arshi ts chahhat part 3 (last episode) posted on 17th may 2020

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Posted: 3 months ago

its a story of Arnav who is passionately love with a girl from his university but never get chance to talk with her..

will he get that chance?

part 1:-

at darjeeling station, 

a BMW car enters in there.

its a quite silent place. a man around 35 come out of car and went to counter.

man:excuse me,yeh shimla wale train kab aaye gye.

(Excuse me, when will shimla's train Will come.)

counter:it will 3 hours late 

man:kya 3 hours late hoga,okey..

(What 3hours late,okey)

the man go and sit on a bench.

a coli is sitting there.

coli:kisi lene aaye hai aap ji.

(You come to receive someone?)

man:haan,aapne patni ko.

(Yes,my wife)

at train,

a women is seen enjoying the view of mountain. she asked the tc.

women:bhai shahab aur kitna waqt lage gya.

(Excuse me gentlemen,when will the train will reach the station)

man:3 ghanta aur.

(Its will three hours late)

women:thik hai..


she sat before window. 

woman:arahe hai tumhare patni Arnav

Singh raizaada..

at station,

coli:aapko newspaper mein dekha hai sayad.

(I may be see you in newspaper)

man:haan,dekha hoga sayd india ke top lawyers ,justice rishabh kundra.

(Maybe I'm justice arnav Singh raizaada)

coli:haan..aapka yahan kya kaam.

(Yes,but why you come to this hill station)

Arnav:tea garden buy kiya hai yahan toh isse ke kaam se aaya hai yahan.

(I bought a tea garden here so for this works)

waise aapka koi kaam hai kya ab.

(Do you have any work)

coli:na ji .


Arnav:toh baat kar lete hai.wait larna bilkul na pasand hain  mujhe.

(So let's talk,i don't like to wait that's too in station)

at train, 

women cares arnav pic on her phone. 

women :sorry jante ho aapko wait karna bilkul pasand nahi hai magar main toh train ke speed toh increase toh nahi kar sakte. 

(I know you don't like to wait but i can't speed up the traim

she laughs on her talks. a old woman hear her and asked. 

old woman:pati hai tumhara. 

(Is he your husband)



old woman:kitne saal ho gaye saadi ke.

(How many spend on the marriage)

women:15 years

the woman talks to the old woman  about her marital life. 

at station, 

Arnav:akela kya karinga station mein. 

kahani sunnen gye.

(Do you like to hear a story)


magar kiske

(Yes.please tell,but who's)

Arnav: mere kahani.


Its my story)

17 years ago,

Arnav's  pov,

i am arnav Singh raizaada,studying at university. i just fall for a girl of my class. her 

but unfortunately i never ever get a interaction with her.

1st me and her subject are different. we just a only one class together that also in a week. 

an the girl also don't serious about study and bunk the classes always.

the university is ending soon. 

and i want to propose her but how,

my friend ansh give me idea to write a love letter to the girl.

and i take his opinion.

it was 16 years ago so love letter waz cool at that time stuff.

whole night i write only one love letter .

and finally its done. 

i describe myself, my background, my love for her in the letter. How could any girl will fall for me after reading this letter. and this happens.

next day, 

i don't get chance to talk her so i went to her driver and asked for her address so that i had so scope for myself. i can't meet her after all today was last day of college. if I get the address then it will helpful.

next day, 

i went to her house which i get address. its an apartment which look rich and classy people lives. 

will she accept my love. I'm a student from quite middle class.

i asked for help from the  watchman. 

who was a nice man. 

Arnav:kya aap humare madat karenge.

(Do you please help me?)

Watchman:thik hai,paar kis ghar mein jaake dena hai.

(Okey but who's house)

Arnav:3c flat ke ladki ko.

(3c flat)

watchman:acha tum khushi betiya ke pyaar mein par gaye ho.

waise woh hai bohat ache.

(Oh so you are love with mad)hu dear.

Btw she is a very nice girl.

Arnav:haan jante hai hum abhi aap jaye aur dejeye uss ye letter. 

(Yes i know you go and give it to her (

watchman:thik hai..


the watchman leaves. 

i can see the home through window.but i only can see their shadow for the curtain.

precap:don't know. 

its a sweet love story hope you guys enjoy and do comments 

Posted: 3 months ago

They are now married, so we know it turned out well. He is waiting for her at the station.

Posted: 3 months ago

Arshi ts chahhat

part 2:-

Arnav see under the tree shelter and wait for his lady love. 

at apartment, 

a girl is dancing heart on the music.

