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Geet loves Maan crazily, who in return was having only immense hatred for her, as he thought, because of her Sam left him, whom he claimed to love. It is proved right as well, by Geet's diary which contents her feelings for Maan, 

Before leaving Sam claims to found her diary at her door and through which she came to know about her sis's love for Maan, and she decided to leave Maan for Geet.. 

It was another story... 

Here Maan forcefully married Geet and force on the first night, breaking Geet from inside..but she kept on holding herself with the strength of her pure love for Maan who in return not left any chance to humiliate her or hurt her, he even crosses his limits in doing so, by once asking her to strip in the office. Geet broken though..obliged to his commands, just to sooth his anger and hatred for herself, she knew, he was taking it out on her..

He stoop so low to humiliate her just by the blindness of his own anger and hatred for her, blaming her for the reason for Sam's departure.

Geet accepted his all tortures, really blaming herself for coming inbetween both and snatching Maan's happiness. 

Even staff in the office knows about the fiasco and blamed Geet for the sin which she hadn't done, 

Everyday Geet has to go through slow poison like torture which was killing her inside, hearing people's bad talks, abusing words about her. 

After three months of their marriage, Geet's torturous life, Maan got the news of Sam's returning, broken Geet, ran on to the running car, who's driver came as Kunal Malhotra, one of successful businessman , opponent of Maan Singh Khurana, who hated girls or woman (female species) like anything because he was having female fobia.

But seeing Geet , he felt connected to her and finding her different from all girls, ended up falling in love with innocent Geet. 

Geet became good friend with Anna, Maan's past girlfriend, once Anna abused her verbally, just like people talking, Geet broken down revealed her pure love for Maan, 

Anna realized the depth of her pure and selfless love for Maan and felt sorry for her act, in between this Geet faints while Anna took her to hospital where both get to know about Geet is Pregnant with Maan's baby, which makes her happy, bit with that another truth come forward which left Geet shattered again, that she was having stomach cancer, to stay alive she have to abort the child which Geet clearly refused to do.. Anna tried to make her understand but she doesn't budged. Finally Anna gave up and decided to support her.

Anna revealed to her about Maan's life's secret, that he didn't consumated with her, and she thinks, he didn't done that with any other female as well.

Geet although happy, thinks he didn't done that because of Sam, as he loved her.

But Anna realized the truth here, that Maan didn't touch any girl because of Geet, as he scold her also, just for Geet, which he hadn't done before. 

Later on both kunal and Geet again met once and became friends, Kunal genuinely confessed his feelings to Geet, but Geet politely refused him, offering him her only friendship, he accepted with his sad heart. 

At holi party , in Khurana Mansion, Both ended up dancing and getting naughty with the bhang effect.. Maan who watched it felt burning with jealousy, he couldn't degest the sight, or see Geet getting closer with other man, already he started feeling something for his wife unknown to himself.

He just drags her to room but left mesmerize with her naughtyness and laughing freely with himself, he was somewhat happy.

After few days, Geet's mother called her to have family dinner with them, she told Geet to forgot about Maan, as everyone knows Maan only loves Sam not her which left Geet again broken as her own mother is talking like this. 

At dinner night, Geet and Maan got lost in each other for a moment, Sam tried to act nice and sweet with Geet before Maan, Handas and Sam force Geet to eat spicy chicken, which Sam claims to be Geet's fav. Dish, which obviously not of Geet's fav but sams, in all this geet got stuck and have to eat one piece but that also makes her burn with spice, in her current condition she couldn't have much, she try to excused but her father scold her.

Maan couldn't bearing to see Geet in this situation saved her for the first time which left Geet surprised and happy and she just runs out in happiness leaving behind confused and angry Handas behind.

Geet last time met with Ramu kaka , Care taker of Handa family, he knew Geet from her childhood, both share warm hug and talks before departing.

This time Geet again ran into kunal's car, who took her to Dr. Rahul, his friends clinic to have her full test, after knowing about her descease, he was so tense and scare to know it, he left broken for he loves Geet unconditionally.

