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Posted: 2 months ago

We all always praise the actors and some times directors too but there are many people behind the episodes we see. This thread celebrates their contribution and efforts. We always see the plate bearing the names given below but we hardly read it. So I have put their names below because they have a huge contribution. Let's appreciate themsmiley9

Created by- Bindu Moving Images

Story and Screenplay- Dilip Jha

Dialogue writer- Raghuveer Shekhavat

Casting Director/ Production Designer- Reema Gupta/ Pradeep Banerjee

Editor/ Music Director- Rocchak Ahuja/ Bittu Mervent

Production/Creative Team- Surag Brahmabhatt, Abhishek Mantri/ Roma Gadwal. Sayyed Shahnaaz, Suraj Rochak

Set Programming- Pratyusha Jayprakash, Juhi Thakkar

Set Marketing- Jaheen Ekhlash  Jainab Javadwala, Svati Sharma

Set Communication- Prashant Saxena, Deepak Vashishtha

Set Graphics/Set Consultant- Yadla Rao/ Anil Changani, Somesh Sharma

D.O.P- Satish Shetty

Director- Jay Basantu Singh

Creative Director- Uday Berry

Project head- Vishal Mehra

Creative Producer- Dilip Jha, Ritesh Modi

Produced by- Studio Next 

P.S- Forgive me if the names displayed above have some mistake. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Kudos to the team for making such an amazing show! smiley32 They put in a lot of hard work to bring the magic onto the screen. Can't wait for the show to resume again! smiley27

Posted: 2 months ago

Thank you for bringing those names up. smiley32We see the finished product and forget who is behind the scenes. A big round of applause for the whole team and it is a treat for the eyes to watch Shravan and Suman and the associating cast.smiley32smiley40Hoping for everything to settle down and let the show begin!

Posted: 2 months ago

thank you for making an army based content ...we don;t see much of military-based cadet shows ...(only LRL and Chhoona Hai Aasmaan ..idk if i missed out so feel free to add on)

Posted: 2 months ago

Thanks for giving us this awesome show with army backdrop. Thanks everyone -from spot boy to actors who are involved in making the show successful.

And thanks to you for the postsmiley20

Posted: 2 months ago

That's such a noble deed to do, Lavy!smiley32

Kudos to all technicians and creatives who work behind the camera to make the picture seem perfectsmiley20

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Posted: 2 months ago

Very nice topic Lavy, the hardwork of the whole cast and crew which help out the broadcast of our show is indeed commendablesmiley32

Posted: 2 months ago

Thank you guys for the appreciationsmiley27

But all credit goes to the team, it's because of them that today we all are here together.

Kudos to their hardworksmiley40

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 

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