Albela Sajan Aayo Ri

Albela Sajan Aayo Ri

Mora Har Man Sukh Paayo Ri

Albela Sajan Aayo Ri

Albela Albela Albela

Albela Albela Albela

Albela Sajan Aayo Ri

Dhir Naa Naa..

Dhir Naa Naa..

Dhir Naa Naa Naa Naa

Chauki Puraao Magal Gaavo

door bell ring she stop her dancing and went to open the door and see the watchman. 

watchman: khushi betiya. 

Khushi:ji uncle koi kaam hai. 

watchman:kaam nahi hai ye letter ek ladke ne tumhe dene ko bola hai. 

Khushi:kyun ladka.

watchman:neche betha e. 

watchman leaves. 

Khushi went near the window and secretly seen him,before he can see her she moved away and breathing heavily. 

don't believing. What is happening,is this too or may be a dream..

The dream she always seen in her sleep.

Khushi start reading the letter. 

and get amused reading the letter how good the guy is.

and most important thing is that she already likes him but never have the courage to talk to him like she.

she see him waiting for her answers. he will wait for her answers thorough its yes or no. 

Khushi:i can't believe arnav bhi mujse pyaar karte hai. 

main bhi usse bohat pyaar karte hoon. 

magar ab main kya karo bohat nervous feeling ho rahe hai. 

haan maho ya naa.

ma papa woh kya sochenge.

main kaise kya karu.

aur itne jaldi itna bada faisla lena sahi nahi hoga.

main ma papa se baat karunge.

It's a bright sunny day. 

Arnav is sitting on hot sun.khushi see him secretly as she dont want him to realise that she is seeing him but 

Arnav understand all this and smile at her childish nature. 

Khushi feel bad.

she took lunch and call watchman. 

Khushi:kaka aap uss yeh khana de doon aur haan ho sakte toh uss samjhu ke woh yeh na rahe.

watchman:humne toh samjhaya betiya.

magar woh nahi samjhta hai.

magar suna hai ladka bohat a ha hai mera beta arvind bhi toh same college main parta hai.

Khushi:mujhe pata hai woh kaisa hai humesha sabk madat karne wala sabki izzat karne wala.

aap abhi jaaye 

watchman brings lunch for arnav

Arnav:yeh sab kis ke liye. 

watchman:aapke liye betiya ne bejhe hai.

Arnav:Hume toh usska haan kya intezar hai. 

khir choro yeh lunch he le lete hai. bukh lage hai bohat.

Arnav have the lunch and enjoy ghe food.

Arnav:oh wah kamal ke khana banate haiwoh.agar shaadi ho gaye naa toh mujhe acha khana milr gya.

Watchman:woh nahi naukar ne banaya...

Arre Khana bana na uske baske baat Nahi..

Kuch din pehli chai bana ne gaye the...

Kitchen mein aag lagte lagte bache.

Khushi see this from window and smiles. 

she take the phone and call her friend. 

Khushi:hello anu..Maine na bohat pareshan ho. 

anu:kya hua tujhe.woh jo humare university ka senior hai..wahe jo haar student ko aapne notes dete hai. 

anu:haan jante hai jis ke liye aap deewani ho.woh debate pe jaaye toh tum uss debate competition ko performance samjhe ke dekh te ho jaise madhuri dixit nach rahe hoon. 

Khushi:arre uss ne mujhe letter lekha.

anu:arre toh kya hua.

Khushi:arre uss ne mujhe love letter lekha hai aur yese lekha hai naa ke main toh parke usske pas bhag jana chate ho.

anu:toh jaa na bol de tu bhi isse pyaar kart hai. 

Khushi:darr lag raha hai pehli kisi ko khaha nahi...

anu:toh ek kaam kar raste pe kisi ko i love you bol de phor usske practice karle.phir usse bol de.

Khushi:uff tu bhi na chal bye.

Khushi cut the call and feeling tensed. she don't get courage to speak to arnav actually she in nervous. 

Arnav keep sitting there and the keep stare her every minute. 

day passed.

it's evening. 

Arnav is sitll sitting on there.heavy rain is happening. 

Khushi see arnav from balcony getting beach. she feel tensed for arnav

her mother come to home and see ber

Garima:sorry beta late ho gaye ho.

waise dekho kon aaya hai karan ke maa.

karan ke saath hum tumhare rishta karna chate hai.

Khushi get shocked. 

precap:will khushi and arnav unite?

