Rumya FF - Hum Aapke Hain Kaun (continued)

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My previous threads are locked. So, I am continuing my ff here as my last posts in this ff got closed. For previous parts, below is the link

Part -1 to Part -2 

Part -3 to Part -6

For continuous chapters

Part 7

Omkara shows the painting to Gauri.

Gauri: The painting is beautiful

Omkara: Painting is my hobby. Ever since you came into my life, I remembered those days.

So I thought, why not start again.

Gauri: But still, it is beautiful.

Omkara: You have added to its beauty. 

Gauri sees the exhibition in that place & is very happy. She said, "Why not take part in the competition?"

Omkara: I will take part if you say so.

Omkara decorates the painting for the exhibition. 

A lot of artists took part in the contest.

After seeing all the paintings, the announcement starts.

Omkara is nervous, to which Gauri does not fail to notice that.

Gauri: Don't worry. I have complete faith in you that you will win.

The judges announced: The first prize goes to Omkara Singh Oberoi.

Omkara comes forward. 

They give him a prize of Rs. 25 lakhs.

Omkara goes to Gauri and carries her.

Gauri turns Omkara's inspiration, Omkara falls for Gauri

Rudra cracks the most crucial deal and goes for other follow-ups.

Omkara and Gauri return home.

The Oberois are overjoyed with Omkara's double success.

Rudra returns home and meets Soumya.

Pinky: You guys have come at the right time. 

Anika is now eight months pregnant.

It is good that everyone is present.

The ceremony begins.

Everyone comes with gifts.

A month later, Anika's labor pain starts. 

The Oberoi's take her to the hospital.

All are in a tense situation.

An hour later, the doctor comes out.

He said, "Congratulations, Mr. Oberoi, you've got a boy."

The Oberois are thrilled.

The celebrations begin at OM.

Rudra & Soumya dance on the song

La la la ... la la la ... la la la

La la la ... la la la ... la la la

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Soumya does the child's painting. 

Rudra opens the toy box.

Both dance before the toys.

Anika smiles. 

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge RuMya SS Last part-p22(Page 20)

Omkara & Gauri joins them. The elders come to the room.

Bhabhi meri tumhe thank you

Mil kar sabhi kahe thank you

Taras gaye the jisko naina

Aaj hua sach wo Sapna

Allah kare tu bhi mizaz paye shayrana

Shakti carries the baby and tosses it, thereby, amusing the baby.

Bhabhi meri tumhe thank you

Milkar sabhi kahe thank you

Taras gaye the jisko naina

Aaj hua sach woh sapna

Allah kare tu bhi mizaaj

Paaye shayarana

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Lauta phir bachpan ka zamana

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana, tiktana, dhiktana

Snoopy is happy. All the elders join the dance.

Yeh bezubaan, yeh janwar

Khush hai bada yeh jaan kar

Goonjengi ab ek kilkari

Aangan mein pyari pyari

Kehta Tuffy Barson baras

The Trivedis join the dance. The Trivedis join the dance.

Khana garam le aaye hum

Jaldi laao bhukhe hai hum

Dhaniya, jira, mircha masala, isme pyar se hai dala

Chakhlo jara aisa na ho pichhe pade pachhatana

Wah dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Khana kalse tum hi banana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

They go to Trivedi House & enjoy the food. 

Later they come home to play cricket.

Hey, hey (Hey, hey, hey)

Phodega sar, ye bouncer

Marunga main ispe sixer

Soch samajh kar bat uthana

Clean bowled na ho jana

Kar catch varna match me tune hai maat khana

The lady bowls. The batsman hits the ball high. 

The fielders are about to catch.

The lady falls into the water tub

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Haan dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Are bazi mar gaya diwana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Rudra lies on Soumya's lap.

Kahta hai kya munna suno

Mausi nahi chachi bano

Munne ye tere chachaji

Banna chahe mausaji

Tum na mili to, nischit hai mera jogi ban jana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana alakh

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Soumya teases Rudra

Rudra-Saumya's wedding reality to come to fore in Star Plus' Ishqbaaaz

Ghar aakar biksha le jana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Haay haay main sadke jawan, are jug jug jiyo munneraja

Munna bada hi nasibowalan

Aatish baji (Haan ji)

Ye roshni (Haan ji)

Jahir kare (Kya ji)

Man ki khushi (Wah ji)

Jami se lekar aasman tak

Munne ke dam se ronak

Kya khub hai aise me

Later, they burst crackers. 

The eunuchs come there & bless the family. 

Shakti gives the child to Anika.

