SidNi Story - I'll catch you when you fall (Part 2 Page 3) *updated

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SidNi Story - I'll catch you when you fall

Siddharth's POV

It was a pleasant morning, I think it felt more so because we were away from the world and my mom-dad were finally able to spend some time together. Suddenly there was a commotion and I turned to the noise, in hindsight I should have run away but I'm glad I didn't, a girl was vomitting on my shoes, yuck!!

I jumped back in reflex but then I saw her condition was worse, so I held her and let her vomit on the deck, I'd have a word with the officials later. She looked up, her big eyes were swirling with tears, she was trying her best not to cry but her face showed her discomfort.

Carefully I made her lay down on one of the chairs and turned to the waiter, "Get me a glass of lime juice please and ask someone to clean up the deck, so sorry for the mess."

I had completely forgotten about my shoes by that time, I tried to make her look up at me, when our eyes met I smiled a little, apparently laying down had somehow made her a bit better. She started staring into the moving clouds up above and I knew she'd be puking again if she kept it up, so taking my hand I tugged at her chin and beckoned her to keep looking at me to gain some stillness.

We both got lost in the feeling and it was surreal how someone so beautiful could exist, I felt really bad that she had to experience this. I was about to speak when she said, "You stink!" , I saw her pointing at my shoes and I couldn't keep my laughter inside, it was ironic to say the least.

She started to smile seeing my laugh and the waiter came back with the lemonade, I took off my shoes and gave it to him asking him to get them washed if he could, he nodded and as he was going I handed him some money thanking him for his cooperation.

As I turned around the girl was drinking lemonade and looking at me with a teasing glint in her eyes, I frowned and asked her what with my gesture, blubbering she spoke, "A rich spoilt brat!"

"Sea-sickness hai aur ship par aa gayi, I think spoilt hona is a lot better than pagal hona!" I said and started to leave when she held my collar from behind and I was almost about to fall.

Keeping my hand on my waist, I turned around in full tashan and glared at her. "Meri mom mujhe ladka dikhane laayi hain yahan and I couldn't say no to her." She explained.

She was standing now and I could clearly see she still wasn't totally fine, offering my hand to her I took her to the edge, slowly I spoke, "Look at the horizon, it'll help ground your feet, sea-sickness theek hogi."

She looked at me instead and smiled slowly, "Who knew Mr. Spoilt had brains as well?"

We saw the sun smiling at us and I looked at her now, the sunlight shone on her and I could just get lost in that view, "I hope you get everything you're looking for."

Her head snapped so fast towards me I thought she was having another attack or something, her features softened as she saw genuinity in my reply, "Thanks."

That's when I heard her phone ringing and our moment was broken, she talked to her mom and then turned to me. "Thank you so much and I'm sorry for your shoes!"

I laughed hard, she stared at me in a weird way so I said, "This should have been the first thing you spoke Bhagyashree."

She shook her head in disbelief, I don't know at my nickname or what I said but then she left, I called out, "Naam toh btati jao Bhagyashree!"

Turning back she shouted, "Pata karke batao Mr. Bubbly." Her laughter filled the deck as well as my heart, that's when the waiter came back with his shoes and Siddharth hit his head with his shoe, "Pehli mulaqat mein joote aur dil dono kharab kar gyi!"

Roshni's POV

As I came back into my room, mom started ranting about the meeting we had with her friends and the guy I was supposed to be meeting but my thoughts were only on one guy.

He was cute, I had always hated rich people but maybe there could be exceptions to every rule. She needed to get out from this room now or else she would probably get sick again, hence she said, "Mom I need a drink, I'll be back okay?"

As I rushed out I could hear mom say, "Roshni, room mein bulwa le, ye ladki bhi na!"

Entering the bar I ordered a drink, glancing around my eyes landed on an old couple dancing on the floor and they were so sweet I couldn't help myself from clapping for them, a smile made its way on my face, I was about to take a sip from my drink when someone took the glass out of my hands.

"Excuse me, what the hell!!" I snapped hard, the guy looked at me with an amused expression and took a sip of my drink, this idiot.