There both again got to know about Geet's pregnancy which is Maan's child, Kunal turned furious and asked her to abort it and saved her own life but again Geet became stubborn and denied to do so, standing firm on her decision to have the one thing in her life, in this world which connects her to Maan, and she blame herself to be selfish to leave her only thing in this world behind her after her death.

After coming back, Maan again lashed out on her, leaving her broken but in real he was affected by her that's why he kept on being angry and furious on her.

At night, the moment happened, both Maan Geet's soul walked out hugging each other, talking their hearts, where Geet's soul claims to love him, but Maan's soul instead told her he hated her both have little romance, where Geet fainted seeing his soul walking back, Maan turned worried for her, his anger and hatred was vanished for a moment.

From next day, after that soul moment which shuddered Maan to the core, he kept distance with Geet, for his own reasons, he felt restless, hidden love for her(which was unknown to him) also to spent time with Sam.

Geet was again left sad and gloomy thinking about him with Sam and his ignorance to her, in all this he never notice her growing belly or pregancy, as Geet was now three-four months pregnant. 

After one month , both met in the office at late hours, where Geet saw Maan was so tired, and she massaged his head, when he dozed off to sleep , she stolen a kiss from him and ran out.

Maan who had been awake, felt delighted to getting the kiss, he smiled, his fingers lingered on his lips. 

That night, Anna called Geet to her house, she celebrates Geet's birthday at her home, giving her new dress , cooking her fav dish, which first time happened in her life as Geet realised she was orphan.

Anna took Geet to bar to celebrate her birthday where Anna drinks bear but Geet have only water.

Getting back late at KM, Geet was left surprised on finding Maan waiting for her, who was so angry on her, smelling her of alcohol he again manhandled her and abused her, this time Geet couldn't held back and gave him back, in anger Maan tore her upper coat , seeing her in beautiful fancy dress Maan couldn't believe, he was mesmerize by her beauty and sexuality but later turned angry thinking that she went like that to bar. 

He again forced her at night, assuming, and blaming her, that she went to Kunal.

Geet couldn't bear much more than this, she asked him to say her once that he loved her, if that was lie also but Maan refused to that.

Geet turned adamant, she wanted to listen as she was tired of his hatred and bashing, and then she was going to die, she hasn't had so much time remain with her to be with him, thinking so she rushed to him and tried to stop him, where as he got call from Sam , calling him to hospital for her sprinkle ankel.

Geet this time act stubbornly and tried to stopped him confessing that she is going to die, Maan though it's her one of plan to make him stay, he refused her pleads of don't go and left from there.

Geet kept on asking him to say her that he loves her, if it's a lie also.

But he was already gone, thinking for a while, and crying her heart out Geet takes descision to left this cage where she was only prisoner for three months, only got his hatred and abusing, better to leave him for his happiness which was with Sam. 

She left a small note for him, and straight goes to Anna house, who understood every silent word of her dear friend, and accepted her happily in life, Anna supports her, took her on world tour, changing her wardrobe , Geet live those few days happily with Anna, both friends enjoyed fullest, alongwith Geet's treatment goes on with Rahul. 

Maan felt her absence after few days, he straight way goes to Sam's house, thinking she must be there, s left angry and shock seeing Maan's behaviour, but act sweet infront of Maan.

Maan waited for her return to KM, leaving the thought of finding herself, as he thought she would come back because she loves him.

But after few days also he couldn't get Geet, which makes him restless, angry.. he felt her absence, started missing' her, in between all this he have nightmare of losing Geet and he baby, which left him shock,

Next morning , Sam called him to her and Geet's birthday party, he happily got ready to find Geet there.

But there also he couldn't get her, when ana entered the party, and reveal few evil secret of sam , and about Geet's decease ,leaving Maan shock.

He couldn't believe she could do he got to know, Geet's birthday had already happened one week back and she has to celebrate her birthday with sal because of few days distance, she is here like Sam's shadow, he got to know about spicy food fiasco also, 

Because of which Geet got deseacse, and Maan's behaviour couldn't help further, he also made her wait at late night deliberately to have dinner, 

Maan was broken beyond, and realized that night that he had fallen for his wife.

