Nighaien - Second phase From confession to the culmination!

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As I am writing really after a long time. This is a quick recap for all my readers.  

Ira is the only daughter of garment  merchant  Atul Deshmukh, loved and pampered by her family. She is suffering  from Partial Amensia and some of her memories  has been erased from her memory.Acp Malhar Rans has been appointed  as her bodyguard. Ira recently  had discovered his diary and came to know of the shocking truth that she is actually Mrs Rane. And Kalyani is the name given by his husband.Ira and Kalyani are same person.Now she is reading the diary  in the process to know  that how she fell for Malhar and how was her life before.

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Chapter 11

There was a fair moment  of silence after they share the moment of their first kiss.Kalyani was flushed red and Malhar was visibly embarassed. He had never kissed a girl before.The feeling was heavenly and the moment was priceless for them.They could not talk much while having  dinner, which they usually does. They finish their food quite early and retired to bed. Both were thinking about themselves and could not sleep anymore. Kalyani was touching her lips to feel his aroma and presence. While Malhar was thinking of her only and remincing how she was rescued by him and how they bond so well within a few weeks. He was lying on his pillow thinking of her, when reality sudddenly stuck him..He sits on his mattress and said to himself - " Mein aisa kaise kar sakta hoon? Kalyani meri nhi ho sakti....jaise uski yaadsash wapas a jayegi.mujhe useh jane dena hoga! I will have to let her go! His heart ached thinking of the probability  of leaving her forever. He sighed - " You have to control urself Malhar Rane" Tum uske liye kuch mehesus nhi kar sakte...Yeh galat hai....Bechari pehele hi sab vul chuki hai ek.dauhari zindagi ji rahi hai...Uski mushkilien aur mat badhao! He sighed in pure agony and make himself strong.

The next morning he was not able to  face her. Kya muh dikhayega Malhar! kya kya pata nhi soch rahi hai woh! Par i will have to face her.Kalyani get freshen up and was making coffee. He gently hold her hand and said - " Kal jo hua us ke liye mujhe maf kar dena! pal bhar ke liye behek kaha tha mein...Tum yaha bilkul safe  ho!Mein sapne vi kavi tumhara advantage  nhi lunga! mujh par se kavi trust na khona!  Kalyani ' s joy died at once. He was saying sorry for kissing her.What she waz cherishing till now was  a mistake for him.Tears almost brimmed her eyes but she controlled herself and fake a smile and said - I understand Malharji! mein bura nhi manungi! Ap ko apologize karne ki koi zaroorat nhi! She hide her face and wipe out her tears. He is right she thought. " Jis rishtey ka koi manzil nhi...use anzam dene ki naqam koshish mat kar! Malharji ne bohot kuch kiya hai tere liye! unhe pareshan karne ka koi haq nhi hai tujhe! Days passed as Malhar and Kalyani deliberately  made a distance  between each other. He used to leave early and come late.Only dinners and breakfasts were always ready for him.She mostly  start keeping herself  aloof in her room,pretending to read book or sleep. They had very little communication after that day. Though the craving of spending each other was increasing, Kalyani and Malhar were trying hard to cope up with  the silence they were maintaining in their relationship.

On the other while Malhar enquired of the picture he had asked Pawar to save. Pawar could not look into his eyes and informed  that he had lost the photograph that Ira Deshmukh ' s father had given him." Itna laparwa kaise ho sakte ho tum Pawar! ek tasveer tumlogo se nhi samhalti! Hadh hoti hai. Frustrated  already, in his personal  life, Malhar scold his subordinates  for trifffle matters.He return home  in  a terribly  foul mood only to find Kalyani nowhere in the rooms, balcony not even in Kitchen.

precap- Has Malhar lost Kalyani?.Is this the end of their lovestory?

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Aww Kalyani felt bad

but Malhar ji is also right in this matter

So Ira Deshmukh hi Kalyani hai ye samjhane se pehle Pawar ne wo photo ghuma dismiley44

precap is intriguing

thanks for update 

Posted: 1 months ago

Thank you for updating. 

Very interesting 

Posted: 1 months ago

Very beautiful ❤️

Please update next part soon

Thanks for writing

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smiley42smiley42superb di

But ye kya itna lamba intezaar ke bad itna short update ye toh naa insaffi he 

And next update lambii hone chahiye

Loved it di 

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I was super sleepy yesterday.jaise taise likh liya.promise kiya tha isiliye!

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First of all thanks for updating

Pawar saw kalyani in mj house so he purposely said that he lost ira pic ... Pawar kitna samajdhar hai 

Kalyani n mj both r right in their perceptions..

Continue soon

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Originally posted by Aadhyacutykalma

First of all thanks for updating

Pawar saw kalyani in mj house so he purposely said that he lost ira pic ... Pawar kitna samajdhar hai 

Kalyani n mj both r right in their perceptions..

Continue soon

No pawar never saw her as Ira.He did not lost the picture intentionally. It was a genuine  mistake. 

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 

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