"What are you doing here again, I ordered this drink for myself, you helped me doesn't mean you'll stalk me now, what is your problem, haan?" I spoke at the speed of Rajdhani express.

His eyes lit up more at my outburst and this irritated me to no extent, but then he asked me to wait a minute, "Haan toh Bhagyashree, ye drink alcoholic hai." He finished and I think my expression just answered for myself, who was this old fashioned man!

He started to shake his head and said, "Nahi nahi, main buddha nahi hun. Ladkiyan alcohol pee sakti hain but sea sickness mein alcohol avoid karni chahiye, aur main phir se apne shoes kharab nahi karna chahta." His eyes were suggestive and he was being a smartass.

I mumbled something along the lines, "Tumhe kaise pata ye sab? Doctor ho kya!" He smiled and pointed to the cute couple there. "He's my dad and he's a doctor, meri behen ko hai sea sickness, so I know all about it!"

This got my mouth shut, he smiled and said, "I care about you, koi badtameez ladka nahi hun and as you said thode brains hain." This got me smiling and I ordered orange juice, I saw through the corner of my eyes as he asked the bartender to give him orange juice as well.

"Kya tum bhi nahi peete?" I questioned, he stirred his juice glass and made bubbling noises, I squirmed at his actions. "Tum spoilt nahi bewakoof lag rahe ho ab."

He gave me a dazzling smile and gazed at me before speaking, "Tumhe company dene ke liye pee raha hun juice, plus the last thing that can define me is spoilt, so please ye mat bolo?"

I was surprised, I raised my hands and said, "My bad, I'm sorry. So what brings you here on this vacation?"

Somehow his actions and his talks made me want to know more about him, "Mere mom dad ko exclusive time chahiye tha and mujhe ek break! Seems like acha idea nahi tha, tum jo mil gayi." He teased with a light chuckle.

I hit him slowly, giggling myself. It was easy to fall in conversation with him and I found us enjoying chatting, seeing his mom-dad dance.

After a while he asked, "Toh tum arranged marriage karogi? Lagti toh fireball jaisi ho, ladka sambhaal bhi payega?"

I glared at him and said, "Tum jaisa ladka chahiye hoga na sambhalne ko." 

His eyes suddenly lit with an unknown emotion, he smirked and I got back from my angry haze realising what I had just blurted, keeping my hands on my mouth I ran from the place.

I could still hear his high chuckles as I ran back to my room. This was so mortifying, why did I have to say that. Slowly I started smiling at my stupidity, "Shayad jo dil mein hota hai saamne aa hi jata hai!"

Siddharth's POV

"Sid puttar, kaun thi woh ladki?" I heard Dad ask sipping the long forgotten drink.

"Bhagyashree!" I said dreamily while mom dad fought in the background.

"Acha sun Sid, meri ek dost hai aaj na unke saath dinner karna hai hume. She wants to talk something important, okay?" Mom spoke, and I nodded in much better control of myself now.

Roshni's POV

"Chalein mom? Aur kitna taiyaar hongi aap! Mere liye ladka dekhna hai ya apne liye?" I laughed as I suggested that, mom was so pretty even she could have got a guy at this age.

"Badmash ladki, chal. Acha ek minute ruk, kitni sundar lag rahi hai meri bacchi!" Mom said with so much emotion in her voice, I was convinced coming here was the right decision no matter how sick it made me.

No one's POV

As Siddharth walked into the lounge, he looked around for that familiar face and to his luck, he saw her looking absolutely ethereal, he wondered how it was humanly possible for someone to look this good.

His feet carried him towards her and that's when she glanced back at him, their eyes met and smiles were passed, the faint music in the background totally depicted how they felt, just as they were almost face to face Roshni tripped and Siddharth caught her just in time.

"Roshni, theek toh ho beta!" DD shrieked and a dazzling smile adored Siddharth's face, "I'll catch you when you fall Roshni!" He emphasized the last word, as he helped her get to her feet, he whispered in her ear, "Now your turn to find out my name Roshni." 

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Wow New story on sidnismiley27

It's amazing dear 

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Will Sid turn out to be the guy she is meeting?

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Waiting for next

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Fantastic update

Ravi Dubey Nia Sharma Jamai Raja 

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