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2020 is really testing us, eh?

Rishi Kapoor too passes away!
May his soul find peace.

A moment of silence for Irrfan Khan’s soul. He lived well, he spoke well and he was so well loved.
A true human being. 
RIP, Sir! 😢


SidNaaz breaking records all over! 

Fandom, pat your backs! smiley31

SidNaaz have earned some amazing heights on Insta! smiley40

Technically Sidnaaz are THE couple in India right now and in such short time! Touchwood!

And Sidharth’s acknowledging it smiley40


An Ode to Our Aalsi Man smiley16 🙏

(A Creative Effort: Tribute to Sidharth from IF CC)

Once upon a time in BB 13 land 

There was a man who played the game like Superman

Amongst deadly typhoid, viral fevers and more

Meet him, our aalsi man.

He strategized like a CEO at his helm

He went at tasks like his life depended on them

Of late, they call him Sid Gem 💎 

Meet him, our aalsi man.

He exuded strength such that members orbited around him like planets around the sun’s core.

He made the audience stick to their seats with his loyalty, his love, his passion, his sneakiness, his one-liners, his mischief and more.

Meet him, our aalsi man. 

He turned a brother for someone showing them the ropes of the game 

He turned cordial for someone, his words never lame.

He turned a care giver for someone when they couldn’t walk an inch, this dame

He turned a crutch for someone ensuring their confidence would never be tame.

He turned a team player for someone , saving them to the last moment inspite of their spite and blame. 

For that’s who he is...

Meet him, our aalsi man.

He cut vegetables by basketfuls sans complaints only to be reprimanded 

He learned to make rotis only to be disregarded 

He made beds and even washed dishes only to be tortured and branded 

Much more he committed to in there 24/7

But meet him, he’s our aalsi man.

Day after day, week after week, month after month, he won hearts across the board 

He won praise, he won votes, he won affection, he won the audience and more.

Meet him, our aalsi man.

Sidharth, you changed the BB story, won the crown and more, much in style

Shehnaaz did too just as much, and that’s a story for another while  ♥️ 

But if this man is aalsi, well, 

Supremely grateful to know what aalsi means 

Can I also please be aalsi, man? smiley36

(Kindly don’t republish without credit links to our CC thread- was written in an emotional moment when I came by a random insensitive comment by a certain someone that made no sense - Uma )


Moving on...

Here's the TV Queen Ekta Kapoor bringing a Bigg Boss Special Quarantine Video featuring top TV actors and guess what? It exclusive features our Sidnaas too, the only actors from BB 13 featuring in the video! smiley40

And what happens when even TV fraternity start doing Sid's leg pulling with "arre Sid ka toh BB mein chakkar chal raha tha, maze behi tha bahut" followed by the camera zooming in on Sana? smiley15


The Lockdown Special Gyaan smiley23 🤷‍♀️🙏

Decision time: Should fan behaviour keep Indian Express standards or SpotBoye standards?

Some days back, we ran an admin editorial humbly requesting SidNaaz and third party handles to kindly not demoralize the Sidnaaz fandom. Terminator Sidharth  smiley36came through splendidly for Shehnaaz and SidNaazians then and left the demoralized crowd on a high by accepting the gratitude and liking the VM below smiley9:

Now, we have a responsibility! Help them help us! smiley27 🙂

So let’s just recollect and remember some simple things, shall we? 

1. First and foremost, can we all remember to stay the positive lighthouses we were during BB times? 🌞 smiley40 This is with particular reference to the SidNaaz fandom and a gentle request to solo fandoms- can we be positive when there is so much of darkness all around us? 🙂

2. Stop defending, read protesting or fighting or arguing for SidNaaz against every single random handle- be it of solos or of others HMs. IGNORE hatred as if it were the Corona Virus itself! 😷 Can all of us try that? Yes? Coz negativity breeds negativity and we don’t need to feed negativity even though our intentions may be good. In short, stop the badmouthing and dissing 🤢 This is something both Sidharth and Shehnaaz have repeated several times. Control yourself when you see negativity 🤐

3. Stop enquiring on Shehnaaz’ whereabouts all around social media. Stop behaving like juveniles! 🤦🏻‍♀️ She is happy. Touchwood. That is all that all fandoms need to know. And her parents are super happy too to boot. What more do we need? Nothing! 🙏

4. We shall have to agree together on not indulging in extensive snooping or discussing SNIT tweets. We don’t SNIT here as a policy on Chat Club, but we have in the past hauled in a few tweets at times, but all of this is being taken advantage of by negative forces and the last thing we need for Sidnaaz is any harm. So, discuss that privately at best. Not in public.

