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Hey everyone, I am glad to be back in the forum after so many years. Hope all of you are safe and healthy. I have decided to write a fan fiction as given the current circumstances I have a lot of free time. I will be writing the updates on the go and the updates might be a little irregular but I promise to update atleast every 4 days. I have prologue and three chapters written already. So will be posting those up. Hope to see you all and interact with you all.



“How should we talk to him Nani?”

“Yes Nani he will practically flip out if we so much as suggest another meeting considering what happened the last time.”

“You’re right Di; the last one was a complete disaster. He rejected her because he thought she was too into her looks. I mean these days every girl focuses on how she looks.”

“Nani ji I think these silly reasons for rejection are a mere cover-up so that you eventually give up and stop pestering him.”

Devyani Raizada sat amidst her grandchildren thinking of a way to make her stubborn grandson agree for another meeting. At the same time the subject of her thoughts walked in with his Bluetooth plugged into his ear and went straight towards his room without sparing them a glance.

“Chotte wait. I need to speak to you.” Arnav halted in his tracks hearing her serious tone. 

“Nani I will freshen up and be down in 15 minutes.” Arnav said. He could make out from her tone that he was in for some serious lecturing.

After exactly 14 minutes and 59 seconds Arnav Singh Raizada descended the stairs and stood in front of his family, who looked as if they were here to crack a deal, with his Nani being the negotiator. 

“Chotte we have arranged to meet the Gupta’s tomorrow and we will be leaving at 6 in the evening, so be ready.” Nani said without beating around the bush. She knew that asking him was going to do no good, so she directly stated what she wanted and sat back to watch his reaction.

“Nani if this is one of your matchmaking visits then I am not interested. I have made it clear that I don’t have time for all this. You asked me to give it a try and I did but I don’t think this arranged marriage thing is going to work for me.” Arnav hissed angrily. Why couldn’t they let him live his life in peace?

“Nobody is asking for your permission, I have already promised them and you have to be ready, end of discussion. I don’t think you would want to embarrass your Nani in front of others.” Nani said with equal ire.

Amidst all this four pairs of eyes were constantly looking between the grandson and grandmother with their mouths hanging open.

“Fine Nani but this is the last time I am doing this, if this doesn’t work out then I am done. There will be no further meetings.” Arnav said.

“Let’s decide that after tomorrow.” Nani added with a smirk.

“I need assurance Nani, I am accepting your terms and you have to do it too.” Arnav countered in his typical business tone.

“Ahh there goes the Harvard brain.” Anjali muttered under her breath but Arnav was too sharp to have not heard it.

“Did you say something Di?” Arnav quirked his left eyebrow and Anjali looked away.

“Fine Chotte this will be the last time.” Nani declared.

“Ok then I will be ready.” Arnav said and walked away.

“You will have to come early tomorrow Khushi.” Garima Gupta announced

“Okay Amma but why?” Khushi asked

“We have people coming over tomorrow.”

“Do I absolutely need to be there?”

“Yes Khushi, after all they are coming to see you.”

“See me? Am I a piece of art that they are coming to see me.” Khushi added laughing

“They will be here to talk about your marriage Titaliya.” Madhumati Gupta added looking fondly at her niece.

“What? Amma what is the hurry. I said I will get married but that doesn’t mean you get me to see a groom within a week.” Khushi looked at her father pleadingly.

“Bitiya just meet them, you don’t have to agree. There is absolutely no pressure. One meeting will do no harm right?” Shashi Gupta calmly explained his anxious daughter.

Khushi looked at the three eager faces looking at her with expectations. She just nodded and went into her room.

“Shashi you handled her really well. I hope she agrees and settles well in her life.” Buaji said

“I hope so too Jiji.” Garima added.

“Let me tell you both one thing, the last decision will be Khushi’s. Nobody will force her if she disagrees to the proposal. She will be the one to decide if she wants to get married to the guy or not.” Shashi warned his wife and sister as he knew both of them go a little overboard with their emotional blackmail.

So how was it guys? Excited to embark on this journey of Arshi? This is going to be a story where Arshi will deal with being in an arranged marriage. All the obstacles that they face, how they fall in love and how their life changes after marriage. This will not be a story of twists and turns but more about how a relationship blooms and how do two strangers fall in love.

Do leave your comments as your feedback really helps me to write better. Until next time thensmiley31

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Prologue - Page 1

Chapter 1 - Page 3

Chapter 2 - Page 5

Chapter 3 - Page 8

Chapter 4 - Page 10

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Welcome back! smiley31

It’s always good to have old writers back. An amazing start you made! Looking forward to read more! smiley9

Much love, 


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Originally posted by Ayesha134


Welcome back! smiley31

It’s always good to have old writers back. An amazing start you made! Looking forward to read more! smiley9

Much love, 


Thanks a lot dear. I am glad to be backsmiley4. Will update as soon as possiblesmiley2

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Loved the prologue. Waiting for the next update. 

Posted: 3 months ago

the start is really interesting.

Keep it up.

When are you gonna finish it the other story?

Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by Preet.Kc

the start is really interesting.

Keep it up.

When are you gonna finish it the other story?

Hey! smiley4

If you mean "When Love and Fate collide" by other story then the interesting thing is that I PMed you for that only. smiley36

A request has been put on the link that you sent. Hopefully that thread will be reopened soon because the next chapter is ready to be updated. smiley1

Till then, we can enjoy this new story. Thank you loquacious_soul for this one smiley9. And Thank you Preet.Kc for your help smiley10.



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Sanaya Irani Barun Sobti Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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