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Posted: 12 days ago

Tu Hai Wohi Dil Ne Jisse Apna Kahan

Welcome to the 200th AT of AnuPre and ParIca


From AT No: 1 to AT No: 200 the journey along with AnuPre has been a very tough one full of Kasautiis! AnuPre's love is put to test time and again. Each and every time they get separated we fans hold ourselves together and wait with bated breath from them to reunite even if it is only for a few minutes.

AnuPre started as mere acquaintances and became friends and then lovers n soulmates and now they are parents! During this journey along with AnuPre we realised the truth that AnuPre might never be together but their hearts will beat only for each other! In spite of the blatant fact right in front of us we yearned for moments of AnuPre together onscreen.

Initially, we were hoping for AnuPre romance, then hoping AnuPre will get married socially but slowly we became satisfied with their sindoor marriage in front of Durgama! We might be the first set of fans who wanted the next separation to be memory loss of the lead and we got the same! 

We screamed and ranted when they tried to marry an already married woman! We loved the challenges of Prerna and her trust in Anu's love! We loved Anu's connection with Prerna and his cutiepie in spite of losing his memory! 

Now that we are in the 200th AT we welcome everyone to join us in the journey of AnuPre's soulmate connect winning over everything and everyone! Let us cry in joy and welcome our cutiepie of AnuPre, let us hold each other when they are getting separated again and pray that our AnuPre get back together and bring their baby together as parents! Let us always fight for True Love no matter how many wrong decisions AnuPre take or how many villains come their way! We as a team of AnuPre fans will never falter in our trust on AnuPre just like how AnuPre's trust on each other never falters! 


Reminder: Please keep this place positive a lot of effort has gone into this thread. No negative comments, please. Everyone is welcome to join. Please follow the AT and forum rules even though this is a celebration thread. 

A big thank you to everyone who sent their messages


Writeup: Angelina, 
messages compiled by: Leena and me 

Creations: Priya(me)

Organised by me 

Tag by Leena 

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Posted: 12 days ago



I have a small message.

Anupre fandom a huge family of friends

Who have sailed through the sorrows n joy reach double century

Our journey started on the 25th September and still we r bonded together by love for ANUPRE. Some new members joined n few left but our journey continues till we meet our destination.

Love to all my lovely friends.

Thank you


A journey of 200 ATs, doing what we love best: appreciating anupre. These two define love, the innocence, passion, all consuming nature of love. The kind of love where you cannot see beyond that person, where life without him or her becomes unimaginable. How I have enjoyed this journey with anurag and prerna: laughing with them, crying with them, falling in love ; with them and their love for each other. I feel proud to have watched a story such as theirs, to have rooted for a couple such as them, and to have had the good fortune of doing so with a Fandom as sane, good natured, pragmatic and positive as this. You guys, each and every member of this AT is responsible for bringing this AT here and I'm infinitely proud of the fact that we have completed this journey of 200 ATs only with positivity and love for our favorite couple as our guiding light. The future, what it may bring is filled with uncertainty both on the show and here on this AT but I'm happy to have had this time, in this place with you all.. 

Cheers on completing 200.. 


'Chahat ke safar mein dilon ke hausle dekho'

These lines perfectly suit our Anurag and Prerna aka AnuPre smiley27 This journey started more than a year ago and we've been a part of this since then. Now that AnuPre fans have completed the journey of 200 ATs, it feels so nostalgic as our love for AnuPre has grown leaps and bounds. We've laughed and cried with them, although the moments of happiness have been rare. But still every moment with them has been so close to our hearts.

I just love this AT for being positive in the most difficult times for AnuPre. Thanks to all of you who have been giving us awesome AnuPre memories to cherish foreversmiley4


Congratulation to all on 200th AnuPre/PaRica AT.. smiley32smiley20

Omg its such roller coaster journey so far . You guyz are just amazing ,

Here i just want to appropriate AT members smiley32for Keeping this AT alive in every ups and down with positive atmosphere .

This shows your love for AnuPre. A big Hug to all.smiley31

I am here for Erica and My Anupre ..My AnuPre they gives us lot of smile n happiness on our faces with beautiful moment.

