Corona Virus (COVID -19) #2 - DT Note : pg 35,141

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Hey guys, 

Since covid-19 has been declared as a pandemic by WHO, we thought it would be a good idea to share some details about this disease. 

There have been around 4000+ deaths in the entire world. China,Italy, Iran and South Korea have the most positive cases. 

India has 73 cases as of now with 3 recovered cases. 

How can we prevent this Virus from spreading more : 

  1. Clean your hands properly and do not touch your face or mouth often. 

  2. Avoid public gatherings

  3. Do not forward unscientific methods or treatments through social media.

  4. If you have travel history from Covid affected countries in the past 14 days, please call the state helpline number. 

  5. Please get yourself tested if you have come in contact with anyone who has been confirmed to have COVID.

  6. Cover your mouth with a tissue while you sneeze or cough.

  7. Avoid 1 meter distance with anyone who has cold or fever. 

  8. If you are using public transport, please do use N95 masks and use hand sanitizer to clean your hands.

  9. Follow the proper way while using a mask.

What are the general symptoms? 

  1. Cough 

  2. Fever

  3. Shortness of Breath

We can keep this thread updated from time to time so that it helps everyone of us. Please do not post things without confirming it first. 

You can refer to these links for more help


Please do not bring in any political/ communal discussion here. Please dont post fake news. 

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Thank you, Tanu for your good efforts arranging a new platform to share our thoughts in these difficult times. 

Salutations to our doctors, who are leaving their lives behind to give a new lease of life to each and every person who is in need in these troubled times.🙏🏻

The great efforts of the nursing staff are applaudable, grateful to those working in media who are tirelessly informing and propagating us to be safe and pleading us to allow everyone to be alive!smiley32

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Sharing some highly  technical information that has been discovered in latest research ...


New theory is coming up for lung involvement in COVID 19. Based on observations in USA , Spain , Italy .  

Most of the postmortem revealed pulmonary thorombosis not typical ARDS also patient hypoxemia not responding to PEEP but high Fio2 . 

Like methemoglobin, the virus structural protein, sticks to heme - displaces oxygen - displaces iron - free iron toxicity causes inflammation of alveolar macrophages- leads to CT scan changes.

No benefit of invasive ventilation . May require frequent blood transfusions. 

The virus attacks beta chain, dissociates heme, removing iron & converting it to porphyrin. 

Virus can dissociate oxy-Hb, carboxy-Hb and 

glycocilated Hb. Lung inflammation from inability of both oxygen & CO2 exchange, ground glass x rays, like CO2 poisoning. 

Chloroquine competes the binding to porphyrin. 

Favipiravir binds to the virus envelope protein with very high affinity, prevents entry into the cells as well as binding of structural protein to porphyrin. 

Studies point towards a change in modality of treatment that might be the need of the hour benefiting the patients with severe lung involvements.

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