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Hi everyonesmiley31   ok i am very doubtful and nervous about thissmiley13 I am no writer, never written a story in my lifesmiley36 i just love rudhita and was getting bored today so thought of writing something about them.

So please bear with mesmiley24don't throw chappals at me for thissmiley36

Here i have assumed rudhita got married when bondu was 10 and ani 21. Bondita is now 20. She is studying barristry in london and has come home for her holidays.

Enough of my rantssmiley36 here it goes....

Rudhita FS : jealousy

Chapter 1

As she tossed and turned in her bed, she thought about the conversation she heard about a couple of hours ago. She was passing by the study to go to her room when she found the study door ajar. She went to close it when she heard the voices of baba and kaka. 

Baba- pata nai kya hoga iss ladke ka, hamesha apne mann me jo aaya vahi karta rehta hai. 

Kaka- abb kya kardiya usne Binoy? 

Baba- Maine kitna samjhaya use ki ye vidwa ka case na  le par kisiki sune toh na ye ladka. isne toh jaise than li hai, har kadam pe roy chowdhariyon ki izzat mitti me mila ke hi chodega.Dass saal pehle bhi usne yahi kia tha. Sabkuch itna accha jaa raha tha. Humlog saudamini ko hamare ghar ki bahu banana chahte the, aur anirudh bhi toh kitna chahta tha use, aur achanak uss ladki bondita se shaadi karke aagaya aur usko Zindagi bhar ke liye apni zimmedari bana li. 

Kaka - abb chodo bhi uss baat ko Binoy. Kya fayda iss baat pe charcha karke. Abb bondita hi iss ghar ki bahu hai na....

She didn't want to hear anymore. The thing that struck her was " anirudh bhi toh kitna chahta tha use" and she couldn't just take it out off her mind. She always knew he married her to save her life as her mother had told about it to her, and she started respecting him much more after knowing this fact. She knew that she was an unexpected responsibility for him but never thought she was the cause he had to loose the chance to marry his love. And her barrister babu and saudamini, that isshh ki dukaan? Seriously? Mere Barrister babu ki taste itni kharab thi kya? thought bondita distastefully. Somehow she had never come to like saudamini that much, no matter how sweet she was to her. When she had entered this house 10 years ago, many people were rude with her, But she still kind of liked them, be it kaka, baba, batuk or somnath dada. Everyone except baba had eventually grown fond of her. She became kaka's ladli, somnath was like an elder brother now, with batuk it was still the same, they played pranks on each other, teased each other but at the end of the day were best of friends. Baba still hadn't accepted her completely, he seemed to be on neutral ground now, he neither liked her nor completely disliked her but whatever it was his opinion was in open. But saudamini di was something different. She was quite sweet with her, maybe way too sweet, but her demeanor screamed superiority, looked at her like she was something bad. And today she comes to know this lady once used to be her husband's love. This thought made her uncomfortable. To know you were just a responsibility of your husband is one thing but to think he may have wanted someone else in your place is another. "And that too saudamini?? Why god why?" said boandita aloud dramatically.

Bondita couldn't imagine a person like her husband loving someone like saudamini. He was a person with so much depth, and she did always come across to her as little shallow. Even their names didn't sound good together. Ani-mini, sounded so funny. With these thoughts, she tried to sleep again but in vain. Then a very disturbing thought struck her, could he possibly love saudamini di even now? She wasn't sure she wanted an answer to that question.


Bondita was always happy when she came home from london for holidays, as she got to spend time with her mom and pati babu. Though she loved her life in london, she really missed home, her family, food etc. So she always made sure sure made the best of her time here, but this time, last night's revelations made her mood gloomy. 

She had a bath and got ready. When was about to enter the hall for breakfast, the scene in front of her was not at all pleasent. Her biggest nightmare was standing there near her husband. He was sitting having his breakfast, and saudamini di was standing with a handiya full of roshogullas.

"Dekho Anirudh, maine tumhare liya kya banaya hai" said saudamini pointing at the handiya

"arre vah , itne sare roshogulle, kis Khushi mein?" asked Anirudh happily.

Bondita witnessing this was burning with jealousy. she hadn't been able to sleep properly the whole night which made her more cranky. It was quite silly of her she knew but she somehow didn't want her husband to eat that.

"Saudamini di" bondita squealed more like shouted as Anirudh was about to take a roshogulla.

Both looked up at her when bondita abruptly made her entry, hugged saudamini and said to her - "apko dekhkar kitna accha laga mujhe, kitna  miss kia maine apko and how sweet of you di, aapko pata tha ki mai aarahi hun  aur muje roshogulla kitna pasand hai, toh apne mere liye itne saare roshogulle banaye. Chaliye dijiye mujhe handiya"  Bondita then took the handiya from mini without waiting for her to say anything and sat down and started gulping down roshogullas hurriedly.

Anirudh witnesssing this scene almost choked on his food, and forcibly stopped himself from laughing. He didn't know what had come on bondita to be so happy seeing mini, as far as he knew bondita didn't have much liking towards mini and she never even tried to hide her dislike towards her and saudamini reciprocated that. But then again bondita was a bit crazy, so he let it go and started having his breakfast again.

"Tum phir aagai" said saudamini to bondita when Anirudh looked up from his food. "Mera matlab hai kab aayi tum. Muje pata nai tha tum aane wali ho" said saudamini looking at Anirudh's expressions.

"Bass do din pehle hi aayi. Ab apne ghar vaapas aane ke liye kisiko baatake thodi na aaungi. Waise aap kab aayi? asked bondita in between eating roshogullas.