Ramu kaka caretaker of HM, stopped him from behind seeing him going out, he was worried for Geet, as she was like his own baby, he told him the truth of Geet's life where she was being the owner of the HM but Handas treats her like servant of house because they are not her parents but her uncle and aunt, and Sam, her cousin sis, geet have no parents, Maan was shock with revealition.

More shock comes to him as Ramu kaka shows him little Geet pic from her childhood, saying she was so lovely and bubbly smiling baby before, but because of Handa's torture she became new Geet who forgot to smile and mingle with others, as they restricted her to go out apart from studies.

With that pic, more truth come in light about his childhood friend and sweetheart, which he assumed to be sam  but she was not , it's only Geet,who come to his parents funeral with her parents in childhood and console him, support him in little age, both had became friends, for few days both play and met but later on Maan goes to out of country, before going he met Sam thinking her as Geet, as both little bite looks same in childhood , he also doesn't know Geet's name that time, thinking Handa has only one daughter, he thought her to be his childhood friend, after years returning back he fail to recognise Geet , though his heart knows and becane restless with her presence near him but he thought Sam is his childhood love that fail to notice Geet, who also have completely change from bubbly and smiling Geet to silent and numb girl because of torutres of her family.

Maan always got attracted to Geet , both unknowingly got closer, which was noticed by everyone including sam who faked tears making Maan guilty and angry on geet for the reason. 

Geet suffered from heartbreak, loss of her love, aloofness, her all feelings for Maan, sufferings, get written down in her diary, which Maan found in their room , because Geet forgot it.. he read her note as well and got to know about her pure and selfless love for him, from diary he realised how much he stoop low in hurting and humiliating Geet, also sams evilness, as she had sticked two pages of diary where Geet had written about her first meeting with Maan, just to not let him know about Geet.

Maan becane furious on Sam, and himself for suffering of Geet, he drown in guilt, regrets for his sins, missed Geet, drunk whole night imagining her, next day, he gets to know about Geet's whereabouts, and goes to get his Jaan back.

But there he found her with Kunal Rahul and Anna, who had became Geet's new family. He became angry to see her with Kunal, so freely and comfort, next day, he goes to same beach where he had seen Geet previous day, and got her back forcefully to same KM, where's everything took place, Geet refused to go to same place, getting scare from him for her baby, she even warned him for killing him , if he tried to harm her baby, which left Maan shock, but he somehow tackled her, week passed, Maan goes for some important work, and came late at office, which makes Geet sad and upset, 

In between, Maan tried his best to take care of her, pampers her, Geet left confused with his changed behaviour, still she has her selfless love for Maan which couldn't let her hate him instead she again leave him surprised with her pure love, 

In those days, Maan never got a chance to feel his own baby or even touch her belly, whenever he do so, she never let him, she pushed him off, thinking and fearing that he is going to harm her baby.

Maan couldn't force her, thinking it's his punishment for hurting an innocent angel , Geet with his sins. 

Finally done..smiley29 

Now check promos below , there are two promos.. which are going to come in future story..but very soon..smiley2

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Maan Singh Khurana...

Furious Kunal was about to barge inside, when guards stops him, he was going voilent, they hold him back.

Let me out.. he kidnapped Geet, I am going to find him..Sorry Mr. 

You can't go inside, stay back , we have orders from Mr.Khurana!

Maan...You b******......

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Where is my baby?

Geet asked desperately, her eyes yearning to get his one glimpsee.

He is fine..don't worry..Maan slowly holds her hand, giving her warmth of his love . But Geet jerked off his hand from her , 

you want to take my baby away from me, ?

I hate you, Maan!!

Maan sat frozen on his place hearing her hatred filled words.

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Congratulations for new thread

Eagerly waiting...

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congrats on the new thread! 

waiting for complete summary and the promos

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Congratulations for new thread

Nic promo

Posted: 1 months ago

Congratulations for new thread dear

Watting for update

Drashti Dhami Geet Hui Sabse Parayi 

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