Shivaay comes back

Munne ke papa ka aana

Hey dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana (Haan ji)

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana (Haan ji)

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana (Haan ji)

Dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana (Haan ji)

Dhik dhiktana dhiktana dhiktana (Haan ji)

Everyone takes the family photo.

Shivaay shows the company model to the Oberois.

Shakti said, "You and Omkara had worked hard for this company to achieve this level. Now Rudra will work hard."

Rudra is happy.

The Trivedis are about to leave.

Shakti said, "Spend some time with your son-in-law."

Everyone insists.

The Trivedis agree to stay back for an extra day.

The next day the Trivedis are about to leave. Rudra feels the absence of Soumya.

At the time of parting, Rudra & Soumya meet.

He holds Soumya's hand & asked, "You are going, and I don't have any excuse to stop you today."

Soumya: Why did you stop me yesterday?

Rudra: I wanted to talk to you.

Soumya: On what?

Rudra: As soon as my factory gets inaugurated, I will talk to Anika about our marriage.

Soumya is happy.

The next moment, everyone packs their bags. They spend the moments & leave.

Soumya: As soon as your factory opens, please call me.

Rudra: Sure.

The next day, Rudra's factory gets inaugurated. 

He calls up Soumya & gives the good news.

The Oberois invite the Trivedis for Satyanarayan Pooja.

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All have such happy moments with the new baby's arrival. A hidden romance is in the works.

Posted: 2 months ago

when the baby arrived it was amazing dear...great job

Posted: 2 months ago

thanks for the pm! 

lovely update 

Posted: 2 months ago

Part 7 

Beautiful Update 

filled with family moments 

happiness and love

Posted: 3 days ago

Part 8

The Oberois organize the puja to keep the house protected from negative vibes and for family prosperity. After the end of the puja, Khanna gets a telegram, stating that his father is ill. Khanna is facing financial problems. 

Khanna approaches Anika. He said, "I need to go to the village as my dad is sick. I need money."

Anika: We have always treated you as our family member. If you need any help, you can call us anytime.

Ishqbaaz: Khanna turns out to be Anika's brother sets first ...

Khanna decides to inform Shivaay about the same. Roop bua had overheard Anika & Khanna's conversation.

Roop: These are the tactics of poor & middle-class people to extract money from us. Khanna is lying.

Anika: He has got a telegram from his house. How can he lie?

Roop: These days, one can buy a sample telegram and manipulate it...

Khanna enters with Shivaay. 

Roop: It was my duty to tell you. The rest of the things depends on you.

Khanna enters with Shivaay and overhears Roop's words.

Khanna: Sir, please believe me. If you want you can call at my place to find out the truth.

Shivaay: You have been working with us for more than seven years. I trust you.

He gives Khanna an envelope with Rs. 20,000/-

Shivaay: If you need any other help, feel free to reach us. 

Khanna Jail में Shivaay और Tej का War लेगा एक ...

Khanna leaves for his hometown.

A week later, the family conducts a naming ceremony for Shivaay and Anika's child. 

After the naming ceremony, Gauri names the child as Shivansh.

The next day, Rudra cracks the deal of $10 million. He comes home with a new car.

The Oberois are elated.

Soumya comes to OM.

She said, "Congratulations, Rudra."

Rudra: I have a surprise for you.

He blindfolds Soumya and takes her to Anika.

He then took out the scarf tied onto her eyes and said, "Bhabhi, I want to get married."

Anika: That's excellent news. I am glad that you have decided to take responsibility. By the way, I want to know whether you want us to find a girl for you, or have you seen the girl for yourself?

Rudra: It is a love marriage, which you guys need to arrange.

Anika: Bring her here.

Rudra: The girl is right near you.

Anika sees Soumya and said, "You have made the right choice. After your marriage, all three sisters will stay together. I thank the Oberoi brothers for bringing Trivedi sisters into the same house."

Rudra: Thanks, bhabhi. Love you, bhabhi.

Anika: I will speak to Shivaay and fix up the mahurat.

Anika gives the diamond necklace to Soumya. The song is

Lo Chali Main Apne Devar Ki Baaraat Le Ke

Lo Chali Main

Na Band Baaja, Na Hi Baaraati, Khushiyon Ki Saugaat Le Ke

Lo Chali Main

Devar Dulha Bana, Sar Pe Sehra Saja

Bhabhi Badhkar Aaj Balaiyan Leti Hai

Prem Ki Kaliyan Khile, Pal Pal Khushiyan Mile

Sachche Man Se Aaj Duayen Deti Hai

Ghode Pe Chadh Ke, Chala Hai Baanka

Apni Dulhan Se Milne

Lo Chali Main

Waha Waha Ramji, Jodi Kya Banaai

Devar Devraniji, Badhai Ho Badhai

Sab Rasmon Se Badi Hai Jag Mein

Dil Se Dil Ki Sagai

Aai Hai Shubh Ghadi, Aaj Bani Maein Badi

Kal Tak Ghar Ki Bahu Thi Ab Hoon Jethani

Hukum Chalaungi Maein, Aankh Dikhaungi Maein

Sehmi Khadi Rahegi Meri Devrani

Hazaar Sapne, Palkon Mein Apne

Deewani Maein Saath Le Ke

Lo Chali Main

Shivaay comes home.

