MG TS : A Ray Of Hope ~ PART 3 @Pg 1~ (24/4/2020) *COMPLETED*

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Hi guys!!Started writing this story..ummm almost 3-4 years backsmiley36Couldn't complete it and just I lost track of it.By chance I found this story in one of my pen drives and thought to finish it!And Yes I have completed typing this!smiley16I totally forgot the track of the story or why I started writing this at if you don't find continuity in this story plzz I'm sorrysmiley36 Part 2 and 3 you will get soon in the upcoming days :D Enjoy reading!



Why Mishti?Why?Why did you hide this thing from me.It was you who always said that there should be no secrets between us..then why did you hide the Real YOU..We promised to trust each other Geet..but why did you break my trust Mishti? and a lone tear escaped his chocolate brown eyes while he was talking to her photo which he held close to his heart.


Flashback starts....

                   It was the day Maan proposed Geet and she was over the moon.They shared their first beautiful kiss too.Geet worked as Maan's secretary in KC. And it was love at first sight but they didn’t voice out their feelings.Slowly as the time passed their love too grew and one fine day Maan confessed his feelings for her.While they were returning from office it started raining.The sudden rain created a romantic mood and they were lost in each other.They both crossed their limits but not before Maan filling her maang(with Geet's red lipstick..ofcourse MSK is smartsmiley36) and made her his forever.He gifted her a chain too..with a pendent and it had their pics on either side of it.They both were very much contented. Geet was in the arms of her Maan...they moment felt heaven for both of them.Later Geet’s phone buzzed and as she was in deep sleep, Maan attended the call.And he was shocked to hear the voice of Khurana’s business rival..The Handas. And the way the person on the other side seemed as if he was Geet's family member.

                   Though he trusted her but something was disturbing him.After she woke up from her sleep,Maan asked about the person who called her.And Geet was shocked with his question.She fumbled and Maan got her answers. Geet told that she was the only daughter of Handa’s and it shocked Maan to core..coz he thought her as a simple girl from a middle class family.Her sweet nature, the way she dressed everything didn’t even give him a chance to think her that she was from a rich family.He loved her down to earth character and in all her certificates her surname was never mentioned. Maan was shattered to know that Geet hided such thing from him.He was more angry on not by the truth that she belonged to Handas..but by the fact that his love didn't trust him enough to tell her real identity to him! Aisa kyun kiya Geet?Why did you break my trust Geet?Sach chupane ki kya zaroorath thi?I wouldn’t have hated you if I had known you belong to the Handas...But you know what..I hate you most now!!Suna tumne Geet Handa...I hate you the most.Was our love that much weak that you hid your real identity from me...You broke me Geet by not trusting me enough.You broke me..but he wiped his tears that rolled down his cheeks and said in a cold voice...And I don’t want to be in a relationship where my love doesn’t trust me and my love enough.So its over Geet Handa..everything between us is over.With that he walked out of her life leaving that frozen soul alone...She was never given a chance a justify her...


Flashback ends

                   8 months have passed. They never did meet nor did talk with each other.It was like everything was over between them.Big changes didn’t happen in his life..just he became an arrogant rude person which was completely not his nature. Though he was angry on her but never his heart stopped loving her.He expected her to come back to him one day...and he expected her to explain why she hided her identity..but that day never came in that 8 months.He cursed himself for walking away without asking her any explanation.He was dying to meet her...but his ego stopped him from taking any initiative.



Sorry for the mistakes,typos...etcsmiley36 

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Thank you soo much for the likes and comments on the previous partsmiley31You Readers are just amazingsmiley27Enjoy this updatesmiley2


                            Though in these 8 months Maan’s personal life was not smooth, he did excel in his business.His day and night fully passed by drowning in business ..cracking very single deal that came his way.It was for one such deal..he came to Chennai and successfully he got the deal.But he was not in a condition to celebrate his was like he sent away all his happiness with her.Suddenly his attention went towards the crowd.He asked the driver to see whats the matter.The diver said that some one have fainted or may be a small accident.After few minutes the ambulance came and soon everything got cleared. Now the car started moving and Maan was just looking through the window..and what caught his attention was the same chain..that he gifted to his Mishti..his Geet. Suddenly panic rose in his heart.He asked the driver to stop the car..ran and took the chain and looked at it carefully.He opened the locket with shaking hands and his fear came true..he found her and his picture in it!!His breath hitched. He at once asked the nearby people to which hospital they took his Geet.Then he asked the driver to drive there quickly.He ran with all his energy and asked about his Geet. They informed that they are not sure about the person’s name.He said the he was her husband and they said the room number. Without wasting a second he ran towards the room.He opened the room’s door and his life was lying there and doctors were doing her check up.


