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The city of Kampilya is celebrating the success of the swayamvara .Drupada  literally is highly excited to have his most cherished dream fulfilled.After listening to the truth or the real identity of the winner from his brother, he could not control himself

.Arjun, the valiant , handsome warrior is his son in law.The archer par excellence for whom he wanted to beget the most beautiful girl as his daughter made his dream come true. He failed to observe the gloom on his daughter's face.

As he is about to announce the marriage celebrations to the whole of panchal Yudhishtir reminded him that he should marry before arjun.

Drupada was thrown from heaven to the land of bitter reality.With a faint expression he asked  him to marry his daughter if he so desires.

Draupadi,who is listening to the conversation could very well sense the frustration in her father's voice.She felt sad for him as she and Dhrisht very well know how much he longed to offer her to Arjun as his wife. 

One day she remember Dhrisht question Drupad why did he not hate Arjun for making him a prisoner and throwing before  that vily Brahmin ,Drona.

Drupada cautiously  measured his words..”My son You can never see a combination of valour,beauty.compassion and good manners...He is the combination of all the best traits a man can posess to make him unique and special.You know I am equally drawn towards  his accuracy and superb bowman ship and the most charming presence I   had ever seen apart from Krishna Vaasudeva. I hope my daughter will compliment him in every way with her eloquent beauty. 


Draupadi remember herself getting angry with  her father for making her second  in importance as per his analysis. But after watching Arjun  she realised why Drupada  is so obsessed with him.

Truly Arjun is every one's fantasy,either man or woman.

She is  hailed as the most beautiful   Woman of Aryavarth But her beauty is worth of its  existence only in union with the charismatic Arjun. She came from her  trance on hearing Ved Vyasa's voice.

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