He sees that Anika is happy.

Shivaay: What so special. You seem to be very happy today.

Anika: Yes, I am pleased. You are right. Something extraordinary has happened.

Shivaay: Is it?

Anika: Yes, Guess what?

Shivaay: Is it about Rudra's progress?

Anika: Yes, Rudra cracked a deal of $10 million. He has not decided to tie a knot.

Shivaay: That's indeed special.

Anika: Yes, and the most extraordinary thing is we all three sisters will be in the same house after Rudy's wedding. Rudra decided to marry Soumya.

Shivaay: You have given me a piece of happy news.

Ishqbaaz gets hotter! Shivaay and Anika to finally consummate ...

Shivaay meets Rudra.

He said, "You have made the right choice. I'm proud of you. Call Soumya and the Trivedis here."

Rudra happily goes to Trivedi House.

He met Harshwardhan Trivedi and said, "Soumya and I love each other. I ask for her hand in marriage."

Harshwardhan: That's indeed good news. Two of my daughters are already in your house. What could be happier for me to give my daughter to you?

Rudra: Shivaay bro called you for fixing up the mahurat.

Harshwardhan: When?

Rudra: Today evening.

Harshwardhan: I need some time to make preparations.

Rudra: Don't worry. We will take care of everything.

Harshwardhan and Soumya come with Rudra to OM.

The Oberoi fixes up the engagement date within 3 days and marriage within a month.

Three days later

A lot of guests come to OM.

Rudra & Soumya gets engaged.

Suddenly Gauri faints.

Omkara and the other Oberois get apprehensive.

Omkara calls the doctor, who comes & checks the pulse.

Ten minutes later

The doctor said, "Congratulations, Mr. Oberoi. Gauri is three months pregnant. You are gonna become a father."

The Oberois get elated.

The doctor said, "One concern is that Gauri's blood pressure is low. So you need to take care of her."

He prescribes the tablets for Gauri & leaves.

Everyone gets worried about Gauri.

Suddenly Rudra's phone rings.

He picks up the call.

The client said, "You need to come to the USA for 6 months so we can see how you work."

Rudra: I will let you know.

Rudra is troubled. 

Soumya: What's the matter, Rudy?

Rudra: The client has called me to work for 6 months in the USA & I need to come within a week. I think I should decline it as we will marry next month.

Soumya: I think you should take it up. We will marry after 6 months. I will spend some time with Gauri.

Dil Bole Oberoi: Soumya to reveal her evil side; makes a planned ...

Rudra meets Shivaay.

Rudra: The client has asked me to come to the USA for 6 months of project training. 

Shivaay: That's good news. When do you need to go?

Rudra: They want me within a week. But what about my marriage?

Shivaay: Can you negotiate with the client?

Rudra: Fine, I will speak to the client.

Rudra gets a call from the US.

Rudra: The project is interesting but my marriage has been fixed for the next month. It is possible to adjourn?

The client said, "It is not possible for us to postpone. But we can definitely approve your leave in any emergency case."

A week later, Rudra packs his bag and goes to the USA.

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The FF ends here. Please post detailed comments with favorite couples and scenes.

Part 9

The next day Harshwardhan meets Shivaay.

He said, "Soumya told me everything. I think we need to conduct Rumya marriage after he returns from the USA."

Rudra comes with the luggage.

He said, "Harshwardhan uncle is right."

Shivaay: Fine

He calls up the pundit.

The pundit checks the horoscope and said, "If you miss next month, you have to wait for another 3 months."

Both families agree.

3 months later,

Gauri is in her 6th month.

The Oberois conduct her godhbharai.

Rudra comes for a month to spend time.

In the 7th month, Gauri starts facing complications.

The Oberois take her to the hospital.

The doctor comes out and said, "Congratulations,  Mr. Oberoi, Gauri has delivered a girl baby."

Omkara: How is Gauri:

Doctor: She has gone to the coma state after delivery. We don't know when she will get back her consciousness. 

Omkara: How is the baby?

