Interview with Shahnawaz Pradhan - Nand Baba and 3 other characters!

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Posted: 19 days ago

Highly recommend checking out this interview with Shahnawaz Pradhan, who played Nand Baba so warmly and relatably in Shri Krishna. He shares some really fascinating experiences from his auditions and on the sets of SK--but most importantly, he reveals that he played 3 other roles! One I always recognized him as, Raja Bali in the coverage of the previous avatars of the Vishnu. The other two were complete revelations to me--and as someone who's watched every minute detail of the show for over 25 years, I didn't think anything could surprise me smiley36

Check it out from 10:33 for the experiences on Shri Krishna, and 13:40 to find out about the other roles smiley2

Mods/viewbies, let me know if you'd prefer we turn this into a combined thread for all interviews with cast members, I'd be happy to rename it.

Posted: 18 days ago

Wow!  I didn't know all that! Isn't he just soo amazing!

He's like 80% of the reason why I began to love Nand Baba so much! smiley27

Posted: 13 days ago

I  have seen Shri Krishna many times..I feel he played the role of Chanur also. 

So the three roles:

Nand Baba

Raja Bali


Who agrees? 

Posted: 13 days ago

The 4th role was of Shursen, Vasudev's father :) Highly recommend watching the interview, his memories of doing multiple roles in the same scene are really amusing!

Posted: 12 days ago

Oh yes! I remember...yes yes...

Posted: 12 days ago

He played Chanoor too? smiley3 Wow, what a vast difference between both characters!

Loved him as Nand Baba. He really brought out that gentleness and affection of the character. He also portrayed Nand Baba's silent intelligence well too. There's a reason this character was able to survive and raise his family and village so effectively during Kans' rule!

Posted: 11 days ago

We must also give credit to the make-up artists! I just checked a Chanoor scene, and I still cannot find any resemblance! smiley39smiley42

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Shree Krishna 

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