FF : Little Cupid Of Two Souls PreAksh (Rudraksh and Preesha)

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Preesha and Rudraksh are two completely different individuals who have very different views of LIFE. But what happens when Preesha's adoptive son, SARANSH plays CUPID in his mother's life and unites PREAKSH. A journey of Preesha and Rudraksh's love story, where destiny brings them together through a TINY SOUL Saransh.

Posted: 1 months ago

Character Sketches Of The Main Characters

Sargun Kaur Luthra as Preesha Srinivasan

Preesha is yhm Ishita's niece, Vasudha and Gopal Krishnan's younger daughter        

Preesha is yhm Ishita's niece, Vasudha and Gopal Krishnan's younger daughter. She comes from a Tamil Iyengar family and a gynacologist by profession. She is a single mother of Saraansh who is infact the son of her elder sister Mahima. She has completely different perspectives from Rudraaskh and forms a deep dislike for him right from their first meeting.

Abrar Qazi as Rudraksh Khurana

A famous ROCKSTAR and the younger son of Khurana group of companies, CEO, Balraj Khurana        

A famous ROCKSTAR and the younger son of Khurana group of companies, CEO, Balraj Khurana. He shows himself to be insensitive personality towards Preesha but deep inside, he is a kind hearted person who always helps her even though the two start into fights when they meet. He starts forming a deep friendship bond with Saraansh who is infact his elder brother, Rajeev's son, over their constant meetings.

Vidhaan Sharma as Saransh Srinivasan

A seven year old boy who is Rudraaksh's fraternal and Preesha's sororal nephew        

A seven year old boy who is Rudraaksh's fraternal and Preesha's sororal nephew. He is the biological son of Rajeev and Mahima born out of wedlock. He is the adoptive son of Preesha who takes care of him like her own son. He is a great fan of Rudraaksh and also forms a great bond with him over their meetings. 

Indraneil Sengupta as Rajeev Khurana

Rajeev is Balraj Khurana's elder son and Rudraaksh's manager        

Rajeev is Balraj Khurana's elder son and Rudraaksh's manager. He is left over with no choices of his own with his overdominating father and arrogant wife. However, he has a deep affectionate bond with his younger brother Rudraaksh. He had an affair with Mahima before marriage which results in his child, Saraansh from her. He tries to protect his son by giving all his rights in the SOCIETY but before that DEATH overtakes him. Hence, he leaves this wish in the HANDS of his younger brother Rudraaksh. 

Aishwarya Khare as Mahima Srinivasan

Preesha's elder sister, Vasudha and Gopal Krishan's elder daughter        

Preesha's elder sister, Vasudha and Gopal Krishan's elder daughter. She had a love affair with Rajeev before his marriage which leads to her pregnancy with his child. However, after giving birth to her child, Saraansh, she hands over all his responsiblities of a MOTHER to her younger sister Preesha and takes her last breath.

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Episode 1

This FF was again created only because of the same READER FRIEND who insisted me to create the FFs on Beyhad 2 and KHKT. And this is the ff which I'm creating without even watching one episode from the original series. It's just a mere creation on the knowledge I could gather from Wikipedia page and the comments I have read of the daily episodic analysis page of YHC. As usual I usually start my FFs on the incidents which are already happening in the original series and since YHC is currently dealing with RAJEEV'S DEATH DRAMA. I would like to start my ff with Rajeev and Mahima's / RAJMA'S (as some commentators call them) LOVE STORY. Hope this ff is fine for all its readers!!!


The episode starts with Rajeev reminiscing over the BLACKMAILING INCIDENTS which he had gone through over the past few days and how finally it helped him to reach his SON SARANSH. A smile passes over Rajeev's face when he remembers his son's sweet and innocent face and slowly his mind drifts to the first day, he met SARANSH'S MOM, his FIRST AND ONLY TRUE LOVE, Mahima.

9 years back (2010)