                               And when he took a close look of her it felt like the ground slipping under his feet.She was pregnant. Seeing her lifeless and the pale look on her face killed him.When the doctors saw him they asked him out of the emergency room..though he wasn’t ready to leave the room they made him.Hours felt like years and when doctors finally came out of the emergency room Maan rushed to enquire about Geet and the baby and the news he heard shattered him.The doctors told that they were able to save Geet alone not their baby. Just few hours before he got to know that they were gonna have a baby and now he lost their baby.

                                He didn’t have the guts to meet his Mishti. Everything was his fault..he never let her explain her side of story.In his anger and ego he pushed her out of his life and now they are at this point…having lost their symbol of love.When he entered the room,he saw her sitting lifeless. No tears..nothing,she was just staring the blank wall without blinking. He came near her and cocooned her in his arms..she just went in as if she had finally found her home. "Jaan..",he called her meekly but she cut him,"I am sorry Maan…I couldn’t keep our baby safe..I am really sorry…humara baby”,she couldn’t continue further..her throat chocked and she cried her heart out holding him.Out of all this he never expected her to tell these words…He thought she will yell at him,curse him for leaving her but she was his Geet,his Mishti who only knows to love him unconditionally.



                                "Shh…Mishti It wasn’t your fault Jaan…it was me who is to be blamed. If I hadn’t left you, this day wouldn’t have come in our life.It was coz of my anger and ego today we lost our Baby..I am sorry jaan..plzz muhje maaf kardo..plzz"." Nahi weren’t at fault..I shouldn’t have hid my true identity from you.I just wanted to achieve something of my own Maan without the Handa surname..thats why I didn’t disclose my identity.And I feared that you will hate me If I tell you that I am the heir of Handas..sab meri galthi hai Maan”."Plzz Geet don’t ask sorry and make me more guilty…truth can’t be changed Geet..everything happened because of my stupidity..plz don’t say no.And one more thing, it doesn’t matter to me if you belong to the Handas or not..I just love my Geet for what she is..simple,pure and who only knows to love unconditionally. After what I did I think I don’t deserve your love.”Geet nodded her head for No and just hugged him tight.Both were feeling guilty for their own reasons. Both hugged each other and cried their heart out. For now each other were their only solace.



                                  After few hours Geet slept due to sedatives and Maan went to clear some formalities.When he was about to return to the room he was called by the chief nurse.She asked him to follow her and soon when they reached a room.The chief nurse asked Maan to wait for few minutes. Maan had no idea why he was called for.He never expected he would get to see this but he was handed their baby…their baby who was supposed to fill their life with happiness laid in his hand lifeless.

                                He couldn’t control his cries seeing their baby.It was a baby girl…his small she was as if she could fit inside his palms."We are sorry for your loss Mr.Khurana. And regarding the baby,her growth is abnormal..even if the little one had made it successfully,she would be both physically and mentally retraded. Just let go of the little one in peace.She is with almighty now without having to endure any pain”,said the old nurse placing a comforting hand on Maan’s shoulders.What the nurse said nothing mattered to him…her being normal or not nothing mattered to him…it’s the loss of her that killed him.He prayed for a miracle to happen and waited for his baby to come back whatever condition no problem..he just want their baby back.But nothing could change the rule of nature.He took a close look at their baby…she was exact replica of his Mishti except the lips..the baby had his perfect M shaped lips.He held the baby close to his heart and cried.He was continuously murmuring sorry to that little one.The pain of losing their child was inexplicable. Soon the time came to part from his baby.

                                 It took hours to compose himself but he had to be strong for his Geet.The pain he is feeling now was nothing infront of Geet's pain.With him leaving her, managing everything on her own in the new city and losing the baby she must be feeling shattered. But in all this her love for him haven’t reduced a bit.He wondered what he did to receive her unconditional love.He felt that till now he haven’t fulfilled his responsibility as a good lover or husband or a father..but not anymore.He promised himself not to let his love suffer anymore..with a great will and a heart filled with guilt he moved to meet his Geet.

