Dhrubotara EDT for 16.3.2020 to 20.3.2020

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Posted: 2 months ago

Dear Mod Koeli, please let me know if I have made any mistake. It has been a while since we last spoke (and I totally forgot about the show for a while). And I apologise for the way my personal input bleeds into the narrative. Hopefully I am not breaking any rules, seeing that this is an EDT and not an official written update. Please forgive me if I have made any mistakes. smiley31

Monday, 16.3.2020 

Monday's episode starts with Tara praying to Radhamadhav, and ends with Dhruba putting forth the condition that if Tara marries him, he will return everything to the Choudhuris.



Purohit moshai gave Tara an idol of Kanha ji (The show addresses the idol as Madhabh, I used the Kanha ji because it is in the form of Krishna playing his flute, and I recognise that form of his as Kanha Ji. But yes, in the show, it is said to be Madhabh's murti. Just so no one is confused.) 

Officials barge into Choudhuri house, followed by Dhruba who tells them to vacate the place. Immediately. The Choudhuris leave with only what they are wearing, minus the expensive jewellery. 

Tara - Dhruba conversation. Tara is prepared to do anything and everything to save the house. Joining Dhruba's firm (He really asked her to switch sides?). She offered to apologise in front of the media, the press, everyone. Dhruba told her that she was too late to come to him. (Boddo deri hoye geche, Tara. Sujog bar bar paoa jai na.) He reminded her of the way she had insulted him, challenged him in front of everyone. Tara was ready to accept any kind of punishment he gave her. There is a mini catch and fall situation, although it is done in a totally non cheesy way. Dhruba's monologue and then, the offer. Just one condition, and he would return everything. I love how Tara just grabbed his arm and turned him around, demanding to hear the condition. And he gave it to her, just like that. You will have to marry me. (Biye korte hobe amake). 

^ Also, in Dhruba's monologues, the Choudhuris aren't given any importance. As soon as Tara comes to him, his focus is on her. His anger, his hatred, everything is directed at Tara. He puts forth a condition that will hurt her, because she is the one he intends to hurt at this exact moment. That is not to say that he doesn't want to continue with his plan of revenge against the Choudhuris, but at this particular point, it is about him, and it is about her. Although I admit, the fact that the she is the Choudhuris' biggest strength must have played a part in formulating this plan. 

Tuesday, 17.3.2020

Tuesday's episode starts from where we had left Dhruba Tara (with Dhruba declaring his condition) and ends with Tara agreeing to the marriage. 


I am a big fan of Dhruba's Miss Tara (only this episode and the one on Wednesday, then she wouldn't be a Miss anymore). The reason I mention this is to skip some dialogues and jump to 'Amio dekhte chai Miss Tara - je Choudhuri poribar ke banchanor jonno tumi kon extent obdhi jete paro. 

Tara's refusal is also quite strong, and I like it that she actually insults him and shows him the mirror for putting forth such a vile condition. Her 'Ami nijeke, nijer atma samman ke, nijer bhalobasa ke kichutei bikri korbo na Mr Lahiri' has all my heart. 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the inclusion of Dhruba's sister in the scene immediately after this one. Alone in the house, Dhruba thinks back to his sister's words. A short, but incredibly emotional scene. And we are reminded, once again, why Dhruba is so intent on destroying the Choudhuris. 

Dhruba's scene with his secretary (Mr Adhikari?) is also quite significant. Dhruba thinks that Tara would never compromise with her love, she would never accept the proposal. Okay, so is he happy with having made an offer like that - thinking that it is the worst he could do to her (without actually marrying her)? Mr Secretary speaks for all of us when he asks what Dhruba will do if she actually accepts his offer in a bid to save the Choudhuris. 

Hospital scene!! Agni blames Tara for everything that is happening to them, accuses her of working with Dhruba to destroy the Choudhuris. Pishimoni steps in, but Agni is unstoppable. His most famous, 'Proyojon porle nijeke bikri korey taka jogar kore niye eso' is the product of this scene. 

