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I am again here with new story. I know ek already on going hai abhi over nahi hui hai but this idea was plaguing my mind a lot that I couldnt even think about on going story. So I decided to write it down. I dedicate this story to Ishu aka @Rishrabh.

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I am again here with new story. I know ek already on going hai abhi over nahi hui hai but this idea was plaguing my mind a lot that I couldnt even think about on going story. So I decided to write it down. I dedicate this story to Ishu aka @Rishrabh.

Likho anjali likho smiley31

Ishu ka haal ab smiley36

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Part 1

A 5 year old girl was tugging dupatta of her mom who was busy in her shopping. “Yes, what happen Mini?” asked Babita. “Mom, look ice cream. I want one.” Said excited 5 year old little Mini pointing towards a ice cream vendor on bi cycle. “Mini cant you see I am busy. I’ll get you one in the evening.” Babita chided her and asked the shopkeeper to show sarees in red color. “Look mom, he is going. I want ice cream now.” Mini started crying. “Offo, ye ladki bhi na….Behenji aap saree dekhiye main abhi aati hoon.” Babita said to Sharda with whom she had come for shopping. “Arre Babita, tum baitho na.” Sharda held Babita’s hand and called her son. “Neil, come here Beta.” “Yes mom, now what is it? replied her 11 year old tall and charming boy Neil.  “Please don’t ask me again about your sarees. To me all looks same.” Neil rolled his eyes at her mom. “I am not asking you about sarees. See Mini wants ice cream. She is disturbing Babita again and again. So you take her and get her an ice cream and look after her.” Sharda said while giving money to Neil. “What? As if it was not enough that you dragged me with you for carrying your shopping bags now you want me to babysit that girl.” Neil retorted back as he felt the task of babysitting little girl was repulsive. “Come on Neil, just help us out me and your aunt Babita has lot of shopping to do for todays function.” Requested Sharda. Neil sighed, “Ok first and the last time.” Neil said as he held Mini’s hand and started dragging her with him. “Mom!” Shouted Mini on being dragged like this.” “Don’t worry Mini, Neil will get you an ice cream and bring you back safely.”Babita assured her.

Mini looked up at Neil. He was not only taller than her but also taller than most of the boys of his age. “What are you looking at kid?” asked Neil as he noticed Mini. Mini just shook her head in no and pointed towards the ice cream vendor who had already started riding his bicycle and was going away from their reach. “Oh be quick we have to run” Neil said and started running holding Mini’s hands but little Mini’s legs gave away as she could not run fast. She stopped, “I cannot run any more. Now I cant have my ice cream the ice wala bhaiyya is gone” Mini started crying. “Hey stop crying ok. People are looking at you. Don’t create scene.” Neil chided her getting embarrassed. Mini started crying loudly now on being scolded. “Ok…ok…stop crying. I have an idea.” Neil said and picked up Mini in his arms and placed her on a nearby stairs of a shop. Then he turned around asked her to climb on his back for a piggy back ride. Mini instantly liked the idea and she excitedly climbed on his back holding him around his neck. Neil made sure she has held him tight and he started running after ice cream vendor.

“Bachho ko bahut der ho gayi gaye hue Sharda abhi taka aye nahi?” Babita asked worriedly. “Don’t worry, Neil hai na sath mein aate honge abhi…wo dekho dono aa rahe hain.” Sharda pointed in their direction. Both Babita and Sharda smiled as they saw Neil was walking leisurely carrying Mini and she was enjoying her piggy back ride while having her favorite ice cream cone. They came to the shop where their moms were waiting for them and Neil put Mini down. “Mom! I enjoyed a lot with Neil. He is so tall, so strong and he runs so fast and he got me not only one but two ice creams. ”Mini told them excitedly. Babita smiled at her little doll. “He did this so much for you Mini and you ate two ice creams alone. You should have offered him one na” Babita asked her daughter as she put her hand on her head lovingly. “Sorry mom, I forgot. Neil, tum khaoge ice cream?” Mini asked innocently as she offered him her already half eaten ice cream. “Mini, Neil tumse bada hai na…kya sikhaya tha maine bado ko kaise bulate hain?” Babita asked. “Oh yes, aap keh kar. Sorry mom. Sorry Neil, Aap khaoge ice cream?” Mini asked again as she cutely tilted her head on one side. Neil looked at the already half eaten melting ice cream with disinterest. “No thanks.” He replied. “Mini, tum bhi na…dusro ko apna jhootha offer nahi karte beta.” Babita again chided her. “But mom aap toh dad ka jhoota khate ho. I have seen you some times.” Mini asked curiously. “That’s because we are married. Its ok between married couple to eat each other’s ‘jhoota’” replied Mini thinking this answer would satisfy her ever curious daughter but what Mini said next she was not expecting anything like that. “Then no problem mom. Main badi hokar Neil se shadi kar lungi.” Mini declared. Babita, Sharda, Neil looked at Mini for sometime then Babita and Sharda burst out laughing while Neil was so embarrassed that he wanted to runaway from there. He saw even the employees at shop were laughing at him. “Oh God! I hate little girls” thought Neil and went out of the shop.

Babita and Sharda came back home. They lived in the same colony in Patiala. Their bunglows were opposite each other. Babita’s husband Hanuman Singh and Sharda’s husband Devrath Oberoi were very good friends and business partners. They owned textile business and belonged from same village. They both started their journey together and became successful. They decided to settle in Patiala. Over the time their wives Babita and Sharda had also bonded well. Both the families were very close. They felt like more than business partners they were like extended family. Today was Sharda and Devrath’s marriage anniversary for which they have thrown a party due to which Sharda and Babita have gone for last minute shopping.

