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thanks a lot.but in my dil deewana song sequence there was no boating

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Maine pyar kiya... I fell in love... Part 6

Preesha's vacation semester break started.So she packed her luggage to go home.

Rudrakh became upset:I know that you want to spend time with your parents.But I feel sad that for some days you won't be here with me.I will miss you.

Preesha became upset.

Preesha:Yes,I am longing to stay with my parents.But I will miss you very badly.But Rudraksh...only for some time.After that I will return.

Rudraksh nodded emotionally.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Rudraksh:Yes...I will wait for you.

He held her closer romantically and said:Till then I will remember our romantic moments and spend time.

She smiled.


Rudraksh went for the music show rehearsal.

Preesha went to the drawing room with her bag.

Ahana:I know that you will return.Still I will miss my friend.

Sharda:Even for a few days it's difficult to be away from you.

Saaransh was very upset:Please come back soon.

Preesha hugged him emotionally:I will be back soon.

Balraj came.

Preesha:Uncle...I am going home as my holidays started.

Balraj:Good.Be at your home itself.Never come back.

All were shocked.


Sharda:What are you saying?

Balraj:Preesha,I allowed you to stay here.But you took advantage of it and trapped Rudraksh in your so called love?


Preesha was shattered to hear the accusation and all were shocked.


Preesha was in tears.

Sharda:Do you know what you are saying?How can you talk like this about Preesha?

Balraj:Our son Rudraksh is madly in love with Preesha.He does'nt know that she has trapped him for a luxurious life.

Sharda:Please stop it.We know how Preesha is.She is a girl with pure heart.I have never seen an innocent girl like this.I know that Rudraksh and Preesha love each other.

Balraj was shocked:You knew it?

Sharda:Yes,we all knew it.We support them.Because we know that their love is pure.Preesha is the best girl for Rudraksh.She loves him a lot,she fell for him,she did'nt trap him.

Balraj:Stop it.

Rajeev:Dad,why are you over reacting?What's the problem if Rudraksh and Preesha love each other?After all she is your best friend's dauhter.

Balraj:I said..stop it.

Balraj stared at Preesha:You just get out Preesha.

Gopal and Vasudha who came there to pick up Preesha were shocked to hear this.

Gopal:Why are you asking Preesha to leave?Did she do anything wrong?

Vasudha:Please forgive her if she has done any small mistake.But please don't scold her like this.

Balraj:She did an unforgivable mistake.She made my son Rudraksh her boy friend with a wrong intention.

Gopal and Vasudha were shocked.

Gopal looked at Preesha:Preesha,is he saying the truth?

Vasudha:Say Preesha.

Preesha wept:I love Rudraksh.But I swear..I have no ad intention.I really love Rudraksh.

Yes smiley13

Vasudha:We trust you kanna.

Gopal looked at Balraj:Preesha has no bad intention.She really loves Rudraksh.

Balraj:So you are also supporting Rudraksh-Preesha's love.Now I understand that you sent your daughter here purposefully to trap Rudraksh,so that Preesha and you can extract money from us with full rights.

Balraj-Sharda-Preesha were shattered.

All were shocked.

Sharda:Are you out of senses?Are you talking like this about your best friend?

Balraj:I trusted my best friend.But he tried to exploit our friendship through his daughter.So that their  middle class family can have all kinds of comforts.

Preesha cried:Please don't misunderstand my father.He is innocent.

Balraj:You shut up Preesha.

Gopal lost his control and raised his voice:Balraj!Don't ill treat my daughter.I will not tolerate it.I kept her here thinking that this will be like a home for her as it's your home.I did a mistake my trusting you blindly.We will not stay here anymore.The place where our daughter got insulted is a hell for us.We are leaving.Preesha won't stay here anymore.I will arrange the best hostel for her.That is better than the hell created by you Balraj.

Sharda was in tears:I am sorry on my husband's behalf.Please forgive us.

Gopal:Why are you apologizing?You are not at all at fault.

Sharda:I never expected this situation.

Vasudha:It is our fate.

Vasudha was crying.

Gopal:Vasudha,we will not stay here even for a moment.Let someone know that middle class people also have self respect.

Gopal:Preesha,come with us.

Preesha cried hugging Sharda,Ahana and Saaransh.