Tara's breakdown is fantastically executed. The thing I love the most about Tara is how honest she is about everything. She knows exactly what she is giving up, how much she is sacrificing. Love that. 

Tara agrees to marry Dhruba. Dhruba taunts her, says again and again that she shouldn't be this impulsive, tells her to think on it. It is such a big decision, she is talking about her entire life. Tara is adamant. And a little desperate too. Her Bhalo Baba needs treatment, and she needs money for that. And Dhruba is playing mind games with her (she actually voices her emotions -  Apni ki amay niye moja korchen?). We leave them with Tara's declaration that she will do anything for her Bhalo Baba and that's why she will marry a man Dhruba. 

Wednesday, 18.3.2020

The episode starts with a conversation between Dhruba and his secretary Mr Adhikari  and it ends, again, with Tara's declaration - 'Tara, beimaan noy'.


Dhruba might not have expected her to agree to the marriage, but he is not going to back out. And although he says that the situation is in his favour because of Tara being the backbone of the Choudhuris' business, I can't help but think that the fact that Tara was the daughter of the family that insulted (and traumatised) his sister, must have played a part in his decision. To him, it looks good, there might be a sense of justice (albeit a very twisted sense of justice, but justice nonetheless).

Ahh, Pishimoni. A tiny scene, of the blink and you miss it kind, but Pishimoni's concern and her fear that Tara will make a big mistake in order to save the family. Will this set the scene for a future where Pishimoni doubts Tara's true motives? Who knows? But for now, I am happy that she thought of Tara's wellbeing at a moment like this. 

Dhruba Tara scene, Dhruba giving her written assurance that the next day, he will return everything to the Choudhuris. Again, he is assured that he made the right decision. Tara would have been a threat to him. Without her, the Choudhuris wouldn't be able to protect their empire. And I love the moment of fear and uncertainty Tara has, when he asks her if the Choudhuris will be able to manage everything without her. She too, knows how much she did for them. His words make her doubt their capabilities. 

Tara's conversation with Mr Adhikari. "Atodin je lorai ta dur theke hoyechilo, ebar seta samna samni hobey." I love how both of them know that this is a battle, and it is between them. He will try to destroy the Choudhuris and she will stop him, that's the sole purpose of this marriage. I love this level of honesty and understanding. 

Tara's relationship with Bhalo Baba is made of pure, unadulterated love and perhaps an unhealthy amount of gratitude from Tara's side, but hey, the truth is that she could have died, or faced worse, had it not been for him. And I didn't miss the way the creatives left room for Tara's mother. 

Thursday, 19.3.2020

The episode starts with Shekhar calling for Tara (the reason why Agni begins his search for Tara) and ends with Dhruba asking Agni to congratulate his childhood friend on her marriage. 


Not really a highlight, but I loved how Tara entered the mandap just as Dhruba got up to go bring her in. I am a simple girl, I like these small scenes. 

'Onek wrin'. Oh Tara smiley27 No amount of debt can make you walk this path. Know that. Tara's moment of doubt when Purohit jethu asks her whether she has thought this through.

Malya daan (or jai mala) sequence, about which I have talked in detail (with gifs!) here.

Agni reaching the Mandir premises and his Tara! Described in detail (with gifs!) in this post.

The actual Sindoor Daan (gif'ed here and here) The Dhrubatara bgm (... tobu megh,  sore gele, diyo saraaa, e andhare, jege achee.. Dhrubatara!) as Tara opens her eyes smiley27 She looks gorgeous with the head full of sindoor. Such a soulful moment smiley27

Agni enters the scene, and immediately, his eyes seek out Tara. They fall on her benarasee saree, her bridal makeup, the sindoor in her partition. Flashback moments (with a lovely bgm)  and these two fixed in a tearful eyelock. 