I live with them , I smile we cried with them Now Anupre became beautiful part of my life . smiley27smiley42

And most important PaRica .. hatsoff to them .. what brilliant n hardworking actors these two are ! . somewhere becoz of them only ,I still stick to the kzk . Thoda dil toota hai .smiley38. but lets see abhi bahot kuch hona baki hai .....

My fav Anupre moment is their Love confession ..

The way both  subtitle express their love that was so beautiful ,n was filled with love n love only .smiley27smiley42

  my AnuPre for u--

Ahsas y mohaabat ke liye bas itana kafi hai ..

usse ko kho kar bhi ..usse hi pa liya hai .. smiley27


Adhuri hi sahi magar dilkash kahani hai Aunpre

har mod par deewano ki nishani chod gaye hai anupre .   smiley27

Rakh hausala vo manjar bhi aayega;

pyase ke pass samadar bhi aayega;

thahk kar na baith, ye manjile musafir;

tujhe manjil bhi milengi aur milane ka maja bhi aayega ..smiley27

#copycatme smiley36


Hey You Lovers lost in AnuPre eternal love ...we have been through lots of KASAUTIES but we have seen AnuPre sailing through every obstacle as long as they are together ... long live AnuPre and ling live our AT .. long after this shoe sink more airing .. we shall all meet n greet at the various milestones ..ghats our eternal bonding with our beloved couple smiley27

 ...Keep going ...200 is just peanuts .....we will reach #2000 by grace of the lord 

All the bindaas  members have collected here singing in the same tune praising AnuPre ..birds of a feather .... 

Loving AnuPre from their previous shows ... loved the pairing their friendship .. love their cordial working relationship ... ignore rumours ....very  supportive 


I love AnuPre mainly because of the connection and love they share ..smiley27 the fact that they are friends first and then lovers.. smiley27

the way they make each other their priority.. smiley43go to any length in getting back to each other ...smiley42that for them the special someone is more important than their ego... smiley27

This AT and AT waasissmiley31smiley31just want to say one thing you all are an integral part of my life... You all bring a big smile on my face with our cute banters and i hope we continue to create more milestones and our bond continues to be great.. smiley1smiley31

Have made few AnuPre VMs.. hope you all like it.. smiley1

AnuPre VM - Mitwa

AnuPre VM - Lag jaa gale

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Posted: 12 days ago



Wow... 200 smiley40 firstly heart congrats to all my dear friends .... it's amazing that we reached 200 successfully... am not at all active in our AT...but this place and u guys are always special to me...

And Anupre 'll remain my most favourite on screen couple... 

Kudos to parica and other actors who are giving their best and making KZK2 one of the successful shows..

Keeping rocking...

Love to u all....

Lavanya smiley12


At last the wait is over and we have reached the most awaited AT of AnuPre the 200th AT.smiley41smiley40

Though we faced many kasuatis to cross each milestone for this AT but this one seemed really difficult.  But we did it. So Congrats to all the members who made it possible.smiley32smiley32smiley32 

AT ke safar mein aye chahe jitne bhi mod, 

Na ruke hum,  na jhuke hum,  na thamne diya hamara kadam. smiley16smiley36

AnuPre will be always unique for me because of Parica and this AT. This AT has introduced me to so many beautiful people. All the time spent in this AT will be memorable for me always. So love u all guys.smiley31


Hello everyone, 

Wow we made it to 200th AT congrats guyssmiley31. Congratulations everyone. smiley40smiley41When I started opening ATs I never thought we would reach so far. May we reach every milestone possible. 

I love and miss our chats during the golden days of Anupre/KZK2 and Masoor dal / Maal. Take me back to those days smiley27 

 My two years of IF has mainly been around this AT and anupre. so thanks to all my friends here. 

 My recent special memories are how most of the anupre AT members I talked to congratulated me for meeting both Parth and Erica. Meeting them was a distant dream but somehow fell into place. Also celebrating my birthday with you guys was special and Suta's birthday thread for mesmiley31.  

Thank you Parth and Erica for being our Anurag Prerna you guys are the Unique Selling Point of KZK season 2 and you both are my main reason for continuously watching the show. I love you guys onscreen and offscreen. 