Rajeev:Sorry Preesha.As a brother I failed to avoid this situation.

She looked at Rajeev:Don't say sorry Rajeev bhaiyya.

Preesha left with her parents.

Rudraksh reached back home after the rehearsal.

Rudra:Where is Preesha?

Rajeev:She already left with her parents.

Rudraksh was shocked:But why?I thought that she will wait till my come back to leave.

Ahana:She did'nt leave like that Rudraksh,she was kicked out.

Rudraksh was stunned:What?Who kicked her out?

Balraj came there:I asked her to leave.

Rudraksh was

Sharda wept:Yes beta.I am sorry.I could'nt stop it.

Rudra:Maa,you don't need to apologize as I know that you can never be wrong.But tell me what happened.I can't understand anything.

Sharda explained everything to Rudraksh making him shock.

Rudraksh:Dad,how can you do this to Preesha and her family?You insulted your own friendship.

Balraj:Gopal only ruined our friendship.Preesha is not at all a match for you.

She issmiley7

Rudra:But I love her.

Balraj:But I will never allow it.I have decided that you will marry Mishka.

All were shocked.

Rudra:How can you take decision about my marriage?It should be my decision.

Balraj:I don't care about your decision and it's a foolish decision.My decision of getting you married to Mishka is final.

Rudra:If that's your final decision,I am leaving this house.

All were shocked.

Balraj:Where will you go?

Rudraksh:To Preesha's house.

All were stunned.

Balraj:You are a fool.Foolish decision.

Rudraksh:One day you will realize that my decision is the best.

Balraj:How can you be heartless enough to leave your own family for a girl?At least think about your stop him.

Sharda:Usually mothers get upset when their sons leave their home.But I am happy as my son chose the correct route and he is going to the right girl.

Balraj was shocked.

Rajeev:Instead of living with the girl Rudraksh does'nt like,it's better to leave this house to be with the girl he loves.

Balraj:Love..let me see how long his love for Preesha will remain.When Rudraksh leads a middle class life his love will also melt and he will come back.

Rudraksh:It will never happen dad as my love is true.


Balraj said in a sarcastic tone:True love!

Ahana:You are degrading true love dadiji.You can't even imagine how much Rudraksh and Preesha love each other. are too strict with Rudrakh chachu.You hurt Preesha aunty also.You deserve my teacher's punishment.

Balraj gritted his teeth in anger.

Rudraksh packed his luggage.

Balraj:Before you leave listen to me once Rudraksh.I only made you a rock star.If I had'nt supported you you would not have reached this position.But you are disobeying me and leaving this house without any gratitude.If you leave now to be with that middle class girl,you will lose your stardom and become a big zero.

Rudraksh:I never longed got stardom dad.I just followed the path you chose for me.My passion is only singing,I can sing wherever I want.Stardom is not necessary for me.Even if I become a zero,Preesha's love will help me to climb up.I fell in love with Preesha dad.She will be always with me in every phase of life.

Sharda,Rajeev and Ahana smiled.


Rudraksh hugged Sharda,Rajeev,Ahana,Saaransh emotionally.

Sharda caressed him:All the best beta.You stay happily with Preesha.

Rudraksh smiled emotionally and left.

Rudraksh reached Gopal's house.They were shocked.

Should be happysmiley1

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Maine pyar kiya... I fell in love... Part 7

Preesha's eyes became wet seeing Rudraksh:Rudraksh!

Rudra:How can I not come here when you are here?You know that I can't live without you.


They looked at each other emotionally.

Kahe Tohse Sajna, Kahe Tohse Sajna

Yeh Tohri Sajaniya

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Magan Apni Dhun Mein Rahe Mora Saiyan

Gopal:Why did you come here?Did your dad send you here to spoil our peace of mind?

Rudra:No,I came here only for Preesha.

Vasudha became emotional.But Gopal's was blinded by anger.

Gopal:Just leave Rudraksh.

Rudra:I know that you are very angry because of what dad did.But I apologize to you.

Gopal:I don't need your apology.You just leave.That's it.

Rudra:Please don't ask me to leave.I have left my home and come here.

They were shocked.

Gopal:What game are you planning?

Rudra:It's not any game.It's my love for Preesha.


He kept his palm on Preesha's head:I swear Preesha...I have left everything for you.I love you.Trust me.

