PreRish Ficlet:-PreRish Kay 10 Bachhe

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#Khayali Pulao ( Read at your own risk!!!)

If you want to throw shoes, tamatar, ande, brickbats, then throw them at Oppo di please. It's her PreRish Kay 10 bachhe Pulao.

For Oppo Di. smiley27

Warning:- Read at your own risk.

Kukki was in her room, watching the movie 'Badhai Ho' and crying. 

' Oh God! Why I am not able to accept the reality! Why!'

Downstairs, Sneha was busy stopping the quarrel between her Younger sisters, Kasak and Vishakha. 

' Yeh sab aapki galati hai, Prerna.' 

' Huh? My fault? Kaise?' Prerna asked, putting their youngest children, Arjun and Rohan to sleep.

' Why were you reluctant to have 10 kids?'

' I wanted a hara bhara family. Organic!'

' Don't talk about Patanjali.'

' I wanted to name  Kavya Patanjali. But you didn't let me to.'

' Naming isn't a joke, Prerna!'

' You never understood me.'

' Yes. Never understood... The result is our 10 kids! Kukki, Sneha, Kasak, Prem, Tushar, Vishakha, Kavya, Arjun, Rohan and Kabir.'

'  Humph.' Prerna huffed and went to check her triplets, Vishakha, Kabir and Tushar.

' Hey you three! What you three are upto?'

' See Mumma, Kabir snatched Candy! Not letting us play.' said Vishakha.

' Candy is mine!' said Kabir and tightened his arms around the beagle.

' Kabir... Badmash...'

Prerna twisted his ears and snatched Candy from him and gave it to the other two.

' Handling these kids are so tough!' 

Rishabh against the wall and watched his wife cook in the kitchen.

' What are you making in this odd hour?'

' Your dearest Snehu wants to have pancakes.'

' You should have told the cook!'

' Sneha wants to eat the pancakes made by me...And...'

' And what?'

' Yours kids had so much tantrums regarding food that the poor  cook got tired and took a day holiday.' 

' All this is because you wanted a cricket team!' said Rishabh and sipped water.' You sent all logic in the drains.'

' Logic ki baat kar rhe ho aap? How would I know I would have triplets and twins?'

' Damn... Your health! How could you be so healthy inspite of 9...?'

' I am a Bajaj, an Bajajs have good immunity!'

' Damn immunity!' said Rishabh.

' Arrey, aap bhi toh so healthy hain.'

Rishabh spit out the water, on the floor and coughed.

Prerna patted his back.

' Arrey, maine kuchh galat kaha kya?'

' See me... My waist and knee... Ahhh...they hurt all day due to running behind the kids!'

That evening, Mr. And Mrs. Bajaj were enjoying their tea while their children are in the garden, with Candy.

Suddenly, Vishakha came and asked,' Mumma, Daddy, can I ask something?'

' Yes, Sweetheart.' replied Rishabh.

' I what a younger sister, Mumma. As cute as my barbie.'

' What? No!!!' Both their parents said together and spit tea on each other's face. 


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Yahaan bhi like de diya. 

Keep writing Mishti, you really have a gift for cute, light hearted stuff. 

Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by SG2016

Yahaan bhi like de diya. 

Keep writing Mishti, you really have a gift for cute, light hearted stuff. 

Thanks a lot, Di 💝♥️😘

I love writing light hearted stuffs. They are so enjoyable. smiley27

Posted: 3 months ago

My most fav Ficlet ever and ever .. awwwsmiley42

Thanks Mistha 

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Originally posted by opsora2090

My most fav Ficlet ever and ever .. awwwsmiley42

Thanks Mistha 

Kirron GIFs | Tenor

Aww ... 😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️

Thanks, Di...

Ab toh chutti hai... Aur bhi likhungi smiley16smiley14

Posted: 3 months ago

Alexia stop please stop

Dont ask

Dont say anything

Posted: 3 months ago

awe mishti...

10 kids..

so awesome..

i cant stop my laughing...

its so wonderful...

you are awesome...

do write more

Posted: 3 months ago

Mishta 10 kids smiley7

Bajajs kaam karenge agar poora time inke peeche hi bhagte rahenge.. Oppo and you milke world population bada rahe ho.. 

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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