Posted: 3 months ago

She has to speak up now before her parents decide to fix her up with someone.

Posted: 2 months ago

oh saathi
part 3:-
Khushi get shocked to hear about her marriage alliance. she leaves her mother hand shockingly.
mother:kya hua beta.
Khushi:maa hum ye shaadi nahi kar sakte.
mother:paar kyu beta karan acha ladka hai aur London settles ho raha hai tum agar aapne career settle kar sakte  hoon
Khushi:maa,wajah yeh hai ke hum kisi see pyaar karte hai aur woh bhi humse bohat pyaar karte hai.

Garima get shocked. they hear a sound and see shashi standing at door
he also hear her.
Khushi and her mother see him and get silent.
Khushi:ji papa main arnav naam ke ladke se pyaar karte hai.

at outside,
Arnav is denching in rain.watchman come to him.
watchman:beta abhi tum chale jao.
Arnav:kaka aaj agar hum chale gaye naa toh woh phir himmat nahi kar payege.

at room,
Garima:kon hai woh ladka.
Khushi:mere university se hai.
Maine kab uss baat nahi ki hai
naa woh mujse.
aaj us ne letter lekha hai aur wait kar rahe hai humare liye.
Shashi read the letter..

at ground, .
Arnav is sitting on rain.suddenly he can see some one coming holding umbrella in her hand.
he can't see her face but he realise who is the person. He smiled.

Khushi come close to him and forward her hand to him.
Khushi:hum bhi aapse pyaar karte hai. humne aapne family se baat ki hai aur woh aapse milna chate hai chale aap hamara haath pakre ye.

Arnav get happy he hold her hand and stand up.
Arnav see Khushi who stare him lovingly but arnav is shocked.
flashback ends.

tc:tum shock kyu ho gaye the usse dekh ke.
Arnav:kyu ki swara woh ladki he nahi the jis se main pyaar karta tha.
uss ladki ki driver ne mujhe janbucki galat address deya.
aur coincidently, khushi mere university ke ek student the jisi main kabhi nahi dyan diya.
tc:aur tumhare biwi.
Arnav:khushi kumari Gupta Singh raizaada.
humare sacha pyaar..
uss din jo Maine uska haath pakra woh aaj tak nahi chora.
uss din maine uss chehre ki masumiyat mein kuch nahi bol paya.
woh dukh nahi dena chata tha maine usee aur aaj tak kabhi pata nahi chalne dia ke woh letter uske liye nahi kisi aur ke liye tha woh bardas nahi kar payege aur na main usse kho sakta hoon.
woh uss ne bhi mere liye bohat kuch kiya baap ka bohat paisa tha lekin phir bhi mere saath ek room ke ghar mein rahe pehli zada kamai nahi hote the magar uss ne kabhi kuch nahi kaha ..
jo mila usse main kush the kabhi iff nahi ki...
usse pyaar nahi karunga toh kisi se pyaar karunga.

Arnav remember his moments with khushi.
Arnav do her grahparvesh and do Aarti, Khushi kivk the pot and enter the house,she looks at the house lovingly but arnav feels embarrassed as her room is much bigger whole apartment.Khushi happily do her work as a wife make it list what is need for house.
Once Arnav see her discomfort and express her embarrass to her.
But Khushi remove all his worries that she have no problems as far as he is with him,
Sometimes Khushi behaves too stubborn, is difficult to Handle.
They bothe lie down on a bed which is very cozy,
Arnav Kiss her temple, Closing his eyes, he Snuggle close to her, keeping her enclosed in his arms, they both look at each other and the passion take them away.

Arnav hear the sound of train.
Arnav stand up and search for khushi
Khushi come out from train. Arnav see her and smiles
Khushi come to him smiling .
Khushi:kaise hoo aap.
Arnav:tumhare bina kaise ho sakta hoon.
Khushi:rohan kaha hai.
Arnav:aapka ladla so raha hai.
Khushi:jaldi chale ghar aaj uska 13th birthday hai 
Arnav:haan chalo. humne thode na roka hai iss mare hui se station mein tumhe...
Khushi :maare hui..
Arnav:maare hui toh aur kya dur dur tak koi banda nahi dekha jo bhi dekha ta hai lagta hai abhi nikle gya..

Khushi laughs arnav side hug khushi
they leaves the station
.TC see them leaving and blessed them for future.

The end......

Posted: 2 months ago

wow such nice story

Posted: 2 months ago

So they have a teenage son waiting for them at home. Sweet.

Posted: 2 months ago

No the story end here

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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