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The camoflauge of Major Malhar Rane's army uniform blended perfectly against the brown and green of the forest. He placed a hand on his gun and slowly drew it from his holster. Loading the silver gun he placed the other hand on it and shot straight ahead. He smirked as he shot the centre of the board. 

"That's how it's done" he spoke as he glanced towards his cadets who stared at him in awe. Female ones ogling at his chest and muscular arms whilst Male ones jealous of his abilities and looks. They all nodded and walked to grab their own gun. 

Subedar Ram walked towards the major who now had his armed crosses across his chest as he saw his students fail pathetically at the task at hand. 

"Major Rane" Subedar Ram called as his hand raised for a salute 

Malhar turned and nodded at the Subedar before offering a salute of his own. Subedar smiled, Major Rane had been the only individual of a higher ranking to have given him a salute, the only one to have respected every person serving the Indian army equally. 

"Colonel Atul Deshmukh wants to see you in his office" Subedar Relayed as he held a 'post - it' note in his hand

Malhar furrowed his eyebrows in confusion wondering why his senior would need him at this time when he was aware that he was teaching his cadets. Nevertheless he nodded to the Subedar and signalled to him to keep an eye on his cadets. Subedar nodded and smiled as Malhar walked away. Though he seemed uncaring and callous Subedar himself had first hand experience with the kindness and humanity that Malhar possessed. 

Malhar's POV

I shook my head in annoyance as I finally made it outside Colonel Deshmukh's office. My journey had been tumultuous at best with girls attempting to flirt with me left, right and centre. I had just raised my fist and was about to knock on the door when it opened and the smiling face of the colonel appeared. I gave a hesitant smile back as he was invited into the office. 

It was as I stepped into the office that I noticed the teenage girl that sat on the chair in front of me. Subconsciously I took notice of her off the shoulder purple jumpsuit and white sneakers. Traiterously my gaze stopped at her legs for a split second before I forced myself to look up at my senior and cursed my thoughts. 

"Malhar" Atul started as he looked at the young girl sitting on the chair. 

"My daughter is very keen about the Army, I was hoping you could give her a tour and teach her about the values and beliefs that was as army men embody" he said as he looked at me hopefully. I was about to refuse before I looked at Colonel Deshmukh properly and realised with a start that behind his smile hid a haggard pain. With a jolt I remembered that Madhuri Deshmukh had died a month ago and Colonel Deshmukh was now left alone with only the responsibility of a youthful teen and a lifetime of pain. Ignoring the tiny part of my brain that urged me to refuse I nodded at the Colonel. Smiling the teenage girl stood up and followed me after her father gave her a nod of encouragement. I internally scoffed as I saw her grab her phone and hurriedly walk behind me. 

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Interesting plot

please continue 

thanks for writing smiley20

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Continue soon

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Interesting plot. Continue soon 

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Welcome to India forum. I am Neera. Enjoy thr forum smiley1

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Pls continue . Omg this is so beautiful.. aise situation mein yehi fanfictions kam ayenge .

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Please continue. Very interesting. 

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Superb please continue soon ❤️❤️

Tujhse Hai Raabta 

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