Everyone was enjoying the party. Men were busy in discussing business and cricket while ladies were busy gossiping and discussing fashion. Mini was continuously following Neil wherever he went. Neil was trying very hard to avoid her or hide from her but she was stick to him like his shadow. “Hey is it my imagination or that little girl is following you?” asked Neil’s friend Mickey. “Not your imagination. That little thing is stick to me like fevicol since afternoon.” Neil replied as he glared at her angrily while Mini smiled at him cutely. Mickey laughed at his expression and then looked at Mini who looked besotted by his friend, “Looks like she is your fan girl. Hey little missy. Why are you following Neil?” asked Mickey to tease Neil more. Neil looked at Mini horrified and prayed to God that she would not say anything stupid. “Because I love him and main bade hokar unhi se shadi karungi.” Replied Mini as she blushed. Neil closed his eyes as he heard his friend Mickey chortled at him.  Neil went to complain to their parents stomping his feet. “Mom, dad, uncle aunty look what Mini is doing. She is following me everywhere. All of my friends are laughing at me.” Neil complained. “Mini, did you trouble him?” asked Babita. “No mom. How can I trouble him? I was just practicing to be a good wife by following him everywhere.” Replied Mini innocently. “See this is what I talking about. Since afternoon she is like this.” Neil said as he throws up his hands in frustration. “Now my friends will make fun of me for lifetime.” Neil said and went from there and Mini followed him again.

“What was that about?” asked Hanuman as he laughed at the kids. Babita and Sharda narrated the whole scene from afternoon. All four of them laughed at Mini’s cute antics and Neil’s frustration.“By the way, If we think about it. Its not a bad idea.” Said Hanuman. “Are you out of your mind? They are just kids.” Babita admonished him. “Waise main bhi yahi soch raha tha….aur abhi wo bachhe hain par baad mein toh bade honge hi na.” Devrath agreed. “Dev, don’t tell me like filmy father you are fixing this alliance in childhood or are you planning for their child marriage?” asked Sharda shocked. Devrath and Hanuman both laughed at her reaction. “No Sharda, but think about it. We are family friends and business partners. We know each other very well. Would'nt it be awesome if our children end up marrying each other?” asked Devrath. “And ever since my little doll is born I started worrying about her marriage and the fact that one day she will go away from us. But if she comes in this house. She will always remain in front of my eyes and under the care of people I trust most in this world.” Hanuman gave his opinion. “The idea is very appealing I must say.” Sharda said. “But still, they are children. How do we know what future holds for them and how they would turn out as grownups?” Babita shared her opinion. All of them agreed with her and brushed off the topic but none of them could fully scrap this idea from their mind. And unconsciously an image of their children getting married to each other was stuck in their mind forever. Years passed by, Mini and Neil grew up but this  desire of their parents only grew stronger.

Mini was in school in 10th class now but her feelings for Neil grew stronger with time. She used to blush whenever there was Neil’s mention. Their parents knew about her affection for Neil and they never hide their desire of getting them married in front of Mini. The fact that their elders also support her gave more encouragement to Mini and she literally started believing herself to be Neil’s wife. She had already given her heart to Neil when she was five but with the passing time she put him on the highest pedestal in her life. For her he was everything. She worshiped him with all her heart. On the other hand, Neil has left the city 3 years ago to take admission in college in Delhi. When he was in Patiala also he was never interested in Mini and now after all these years he has completely forgotten about that childhood incident.  He never interacted much with Mini as she was a shy girl. Unaware of her feelings Neil still considered her as that silly little girl.

to be continued.....

Today's song mood-

Rab Ki Qawali Hai Ishq Koi

Dil Ki Diwali Hai Ishq Koi

Mehki Si Pyaali Hai Ishq Koi

Subah Ki Laali Hai Ishq....

Girta Sa Jharna Hai Ishq Koi

Uthta Sa Kalma Hai Ishq Koi

Saanson Mein Lipta Hai Ishq Koi

Aankhon Mein Dikhta Hai Ishq

Mere Dil Ko

Tu Jaan Se Juda Kar De

Yun Bas Tu Mujhko Fanaa Kar De

Mera Haal Tu, Meri Chaal Tu

Bas Kar Aashiqana

Tere Waaste Mera Ishq Sufiyana

Mera Ishq Sufiyana

Mera Ishq Sufiyana

Tere Waaste Mera Ishq Sufiyana

Mera Ishq Sufiyana

Mera Ishq Sufiyana

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This is lovely. Childhood love smiley42 Sweet 16 Mini smiley2 and her love for him. Ruhani love it is .smiley9

Posted: 17 days ago

It's too good anjali.

Childhood love kaise adulthood ko affect karta hai, dekhna intresting hoga..

Iska update jaldi dena.

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Posted: 17 days ago

Awesome dude!🤩

Can't wait to see how it continues.😃

It actually seems 'ruhaani'😍

Loved it...😘

kindly update soon...❤️

Posted: 17 days ago

OMG anjali through out the story I was just blushing... mainly when Minni keeps following him.... 

Meera Minni and Krishna Neil.... I am so excited for This journey... Please update fast.... 

Neil can't leave his attitude nA... smiley2

Patiala Babes 

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