Krishna Leela: Home of the Purest Love!

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Posted: 4 months ago

Okay, I know it's done, but I miss Krishna Leela soo much! smiley19

Kaval Shah was at his best, and so were all the supporting characters! smiley42

Just to keep the spirit and all that love alive, please go ahead and put in your bits about what you loved about the handling of Krishna Leela in the show! smiley14

Personally, my fav actor in the entire sequence is a hard comparison b/w Goga kapoor as Kamsa and Manju Vyas as Maiya Yashoda! smiley27

Posted: 4 months ago

Res for now. 

I love too much about Krishna Leela as I see Krishna Leela as all-encompassing. 

Give me some time and I will elaborate on my thoughts. 

Posted: 4 months ago

^Still waiting azhagi! smiley17

I would love to hear about the unknown stories of Krishna Leela too!

Tell me something out of the main texts! smiley4

Posted: 1 months ago

When Lord krishna use to stay in  hastinapur then  people of dwarika  use to feel very sad  and use to miss Lord krishna very much 

And when   Lord krishna use to stay in dwarika then  arjun, and other pandavas  kunti every body feel sad   and miss him lot  

For  arjun  and other pandavas  kunti  and people of dwarika Lord krishna was every thing of them 

When Lord krishna leave  brij   then brij baasi feel very sad   .  In same way   miss  most of krishna leela in br chopra  . I wish  br chopra should have shown more krishna leela 

Even ved vyas  ji feel  unsatisfied even after writing  18 purans  and  composing  Mahabharata ( dictating to Lord ganesh  while Lord ganesh writing as ved vyas could not able write such long epic o he take Lord ganesh help ) 

Ved vyas  felt  something is missing even after composing Mahabharata and purans  so on advice of narad ji he wrote shree madh bhagwat 

So when vedyas wrote  sreemadh bhagwaat and describe Lord krishna detail  in shree madh bhagwaat then vedyas  feel satisfied 

Posted: 1 months ago

May be it is not possible for brc to show all leela of  Lord Krishna  but some leela of Lord Krishna  I will wish brc should have shown 

1 when Lord Krishna come to indraprasth for rajsuysgya and  Lord Krishna stay there for many months and both Lord  Krishna and arjun  use to go for sports  there both saw a woman doing penance  when arjun ask her who is she. She said she is kalindi  daughter of Surya and she has desire getting Lord Krishna as husband that is why she is doing extremely tough penance and Lord accept her as wife

2 fight between  real Lord Krishna and fake  Krishna ( paundrak)  and ultimately ending life of paundrak 

3 Lord Krishna entering womb of uttara and saving parikshit 

4 fight between jambvant ( who is same jambvant  appear in ramayan) and Lord Krishna  for 28 days and lord Krishna broke all jambvant bones then jambvant realize he is Lord Krishna is Lord ram and then jambvant and Lord Krishna have peaceful talk and letting  jambvanti ( mother of saamb )( daughter of jambvant  )married to Lord Krishna 

So these are  leelas of Lord Krishna who has limitless power who is invincible who is antaryami I wish to see 

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Posted: 20 hours ago

Lord Krishna

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