3. Kindly stay away from taking snapshots of negative tweets and posting it everywhere around. Not done. Report and block them. We can always spread the info to have them reported by others via DMs. So, let negative tweeple not get any footage on our behalf in BB speak. Yes? 

4. As Sidharth himself has said on chat, let every fan across fandoms remember that he is human and that Shehnaaz is human too 🙏. The privacy invasions have been a bit too much for them at this point and so are the dirty fan wars. There will come a stage in their life when they will probably laugh at these as occupational hazards, but for now, let’s treat them with humanity. If not us, who then? They have had enough negativity and intrusions for now. So, let’s all be human and be kind to them. Let’s give them space. If people who love them won’t stand for them, how can we expect others to, eh?

This set along with his early tweets like the one below clearly shows his expectations of maturity and humanity from his solo fandom.

5. The question that then comes up is, what shall we talk then? If we cannot discuss this, that or those, then what? Fair question. Well, let’s do whatever we had been doing until the current series of privacy invasions happened. Let’s go back to being ourselves. And let’s not indulge in discussions on who committed more errors on BB- Sidharth or Shehnaaz? That’s a futile discussion- both did! 🤷‍♀️

6. Most importantly, yes, all three fandoms have voted for Sidharth or Shehnaaz or both equally with multiple ids! Let us not feel entitled for it! Let us not demand allegiance from them and order them about or mount our expectations on them. Let us not pressurize them for anything personally or professionally. Let’s trust their intelligence that they know what works best for themselves. Let us await their next moves- personally and professionally with patience smiley20

7. Can we begin watching the MV again before we are off from our Work From Home routines and have to get back to our work stations? Can we push this as much as we can now? Like Pushhhhhhh? No pun intended smiley36 I understand that the views being taken off is extremely demotivating, and so I really hope we shall have less of that. 

8. Reminding all once again on what the Jansatta article was about- Shehnaaz has a special place smiley40in Sidharth’s life like his mom, sisters and niece. Her presence was essential for his survival in BB house and she surely partakes his win. Ofcourse, his fans outside voted their hearts out for him and he has been utterly grateful multiple times to that too. And yes, he alone has been the sun we know around whom the planets orbited, while he too orbited his moon, Shehnaaz smiley36

He adds in the article that it would be too early to discuss something like marriage and full respect to that since yes, we understand it is a young relationship plus the country’s on tough lockdown time. We have to remember this comes at the right time within the context of a targeted smear campaign against Shehnaz by hate mongers across the board. Sidharth stands up against these smear campaigns and particularly mentions that after BB, he and Shehnaaz have been targetted by the rest of the BB gang.

So, as we said said earlier too, stay strong and positive,fandom 💪 . When Sidnaaz is so positive, we can only be stronger. If Shehnaaz had been an F 111 Aardvark of a flag bearer of our fandom until now, Sidharth is no longer the Boeing 747 he wassmiley36 . He is atleast a Lockheed at this point and will hopefully be an F 15 Eagle soon smiley9

And let’s keep to certain benchmarks in our fandom, shall we? 🙏


Bhula Dunga! 

Keep Streaming until that 100 M smiley40

57+ Million views, 2.4+ M likes & 800 K+ comments as Bhula Dunga completes 3 weekssmiley40

And this is huge!


Heres Sid wishing all Ramadan Mubarak ..

And here's Shehnaaz posing with her rockstar brother Shehbaaz & also her girl gang..

What happens when future Saala posts a throwback bb13 picture with his future jija and future wifey likes it silently smiley2..


Voting time, guys! 

Follow the page and Like & comment on this following link  if you want SidNaaz to win International Iconic Best Jodi 2020smiley9

Also like and comment individually for both as well if u want them to win International Iconic Star & Entertainer for 2020


Media bits:


SidNaaz Joining in the nation’s battle against Corona:

And the Dettol Challenge!


 JULOOS on Media smiley36 :

Manu Punjabi finally posts his meeting with Shehnaaz and confesses that he got the side hug from her only after he declared that "She is my sister" smiley15.Don’t forget to notice where Shehnaaz looks and makes a head gesture smiley9.We are not saying anything but just updating what’s in the video smiley4

A surprise from Colors courtesy Bharti & Harsh doing some leg pulling of Sid and if this is not juloos, then what is? 🙃 Also, Sidharth speaking on the need for each of us to be soldier for our country by staying inside the house.