Preesha became upset and removed his hand from her head.

Preesha:You don't need to swear on me to prove your love Rudraksh.I have faith in your love.I trust you.

He looked at her emotionally with happiness.

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Preesha:But how can you leave your own family and hurt them?

Rudra:I did not hurt them.In fact they all are happy that I have come here for you.Except dad everyone wants me to be with you.

Preesha smiled emotionally.

Gopal:Don't try an trick here.

Rudra:It's not any trick.I love Preesha.I will prove it.Please let me stay here.

Preesha looked at her parents:Please appa..please amma..please give a chance to Rudranksh.

Gopal and Vasudha melted seeing her request them.

Vasudha:Gopal...please give a chance to Rudraksh.Let us see if he is suitable for Preesha.

Gopal:Ok.You can stay here.

Rudraksh-Preesha became happy.

Rudra:Thank you very much.

Gopal:But I have some demands.You should live here as an ordinary should leave your high class life style.Means you should not live as a celebrity anymore.Can you get rid of your rock star title and lead a middle class life here for Preesha?

Gopal smirked as he was sure that Rudraksh can't do that.

Preesha and Vasudha were shocked.

Preesha:Appa..Rudraksh's identity is that of a rockstar.How can he leave that?

Gopal:I can't change my decision.Because his dad thinks that we love Rudraksh because of his celebrity status.So if he wants to be my son in law he has to be an ordinary person.Why are you silent Rudraksh?Did your love vanish now?

Rudraksh:I am in love with Preesha.Even if I die my love for Preesha will not vanish.I already told my dad that I don't mind losing my position.Now onwards I am not pop singer but an ordinary person.

Preesha looked at him emotionally.

Gopal:But will you be able to do ordinary jobs and earn daily wages for Preesha?You should be capable of looking after Preesha.

Rudraksh:I am willing to do any work to look after Preesha.

Gopal:Then you can stay here.Let me test you.But if you fail you will be out.

Rudra:I will not fail in your test,I am confident.

Vasudha and Preesha smiled.

Preesha showed a room to Rudraksh.

Preesha:This is your room.

Rudraksh sat on the bed:Nice room.

Preesha became dull:You are used to sleeping in a huge room  on a King Sized bed.But this is a small bedroom.Small bed and no AC.

He smiled:But you are here with me Rudraksh.That's more important for me.


Rudraksh-Preesha shared an emotional eye lock.

Badariya Si Barsu Ghata Ban Ke Chhaun

Badariya Si Barsu

Ho Badariya Si Barsu Ghata Ban Ke Chhaun

Jiya To Yeh Chahe Tohe Ang Lagaun

Laaj Nigodi Mori Roke Hai Paiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Me Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Rudraksh searched for a job.He went to attend interviews.But he was rejected by all as he was a celebrity and they felt that a  person with stardom is trying to get into their company and mock them.

Rudraksh went back home.

Preesha:Rudraksh,did you get a job?

Rudraksh nodded in no with disappointment. Preesha and Vasudha became upset.

Gopal:Are you planning to live on your sasural's money?

Vasudha:Gopal,he is trying.Why are you taunting him?

Gopal:His dad thinks that for free money we tried to get Preesha hitched to Rudraksh.

Preesha:But what is Rudraksh's fault in that?Leaving all luxuries and living in our house where there is no facility itself is a great thing from Rudraksh.

Vasudha:Preesha is right.

Gopal was silent.

Rudra:Don't worry uncle.I can do any decent job and fulfill your demand.

Preesha smiled.

In 2 days Rudraksh returned home happily.

Rudra:There is a happy news.I got a job.

Preesha was very happy:Really?In which company?

Rudra:As a taxi driver.

Preesha became dull.

Preesha:You lived a comfortable life till now.You you have to live as a taxi driver.

Rudra:Oh my sweety..don't worry.It's a comfortable job Preesha as I love driving.

Preesha:But are working as a taxi driver.

Rudra:So what?No job is small or big.It has to be a decent job.That's it.

Gopal:It's easy to deliver such dialogues.Let us see how long can Rudraksh work as a taxi driver.

Vasudha-Preesha became dull.

Rajeev said sadly to Balraj:Rudraksh is working as a taxi driver now.

