Bayhadh 2 LIVE UPDATES 30 Mar 2020

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Posted: 3 months ago

The episode begins with Vik surprised with MJ’s appearance at his door and he welcomes him inside n states how much he admired MJ as a businessman n followed him ..also how his wife also followed him .

MJ asks Vik whe he bought this house .. Vik lies that he had bought this house long back but he comp,eyed the payment 3 days back .. ..stating he n his wife were busy with kid’s mid term exams they could not shift .. 

he asks MJ to come n meet his family .,he calls out for Pinky n Rocky !! MJ is taken aback .. ..but when no one appears Vik makes an excuse that the kids were always engrossed in their iPads .. MJ smiles .

Maya is behi d the curtained door n hearing every word  J n Vik exchanged n she gets scared ..

MJ asks Vik if he knew where Maya might have gone .. Vik says he just k ew she had shifted to a bigger house nearby .. and if MJ chanced to meet her he should inform Vik ... he too would like to meet her, she appeared to be famous .

MJ leaves n Vik shuts the door behind him much to Maya’s relief ..she thinks that they would surely meet up soon the right place n time . MJ returns to his waiting car in which Amir is at the wheel ..

Amir looks at MJ’s face n surmises MJ had nit met Maya ,,he says maya was too smart n knew they would look for her her why would she hide in  he row. House ?? MJ insists Maya was right here ..and he knew just how to make her come out herself ....Amir asks how was that possible !!

inside the house Maya n Vik are having dinner on a table decorated with rose petals n candles n offering a toast to their happiness ,. drinking a sip out of their goblets .. 

Maya states normally Desert is enjoyed at the end of the meal but today to make their normal dinner special ..they will begin with desert ,, she offers him a specially prepared apple pie .. Vik jokes that he loved her so much that he was ready to have poison for her sake .. Maya is taken aback n rendered speechless ... but Vik finally bites Into the pie ... Maya watches him as he chokes .... he developes laboured breathing .. he falls to the floor ..he gasps for breath ., he says he did not want to die ..he wa ted to live with Maya ,, saying this  .. with an efficiency of an expert he pulls out a preloaded syringe .. he injects himself some drug that reverses his acute allergic reaction .. he recovers almost immediately ... Maya is stunned .... he gulps down a goblet of wine .. and sits up .. he co PN fronts Maya that she remembered  everything ..Maya is taken aback as stammers she remembers nothing at all  .

Vik recovers n says she had gone to meet her dead mother ..he was watching her .. he noticed her footprints in blood .. he had locked her in the room as he never wanted her so witness all that .. but she did .

Maya is surprised ... Vik further adds that he knew all about her secret recipe .. he reveals how he had placed a secret camera in the kitchen n ws keeping a close eye on Maya’s every move n he had seen her add poison into the desert .

He then adds that when MJ arrived ..he expected her to rush forwards to seek help ..but she hid herself n he noticed her eyes were full of hatred for him .,he realises she had got her memory back .

She accuses him of killing her mother .. he says he did not ..she slashed her wrists herself .. he expected her to rescue her daughter but she never listened .. if she had the three could have lived here happily ..but now Maya had to bear her mother’s loss . 
He then manhandles Maya n says her mother was no more because she had dared to come between MayaVik .. any one who dared to come between them would meet this same fate ,,Maya pulls herself out of his grip .. he asks where was she trying to escape ?? Back to that Rudra ?? Did she think he was waiting for her with heart filled with love ??

Maya then goes into FB mode n remembers all her romantic moments with Rudra 

BG song plays ...”chaha  tujhey  ....” 

all MayRa romantic beautiful scenes are played for us .

Vik shakes her out of her day dream n states the day she fired at his dad Rudra’s love for Maya disappeared . He shows her video evidence of Rudra’s hatred .. in the video Rudra states if a maya was dead it was good if she was alive he will hunt her down from the remotest corners of this world n kill her .

BG song plays ..””Beyhadh hai yeh meri Aashiqui ...” 

maya sinks to the floor heart broken .

Vik says Rudra now hates her but Vik loved Maya like no one ever did .. he urges her to choose him not others .. he could die for her n kill for her too.
MJ is seen setting off the fire alarm by setting slight some papers below on smoke detector ... 

MayaVik are alerted but the alarms going off .. Vik asks Maya to move out fast as the building was on fire ... Maya is reluctant ..she declares this wa snit Fire this was MJ’s doing . She knew MJ. Rey well ..he would never go say empty handed after coming this far .. he was on the lookout for her .. MayaVik have an argument over this .Maya asks Vik to place a note on MJ’s car and also take with him a woman n kids to fool MJ that he was rescuing his family . 
Vik does just that n MJ presumes Vik was rescuing his own family n he leaves disappointed on finding no trace of Maya among the residents of the building .

Vik is amused how wellMaya knew MJ and she was correct .

As Disappointed MJ returns to his waiting Car he n Anir are surprised to find a note on the windscreen ...

He reads Maya challenging him to find her .... he was mistaken if he thought she would be waiting here like a sitting duck !!....she was right before him but was floating about like the breeze n he would never find her. Vik smirks at MJ as he watches him tear up that note n speeding away ...

Precap for tomorrow 
Maya seeks help from Vik to avenge her wrongdoers . To kill those who tortured his princess. Vik assures he will help her kill them  all . In the end he will kill Rudra too .Maya gets violent on hearing this n attacks Vik . 

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Posted: 3 months ago

Maya is very very intelligent.. she is wittier than MJ thus proved today ..

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Posted: 3 months ago

Lockdown times ...only . two TV sets at home hogged by elderly n the other by youngsters 

All binge watching Netflix web series . I failed to watch the episode during Beyhadh telecast hence the delay in updating .

Hope to grab today’s episode on time .

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Beyhadh 2 

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