17.03.2020: Written Update: Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Part 1

Nia says thought it was a crush but seems like my dad is really in love. Amber Flashback of moments with Guneet. Bg- Aur sathi mil gaya. Amber feels shy and Nia tears up the list of positive/negative qualities. Nia goes inside. She notices its Kabir calling but doesn't accept the call. She recalls meet with Guneet and all events. She wonders if Guneet is really going to be her dads dulhan? 

Guneet blocks Amber's Doctor friend Pandey and asks not to lie at this age. He stammers and struggles. She asks if he knows about Ambers plans. He says never talk of you. Guneet asks you talk about me? Pandey says no. Guneet asks did Amber send my mom to Mathura under some plan? She threatens to call Pammi. Pandey says yes. 

Nias friend asks Nia to talk to Kabir. Nia says no need to talk to Kabir. His old friend is back. He doesn't care about me. She says my dad is in love. Her friend is excited. Nia says it's a mess. He is in love with Guneet. Nias friend is shocked. Nia says can't imagine them in one universe. They wonder what to do. Her friend suggests to talk to Kabir. Nia refuses. Her friend says this is about your dad. Nia agrees but rehearses what to say. She says very scared for dad. The doc with whom Guneet was to  be engaged said she can't manage relationship. If she broke up with dad, he won't be able to handle. Hence very scared for him. Her friend says she won't. Nia is troubled. Nias friend asks if she spoke to Amber. Nia says dunno what to say. Nias friend says it's a two wheel story of u and ur dad, if u don't approve of the third wheel, Amber will puncture it. 

Kabir introes Swara around and leads to her cabin. Swara says her work starts now, they will get 100% turnover but need full support. Kabir reassures. They hug. Swara asks the matter? Kabir asks her if she accepted the V-Net offer coz of their past? Swara rues thought you would never ask. Swara says love you so much that can risk my career for you. Kabir gets serious. Swara laughs. Says you don't know me at all. V-Net offer was amazing. Kabir apologizes. Wishes her good luck. Kabir remembers Nia. Sree is delighted. Tells Kabir they did right. Kabir says feel like gonna lose my best friend coz of company. 

Dream sequence of Amber calling Guneet downstairs and them sitting in bike+carrier but this time Amber in carrier. Guneet is driving. Bg-Hava ke sath sath. But Amber gets left behind. He screams her name. Guneet calls out Ambers name loudly. 

Part 2

Guneet asks Amber if he made plan to send her mom to Mathura under a plan? Amber stammers. Guneet says speak. Have grilled two and can beat up third. Amber asks I am third? Guneet says yes. Amber says your moms temper has been up & down since ur roka broke. Could mess up more so. Guneet asks why? Why this change? Why bothered about me? Is this your plan? Amber asks what plan? Nia witnesses the conversation. 

Part 3

Amber asks what plan. No plan. Guneet asks what is going on? Tell me. Amber is stammering. Nia comes in and says I did all this. Guneet is shocked. Nia says I suggested dad to do all this as you were upset. You did so much for us so. Amber looks at Nia. Guneet says am so stupid. I kept thinking Amber has changed so much. I didn't think Nia may have suggested. She smiles relieved. She apologizes to Amber. Thanks Nia for thinking of her. Guneet says not used to. Guneet says next time when you make plans share so if anything happens will share the blame. Sorry. Thank you. She leaves. Amber looks at Nia who smiles at him. 

Precap--- Nia asks Guneet if she is no longer upset about her breakup. Guneet says no but my mom won't let me forget. Nia says till you find someone else. Pammi says every girl needs a man. Guneet asks why? 

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 

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