Top ten most handsome men In the world right now

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Posted: 1 months ago

Men belong to planet Mars 

The most beautiful planet in the solar system is considered to be Mars and often it is said that the men are from mars. But the word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t sound familiar with men so, the best adjective that suits them is, handsome. The world comprises three and a half billions of men and among them, the top ten most handsome men cannot be justified based on their good looks.

You’ll often hear talks about beauty and prettiness of women across the globe but seldom you find someone talks about hottest and handsome men. A man is identified by his popularity, personality, intelligence, muscularity and so on which makes him a complete participant for the top ten most handsome men across the sphere.

Reviews on handsome men

A complete personality, look and body makes a man as one of the hottest and handsome individuals. Hence, considering some of the popular public figures in the list of handsome menlet’s make a research for the review with many distinct factors for the top ten most handsome men.

  1. Chris Evans – the blue eyes with an attractive physique makes him one of the hottest and handsome males on the planet. The distinct hairstyles make him most appealing.

  2. Hrithik Roshan – a lovely personality is blessed with an amazing height makes him one of the hottest and sexiest men across the cosmos. He is a popular actor and a good dancer too. His absolute insane dancing moves make him the right person to fit into the list.

  3. David Beckham – one of the football greats of all time is among the list of handsome men. Yes, the people’s magazine considered him as the “Sexiest Man Alive”. The unique identity of Mr. Beckham has also made him the most valuable marketable player.

  4. Brad Pitt – this man is a common contender for the list of handsome men. Even at the age of 58, he is still one of the most handsome men across the orbit. He has been maintaining himself and that makes him a serious contender even today.

  5. Salman Khan – apart from his look, he is also a dedicated actor since his debut in the Bollywood film industry. The young look of Salman makes 55 years, just a number. The touch of the smile with a well-built muscular body makes him another appealing man on this planet.

  6. Godfrey Gao – the man from Taiwan attracts millions of people with his adorable personality and his charming look. An absolute dressing sense allures for definite attention.

  7. Tom Cruise – Another common man for the topmost attractive men’s list. He is also a common candidate for most of the ladies’ dating partner and with the cool dude personality, he is an insane public figure.

  8. Robert Pattinson – a musician, who is also a popular actor, model and also a producer. His popular personality has made him the heartthrob of the young generation.

  9. Omar Borkan Al Gala – the internet sensation who is a poet and also an actor is asked to leave his native country, Saudi Arabia, because of his look. His good-looking appearance made some irresistible movements within the country and therefore this personality is sure to make this list.

  10. Noah Mills – the Hollywood star has made his elegance with his unique style which helped him to be a successful actor. He is also a charming model to make into the list of handsome men.

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