Bayhadh 2 LIVE UPDATES 17 Mar 2020

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Posted: 2 months ago

Epi 76 

maya trying to recollect her past .. Vikram says he was Vikram Jai Singh .. and she was Maya Jai Singh ..

MJ is pointing a gun at maya n accusing her of killing her son ..he fires at close range .. maya too fires back .. MJ recovery from unconsciousness he notices someone carrying Maya away .

at police stn InSpector tries to probe MJ about the encounter .

One round fired by Maya and another by MJ ..  and who was that third person ?? MJ says he did lose consciousness ..he too was trying to recollect who that this third person was 

Rudra comes n takes his dad away from Police stn ..

He takes dad home .. they visit Maya’s house ..Vikram opens the door ., Aamir n Rudra are there .... Rudra asks this is Maya’s house .. Vikrammsays it was Maya’s now it’s hers .. Vikram reveals he had bought this house two days back .. Rudra enters  the house .. Vikram says he never met Maya ..he knows nothing about her ..a broker got this deal finalised for him .

Rudra looks around the hall and it looks very different that it used to whenMaya lived there ..he gets FBs of Mayra beautiful romantic moments in this house .. 

Vikram asks Rudra how did he know Maya ?? 
we get to see Vikram’s FB instead .

Maya is running on the streets .. she mets hit n run accident ..Bikram carries her home .. he nurses her back to health .. he gives medicines and bandages her wounds ,,he recited Bhagwat Geeta by her bed side n nurses her back to health ..when Maya recovers she suffers panic attacks ,,Bikram helps her get Ofer them ..fight them .. maya then does quick thinking that she had to use this Vikram to fight back .. she feels guilty but decides to fake memory loss n use Bikram .

FB ends as Rudra and Aamir ask Vikram if they could take a look around this house .. 
he should not have any objections as Vik never knew Maya 

Vik agrees ,, Amir waits n keeps watch on Vik as Rudra looks around the ground floor rooms 

The moment Rudra starts climbing upstairs Vik says the upstairs room was locked ... it was his bedroom .,his private space .. so he was reluctant .. Rudra asks him to unlock it ..

Finally Vik agrees reluctantly ..Maya is seen sleeping in a certain place ..

Rudra reaches the bed room n gets FBs of Mayra beautiful romantic moments in that room ..he gets nostalgic .. 

Rudra looks around the various corners of bedroom .. finds no trace of Maya ..

he walks to the window ... Vikram has hidden Maya who is fast asleep  on medication strapped to the wall On the ledge besides the balcony .. in dangerous manner .. 

FB shown how Vik has hidden Maya the moment he saw Rudra at the door .. 

maya opens her eyes as and notices Rudra’s feet .. as he whispers ..”where are you Maya “

Amir then tells Rudra that there was no sign of maya here ..Vik,was telling the truth .. 


An emotional Rudra hugs a Rishi’s foto n assures his dad MJ that he will never ever give him a chance to complain against him .

Vikram forced himself on Maya ..he professes his love for her and desires to consummate with her .. he finds Maya unwilling ,,he attempts to rape /molest her ....Maya fights back n strangulates Vikram 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Kya precap heysmiley5 who is like exactly? Don't understand him..

Thank u suta for the update. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Thank You for the written update ,I have decided to wait and see how they script the memory loss track before starting watching the episode. So your WU is big help.  thank you 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Thanks for the update Sutasmiley31

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Posted: 2 months ago

after watching precap, it is clear that rudra doesn't know about mj and maya's past. but what is wrong with this guy, a girl killed your brother and almost killed your father. it doesn't ring a bell . like itna dumb kyu yr. smiley39 even policeman itna smart tha, direct pooch dala kyu mara rishi ko maya ne smiley14 itna smart rudra ko bhi banao yr makers smiley26 precap se toh lagta hai woh poochne bhi nhi wala smiley44

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Beyhadh 2 

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