Doctor: The baby is quite normal. As it is a premature delivery case, it is under observation.

The Oberois get shattered.

Omkara gets into depression.

The family takes him to a psychiatrist.

He then tells Shivaay, "Omkara is worried about Gauri & his child. Gauri's gaining her consciousness is uncertain. What he needs is the caring wife."

The Oberois get shocked.

Harshwardhan decides to give Soumya to Omkara in marriage so she can take care of his child.

Omkara gets a call from the hospital.

He meets the doctor.

The doctor said, "Nothing has happened to the child. You can take her."

Omkara: What about her mother?

Doctor: She is still in the same state. Once she comes out, we will intimate you.

Everyone distributes wedding invitation cards.

Soumya sees the card and gets shocked seeing her name with Omkara.

She goes to Harshwardhan.

Soumya: There is a mistake. My marriage is supposed to take place with Rudra.

Harshwardhan: Yes, but now since Gauri is in a coma state, Omkara has gone into depression. It was Rudra's plan.

Soumya: Fine, if that is the case, I will marry Omkara.

The wedding preparations take place.

Soumya writes a letter to Rudra stating, "I love you a lot but as a family, I need to sacrifice my love. I am moving on with Omkara so the child gets the motherly love. Once Gauri comes, we will unite."

Snoopy enters the room.

Soumya: Give this letter to Rudra.

Snoopy takes the letter in his mouth but bumps on to Omkara.

Omkara gets a call from the hospital.

He goes to the hospital with the letter in his hand

The doctor said, "Gauri has gained her consciousness. She is doing well. You can take her home."

Omkara meets Gauri.

Suddenly she sees the letter hanging out in his pocket.

Gauri: What is that letter?

Omkara takes out the letter and reads it.

He gets shocked to see Soumya's letter to Rudra.

Gauri: What happened?

Omkara: I will tell you once the discharge papers get ready.

OMG! Gauri to DIVORCE Omkara in 'Ishqbaaaz'? | India Forums

The doctor comes to the ward with discharge papers.

Omkara signs the paper.

Both get into the car.

Gauri: Please show me the letter.

Omkara: Let's go home. You will know everything.

Both reach OM.

Omkara then calls Rudra and Soumya.

Both of them come and meet Rikara. Soumya carries Gauri's child and gives it to her.

Gauri gets emotional and starts pampering the child.

Omkara: Soumya, what do you think that you are doing? How did you assume that my Gauri won't come out of the coma?

Soumya: You were under depression so dad decided to get me married to you. 

Harshwardhan comes in. He sees Gauri and is happy.

Harshwardhan: We were worried about Gauri. Since we are one family, I thought that it was necessary to take you out of depression. Shivaay and Rudra had agreed to that. So I deliberately made the card for Omkara instead of Rudra.

Omkara: I know that you guys love my child. Soumya do you think that you can't give the motherly love to the child, being an aunt?

Shivaay & Anika come there.

They are happy to see Gauri.

Shivaay: Gauri gained her consciousness. Was it not necessary to inform us?

Omkara: Did you inform me about getting me married to Soumya? Gauri was in a coma state but she did not leave the world. Do you think Soumya would have been happy with me when she loves Rudy?

Gauri: It is a miracle that I came out of the coma state that's why the marriage stopped. If I had come late, what would have been Soumya's fate? 

Rudra: Om bro, if I was in your place & if you were in my place, I know that you would have done the same.

Omkara cools down.

He said, "Yes, I would have done the same thing. I am proud of you guys. Now, you guys have to listen to me. If you want to see us happy, you guys should get married."

The Oberois are happy.

At Shivika's room:

Anika: I told you that not to take a hasty decision with Omkara's remarriage. Gauri was not dead. But you didn't listen to me.

Shivaay: I did that to take Omkara out of depression. I was scared that he might take a drastic step. I cannot allow that at any cost.

Anika: You always want a reason to justify yourself. If Gauri was a little late, it would have been a disaster. 

Shivaay: I know. But I didn't know what to do at that time. But trust me. Even I was not happy. I joined the puja with you in secret for Gauri's recovery. God responded to our prayers.

shivikawedding hashtag on Twitter

The Oberois conduct the rituals.

Rudra & Soumya get married after the rituals.

Will Rudra and Saumya get married in Ishqbaaz? - find out ...

Both go to the USA for honeymoon & continuation of the training.

Three months later,

Rudra & Soumya come back.

Anuj & Bhavya get married

All of them live happily ever after


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amazing work dear...loved reading the writing..

Nehalaxmi Iyer Shrenu Parikh Kunal Jaisingh Leenesh Mattoo

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