There couldn’t have been a cuter official juloos ever on our loves smiley36 It’s seriously so damn beautiful! Thankyou Bandook peeps & Darshan smiley31

National News Channels  too covering Sidnaaz smiley36:


Post Release Promotions & Analysis of Bhula Dunga MV :

Electric chemistry smiley42smiley42...those cuddles..those kisses and the underwater moment when both come close & Sidharth kisses on her forehead was so intense & passionate smiley43..Brilliant camerawork for the underwater sequence smiley32

The opening sequence has some breathtaking camaraderie between Sidnaaz which is a down the memory lane sequence where Sidharth is clad in casual denims and Sana in a flowy navy dress which leaves us gaga and gooey dopey smiley36 at the BB nostalgia they invoke- him handing her tea and an initiated and invited backhug from Sana smiley9 A nose-pulling coochie coo follows a book reading back overlook- so beautifully captured moments from Sidharth’s pov! And were those the famed grey shorts in the bed scene?! smiley40Very well shot! And the genuine joy of shooting that scene was well apparent! Intermingled fingers and a trademark Sidharth bite too suggested! smiley3 This is too beautiful 😭Awwww... smiley9 And then cheeky Sidharth and quirky Sana playing jenga and his tongue coming out as usual when he is upto mischief and Sana greeting miffed and the way that scene evolves... awww awww awww... I am sorry, but this isn’t even an admin review is it? smiley39 The bathtub and the cute jump and playing around the sofa moment, the water scene, the forehead 💋 , the rugged fire scene... there’s so much of beauty, the final scene surely leaves us in more of a temporary separation frame sort of feel than anything else! Brilliant! Just brilliant! 

So basically, she leaves him and he keeps remembering her in his memories but when she realises her mistake and returns back, he seems reluctant. They have kept it looking open ended as if a sequel to the same song is around the corner to explain Sana’s end of the story and that would make it even more interestingsmiley16. I really hope there’s another song with darshan in the pipeline to give it a happy end with their reunion smiley42

And just so we have a cross comparison of sorts!

And here's SidNaaz asking fans to make tik toks on BhulaDunga smiley16...


Pre-Release Promotions of Bhula Dunga :
Just look at this! smiley42 I know we have written about this in different ways. And yet, we never grow tired do we? How can we when it’s only begun? smiley36 Can we positively conclude from everything from Day 1 of BB to now that Sidharth has rarely or almost never fallen in love as hard (like flat on the face of a concrete floor smiley36) and that the feeling is a hundred times more deeply felt and escalated when he knows it is just as mutually reciprocated- that this girl may not even be as mushy and romantic as he is, but her want for him is deeply possessive and so needy a one that it is physically painful for her without them? That she feels the intense need to belong to him and none other? Look at this beautiful couple present themselves for the promotion! At the hip at always smiley9 What more can we say but stay happy loves? smiley27And touchwood! One more day to go as its finally releasing tomorrow at 12pm ISTsmiley40...

Dont miss the look that he gives when she starts speaking smiley2..Its the look of a man who is totally besotted and deeply in love with his woman and same time feeling extremely proud to share the screenspace with her smiley9..

Once again a new record is set with the release of above SidNaaz promotional video as #BhulaDungaFtSidNaaz trended with more than 1Million tweets in India in record time smiley40..

Audio of Bhula Dunga is streaming on spotify and JioSaavn now ...Listen to the audio and enjoy the soulful voice of Darshan ..Song is filled with soulful lyrics that touches your heart as it takes u through a roller coaster ride of love , longing , heartbreak & pain ...