Chhatarpur, South Delhi

Rajeev is waiting outside Shree Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth Mandir" one of the most famous Iyengar temples of Delhi. He is seen talking on his phone to his dad, trying to convince him regarding the bookings of the auditorium owned by the temple committee for Rudraksh's rehearsal. But, unfortunately, since it is the Karthikeyi Nakishatram festival. The auditorium is already booked by Vasudha and Gopalkarishnan to perform their CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT. Rajeev tries to use all his power and contact to get the auditorium but all goes in vain. He tries to explain the issue to his dad on phone, "Papa, I tried my BEST to get the AUDITORIUM for Rudraksh's rehearsal, but......" before he could continue Balraj shouts back at him, "You IDIOT, YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING!!! The only job I have given to you is to handle the venues where Rudraksh's concerts and rehearsals should be held and you are not even capable to do that!!! Just leave it!!!" after saying this, Balraj hangs up the phone harshly. Rajeev feels deeply pained on hearing his dad's harsh remarks and starts shivering with tears rolling down his cheeks. He balances himself on his car. Just then, Mahima is seen passing from there carrying PRASAD THAAL in her hand with her friends. She does not notice Rajeev standing and hits him accidently. The prasad plate falls down hand scattering the coconut, sandal and kumkum on the ground. Mahima cries out banging her forehead "Ayyo, Venkateshwara!!!!" without looking at Rajeev's face. Rajeev too gets disturbed and looks towards Mahima who by that time bends down to pick the scattered things from the ground. Rajeev feels bad for her and bends down to help when both their heads hit each other and they share an eye lock. Rajeev gets mesmerized on seeing Mahima in the traditional tamil brahmin davani (gagra choli). Her friends notice it and giggle. Mahima looks irritating towards them and says, "Vaayu moode!!" (Shut up) After saying that to her friends, she turns towards Rajeev and apologizes, "I'm sorry Sir, I did not see you while coming and hit you!!!" Rajeev smiles and tells, "No, it's absolutely alright, I myself was lost in my OWN WORLD that I didn't see you coming, so it is MY FAULT ALSO!!! So, you need not apologize!!!" Mahima is amazed at his kindness and smiles back beamingly. Then, she slowly makes a move from there with her friends. After her friends move much forward, she slowly turns back without their knowledge and comes back towards Rajeev who gets surprised to see her back. Mahima asks him, "Sir, if you don't mind, can I suggest you something??" Rajeev nods approvingly. Mahima continues, "Sir I know you were lost in SOME PAIN OF YOURS!!!" Rajeev gets astonished that a stranger was able to see his pain, while Mahima continues, "But, sir, IF YOU HOLD ON TIGHTLY TO THAT PAIN THEN IT WILL HURT YOU MORE AND MORE!!! SO, IT WOULD BE BETTER TO LET GO OFF THE PAIN TO ENJOY THE OTHER THINGS IN YOUR LIFE!!!" Rajeev is left completely dumbstruck at those of Mahima's and keeps staring at her. After saying that, Mahima leaves smilingly from there, while Rajeev continues to stare at her. Soon Mahima disappears from Rajeev's sight and he gets thinking, "That girl's words really have a deep effect on me!!! How she understood my pain and gave the BEST SOLUTION which NO ONE IN MY LIFE HAS EVER GIVEN ME!!! WHO IS SHE??" As he continues to think, he hears a sweet melodious tamil classical song from the auditorium, even though he does not understand one single word of the MUSIC, he gets totally impressed by the voice who is singing the song in such a melodious manner. He decides to go inside and check on the person who is singing and when he goes in, he is astonished to see Mahima with a veena in her hands, singing the song. Soon, Mahima eyes reach Rajeev who signs her SUPERB using his hands. Mahima blushes and smiles timidly while singing. After the concert, Rajeev tries to meet Mahima who too shares constant glances towards him, but then she is surrounded by FAMILY & FRIENDS. Rajeev feels uncomfortable to approach her and slowly leaves from there disappointedly while Mahima gets dejected seeing him leave.

Next day, Rajeev comes early to the temple "Shree Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth Mandir" and bows down in front of the deity whispering, "I know God, yesterday would have been my first and last meeting with that GIRL, as proposed by YOU!!! But I beg you, just give me ONE MORE CHANCE and bring that girl once more in front of me!!!!" Just then he hears someone ringing the temple bell, he turns back and sees Mahima. He feels an exhilarating joy inside him on seeing her turns back towards the idol and expresses his heartfelt gratitude.

Then he turns back and starts moving towards Mahima who notices him and blushes. When he comes near, she asks him teasingly, "You don't seem to look like an IYENGAR from any angle then how come, you came here!!" Rajeev smiles and asks back in the same tone, "Even you don't seem to be someone who comes to temple DAILY, then how come you are here today!!!" and soon both share a romantic eye lock. When they come onto their senses, they both introduce themselves and start sharing things about each other and when time come to bid farewell, they decide to start a relationship of friendship between them, when Mahima asks, "By the way, Rajeev, who is YOUR BESTEST FRIEND IN THIS WORLD??" Rajeev smiles cheerfully and says, "My YOUNGER BROTHER, RUDRAKSH!!! And YOURS???" Mahima lets out a smile and says, "My YOUNGER SISTER, PREESHA!! And I'm sure when Rudraksh and Preesha meet each other, they will become GOOD FRIENDS JUST LIKE US!!!"

Narrator: So this was how the DESTINY OF PREAKSH came into being even without the knowledge of the two!!!


To be continued.

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Episode 2

Guys there is a small romantic scene towards the end of this episode, if any of you feel uncomfortable, please skip that scene.


