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Posted: 1 months ago

Hi guys, I'm new to Abrar, the show and also to the forum. With the effect of lockdown, tho I had to go out daily as my job comes under essential services sector there's been less to do at work and lots of free time, with which I managed to watch Gathbandhan and followed up with YHC...

Yes, I did watch YHM at the start and again rewatched but only till IshRa get together. 

Do anyone here watch Korean deamas? There's a drama names 'Secret', YHC is quite similar to it, especially with the core of ML's revenge for a loved one and FL's wrongly going to jail as cover up for her fiance, the  differences being in the Korean drama the person who dies is the ML's lover and here it's his brother, to spiceup the story here they've added the kid as a result of the secret romance of the leads siblings. Ekta's shows I say!! I knew from the start that there would be more of romance and fun, lesser of revenge drama between leads. You should watch the Korean drama, tho the later part has romance between leads, the revenge plot is done well.

As I watch YHC, I wonder how is Preesha really a doctor and does Rudr really love his brother so much as he claims to!! I do know they're but these are the huge plot holes for me. How is Preesha that dumb when everything is served in a platter right in front of her, does she need Yuvraj himself to confess that he willingly murdered Rajiv!! Why haven't Khuranas paid attention to the postmortem reports!! All those things done to Rajiv could have never been done by Preesha, there're too many proofs already been laid out.

I say, the saving grace of the show is Saaransh, the kiddo is unbearably cute, his bonding with Preesha and Rudr... and the actor's acting, especially Abrar, he dragged me to this show tho I tried to avoid it, I wouldn't have watched this if someone else is playing this role. He enacts his role in a damn realistic way. Yuvraj, I hate his character but the actor playing the role is great, it's fun to watch him.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 

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