Breaking the fourth wall with Anger!

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Posted: 2 months ago

As of yesterday, the 26th of March. I think the writer made it clear and precise that he thinks we viewers are fools. Supporting Pari makes you a fool, calling out the shrivastavs makes you a fool and not having an infatuation with with Gunjan well that too... makes you even a bigger fool. The fact that a grown man at the age of 49 (according to Google) lashes out at his viewers simply because we don't agree with his show is childish. The fact that he used his fictional character (Neha) to voice his opinion is cowardice. This is man who is representing the deaf/mute community and makes their parenting abilities and themselves look incapable due to their disability. This is a man who has no clue of what he is writing and his show is evidence in it self. To think this show got an extension lmao. 

I hope he reads this, but he probably won't since he's self-righteous and our opinion on 'his story' is invalid. 

Take care everyone. 

Posted: 2 months ago

You're right, writer is just making fun of the viewers now. I've been trying to refrain from making personal statements about the writer, but he is testing my patience by lashing out at viewers like this. He seems very egotistical. On top of that he has very regressive views about the specially-abled and women. He thinks he is championing folks with disabilities by having the abled characters give them fake inspirational praise and saying they are not less, but in his actual storyline he shows them as dependent and incompetent. He gives them small scenarios to feel triumphant over over-the-top cartoonish bigots, but when it comes to things like independence, self-respect, ambition they are treated like children that must be nannied. Then there is his misogyny. He accuses a woman who declines to marry a "nice" man because she is not interested as selfish. He is interested in her, and that should be good enough for her. Not even saas-bahu serials show such regressive thinking unless it comes out the mouth of a vamp or overbearing parent figure. But here, Neha, "the voice of reason" as well as her friend and a modern woman, is saying it to Pari. I'm just absolutely baffled as to what the message he's trying to portray here is. If he wanted Yogi-Gunjan, why not show them as true husband-wife instead of labeling Gunjan as "duty". Why make Yogi seem like he adores Gunjan, but insist he's not in love with her? And he's trying to push Pari into same kind of marriage by saying Yogi is happy. I don't understand! So you don't have to be in love with your partner to have a fulfilling marriage with them? You may as well call them your roommate then. What business does this writer have writing a romance serial? God knows there's no other substance in this show to call it anything else. 

I think it is time to turn off this show for good. Before at least I could get some satisfaction from bashing and morbid curiosity of how much further characters are butchered. But now writer has told on our face what he thinks of the viewers. Show dekh kar apni insult kyun karna?

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