The episode starts with Rajeev coming back to his senses in the present after reminiscing his first happy moments with Mahima. All of a sudden, his phone beeps asking him for a cash of Rs. 5 crores. Rajeev remembers of finding out the real culprit behind the blackmailing being Yuvraj and how he had also found out that Saransh is his own biological son. He feels tensed thinking, "No I won't allow Yuvraj to continue with his evil games, I will have TO STOP HIM, however, I have to also make sure that he does not harm my boy to get away with his evil ploys!! I will have to ensure Saransh's safety because he is the only thing left with me of my LOVE and I can't bear to lose him, because I have already lost my true love" Just then Rudraksh comes there and asks him, "What happened Bhai, where are you lost?" Rajeev smiles and tells him, "Leave it, you won't understand!!!" Rudraksh gets confused and asks, "I won't understand what??? Oh, come on, bhai, tell me, what were you thinking about???" Rajeev tells him, "Rudra, to understand my thoughts YOU WILL HAVE FALL IN TRUE LOVE!!!" Rudraksh frowns his face tightly and asks, "What happened to you bhai, all of a sudden, you are talking about true love and stuff!!!" Rajeev smiles and asks him naughtily, "Have you ever felt anything for anyone, SOMETHING SPECIAL, whenever you meet that person???" Rudraksh gets reminded of Preesha and how everytime he ended up in a quarrel with her. His face takes a disgusted frown as he says, "Of course, that Saransh's mom, the MAD WOMAN, Preesha, but whatever I felt for her WAS NOT GOOD AT ALL, instead I used to get so irritated whenever she is around, Bhai she eats my BRAINS, when she is near!!!" Rajeev lets out a laughter on hearing that, "Rudra, most of the LOVE STORIES start with FIGHTS, maybe even YOURS..." Before he can could continue, Rudraksh gets embarrassed and tells him, "Oh just stop it bhai, don't even compare me with that MAD WOMAN!!! Where am I and where her??? You little brother is one of the most handsome hunks in the country and you are comparing me with such a woman!!!" Rajeev smiles and continues, "Oh Rudra, enough of your questions and blabbers, now let me go!!!" Rajeev slowly retires from there while Rudraksh gets thinking, "Me and Dr. Preesha, eeew, what am I thinking, Bhai has spoilt my BRAIN!!!"

S.M Modern School, Delhi

Rajeev reaches the school gates and looks around at the children playing in the park, he gets thinking, "I wonder where Saransh is??? I desperately want to meet him and spend some time with him, I could never fulfil his duties all these years, now I want to make up for each and every thing which I lost in his life." Ahana notices Rajeev near the school gates and comes closer to him, she taps on his shoulder and asks him, "What are you doing here???" Rajeev gets nervous and tells her, "Oh I just came to meet you!!" Ahana gets surprised and asks, "Meet me, all these years of our marriage, you were never concerned for me, then why all of a sudden you are showing so much of concern???" Just then, Rajeev notices Saransh playing with his friends in the park and says, "Just trying to make up for everything!!!" Ahana gets astonished as well as irritated, "Oh come on, Rajeev, you are least bothered about me in your life, so stop showing all this fake concern, anyways do whatever you want, I am leaving as I have lots of work in my office being the new trustee of this school." Slowly, she makes a move from that place without paying attention to Rajeev. Rajeev lets out a sigh of relief and goes to the park where Saransh is playing. He keeps looking at his son and smile whole heartedly, A tear of joy rolls down his cheeks as he gets back thinking of his past.


Rajeev and Mahima have been seeing each other for five months. They have been meeting each other regularly outside in temples, parks, music classes and so on and slowly their relationship had turned from friendship to LOVE. One day, Rajeev tells Mahima that he wants to show her something and takes her to MRG Flats in Gurgaon city. By the time, they reach there, it starts raining heavily and both of them get drenched completely before getting into the flat. Mahima tells Rajeev, "Ayyo, Ammadi, I have got drenched completely, now surely I will get sick and Amma will scold me badly!!!" Rajeev tells her, "Don't worry Mahima, you can get yourself dried up in OUR FLAT before going back!!!" Mahima gets surprised and asks him, "OUR FLAT???" Rajeev bangs his forehead and says "I wanted it to be a SURPRISE, but I guess now..." He slowly cups her eyes with his hands and takes her to their flat and while she opens her eyes, she sees Rajeev and Mahima on the nameplate, she smiles beamingly in excitement and goes inside and checks out the entire FLAT, finally she comes to the bedroom and sees hers and Rajeev's photo on the bedside table, she takes in her hands and keeps it close to her heart. Rajeev comes there from behind and asks her, "Did you like the flat???" Mahima turns around and hugs him tightly saying, "Thanks Rajeev, it's like a DREAM COME TRUE moment for me, thanks a lot" While expressing her happiness, Mahima hugs Rajeev even more tightly, Rajeev starts feeling weird ad tries to pull her away, but she does not let him. Slowly, Rajeev hands too start moving on Mahima body and he hugs her tightly in the same manner. Mahima does not retaliate his advances. As time passes, he slowly, takes her face in his hands and kisses on her forehead and then slowly his lips reach hers with which they share a passionate lip lock. After which, both of them drown in their passion and get intimate with each other.