Omigodddddd! Mr. Sexy and Ms. Cute! TOO MUCH!smiley40smiley40smiley40 🔥 🔥 🔥 smiley27smiley27smiley27 This is so beautiful! So them! 2 days to go boomerang smiley41 ..Sidharth knows he is looking hot and there’s mischief on this face! smiley7 smiley36 Gurrlll, Shehnaaz, yes, yes, your baby is your baby alone! We are just ogling both of you from across kilometers and even shores! smiley36 SidNaaz! You go guys!!!! Bring on the joy! smiley31

Nothing to say about this than Swoon! That smile of Sidharth’s clutching onto his love’s dupatta and that palpable joy is simply too beautiful to not swoon- it’s personal,  and it’s out of the world organic! Anybody nostalgic about the dupatta scene from BB? smiley9 What is that absolutely cute laugh (grin? cute chuckle?) about, hmmm? smiley42 Alright. We get it dude. Both of you are super happy. Okay, just deciphered her smile- he’s mine! smiley36 Oh yeah, baby, he’s yours! Touchwood smiley36smiley27
Above Sidnaaz poster is another beauty. It speaks of being together. It speaks of being one. And it speaks of always by each other. The inner joy in Sidharth is particularly obvious while Shehnaaz’s posture and that back hug are all about togetherness, acceptance and submission. It’s about telling the other I shall always be with you. Can’t wait for March 24th,eh?

And that’s it! What could be a more romantic second poster! This is as domestic as Sidnaaz can get! Sidharth in his tee! And Sana in night wear! smiley40 And somebody’s particularly happy  😊 March 24th it is! ..Mark this date in your calender as thats when the epic Love Ballad of SidNaaz titled "Bhula Dunga" is getting its grand release whose details are given in above insta linksmiley41

Plus it’s going to be released first exclusively on MTV Beats!

The mood that the second poster ushers in one of softness and solace and being home! What else could one ask for, eh? smiley42 From Sidharth’s POV ofcourse. And Sana’s POV here seems curiously ambiguous! Now this is how a story is sold! #VeryCurious

The First Cover Poster of SidNaaz Music Video went up on the 17th of March. Bhula Doonga with Sidharth going Sidnaaz on Insta smiley27 What is that expression though from both ends on the poster?! Is that a blush? Is that mush? Oh, yes, and more! It’s Sidnaaaaaaz! smiley36 Woooooo smiley40

What we loved about the poster is the simplicity and display of pure love sans photoshop effects with just unadulterated Sidnaaz chemistry that speaks volumes in the poster with their eyes glued to each other- that little blush, an Eskimo kiss of a nose touch and hands intertwined with Sidharth holding Shehnaz's hand close to his heart as if telling her "this is where u my heart..this place is yours only yours" smiley42thus giving us a happily ever after feel and how they mean the world to each other as if nothing else matters smiley9.

SidNaaz first cover poster for their Music Video has not only taken the nation by storm but the entire world is rooting for SidNaaz as #BhulaDungaFirstLook was trending at No 1 in India & No 4 Worldwide smiley40with more than 2 million tweets crossed at last count. Truly a power couple smiley16

The truth is nobody can gauge the premise of the MV or the plot line, though there are theories galore all over. And that is its strength. All the posters capture moods with little distraction by way of external elements and so all curiosity is focused on their story line alone. Considering the MV is said to be nearly 4 minutes, it’s as good as an international short and with the various diversity of moods captured, it’s likely to be as great as a stand-alone television pilot portfolio that can be a great sample launchpad to showcase themselves  for future joint ventures together. So, it’s excellent product strategizing!

Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill and the #SidNaaz ♥️ brand are poised at a much anticipated precipice of success .. From the cutest and naughtiest duo in the making 🥰 to understated, passionate, lovebirds as real as they could be smiley43 to one of the most charismatic and diverse power couples India has seen smiley40, SidNaaz’ first professional and much awaited couple assignment, Bhula Dunga, a love ballad of a music video, is just around the cornersmiley41

The moments captured in above pictures here are one among their extensive photo shoots for the track. The chemistry is clearly out of the world smiley40The intensity and mood that screams across  promises that the music video will have blockbuster viewership. Sidharth’s mood, expression and body language seems to suggest promises and expectations, possessiveness and protection, demand and submission. What a unique concoction that! Shehnaaz meanwhile seems to articulate helplessness and desperation, want and desire, doubt and withdrawal. Again, what a potpourri! Yet ardent love binds both in its unavoidable magnetic clutch out of which she surely can’t seem to escape whatever forces may work against her. This is how the initial photograph seems to cry out at us. And boy are we caught in this glorious tale of love! smiley42

There’s already live madness for the MV and the Sidnaaz brand on the streets of Punjab! And here’s some live sample! Punjab! You guys are “too much” smiley36 smiley40


Media & Youtube Reactions on Bhula Dunga  :

Some interesting Reactions on Bhula Dunga from different parts of the world :