Dhruba doesn't miss the chance to sprinkle salt over their wounds. His Dekho Tara and most importantly, his tone as he says this, hints at the change of equations. They are no longer strangers. Bound in a relation, his tone automatically takes on a tinge of familiarity when he takes her name. He taunts Agni and Tara with their moner mil, finishing of by provoking Agni to interact with Tara. 

Friday, 20.3.2020

The episode takes us back to the wedding mandap, with Agni, Dhruba and Tara. And it ends with a scene between Dhruba Tara (they are in a car? Most probably on their way home). 


Agni is definitely the highlight of this episode. The array of emotions is so beautifully expressed. He is hurt, he is angry, he is disgusted, he is broken. He switches between tumi and tui, opting for tumi when he is throwing accusations at her and tui when he begs her for answers. And for the entire sequence, Tara is completely silence, she just lets her tears doing all the talking. What more does she have to say? She can't tell him the truth, and whatever she says will only serve to increase his anger. So she stands there, and cries. 

Dhruba is so fidgety! The entire time, he kept toying with his glasses. Or maybe it is too hot in that mandap. Either way, he looked incredibly bored with the display in front of him. Which is surprising for a man who provoked Agni to react. Maybe he expected it to be more dramatic? 

The almost slap! I love all three for their reactions. Agni himself, can't believe that he was about to hit Tara in a fit of anger. His disbelief, frustration, everything is on point. Tara, for her part, looks shocked. She hadn't expected this reaction out of him. She didn't expect him to be this angry. Dhruba immediately steps in with his 'Agni, o amar bou. She is my wife'. And for a man who kept fidgeting in the background, he was totally in tune with everything that was happening between Agni-Tara. 

Agni. Agni. Agni. His rampage! Emotional outburst! The way he curses Tara!! I don't have enough words to explain how happy I am with the entire thing! The whole episode is a must watch. 

Tara immediately tries to run to him. Again, Dhruba stops her from leaving, this time pulling the jora  that binds the two of them. 

Tara's conversation with Purohit jethu. I love, how in this show, every conversation is significant, they all reveal something, give us a sneak peek into the mind of our three leads. This conversation is just like that, and Tara's casual 'Amar ja kharap hoar ta hoye geche, Purohit jethu' is heart wrenching. She also extracts a promise from him, that he will never reveal the truth to the Choudhuris. 

Agni-Pishimoni scene at the hospital (Tara mara geche). Pishimoni really considers Tara to be her daughter. Their bond is so precious smiley27

Dhruba-Tara conversation in the car. She wants to stop at Choudhuri Bari, to see if he has kept his word. He taunts her about her lack of trust on him, she retorts back that yes, she doesn't trust him, she would never trust him. He agrees to stop at Choudhuri Bari, reminding  taunting her that the Choudhuris wouldn't be happy to see her. (Chalo Tara, Choudhuri Bari ei jai. Tumio sotti ta jachai kore nao. Ar emniteo, oi barite sobar ashirvaad tomar jonno opekkha korche. Seta na niye toh tumi aj(ar?) jete parbe na - tai na?) Episodes ends on Tara's face, precap showing her arriving at Choudhuri Bari and Pishimoni refusing to believe the words of Mama and Dhruba. 

^ Another thing I noticed is that neither Dhruba or Tara is ignoring the other. Every action, every taunt, every demand, every statement - all of it is acknowledged, and nine times out of ten, they invoke a response from the other. This has been the case from the very beginning - these two are the opposite parties, they are the key players.



Chalo, tata, bye bye. Hopefully, next Saturday I will be back with my weekly recap (Respected Mod Koeli, should I rename this thread into weekly updates? Let me know smiley1). Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a good time. All my love to all of you smiley27

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Thank you for the update. :*

Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Koeli_Appy

Thank you for the update. :*

You are welcome, Koeli Di!

There is another week of episodes that I have to cover, but my earphones aren't working properly, so it has been an incredibly slow process. But I plan on getting it up this weekend! 

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