Bayhadh 2 LIVE UPDATES 16 Mar 2020

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Show timing is 2230 hrs IST ..

Epi 75 

Despite losing senses Maya struggles to recollect her past n recognises Vikram 

Episode begins..3 days later ...3 days leap post shoot out at cliff .

Maya wakes up from deep slumber .. finds the right leg in plaster cast ...she sees the shadow of a stranger approaching .. she gets scared .. she moves back at his closeness n touch 

He greets her n asks her Qs ... but she is not recognising him.

He says she was his responsibility .. he asks maya to listen to him .. she asks who is maya ??

He tells her SHE was Maya .. maya Jai Singh .. it rings a bell but she recollects nothing .

He tells her a story how they were driving tog n how she refused to put on seat belt .. they met with accident n she hit her head n lost memory 

Maya gets headache n feels sick ,,she says she did not know him .. she does not recognise him..

He shows Aadhar cards of Maya Jai Singh n Vikram Jai Singh 

But she is still at a loss .

He then takes her on a tour of their house on wheelchair 

She is shocked to see her huge pics with Vikram 

She finds something familiar in her bangles .. she gets some FBs .

She asks Qs about the fotos .. n Vik replies her ..lovingly ..

He gives her album ...their fotos .., assures he will remind her their love story .. 

he says if anything had happened to her that day of accident he would have followed her even after her death .. he loved his princess .. he will never ever let her go away from himself .

As Maya feels happy to hear Maya calling him Vikram

He blurts out he had waited years to hear her call his name ., Maya is shocked ,, he corrects himself ,,he had waited 3 days ..

He carries maya in his arms down the stairs ..

He boasts of his cooking ,, he was her fav chef , she loved his cooking . maya feels all he was talking was a story.. ..

 Vikram comes close to her n she feels awkward at his closeness...he plays with the kitchen knife ...

Vikram angrily pierces himself with the knife .. he draws blood .. he wipes it on a napkin ..

She asks why all fotos had just the 2 of them .,where were their families ??

He says her mother was there .. she had gone to Rishikesh .. and she was feeling cold there .. .. Maya gets FBs blurred visions gets FBs of nandini .. Nandini is seen gagged n bound in a room n she is weeping .. 

Vikram fakes making a call n pretends to talk to Nandini but the moment Maya takes the phone she hears nothing .,he makes excuse of poor network . Assures she will talk to her later .

Maya is confused 

Vik makes a phone call asking about the vehicle .. some one assures no clues were left .

Maya asks what was the phone about .. he says the car that met with accident was now crushed in dumping ground ..

He did not want to be reminded of their accident that caused him to almost lose Maya .. 

At Roy mansion Amir tells Rudra that he did wel by sharing Maya’’s video at her book launch 

He had posted Maya’s  “missing “posters all over the city 

Amir praises Rudra’s efforts as Rudra is sitting heart broken n fuming with fury at Maya’s betrayal . 

Rudra is burning Maya Rudra fotos .. 


Rudra arrives at Vikram ’s house .... as Vikram opens the door He asks who was he ?? Where was Maya ?? vikram sees Rudra with hatred .

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Posted: 2 months ago

Longer wait but excited for new chaptersmiley42

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Posted: 2 months ago

Missing it at 9pm.

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Posted: 2 months ago

Will take time to get used to a longer waitsmiley36

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Posted: 2 months ago

Suta smiley31smiley31smiley31smiley31

Thank you..  

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Posted: 2 months ago

Starts from the promo.. smiley3

3 days gap..

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Posted: 2 months ago

This guy seems to be psycho smiley7

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Some scenes and plot storyline are exactly inspired from a Netflix movie Secret Obsession. Though Jennifer and the new actor are killing it. 

I’m liking this new twist. Though I don’t want my girl Maya to go through much torture. 

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Beyhadh 2 

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