Draupadi - Pooja Sharma’s acting - mind is blown!

Posted: 21 days ago

While all of us are at home I decided to catch Mahabharat. I haven’t seen it before and i am so hooked now since I’ve started watching. The direction acting cast selected is pretty good. People who play Krishna, Duryodhan, Arjuna, Yudhishter, Bhim, Dronacharya, Bhishma pitama, etc are very good but for some reason I’m just blown away by Pooja  Sharma’s acting who plays Draupadi. I had to google up her name.. I didn’t even know her and what a gem of an actress she is. I literally cried in the latest 2 episodes around disrobing draupadi. The way she’s angry with all the men for staying quiet and suddenly when Arjun tells her about not losing her “sayam”..the way she looks.. remembers what Krishna mentioned and slowly breaks down was a brilliant scene. This is definitely an award winning performance by her. Sadly I don’t see her much. She deserves to be noticed. Such a fantastic actress!!

Posted: 21 days ago

Completely agree she has done a fantastic job

Posted: 21 days ago

she is phenomenal👍🏼

indeed an award winning performance🏆

whatever questions i had in my heart listening and reading about the chapter in books and elders she answered all my questions in one go 

bow to her performance...phenomenal performance🏆

as draupadi she gave tight slaps in the court to all men faces including her 5 pandavas gosh the way she threw chudamani on arjun and the respective beads falls on each pandavas was goosebumps the anger as a wife was worth watching,what more shameful and heartbroken for any husband when his wife take out wedding symbols and throw it at their faces and shout at them that she is no more a wife,thats women strength,they failed her as husbands and her heart broke into pieces her soul was shattered

when i first watch it draupadi definitely resides in her and all happening just run in flow,its her voice anger disappointment anguish through pooja...what a performance,hats off🙏🏼

as for projects,gosh i want to see her on-screen too but she is choosy🤣

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Posted: 21 days ago

I agree!!! I wanna see her taking more projects. She’s so much better than all these Bollywood actresses also. Such a beautiful performance. One of the best I’ve seen on tv. 

Posted: 21 days ago

i watch this vastraharan scenes for countless times now but than everytime i watch its sheer beauty and a teaching lesson to all womens of our kalyug,never be weak and stand up for your honour and self-respect and do not let a man play with your honour and self-respect even if he is your husband stand up for yourself and pooja has just send that message beautifully across as draupadi for me its draupadi in pooja teaching womens to stand up for themselves

Posted: 21 days ago

She's amazing and deserve all awards for her performance.

Posted: 21 days ago

Yes, like I mentioned in another topic, it's not easy to step into the shoes of another actress who had already immortalised a legendary character.

The character also was written well but Pooja did fill justice to it. I think from the new MBH, hers was the best performance. Vastraharan is the centre piece of MBH and she really loved up to the expectations.

Posted: 21 days ago

Pooja's performance as panchali is awesome.


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