One creation from my side, this reminds me of the initial days of KZK2 and it reflects how far we have come. 

Hope we stick together as one no matter what highs or lows we experience in the Anupre AT.

Love, Priya


It is around 100ATs back that i became an active part of the AT and before that I just used to stalk the AT. And as I have shared it in my introductory post in the AT, the maturity & sensibility of the AT members is the best thing that attracted me to the AT. And i am happy to see that even now, after all the recent happenings, our AT has not lost its integrity in the name of fangirling and shipping. While many of the AT members have stopped visiting us, we had many new members joining us or becoming active in the AT. And what remained constant all this time is the love we all have for AnuPre and our decision not to let anyone cross their limits either in bashing the characters or the actors. The reason why our AT has turned to be the safest & sanest place for AnuPre/Parica fans. Hoping that we will continue to be the same, irrespective of whom we stan or which character we love more. A Hearty Congratulation to all the old/new, active/inactive members who have contributed in keeping the AT a lovable & attractive place. And a Hearty ?? & smiley32 to the full-time & part-time moderators who have done a good job inspite of sometimes getting sandwiched between the AT members & forum rules. Let's all continue to do our part in keeping our AT a superb fun place.


Congratulations guys on crossing 200smiley31 I didnโ€™t think we would reach this milestone due to certain reasons smiley36 But we did and kudos to us ....kitne kasautiyon se guzre hum log smiley16smiley36

I have not been watching the show much these days but AnuPre will always...always  be special to me most favourite pair ever.smiley27I doubt any other itv couple will ever come close to them. There is no middle ground when it comes to AnuPre. Either you are in love with the awesomeness they are or you absolutely hate them for whatever reasons smiley36These two evoke such strong emotions in people smiley16

Itโ€™s very hard to pick one favourite scene of these two . From the recent times , it has to be Prernaโ€™s confession scene where she poured her heart out to Anusmiley28That scene got me so tear  eyedsmiley28Another one is their we are pregnant 
That is the scene of the show ! Nothing ...absolutely nothing compares!smiley42KZK might be trash ....Ekta might be this or that but scenes like these makes me want to thank her for bringing Parth and Erica together as AnuPre. The kind of chemistry these two have created is unbeatable! Thank you Parth and Erica for creating magic out of nothing!

Lastly, I want to thank all my AT wasiyon  for giving me some of my fondest memories on IFsmiley31It was fun interacting with each one of you. smiley9I do miss the good old days of this AT when pages used to just fly and it used to be so difficult to catch up. I wish those who left this place could come back for this one AT. This place is incomplete without you guys! 


Wow canโ€™t believe the AT hit double century ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป this is beyond exciting. Though I havenโ€™t been a regular here much des days but this place and the members have always been amazing and make everyone feel more like home in the forum.

This AT has seen so much, up-down/khushi-gam n still kept going just like the show and AnuPre. This makes me super proud that I was/am part of such a beautiful place and people. Keep it up n best of luck to everyone here ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

N congratulations everyone for hitting such a big milestone. Miss you all ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜˜

Yay party ๐Ÿฅณ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿน๐ŸŽ‚


MA IT'S DOUBLE CENTURY smiley40smiley40smiley40

We were waiting for this so eagerly and finally AT 200 is here.smiley41smiley32smiley31

Congratulations to each n every AnuPreians who were part of this AnuPre land from first AT and who have contributed  in achieving this milestonesmiley32 and yes special mention to AT admins who have worked hard to make these threads beautiful..A hug to all from my side 


I joined this AT very late.. In August..

It has been a wonderful experience for me to be part of AnuPre AT . .Had a lot of such sweet friends here,they all r love  Heart. It feels like home here smiley9

AT is so special and dear only because of its amazing members.  I love and adore each and every one of youHugAll are so different yet so similar smiley9its the most  positive place in the entire IF.Star 

So this place is as special to me as AnuPre aresmiley27 and what to say about our AnuPre smiley42

A couple worth fangirling & their memories worth cherishing foreversmiley27smiley27smiley27


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Posted: 12 days ago


Free to use

by me

by Tufani


by rahuldravidfan

AnuPre VM - Mitwa

AnuPre VM - Lag jaa gale

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Posted: 12 days ago


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