Mineil FF: "Her Wishlist" (pt-14 updated on page:32)

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Hi everyone...This is my first ever work in this forum....This fiction is completely different from the show. Show some benevolence and do shower your love. Do like and comment your reviews whether I should it continue it or not..

Ch-1 (updated on page1)

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Ch-2 (updated on page3)

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Ch-14 (updated on page 32)

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Babita approached to Minni's room and handed over her some clothes.

"How could you forget theseclothes? Such a careless girl. I still wonder how you will be handling everything alone from tomorrow. This thought always succeed in giving me a headache." said Babita angrily."Babes, comeon you had promised me that you would happily bid me a farewell. now please don't back out." said Minni as she hugged her.

Minnie is a young, benevolent, appreciated and ambitious girl in her early twenties who has always dreamt of a self- reliable life.Today, after years of this arguments with her conservative parents, Minni is finally been allowed to pursue her dream career as a photographer in a very successful and renowned publication House- The Oberoi Publications and thus tonight she is going to make a first ever flight from her nest.

"whatsoever now just keep this clothes too...No more arguments.... you may need them" said Babita waking Minni up from her thoughts nd left her room.

Minni kept packing her bags up when suddenly her dancing eyes landed on a diary kept in her closet. it seemed very old and was covered with dust. she took it out and blew it from all edges in order to remove the dust. The diary showed some small signs of wear and its pages had turned crisp but smooth without any sign of tear.Minni sat on the edge of her bed steadily turning yellow pages of the diary and reminiscing nostalgically the days when she was just fifteen and how she jotted it down.Suddenly, a page with a title 'Bucketlist' caught her eyes.she read it and it followed as:1) Get a tattoo

2) Sleep under stars

3) Explore the city when everyone else is asleep

4) attend a ball.

5) Attend a pool party

6) Read a banned book

7) witness rain of stars

8) witness sunset on a  cliff

9) Kiss someone I don't love 

10) Do something most unexpected. 

Minni kept looking at the diary for a while as if if her eyes were caressing those yellow cranky pages nd her memories as well.she smiled at her hypothetical innocent wishes and thought sorrowfully that maybe these wishes are just meant to be stay in the diary forever. she thought that maybe these wishes shall never be fulfilled.With heavy heart closed that and kept it back in the closet when suddenly a thought rushed to her mind. The scary thought of her mother finding the diary out and going through it thoroughly horrified her.she decides to take the diary along with her and thus kept it in her valise.

Finally the moment arrived.Everyone gathered and bided her a farewell with teary eyes and heavy heart.

Minnie reached the new city.It seemed to her as if the city has always been a waiting for her. Her dancing magnetic black eyes kept examining the airport enthusiastically when she ran into someone causing her to drop her bag and spilling all the books she placed into to fall on the floor.

"I'm sorry" the person she ran into apologized. He leaned down and helped her to gather all her stuffs up.

"I should have watched where I was walking" said Minni looking up to see whom she ran into.She scanned the person in front of her. 

He was quite tall and extraordinarily handsome with black hair tousled on his head. His black eyes were frammed by his thick eyebrows and a crooked grin smile on his face that makes him light up. He has broad shoulders and there are definitely a muscle or two beneath his shirt , thought Minni.

Despite enormous efforts Minni failed to pull her eyes of him.

Their eyes were a beautiful mix between brown and black swirled into a beautiful hazel.They stood up and handed her her camera that she must have dropped too.Minni examined it carefully while detaching the two buttons that got disconnected and pulled the strap over high neck again.

"May I know your good name", he asked.

"Well I do mind talking to strangers", Mini said in attitude.

"Well isn't it a bit long as a name", he smirked.Minni didn't utter a word and just gave him a not so delighted chessy smile.

"Well I'm Neil. Neil Oberoi" he said and extends out his hand for Minni.Minni grips it firmly trying to show that she is not intimidated and then starts moving towards the exit gate of the airport.She turns back and notices Neil engrossed in his thoughts and staring at her. She smiles and moves ahead.{Hopefully u would like it and optimistically u won't throw tomatoes. Please bear with it🙏}

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Wow... U penned it so well... It was like I am reading a novel.. 

Please continue soon... 

BTW few. Of. Minni wish list are mine too... smiley2

Posted: 1 months ago

Wow it was really good

Liked it so much

Please continue you write so well

Posted: 1 months ago

Loved it . Mini's wish list part was beautiful. Like any girls wish . Please continue

Posted: 1 months ago

Beautiful. Waiting for next part 

Posted: 1 months ago

Awesome start

Love it

Continue soon

Posted: 1 months ago

Very nice this is . Want to know what's next 

Posted: 1 months ago
Originally posted by Srilata.Mineil

Wow... U penned it so well... It was like I am reading a novel.. 

Please continue soon... 

BTW few. Of. Minni wish list are mine too... smiley2

glad u liked it and could connect....thanks alot....keep supporting 😊

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