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Tags credit - 18shabbo smiley31smiley27


I'm Zoah. I'm not new to PS/signature making or this forum. I used to have a gallery few years ago but life got in the way and I left IF so it was closed. Anyways, I'm fully back now, so I'm trying to get back into PSing. It's not great but hey, I gotta start somewhere. I suppose like everyone else, I'm opening this gallery to accumulate my work and hopefully improve my PS skills. I'm not sure how active I will be with my updates as I do have a full time job outside of IF which takes up a lot of my time. But I will try to be as active as I possibly can. No promises smiley14

I don't have a particular style to my signatures, I tend to go with the flow and wing it most of the times. I can make animated/non animated signatures but now I only make non-animated. Animated stuff is too time consuming  (and requires lot of patient which I don't have much of) so I kinda gave up on it.



18shabbo - We all know how awesome Nabz is at graphics. Just freaking amazing smiley14 She's literally my go-to person when I don't know what to do with an edit. She'll give me tips, I implement it and boom, its magic smiley42 She's just something else and her work is ... no words smiley43 She inspires me so much and I can't thank her enough for her continuous support And more than anything else, she's just an awesome person, full of wit and sarcasm smiley37 (But I wouldn't have her any other way).  I love you, Nabz smiley31

Koeli_Appy - Appy is my personal motivatorsmiley27 Again, she's a fabulous graphic maker and one of the best we have here in IF. She's too modest to admit it but she's just SO good! She has been such an amazing inspiration to me ever since I've known her. She's always been there for me whenever I needed her, be it graphics related or something else, she's been there and I'm just so grateful for having her in my life. I love you, Appy smiley31

.iridescence. - I don't really know how to explain our friendship. Daya once said "Its like we live same life in diff countries" and thats our friendship in a nutshell. We laugh over rice balls smiley37 and gossip like nobody's business smiley14She's my partner , my book buddy and my personal critic (I have few of them as you may have noticed already smiley37) I bug her all the time and though she'd like to tell me to buzz off, she puts up with me (mostly) smiley16 Love you, partner smiley31


Jamie Dornan. Dakota Johnson

Ranbir Kapoor. Deepika Padukone

Fawad Khan. Sanam Saeed (ZGH)

Matt Bomer. Hilarie Burton (The White Collar)



DeviantArt :

 jessramblings| iaminthelalalands | theedgeofdemi | evey_v | ciaracoloring

monxcheri | ravenorlov | surreal dreaming | Resources-fantasy | assjay  

elliconic | Throianbells |   Fizzypop50 | enhancers

India-Forums :

Koeli_Appy | 18shabbo



Please do not cut/edit my work and present it as yours.

If you do, you're a loser. smiley4

I am always open to constructive criticisms so please do share your thoughts, both positive and negative.

Much love, 

Zoah x

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Ranbir & Alia



^ Style credit - 18shabbo

Neal & Sara (The White Collar)






Zaroon & Kashaf 



^Style Credit - 18shabbo

Jamie & Dakota


^ Inspired by HateSober


Slightly different version - https://i.imgur.com/9hED6pT.png

Duchess of Cambridge - LOVE THIS WOMAN smiley27


Until next time..

Zoah x

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res....I will come back before 3 yearssmiley37

** Updated ** [within a 30 minutes Zo - learn from this smiley37 ]

I had the pre-show so you already know my thoughts on all these beautiful creations

lovely creations and I hope you keep making more....and share you PSing secrets with mesmiley16

https://i.imgur.com/Gm9eWvL.png   I love this one smiley27

https://i.imgur.com/aU3TN4T.png these two smiley42smiley27smiley27  they were so perfect together, he is so dreamysmiley9smiley42 please continue to create on them hahah i will enjoy these

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Originally posted by .iridescence.

res....I will come back before 3 yearssmiley37

Omg you’re not going to let me live that down, are you? smiley37

Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by xbeyondwordsx

Omg you’re not going to let me live that down, are you? smiley37

Nope, I mean what's hilarious about that is that I didn't believe you even thensmiley37

Updated my spot above ;) 

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Congratulation Z for reopening you gallery... <3


^wonderful cutout and the texture choice is so good. <3


^excellent blending buddy <3 and the colouring is kissy worthy....


again excellent cut out... <3

Cant wait to see more... :*

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Congratulations on the new gellery hun!


^^This is soo pretty!


^^Such a beauty here! <3

Keep rocking hun! <3

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