Rohini Maiya

Posted: 18 days ago

Of course we all know Sulakshana Khatri ji did a commendable job of portraying this character right from her grit as a queen down to the practical-but-will-spoil-you-to-death mommy to Kanha and Dau Bhaiya! smiley42

Also did you guys notice, Sulakshana ji also plays the maid who informs King Ugrasena that Kans has murdered Keertimaan! smiley3

Okay so now down to business! smiley36

Parentage of Rohini:

I was confused since I read in an article that she was MB wale Vidur kaka's sister! smiley4

"Rohini, the descendent of the Puru clan, was the child of B€hlika, O King.

She was the foremost wife and darling of Anakadundubhi."


Paurav… is not exactly her name. It means that she descends in the Puru

dynasty. This is a popular (vyavah€ra) genealogy. According to it Vidura is

the son of Vicitrav…rya and therefore a paurava. B€hlika (or B€hl…ka) was

the brother of ®antanu, who was the father of Vicitrav…rya. So B€hlika's

daughter could be vaguely, and popularly, called a "sister" of Vidura. I

guess she would be some sort of great cousin sister. Not a blood relation,


I'm not sure if this finds a ground in any text/version?

Also, if this is not true then who are her parents? Was she a Yadava girl too? smiley24

Posted: 18 days ago

I have heard rohini was devki  sister 

Posted: 18 days ago

I don't think Rohini was Vidur's sister. Like Devaki, she too belonged to the Yadava clan, but another faction besides the Andhakas and Vrishnis.

Vasudeva had two other wives who are mentioned in Bhagawata Purana: Bhadra and Madira. I'm not sure when he married them, but it may have been before Devaki, because wasn't he old by the time Krishna killed Kans? I don't think he married anyone after Kans vadh, because by then his own sons were old enough for marriage.

All of Vasudev's alliances were made before Kans became King, so it's quite possible he married Bhadra and Madira before Rohini, or even after Rohini but before Devaki.

Posted: 18 days ago

Did  anywhere balram and krishna  address vidhur as  their mama? Because I don't think krishna balram would ever called vidhur mama

Posted: 17 days ago

I know this story isn't a part of either MB or SB. I was curious as to if this story is a part of any folklore anywhere. smiley9

How many kids did Vasu end up having? I thought I read somewhere IF pe hi about Krishna-Dau's youngers brothers? smiley4

Posted: 15 days ago

If at all Rohini is somehow related to Vidurji through Puri clan then she becomes sister to Pandu and Dhritrashtra too. 

In that case Pandu becomes Mama of Subhadra.

Then Arjun and Subhadra were two sided cousins. Thankfully cross cousins from both sides so marriage was possible

Posted: 15 days ago

Cousins' marriage was pretty common in that area (both time and place) I guess? smiley36

Krishna also married a cousin of his didn't he?

Shree Krishna 

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