"Main toh yahan aati jaati rehti hun" said mini a little proudly.

"Haan pata hai, aap apne ghar se zyaada aap yahan rehti hain, mera matlab hai iss ghar ko zyada apna maanti hain" said bondita almost bitterly and thanked her stars that her pati babu didn't stay here always. Anirudh practiced in Kolkata, so apart from his occasional visits to his home, he stayed in tulsipur only when bondita came for her holidays.

Saudamini looked quite annoyed and angry , anirudh thought. She looked like she wanted to say something, but seemed to have thought better of it and left after waving a bye to him.

Bondita didn't even seem to notice mini going away.  so much for missing her mini di, he thought to himself and rolled his eyes.

Bondita saw Anirudh looking at her suspiciously " Ye kya tha? Muje pata nai tha itna miss karti ho tum mini ko" said Anirudh almost smiling.

"MINI !! aur rakho unka nickname, aaj tak muje toh ek pet name nahi diya" murmured bondita inaudibly

"Kya" asked Anirudh giving confused expressions.

"Kyun miss nahi karsakti main unhe? Di hai voh meri"

"Haan haan dikta bhi hai tum dono mein beheno ka pyaar" said ani almost laughing as bondita punched him on his shoulder.

" Waise voh roshogulle mere liye the"

"Shotti? Sorry muje pata nai tha" said bondita innocently while eating the remaining roshogullas more hurriedly.

"Bechari mini, itna sara bana ke layi thi roshogulle mere liye. Ek bhi khane nahi diya Tumne muje"

"Itni acchi lagti hai aapko" asked bondita absent mindedly.

"Haan bohot acchi lagti hai. kise acchi nahi lagti? Voh toh Baba ko, kaka ko, som, batuk sabko pasand hai" said anirudh casually.

Unn sabko pasand hai muje pata hai, par apko bhi? Aapne muje bataya kyun nahi? Itni badi baat appne kyun chupaayi mujse? Kabse pasand hai?asked bondita a bit shocked

"Bachpan se hi bohot pasand hai mujhe, isme itna bura lagne wali konsi baat hai, muje laga tumhe pata hoga" he said happily

"Besharmi ki bhi hadd hoti hai" bondita said dramatically giving you are unbelievable expressions. She couldn't believe her her husband was admitting he liked saudamini in front of her so casually. She felt so angry

" Abb roshogulla pasand hone mein besharmi ki baat kabse aagai? Tumhe bhi toh pasand haina? asked anirudh now more confused than ever.

" Roshogulla ?" asked bondita a bit embarrassed as well as relived. He had almost given her a mini heart attack by his confession. Thank god he was talking about roshogulla and not saudamini, she thought to herself.

" Haan roshogulla, abb ise pasand karne mein kya besharmi ki baat hai, bolo, kuch toh bolo??"

"Voh...voh...  aap toh yahi rehte hain roz kha sakte hain, muje London mein ye sab kahan milta hai, aur phir bhi aap keh rahen hain ki maine aapko nahi diya, issliye maine aisa kaha" she blabbered an explanation embarrassingly and innocently pouted at him.

Anirudh didn't know what was wrong with her, she was acting a bit strange. But seeing her innocent expressions he couldn't help but smile. he decided to leave her alone with her first love- roshogulla and went away for work after waving her a bye. Bondita smacked herself mentally for behaving so stupidly but was nevertheless relieved.  " Kya hoga tera bondita' she said to herself almost laughing.


Sorry if it was nonsensesmiley36 whether you like it or dislike it please share your opinion. criticism and suggestions are welcome. Whatever it is please be kind enough to leave your commentssmiley9

Part 2 - page 5

Part 3- page 8

Part 4- page 15

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Shreya yaar it was so cutesmiley37

Bondita is too much 

She thought Ani is talking about Mini 

And he was talking about roshogulla

Yaar har cheez pehli baar hoti hai

Humne bhi pehli baar kabhi toh likha tha

But even in your first attempt it was really good

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So beautiful and cute yaar. 

Keep up the worksmiley27




Posted: 2 months ago

it was so cute smiley37

Posted: 2 months ago

Shreya smiley31 Kya likhi tumne smiley27smiley36 Seriously are you writing for first time?? Couldn't believe !!

Awesome update smiley2Humorous filled one smiley36 love this bon alot eating all the roshogulla and giving back to mini is all how we want leap bon to be smiley37

Never ever read anything like this before I was all smiling cheek to cheek while reading this smiley4 

I want this jealousy track to happen in show yaar smiley27

Plz Shreya get bored daily and write like this often smiley36such a amazing writer you are(Kahan chupake rakha tumne apni talent ko) but not too late!! Do write more about Rudhita my talented friend 😍

Waiting to read your  writing smiley31 write more and more 🤩

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Posted: 2 months ago

Cute .... 

 Roshgulla 😋 .... Ani did right thing by leaving her alone with her first love... My family does that too they knew my love for roshgulla smiley36

 Awe..Bondita being jealous and embarrassing herself in front of ani smiley36

Plz do write more.. smiley31

Posted: 2 months ago

Heh friend. It's really amazing and cute dear. Loved reading your work. Keep writing more friend. You're truly a good writer. Loved it. smiley27smiley20

Posted: 2 months ago

I could not stop laughing !!! Oh god ! This was an amazing piece of work , the way you handled every emotion - so delicately - I was surprised and glad at the same time !!!

I do love it - saved for multiple reads !!

Barrister Babu 

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