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Hello dear forum members, Vaidehi here. Hope y'all are staying at home in this lockdown period and all are safe! Kudos to those who are fighting against the pandemic❤️ I wish together we win over this situation as soon as possible 😊

So this is a small attempt from my side to relive our beloved Ronakshi.. hope you'll enjoy reading this. Feedback awaited 😊

Ronakshi TS - Tu Rooh Ki Raahat Hai (Part 1)

The shrill sound coming from the alarm broke the calm, soothing silence of the room. Awash in the glow of the dim yellow light of a small bulb on the wall behind the headrest of the bed, a couple lay snuggled up on the bed, covered with duvet. While the continuous buzzing of alarm disturbed Sonakshi's peaceful slumber, it literally had no effect on Rohit despite the fact that the device was on his side of the bed. Eyes still closed, she reached out to him, shaking him by his right shoulder using her left hand. Her movements were limited as she was still locked in his embrace, her head resting on his chest.

"Rohit, utho na, please alarm band kar do. Mujhe abhi nahin uthna, thodi der aur sona chahti hoon,"she requested him politely in a sleepy voice.

He just brought her closer to himself in response, paying no heed to her plea. She made a 'this guy can never listen to me, unless requested twice' kind of annoyed sound. Meanwhile she opened her eyes to look at her husband's oh so handsome face which looked more cute with that slight smile playing on his lips, momentarily forgetting about the reason why she woke up in the first place.

"Rohit,"she stated once again, this time tickling him, because she knew he's awake and just pretending to be asleep!

"Sona, stop it, please,"he managed to utter in between his laughter. Sona obliged to his request as her mission was accomplished.

"You're so mean,"he whined to which she chuckled.

He turned to his right side of their bed to punish the culprit responsible for the disturbance and offered the required treatment. Meanwhile, he thanked his stars that his wife was awake and he would be a fool if he doesn't make any use of the chance given to him to steal some moments for their 'we time'.

Her next question threw one cold bucket of water on his not so innocent thoughts.

"You have a football match today, right?"

He turned to face her and playfully stated, "Actually, you know I was thinking to stay at home since I've got much better things to do here rather than going out for a match,"he finished his sentence in a husky voice with a wink and hovered over her caging her with his hands on both sides. Her eyes widened and she knew it in her heart that he was aiming for her lips.

Something was wrong. He couldn't pinpoint the exact reason but the glint in her eyes were missing and the reluctance was quite unmissable and evident from her body language. Generally, she used to tease him for a moment or two before giving in her own desires but today her reactions were unusually different.

"Sona, are you alright? Everything is fine na?"he asked with concern.

She should have known before that Rohit will see through her mood, for he is someone who knows her like the back of his hand. If there's possible to fall a little bit more in love with the person you're already in love with crazily, then that happened with her in that instant.

"Yeah, it's all good! It's just I'm a bit tired, nothing more than that,"she answered apologetically.

"Do you have a fever?", as he spoke his hands touched her forehead to check and heaved a sigh of relief on finding the body temperature normal.

Before he could have interrogated more, Rohit's phone started to ring drawing their attention. The screen displayed Rahul's name as the caller. He was about to decline but Sonakshi held his wrist in order to stop him.

Her eyebrows scrunched and she asked through her eyes,"What? Why are you ending the call?"

"You're not feeling well, how can I.."

"My dear husband, stop worrying. I'm just tired and not unwell," she interrupted him, emphasising the last word by quoting her last word, using her fingers.

By then the phone screen had went blank. On checking, Rohit discovered that he had messaged him some ten minutes back to inform that he is on his way to Sippy mansion which meant that he was waiting downstairs for him to pick him up for the match.

"Rohit, stop fretting about me and please go for the match. I'll rest for sometime before leaving for set and I assure you to be alright. Otherwise your friends will start blaming me for your continuous 'I can't come today' excuse. They'll say that since you've a wife now so you've forgotten them. 'Joru ka ghulaam' bulayenge tumhe," she joked to lighten the atmosphere to which he rolled his eyes and gave her a 'you're really unbelievable' look.

