Bedroom Problems ( Rudhita OS)

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Time stands still

Beauty in all she is

I will be brave

I will not let anything, take away

What's standing in front of me

Every breath, every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died every day, waiting for you

Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years

I'll love you for a thousand more

Bondita shifted on her bed uncomfortably. She had been waiting for her husband- as he has promised to solve her bed-wetting problem. The revelation has been an aggressive affair, to be honest. Who liked being called out like a joker in the middle of everyone? The Batuk guy as always had been laughing- and Bondita was sure he also hid something behind his pressed tongue- maybe he was still a bedwetter. She had anticipated that Barrister Babu would surely thrash her- most likely on the line of what her Aunt did back at her mother's cot. But she was impressed with her Husband's nonchalance. He really didn't pay more than a cent of attention to Trilochan Kaka, rather had his mind devising a plan to curb her problem. Of one thing she was clear with was, that   Saudamini was nowhere a fairy she had imagined. Fine! She thought. Prevention has always been better than a cure.

Anirudh sat down in his study looking for books he could read to Bondita. Her taste was unknown to him. Of what he has seen through his eyes, she won't be interested much in the books he read- rather will tell him to go and dump them in a dustbin. All of them were pretty much one-sided, more precisely patriarchal. Making up stories was the only way of lulling her off to sleep in a calm fashion. If he wasn't forgetting he had already instructed Bihari Kaka to get the bed covered with extra cloth to just prevent an accident. He smiled remembering what he did when he was 10. His mother's death was a major blow. Bihari Kaka had been his savior. But he was sure his kaka and father knew everything about his bed-wetting but had kept mum. Sighing on their hypocrisy he left his room with some primer- that he has bought for Batuk to read.

"You have been late. I was waiting right here. What if I had slept? Wouldn't it have been a problem then?" Bondita fired questions on Anirudh.
"No. It won't have been a problem. Nobody would tell you anything if you wet the bed." he smiled, but stopped midway seeing her frown.
"I don't wet the bed for fun." She answered a bit sad.
"then let us find a solution."He announced much to Bondita's happiness.

"A story? Mom had an amazing storytelling skill." Bondita asked seeing him get confused seeing the pages of a book.
'Honestly, you should try out my skills today Bondita." Anirudh placed a blanket on her little torso. 
"I get to speak in the middle, Promise?" she asked before Anirudh could start.
" That was not something I didn't know. You can speak anything, anywhere, anytime you want." Anirudh complied.
Bondita smiled wide till her ears. She had admired him since day one. He was different than the others. But still too similar to her. He looked at the world in a way that pleased her senses.

"A girl, almost a princess was born about 70 years ago." Anirudh started.
"Almost a princess?" Bondita questioned.
"She was the beloved of the king- but was the daughter of a king's official. She got married to a King. His palace was as big as tulsipur." Anirudh widened his arms. Bondita was a bit surprised at this.
"She might have played a lot there. I would run across the whole place." Bondita clapped in excitement.

"But she couldn't enjoy for long. The king died when she was still unripe at age. And then she became the queen. The Britishers tried to kill her but she was brave. They took over her kingdom." 
Bondita was a bit saddened. " who were the Britishers?" She asked.
"oh, they are devils of a different kind. They pretend to help you on the surface but backstab you when they see an opportunity. But all of them are not like that. One needs to be a better judge."Anirudh complied.
"Oh - they are really - unique." Bondita thought of two sides of the same coin. She thought that she got what it meant.
"the queen didn't deter- she formed an army- of women, trained them in sword-fighting and archery. Taught them science and trajectories. They were renowned fighters." Anirudh explained with joy.
'Did they win?" Bondita questioned. Anirudh's face was ashen a bit. He won't tell her the truth. He won't tell her that the men in her army couldn't handle her success, that her own brother in law sided with the British.
"Of course." Anirudh complied, as Bondita smiled. He knew she was there to make a difference. He won't let her hope dampen.


The doorbell resonated in the Bungalow at Calcutta. The nameplate was clear

Advocate Anirudh Roy Chaudhary 
(Gold Medallist, University of Law, London)
Advocate Bondita Das Roy Chaudhary
(Gold Medallist, Nottingham University of Law and Legal Studies)

Bondita opened the door, as she came running before the house-maid she dismissed.
"You are late." Bondita pointed at her watch.
"Was waiting for Swara to sleep." He complied. Swara was their 5-year-old baby girl. Her name had been a long search of a needle in the grass. Finally, they thought about what has been the most important thing for them. The common answer was each other's VOICE. The melody that played when they spoke in the court, or when they talked to each other. The toughness of what helped them change society- their VOICE.

"What could have been the reason?" Bondita questioned, lifting the glass filled with water.
"I didn't want to disturb the story-telling session." Anirudh chuckled.
"So, you agree that I am better than you at telling stories," Bondita smirked.
"Never," Anirudh announced to her dismay.
"Swara may be impressed with your stories, but never forget that how I am able to impress you for the past 20 years. Anyways." Now it was time for Anirudh to smirk.
"Hold your tongue, Mister Barrister,"Bondita warned seductively.
"Or?" Anirudh played along.
"Or you get to pay the consequences."Bondita inferred.
"With interest your honor." Anirudh complied but suddenly they hear a scream- their baby cry.
"How lovely a consequence can be." Bondita slapped her forehead smiling wide.
"I'll get her." Anirudh kissed her forehead before heading upstairs.

Hey guys !! tell me how you liked it. 
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I literally squealed in excitement seeing ur new OS.smiley40

Posted: 4 days ago

Awesome Nancy di..  smiley40This is just so good and most importantly so cute.smiley31smiley32

 And how are you doing? 

Posted: 4 days ago

Originally posted by Past1

Awesome Nancy di..  smiley40This is just so good and most importantly so cute.smiley31smiley32

 And how are you doing? 

I am in pink health dear !!!

Hope everybody stays fine.

How are you doing ??

Thank you so much.

And hey ! You must write too. Gets you away from the terrible news for sometime.

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Originally posted by Sujz


I literally squealed in excitement seeing ur new OS.smiley40

I squealed seeing your comment as well !!

Thank you!

Posted: 4 days ago

Awwsmiley42 its so awesome nancysmiley32

The rudhita convo was soo adorable, ani telling her story and she as usual asking her questions in betweensmiley9 

And they have a daughtersmiley40 swara loved the namesmiley9

Loved reading it, was soo happy when saw your os, such a relief from the horrible episode today. Hope we get to see something like this in the show too.

Pleez keep writing moresmiley10

Posted: 4 days ago

What an awesome 0s

Loveddddddddddddd it

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Originally posted by nancy56

I am in pink health dear !!!

Hope every odyssey stays fine.

How are you doing ??

Thank you so much.

And hey ! You must write too. Gets you away from the terrible news for sometime.

I am Good and yeah I will definitely try out your idea di. And I am you are good as always.  And I pray that every other does too. smiley1

And hope against hope that we will emerge out strong together after this issue. smiley1

Barrister Babu 

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