Rajeev thought:I hope at least now dad will realize his mistake and accept Rudraksh and Preesha.

Balraj got irritated:He could have led a comfortable life here.But for that middle class girl he sacrificed everything.

Sharda:But Rudraksh did not sacrifice his biggest happiness ie Preesha.That is more important.

Balraj got irritated.

He rang up Rudraksh:Rudraksh...

Rudraksh became happy:Dad...

He thought:Guess dad realized his mistake.

No, he has notsmiley24

Balraj:You told Rajeev and your Maa that you are working as a taxi driver.Shame on you Rudraksh.For a silly girl a rock star like you is driving taxis.What a shame!You stop all this and come back.

Rudraksh was hurt.He thought:I was wrong.Dad is still the same.

Rudra:Ok.I will come.But you have to apologize to Gopal uncle,Preesha and Vasudha aunty.

Balraj was shocked.


Rudra:Then don't expect me to come back.

Balraj:You are blinded by Preesha's fake love.

Rudra:Preesha loves me after I left my stardom also.But can you guarantee the same about Mishka?

No.Right?Because Mishka's love is fake,not Preesha's.

Balraj:It's not Mishka's fault.She is not a fool to sacrifice her comforts and lead a life of poverty.

Rudra:You are blinded by Mishka and her dad.I  hope that very soon you will realize it.

He disconnects the call leaving Balraj in anger.

Days passed...

Rudraksh reached back home.Preesha was waiting for him with dinner.She was shocked to see Rudraksh drenched.

Preesha:Why are you drenched Rudraksh?

Rudra:After the drive got over I handed over the car to the owner.It started raining from then.

Preesha:You should have taken an umbrella.

Rudra:I forgot.

It started drizzling again and Preesha got wet slightly.

Preesha: It's raining again.

Preesha grabbed his hand and took him inside.

Preesha:Change your clothes and wipe your hair.

Rudra:No need Preesha.I will have dinner first.I feel very hungry.

Preesha forcefully removed his shirt.

Rudra:What did you do?I feel shy.

Preesha:Stop it.I am a doctor.I can't tolerate this.You will catch fever.

She wiped his head with a towel.

Rudra:You also have to do the same thing as you also got wet.

He took the towel and wiped her hair.Then he wiped her wet hands.She felt nice.

She smiled at him:You are so caring.

Rudra:If you can be caring why can't I be caring?


Main Jag Ki Koi Reet Na Janu

Main Jag Ki Koi

Ho Main Jag Ki Koi Reet Na Janu

Maang Ka Tohe, Sindoor Manu

Tu Hi Chudiyan Mori Tu Hi Kalaiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Me Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

They embraced each other softly with the sweetness of love.

Mohe Laage Pyare Sabhi Rang Tihare

O Ho Mohe Laage Pyare

Mohe Laage Pyare, Sabhi Rang Tihare

Dukh Sukh Mein Har Pal, Rahun Sang Tihare

Preesha also changed her dress and came.She served dinner for Rudraksh.

Rudra:Did you eat?I know that you were waiting for me to have dinner with me.

Preesha:I will have with you.

He served food on her plate.

They started eating together.

Dardva Ko Baante Umar Larkaiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Kahe Tohse Sajna Yeh Tohri Sajaniya

Preesha:Rudraksh,you love singing.It's a part of you.I think you should not waste it.

Rudra:I am still singing for you.I sing in the bathroom too.

Preesha:Not that.You should sing for others again.

Rudraksh:What are you saying Preesha?You know that it's not possible.

Preesha:Appa told you only to leave your rockstar life.Not to sing for the public.You can still sing for others.

Rudra:What do you mean?

Preesha:Why don't you apply for the post of a music teacher's job?Singing is a's a knowledge..blessing from God.You should spread it to others by teaching music to kids.You should be a music teacher Rudraksh.

Unknowingly he smiled.

Rudraksh held her hand:You are too good Preesha.No one could give m such a lovely idea.I will definitely try for this.If there is God's grace I will get this job.

Preesha:You will get this job Rudraksh.Keep trying for it until you get it.

Rudraksh smiled:Yes.

She smiled at him.

So sweetsmiley9

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan Me

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan

Pag Pag Liye Jaun Tohri Balaiyan(MPK).

Yeh Hai Chahatein 

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