He typed a quick response to his friend confirming that he'll be there in 5 minutes. Dropping a soft kiss on her forehead, he said,"Take care. I'll see you in the evening,"grazing her cheek with his hand to which she nodded like an obedient child. Taking one last look of her smiling face, he darted out of the bed to get ready.


"The reports seem fine to me. I think the new medications will be enough and surgery won't be needed at all. Follow this dosage only and keep him under observation for next two days. I think he will be fully fine after that."

"Ok, sir."

Rohit was on the way to his cabin, engrossed in a discussion with sister Tulsi about a patient that he had operated on some 5 months ago. Apparently, he was having some issues again and hence he had come for check up yesterday. Rohit had admitted him for conducting some tests to have a proper analysis of his health. He had gone to check on him, and was relieved to see improvement in his conditions. And now the positive reports proved his decision of change in the patient's medicines right. He was calling it a day, as he was sure his wife would be here any minute by now.

He opened the door to his cabin only to see his Sona sleeping in an uncomfortable position on the couch inside his cabin. Legs dangling, she was half sitting with her head pillowed on her right arm that was resting on the armrest of the sofa. Tulsi caught a glimpse of Sonakshi through the half open door so she decided to leave before his boss asks her to, in order to give some privacy to the couple.

"Good night, sir,"she wished, to which he responded with the same, bidding her farewell.

He walked inside silently towards her, trying to make as low sound as possible in order to avoid disturbing his dear wife's sleep. Some strands of her hair lay leisurely on her cheek which obscured his view partly. He had a strong temptation to remove them so that he could have a clear view of her beautiful face but he drew his hand back and decided otherwise.

It's been just two weeks of their marriage and they had gone through a lot in such a short span of time. It started off way before their marriage with the entry of her crazy stalker Mahesh in their lives. Their wedding day would have ended up being a nightmare, had Bobby and other kinnars not rescued her. And if that wasn't enough the adoption of Pooja coming out in newspapers became a matter of gossip and then her trying to commit suicide was too much to take. He was heartbroken to see her crying and disheartened by the way his family had blamed her for all the happenings just because she was from the entertainment industry.

But as it's said, there's a rainbow after every storm, the situations had eased up and peace had returned in their life. The Sippys accepted their mistakes and apologized to her. Even Pooja had understood that bonds made from heart are way more superior than blood relations.

The best part of all this, he believed was the strengthening and deepening of their bond on an emotional level. They did have silly fights in between but it never really lasted long and there was never any need of taking special efforts from the other side to mollify the one who is angry, which he thought was the best part of their relationship. Their togetherness was all that mattered.

Yesterday night they're discussing how busy they had become with everything happening one after other that they hardly have had a good heart to heart talk with each other in the last few days. After a good 30 min session of agreement and disagreement on possible options they had finalised on dinner date at their favourite restaurant and a movie after coming back home. He suggested they could go to a theatre but Sonakshi insisted on coming back home after having dinner, so he agreed. Conclusively, it was planned like, Sonakshi will come to the hospital to pick him up and they'll leave from there after that, hence she was here.

Keeping all his thoughts aside, he decided to get changed first rather than waking her up, as he was still in his scrubs.


She felt a hand moving softly through her hair and also heard her own name being called in his soothing voice. On opening her eyes, she saw him, sitting besides her dressed in the black full-sleeved t-shirt and faded blue jeans that she'd brought for him. He looked tired yet no less than handsome.

She stated groggily, sitting up,"I'm sorry I didn't realise when I slept off. You got ready and didn't even wake me up."

He joked,"Really, do you wanted to help me in getting ready?"

She rolled her eyes in response, giving him a look that said  , 'you are too much'.

He gestured his heart being broken to which she smiled nonetheless.

"Come on give me a hug,"he said opening his arms to which she just neared herself to him, letting him cage her and bask in his warmth. The smell of his cologne had this calming effect on her everytime they shared a hug. She smiled resting her head on his shoulders.

Some moments later he asked teasingly,"Are you still sleepy or we should leave?"

"How about staying here all the night, like this? How comfortable, right?" she quipped brightly.

"Okay, I think we should get going,"he said disengaging from the embrace and getting up.