Korean Reaction

Afghan  Reaction

Pakistani Reactions

Sidharth talking about Bhula Dunga completing 50M views:

Other news agencies on the Bhula Dunga completing 50M views :


Couple Photo Shoot coming soon:smiley41

Meanwhile the Meraki Production House known for their famed editorial couple photo shoots has announced that they will be going on the floors for a photo shoot with Sidnaaz very soon and there also some interesting conversation on their IG stories inserted below validating Sidnaaz as a couple by choice smiley36


Mirchi Awards:

Much anticipated for the 29th of March, this first stage performance of SidNaaz would have challenged the show’s TRPs ever recorded!  🔥 Just look at the beauty that unfolds between them there- the reality of their personal chemistry is all out there! The intensity of the hugs are simply too beautiful to capture in words- pure beyond bounds! smiley27smiley31What a uniquely made for each other jodi- made somewhere beyond heaven! Touchwood! 

Ve Maahi

One of their most classic performances- the glances, the eyelocks, the blushing- it’s all in here now smiley9


The song suits them to the T! It’s about wanting to be together and forces working against them and then still finding each other! smiley27

Slow Motion

Utterly butterly cute Sidnaaz with a hilarious choreography that none but them could carry off! smiley36

The heat just went up here!

And Sana being Sana smiley9 smiley36

And the couple being the cutest at the garmi step smiley36

And more Mirchi at practice sessions 

It’s romance all the way- the swaying, the mood, the pauses, the togetherness... awww 😭smiley27


Looking back smiley9

#SidNaaz has clocked 1 billion plus mentions on Tik Tok to date beating India’s biggest couple hashtags and several trends on Twitter have crossed 1 million and more within 24 hours individually and together and if India Forums is any measuring gauge of sorts, then with less than 65 threads dedicated to the couple - that's no less than 10,000 pages of discussion and analysis within a span of less than 6 months, exclusively for them, these two have been nothing short of extraordinary. They have been each other's muse and our muse as well! smiley9

The beauty of the duo lies in the fact that their journey was as organic as could be and the brand today is a product of their well earned journey and their hard work at making their relationship work, all of which was clearly apparent to the Bigg Boss viewer. 

It all began when Sidharth Shukla in black, looking the quintessential suave and urban bad boy and Shehnaz Gill in white, the quintessential desi and cherubic angel, were destined to meet on the stage of Bigg Boss 13 last week of September 2019. We would have liked to make this sound syrupy sweet 🍭 and say there was no looking back after, but ask us Sidnaazians what they and we have been through smiley44 Boy have they pulled and pushed at each other like none! smiley22 And did it bear the best of outcome! SidNaaz’ journey inside the house was nothing short of a roller coaster ride from the point of view of the viewer. 

Here was Siddharth Shukla, with a commendable body of professional work as an actor, ticking all the boxes of Tall, Dark and Handsome, the macho Alpha man-child with a kind but mischievous smile, a penchant for one-liners and oh so delicious but well concealed  sarcasm but with a contrarian personality that seemed to suggest he was actually a well principled guy.

And then there was Shehnaaz Gill, who had begun to create a name for herself in the Punjabi music and movie industry, a Tik Tok influencer and with a unique voice and a natural sense of humour, a bubbly, effervescent and quirky desi child-woman, the epitome of innocence, who seemed to have absolutely no filter with it came to speaking her mind and who loved to laugh and make others laugh.

Together, they tugged at each other smiley43, confronted themselves and the other smiley44, foiled each other’s designs smiley5, toiled towards and for each other smiley9, hesitated at the unexplainable but inevitable pull they seemed to feel smiley24 and gravitated finally towards the only outcome the universe had planned for them- Being Together! smiley40

One of our biggest moments that followed then ofcourse was Sidharth winning Bigg Boss 13 with a bang and with a huge voting margin. Congratulations again, Sidharth! smiley31

And Shehnaaz having her winning moment with Salman Khan ⭐️
Once outside the house Sidharth has left no stone unturned in letting the public know that Shehnaaz is one of the most important people in his life. Interview after interview, he has been interrogated on his relationship with Shehnaaz and the dear gentleman has blushed and rolled about and stuck to his stance that the relationship status is the same as how it was inside the house and every Sidnaazian knows that the nature of their bond was nothing short of formidable inside the house, building from strength to strength.
Shehnaaz meanwhile, on the show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge had to face the toughest of moments and trying situations with real dating being the format of the show, but she has let the entire nation know that Sidharth is her biggest source of happiness and that she can never think beyond him and nothing else matters to her. It’s curtains came down today.