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After 7 years…

                          Geet completed her work in the kitchen and when she came to the living the sight of the room made her feel dizzy.The furniture were painted with water colors.Papers were lying all around.Toys shattered everywhere. The walls had different cute pics made of crayons and when she searched one who was the reason for this she found him near the fish tank trying to catch the fish with the net.And another side the little one had put his pet kitten inside the fish tank to help him in catching the fish.smiley16The little kitten was screaming for help and the fishes swam frantically for saving their life."Armaan!!What the hell are you doing?”…saying this Geet rushed to him..first pulled the kitten out of the tank and at the next moment it ran out for its life.She then made her 3 and a half year old climb down the chair and his face too was filled with colors.”God!Yeh kya haal bana kar raka hai?And where is your Dad..Maan!!Maan!Where did you go?”.Hearing Geet scream Maan rushed inside the living room from their garden along with their daughter Pari. And he was too shocked seeing the state of the room.

                           “15 minutes....just 15 minutes I asked you to take care of him.Can’t you even do that Maan?See what he has done.Now I don’t know what will you do..your and son clean all the mess..Right Now!!!And Pari..don’t even think of helping your Dad and your brother.”,saying this Geet went to the kitchen to finish her remaining works. When Maan looked at his son..he looked at him with the puppy eyes exactly as his mother. Pari giggled seeing her father getting punishment while Maan sighed..he carried his son to the washroom and cleaned him and Pari made her little brother to change into fresh pair of clothes. Maan asked Pari to keep an eye on Armaan and went to clean the mess their little tornado created.Due to the Corona lockdown,the servants were given leave and now the great MSK is left with no other choice but to clean the mess himself.Soon his daughter Pari joined in helping him and when he asked about Armaan,she said he is in their playroom and she put his favorite cartoon in TV so he will never move away from TV. Thats is their Pari..their sweet 6 year old daughter. She knows how to handle her brother easily.She is the sweetheart of the family.

                             When Maan and Geet returned from Chennai 7 years back both the Khuranas and Handas refused to accept their love.Handas have already thrown her out of the house when she said she loved Maan and pregnant with his child. Maan and Geet did register marriage and Maan moved out of KM,started his own construction company, “MG Constructions” and was doing well.While his business was flourishing, their personal life was not soo smooth. With Geet being in depression and Maan with the guilt after losing their child, their life lost its colour. Maan tried everything to bring Geet back to normal but he failed. They couldn’t fill the void that was in their heart.And one day everything changed…Maan and Geet were supposed to visit an orphanage for some charity function and thats where they met Pari. When Geet saw Pari she instantly fell in love with her and for Maan,she reminded him of their baby whom they lost. They adopted Pari and it was Maan who named her as Pari.With the entry of Pari in their lives..their life changed for good. Geet slowly came out of the depression and soon their world revolved around Pari.

                           Soon after few years,Armaan entered in their lives.Pari was the happiest when she came to know that she is having a little brother. She never leaves his side.She loves him unconditionally. And It was always she who saves that little Tornado whenever he does any mischief.And she is the world’s best daughter for Maan and Geet. Had not Pari entered their lives ,everything would have fallen apart.When their life did strand the little angel Pari,came as A Ray Of Hope !



Hope you guys enjoyed reading!And sorry if the story was not upto your expectationsmiley13

Thanks for your likes and comments on the previous partssmiley31

The story ends here and there is no epiloguesmiley1

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Such s beautiful story .Why maan give chance to explain her side.always his eago come between them

Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations for new story

Seems Interesting maan and geet were in love and maan filled his maang and became one but that one call destroyed everything as she had hidden her identity from him and he walked away from her without giving her chance to explain now it has been 8 months and they didn't met one's in these months maan still love her but his ego overpower his love waiting to see what will be her reason 

Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting start , geet and maan loved each other so much but maan is hurt that geet hided her identity and he did not gave her a chance to explain , waiting for next update 

Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting starting..Maan not give her chance explain or she not come back..

Waiting for next part..

Posted: 1 months ago

Lovely start. Maan should have atleast given her a chance to explain. 

Waiting for next 

Gurmeet Choudhary Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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