She also got up and moved towards his desk to collect her bag while Rohit took his phone from the table kept in front of the couch. He was about to move when something on the couch, where Sonakshi was sitting caught his eye. His mind drew a quick conclusion and he looked in her direction for confirmation. The red stain was highlighted against her white floral print dress at the back about which she was unaware for sure.

"Are you on your periods, Sona?"he asked.


The return ride to home was rather a silent affair. He tried to initiate a conversation but she obstinately kept looking forward while driving, not for even once turning towards her left. He recalled what happened back in the hospital...

His question met with a silence, no response came from Sonakshi in the form of words. Instead, he came face to face with a surprisingly shocked looking Sonakshi trying to fathom how he got to know about it on his own. She stammeringly spoke,"H.. how did you..," but stopped in mid sentence when her eyes caught the glimpse of red mark on the couch. But in another moment, realisation dawned upon her that it also implied that's not the only place where the red colour was present. Definitely some would be there on her dress too. Rohit saw the colour draining from her face out of embarassment.

As he neared towards her, he assuredly began,"Relax, you don't worry. It's nothing I'll fix it. You go and change and we'll leave after that. It'll be fine,"he finished taking her left hand in his right one, giving it a slight press, looking straight in her eyes. He could see tears pooled in them.

Sonakshi slightly nodded her head in affirmative to his words when he asked her again,"You have pads with you? Or I can.."

She interrupted him, clearing his doubts along with,"No, I have them. Can you just get me another dress from my bag in the car downstairs?"

"Yeah sure, I'll get it," he replied.

She thanked him and then went inside taking her handbag along, closing the door of the small bath attached to his cabin.

He got her another dress as requested, and after that cleaned the lounge while she was inside.

"We should leave for home,"was the last sentence spoken by her, that too in his cabin before exiting.

He was brought back to present when the car stopped at a traffic signal, somewhere midway between the route. He once again looked in her direction but it was of no use. The signal changed to green and he turned his head to the window. Although he was glad that the traffic was less today, the thirty minute ride to home out of which 15 minutes were still left, felt much longer than ever before.


The Sippys minus Ronakshi were sitting collectively at the dining table for dinner, everyone having the usual chit-chat and banter. Vimmi and Hari were serving food to them. They had begun eating when Veena, who was coming from the kitchen spotted Sonakshi passing by across the room. Keeping the bowl of custard on the table she excused herself to a side. She remembered Rohit telling herself about having plans for tonight while leaving for the hospital in morning so she was surprised to see Sonakshi home so early and in a few moments later even Rohit tailing behind her, both looking kind of disturbed.

She typed a message to Rohit her son which read"Rohit, you are here? I thought you both will be coming late, didn't know you'll be back this soon, you guys had dinner? All okay?"

He took out his phone when it pinged and read the text. His eyes met his mother's questioning eyes. He typed a reply to her,"Nothing to worry about, mom. I'll handle it."

She smiled reading it, feeling relaxed. Arguments and differences in opinion is a common aspect in marriage, it's the love and understanding that conquers all. She didn't know what the issue was but felt sure that this too will pass, making their bond stronger than ever before. Shaking her head, she went ahead to join everyone at the table.

To be continued..

P.S. - Excuse me for the grammatical errors.

P.P.S.- I know it's a wrong point to stop but yeah, I'll try my best to post the final part ASAP ❤️😊

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Nice one😍

Please update the next chapter soon 

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It's beautiful😍💓

Update soonish!!! 

Waiting 🤘❤

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This was beautiful. Very unusual and important topic. I am glad you chose to show this aspect of a couple's life as well and handled it so beautifully. Please continue soon.

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Superb update 

Continue soon

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Continue soon

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I love how u took such an essential topic in hand like this. Really good, loved it. Eagerly waiting for the next part😍😍

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Most awaited onesmiley27 and vaidu you have excelled it. Such a sensitive topic handled so well and wow the subtle silent feelings that are existing between rohit and sonakshi are well mentioned and i love that. And yessss you ended at the most wanted moment so pretty please come back soonish. smiley31smiley42smiley41smiley32

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 

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