble and controlled like that of Kangu. Who doesn't act, she does almost every scene naturally yet differently. And it was same in Panga. Priyanka did a great job in Mary Kom, no doubt, but I think Kangu in Panga was better.

But that is just my thoughts, what does IF think?

Posted: 9 months ago

I love everything about Pangasmiley27 The sweet and simple premise belies the top-notch direction and performance by Kangana is epic.

Priyanka was very good in Mary Kom but the movie didn't touch me the way Panga did.

If I had to choose, I would choose Panga over Mary Kom and Kangana's performance over Priyanka's even though Priyanka was very good too

Posted: 9 months ago

Kangana is the better actress tbh but Mary Kom was the better movie was more entertaining and that's what seems to have made it work 

Posted: 9 months ago

Panga was disappointing...the trailer was fab but Ashwini failed to deliver got so boring...even the kabaddi scenes werent good and when at the end she joins ... nothing as such great happens. 

Mary Kom is not some excellent film but had more inspiring moments which I would look for in a comeback story. 

Not at all surprised I was that Panga was boring ...and I would blame Ashwini and the writers...

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Posted: 9 months ago

First option

One who know Nothing abt her and watch only panga can never guess kangana is pischani in real , she will be like so sweet person.

Posted: 9 months ago

Panga is a well made film. Mary Kom was not so good as a movie. The performances were no doubt good(with PC single-handedly carrying the movie and some goosebump moments) but the flow and screenplay wasn't that great.

Panga on the other hand keeps it simple and overall a sweet film and also has great performances( Kangu is obviously a better actress). It maintains its flow and doesn't break it's narrative. So it scores above MC for me.

Posted: 9 months ago

Kangana is a stronger actress imo. she performed better, but the overall film didn’t captivate my attention as much as Mary kom. So overall Mary kom for me and priyanka performed well. But kangana as an actress was bettr

Posted: 9 months ago

I havent seen either film so how good could they be ? 

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