And so, here we are poised where we hope and pray that Sidharth and Shehnaz can pursue their life ahead as compete masters of their will, with a platter of good work to pick from, knowing that the universe had conspired to bring their chosen one to them sans all probabilities, for Sidharth needn’t have chosen this season to do so BB 13 and Shehnaaz wouldn’t have been in BB this season but for some turns of circumstances. Destiny always wins, so long as we long hard and deep enough! In a positive way ofcourse  smiley2 With that, Adieu for now! 

SidNaaz FTW for life! smiley40


Chat Club 101:

The rules of the chat club are quite simple. If you criticize either of our stars beyond democratic limits, you shall be shown the virtual doors. Also, as is common knowledge, the chat club is Invites Only and regular positive posters from the BB thread have been added in. Anyone who wishes to contribute by way of commenting (and not just stalking/liking for which you are most welcome) may inform us to the effect by PM and you shall be added in after common consideration. All other Chat Club rules apply.

Chat Club Member names after vetting and consultation with others have been inserted below (in alphabetical order). 

  1. -bleeeh-
  2. Achelvi
  3. Aish_2002
  4. anamnoor
  5. Archie0405
  6. Ashhima3
  7. asmitasb
  8. bbgang
  9. BornHyper
  10. BorntoRead
  11. BS.KG_Dewani
  12. Camlin
  13. CatcherInTheRye
  14. Dailytalk
  15. DeliciousDevil
  16. Divaprincess 
  17. EtherealRati
  18. ghsp2fan
  19. hav123
  20. Hellooohybye
  21. hira221
  22. Indibandi20
  23. Intruderfast
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  25. jayasharma25
  26. jazzy27
  27. jyoti06
  28. Kabootakiaankh
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  35. Meenakshi- rg
  36. Missy_Dizzy
  37. msin
  38. mysriga9
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  40. One-Of-A-Kind
  41. p246
  42. perkilicious
  43. priya20204sana
  44. rabzonedge
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  48. soulstarspirit
  49. srikalaganesh
  50. sunshinegirl.25
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  54. zehreeli.kheer

For non-members:

This is a Chat Club and not the forum. So opinions and discussions on everybody under the sun is allowed so long as all members are on the same page. Bashing alone is not permitted. So, reporting does no good if you get what we mean, unless you have a solid case. 


Chat Club Admins : Uma2010 & Jyoti06 (PM either of us for any queries)

CC 44 link:


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Loved the ode to aalsi mann smiley36smiley9..super cool & witty uma is back smiley16

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by jyoti06

Loved the ode to aalsi mann smiley36smiley9..super cool & witty uma is back smiley16

Oh, I so have my mood swings Jyoti smiley27- age catching up smiley36 

Plus you know I have had this thread ready since yesterday. Today’s mood is along another tangent. Irrfan’s untimely passing away has been such a shock for all. 

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Originally posted by Uma2010

Oh, I so have my mood swings Jyoti smiley27- age catching up smiley36 

Plus you know I have had this thread ready since yesterday. Today’s mood is along another tangent. Irrfan’s untimely passing away has been such a shock for all. 

True ..morning started on a tragic note with the sad news is unpredictable..

Rip irfan ..u will b missed ..

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Posted: 2 months ago

Uma smiley31this is for the ode to our one and only Alsi man smiley27! It’s well written and loads of hugs and kisses smiley36

 Congratulations Sidnaz for crossing DeepVeer in just 6 months!

Sidnaz FTW for life smiley40🤞

After we had the share of all the sad news this year, hope we get positive news going forward 🤞🤞

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Posted: 2 months ago

Congrats on the new thread. Thank you Jyoti and Uma smiley27

3 Likes this
Posted: 2 months ago

i always fall short of words when it comes appreciating your writing skills and today this Ode, is like an embedded diamond in this CC. How wonderfully, yet again, you praised the man, without degrading anyone else and make him stand tall among the whole lot. I love you, Uma.smiley31 and I am grateful to you as a friend as i learn a lot from you, daily.

Thank you for this CC to both of you, as you both being working ladies, coping up maintaining the decorum of this CC and then coming up with such wonderful work, deserves accolades.


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Posted: 2 months ago

Thanks for excellent write up

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Sidharth Shukla Shehnaaz Gill

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