Final Warning

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Posted: 3 months ago


Hello Guys, 

   Since the past 4-5 days, we have seen an increase in the forum reports and the fandom war in the forum has gone beyond limits. We would like to address certain things :

1) Reporting: Report button is for reporting. It is not for taunting mods. Moderators are also members of the forum. Do we taunt any of you? No, then why can't you PM us when you have questions rather than taunting or mocking us through reports? 

For example, I am reporting this but of course mods, won't take action because mods are biased. 

“If xyz fandom can do this can I also use this”

These sort of reports are not allowed. 

If you feel all the three of us are biased, please contact higher DT. 

2) PMing us with taunts: Our actions are mostly taken in PM. Consider you got a WL or WPM, only us and you will know about it. It doesn't mean we have not taken action. Both the fandoms continue to PM us stating action is not taken on other fandoms, due to rules we are unable to provide any details of action taken on other members. 

3) Character criticism: This is one of the questions we get a lot and there are a lot of reports coming for even posts which criticises character. Please note that character criticism is allowed. Bashing is not.  We have seen people being sarcastic while talking about characters, this is fine to a limit too. This is only acceptable for characters. 

For example: Anurag is spineless because .. 

Bajaj’s is a blackmailer because

Prerna is dumb because

These aren't bashing at all. There should be a justification that is all. 

This is bashing : 

Anurag is a stupid idiot.

Bajaj is pervert

4) Moral policing/taunting of members: Please be mindful of what you post. Taunting members or questioning their opinion is strictly not allowed. Your comments might be hurtful to others, so be careful while you reply to others. 

           For example topic maker doesn't have any sense of what they are writing

      Why do you bring xyz character into everything?


       This is not allowed. Even taunting is not allowed:

       TM can justify anything, even this. 

5) Making of posts: Posts can be made on anything without breaking rules. This is an open forum. Everyone will have a different point of view, agree to disagree in a respectful manner. The posts can be on Anurag -Komolika scene or Bajaj Komolika scene too. You cannot question the topic maker saying it's just to degrade other leads. 

6) Physical attributes : I have seen several posts criticising physical attributes. This is not at all allowed. 

      For example: xyz actor looks short in front of abc 

7) Abusing report button: If you report one post, give us a period of 4 days to resolve it. Do not report it again. Please do not PM us saying why cant action be taken faster. We are doing our best and we are not working on IF completely, so please give us a 4 day time period. 

8) Reporting past threads: Please do not report threads older than a week. When someone gets a warning they go on a reporting spree and report old threads. Please report it when you see it rather than keeping it for when we PM you with a warning or WL. 

9) Moderation related questions: We have clearly mentioned everything in the rules thread. 

Link: KZK Rules and Regulations as on 29.01.20. *IMPORTANT*

Link: Rules and explanations. ||06/03||

If there are questions, you can definitely PM one of us. We will surely explain it to you. 

10) Mass reporting: We have noticed that members form a group and report the same posts with the same copy-pasted description. Please do not do this. 

Please follow all these rules and maintain a healthy environment in the forum.


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