To be continued.

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Episode 3

The episode starts with the Flashback sequence on how Rajeev and Mahima’s love story progressed with them meeting each other on a regular basis in the flat bought by Rajeev in Gurgaon city. And since, they had already intimated with each other once, their relationship became an equivalent of a live-in relation where they often slept in each other’s arms swooned by their passion. Soon months passed and it became one year of their relationship. Rajeev became a much more cheerful man than in the past as he felt most of his sorrows arising from his miserable relationship with his dad disappeared when he spent his time with Mahima. Rudraksh was amazed to see a much-transformed form of his Bhai and he often asked the latter the reason behind this change, but even after being very close, Rajeev never mentioned about Mahima to his brother as he felt the right time had not come. Same happened between Mahima and Preesha, even though Mahima never faced any family problems like Rajeev, Mahima was very close to her sister and shared each and every secret to her, but never opened up about Rajeev to her as she believed that Rajeev will soon come with his family to her house, asking for her hand.

One fine morning

Rudraksh is getting dressed to go for his rehearsals. Rajeev had done the venue booking and all necessary arrangements required for Rudraksh’s rehearsal and was about to leave along with him, when Balraj stops his elder son to have an important discussion with him. Rudraksh gets anxious as his dad often rebuked harshly both him and his brother. He tells, “Then, I will wait until Bhai comes!” Balraj shouts at him, “You asshole! Why do you want to waste your time? I need to talk just with Rajeev so you carry on and do your rehearsals!” Rajeev turns towards his brother and signs him to leave, Rudraksh leaves in dejection. After Rudraksh leaves, Balraj demands Rajeev to come to his office. Both of them proceed to Balraj’s office and once there, Balraj asks his son to shut the door. After Balraj makes sure, that only himself and his son are present with no one else to bother or hear their conversation, he starts, “Rajeev, from the way I have called you in person confidentially will have made you realise, how important the matter is to me!” Rajeev looks on tensely and answers, “Yes Papa, what is it?” Balraj continues, “Rajeev to grow our business I have made a deal with Mr. Niketan Verma that you will marry his elder daughter, Ahaana!” Rajeev is shell-shocked and dumbstruck to hear that, his eyes grow wide in fear, while he loses his balance and catches the chair in front of him. Balraj notices everything on Rajeev and asks bossily, “What is it Rajeev? Do you have any problem with my decision?” Rajeev stammers out, “Papa, I’m in love with another girl!!” But before he could say further, a tight blow lands on his face. Balraj continues to catch his collar tightly and amplifies his sound saying, “How dare you? How dare you try to object to my DECISION!” then he pushes his away and says, “Go and tell that girl that you are breaking all ties with her as you are soon getting married to Ahaana and if you try to oppose me, then you will get to see an even more worser form of mine!” Rajeev trembles in fear and quickly walks outside. After he comes out of Balraj’s office, he falls on his knees and breaks down into tears feeling completely helpless. Sharda notices her son’s devastated state and comes near him enquiring the matter. Rajeev denies replying nothing, wipes his tears and rushes outside. Sharda looks on.

Chhatarpur, South Delhi

Rajeev is standing outside “Shree Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth Mandir” with a wistful expression on his face. He gazes at his watch thinking, “I have called Mahima here, but how will I explain things to her?” Just then Mahima cheerfully comes there with a prasaad thali in her hand and greets him. She gets surprised on seeing the dejected and painful face of Rajeev and asks him the matter. Rajeev catches his breath and starts, “Mahima, it was here that I first met you when I was in a similar heartbroken state and didn’t know that a meeting which made us acquaintances will soon turn to FRIENDSHIP AND THEN LOVE. Now, we are so madly in love that we are hardly able to stay away from each other, but today I have come TO BREAK ALL RELATIONS WITH YOU!” Mahima is thunderstruck to hear that with her eyes growing big and her eyebrows frowning questioningly at him. The thaali in her hand falls down. Rajeev continues, “Yes Mahima, for my papa, both his sons’ lives is a business deal and in such a deal HE HAS SOLD ME SUCH THAT I HAVE TO MARRY ANOTHER WOMAN!” Mahima raises her hand and strikes hardly against Rajeev’s cheek asking in a raised voice, “Rajeev, you want to break up with now? Do YOU KNOW I’M PREGNANT WITH YOUR CHILD?” A cold chill passes down Rajeev’s spine as he hears those words. 


To be continued.

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 

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