Once Upon a Midnight Part II

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Round pooris & Fleeing desserts

He was energetic, creative and ambitious. Being with him filled her with life

She envisioned his wife being a talker like him, gorgeous like him, a great cook and have the stamina to match him in bed

It wont matter if she didnt get along with Arya though she had the mojo for it

Tapan would more than make up for his wife's lack of magic

She closed her eyes and imagined them in that room

He would make her laugh, he would demand to be pleased and she would be over the moon satiated

They would help Parul cook, she would wear a saree everyday like Kusum, she would help Parul dry hang clothes, she would chop up veggies, and put away stuff from the dining table before dinner fill out frig water bottles

She would belong

she would reach for a snack when she was hungry

That would be her home

Until he whisked her away to Chicago

She was missing pieces in her jigsaw she turned to him

"Do you cook in Chicago?" she asked

He was non plused for asecond "Oh? me?" he asked pulling out to the road

"Hmm" she wasnt so sure now

"Oh yeah, I try to, Parul reminds me of festivals and such too"

"You cook all that?'

"Oh yeah, I can make pooris more circular than... umm.. he traced the rim of his rabri kulhar

"Oh?" she was astonished

"Nice" she nodded

"If I werent going tomorrow I would teach you" said cheerfully

He picked up his cold dessert to sip, the bottom gave away and splashed all over his thigh, falling on the floor mat in pieces

The car screeched as the cold liquid touched his thigh

He turned to look at her and they both began laughing hard

"Well.." he pulled over

"OMG!" she covered her mouth with her palm and expressed horror

"Chill!" he reassured and they began laughing again

The silliest thing to laugh about

"OK not appropriate"  he said gasping for breath "Its just opinionated dessert fleeing my cup" he said

She looked at him like he was the funniest man alive, her eyes filled with laughter tears

He stopped staring bend down and wiped it off rinsing with the water bottle 

picked up the broken pieces of pottery and found a trash can and disposed it

She waited by the car until he returned, he leaned on the car and they chatted, he shared a couple of epic first date fails

He was able to keep it funny and engaging, about how he got dumped when his date texted her ex-boyfriend in the middle of their dinner and later went back to him (tapan was set up by his friend's GF who later told him)

And how once he was in a multi level parking, and his date bought the movie ticket and told him "Oh! you can pay me $5 when u drop me home"

She wondered how many there were.. how pretty they were.

She had no date night gaffes

She told him how afraid she was when she first went to a property dealer's office in Vasant Kunj

She told him how she wrecked her brand new car when she took off with it after fighting with her mother at the age of 16

"You got ur first car at 16?" he couldnt help be in awe

She nodded awkwardly

"Sushant my brother got his at 14" she said to make her event "OK" but realized it made her more "princess"-ey

He told her about how for the longest time he didnt eat tofu believing it was meat

He told her how he ate oyster accidentally and didnt eat out for 6 months or so after.

How his pressure cooker lid blew off and dal splattered all over the ceiling of his UIUC apartment

"And now you make the pooris?"

"Only the best" he mocked himself

"I am glad I didnt go for a steaming hot dessert" he said starting the car again

It was well past 3, they rode with the windows down, he pulled into the NOIDA complex

They both suddenly turning somber

This was it.... they were home now

He was going to be at the airport in 24 hours

The fantasy was coming to an end

Began with losing her self esteem and bank balance, and ended with losing... she had lost something for sure

He walked towards her building slowly staring into his phone

"I can take the elevator up, the corridor is pretty safe" she offered

"Its not going to take me an hour to get home its OK" he said distracted

She didnt argue, she walked with him, she thought she looked pretty good in that navy saree and the silver shimmer blouse

She wore a saree because Nidhi had insisted

Back to the daily grind from tomorrow... she pursed her lips and stared at all the unread email

She walked to her door and keyed the code in the bell tinkled and the door opened

The open door triggered the light, he entered shut the door and dragged her towards him

Still holding her right hand in his left, he sid his right hand around her chin and neck, and under her ear, sending a huge wave of sensation down her body, she shuddered audibly.

His nostrils flared as he watched her br---s lift and stretch tightly under the gorgeous liquid chiffon

Her hands were on his chest, she probably even hears it hammering he was sure.

He did that wrist stroke thing, sending ribbons of fire unwinding through her veins, she moaned to make it stop, but he lifted her chin and drew her face closer

"happy Birthday Shubhra" he muttered bringing his head down

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She didnt argue, she walked with him, she thought she looked pretty good in that navy saree and the silver shimmer blouse

Wow there is a huge change in her outlook. She thinks she looked good. Good going Shubra. A good small step in the right direction. She always doubted herself fueled by her mom’s constant comments.  Here is some self confidence booted by Tapan. 

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New thread👍👍👍👍

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