Why insulting teju in the name of fun too much?

Posted: 3 months ago

All i can say that this girl is THE BEST this year and deserves to win after doing the boat stunt yesterday

But all of these people (specially host) insulting her too much and shutting her ainvayi without any fault

Today during shivin and her water stunt how shamelessly that karan patel and others including host were making fun of her... i will call it BITCHING and not leg pulling

And yesterday how rudely shetty shutted her mouth up when she was just concerned about mallishka? 

Waise hi most of the people this year like karan patel are disliked by masses...  inme ek ye tejasvi hi dhang ki hai isko target banalia hai 

Most of the time it looks likedaily soap rather then khatro ke khiladi

Akshay kumar needs to be back in this series 

Anyways i hopeTejasvi wins.. she is cute innocent, sweet,  and powerful at the same time

Best wishes to her

Baki sare bakwas chai kam paani

Posted: 3 months ago

Sometimes it's getting too much with her!smiley18

Posted: 3 months ago

These ppl are taking her for granted just because she is the younger one and silently takes all the taunts . 

But I know my bacha is sportive enough but sometimes she too feels hurtsmiley18

Posted: 3 months ago

When she jokes they get offended but all make fun of her...

Mr.Rohit Shetty should control others too not only teju...and teju stated fact....

Amrutha who got benifit is talking about others benifits and teju is one to be blamed 👏👏👏👏

Posted: 3 months ago
Rohit shetty big ego hurt by teju ,in one epi he was crying , u know who I am , Google my name n see lol . Teju is winner n slaying stunts , she beat out kp . kp, dharmesh these are jealous of teju , she is threat n they are intimidated by her , in d name of fun literally crying on her .slowly it's becoming bullying . Wats tat kp saying about teju , she came with luck n all , hello loser uncle kp , she is performing stunts excellently , wat luck budhe lol . All done n doing difficult n more stunts compared to kp. Wat difficult stunt kp done n all talks n no matter .seems easy ride fixed for kp it seems compared to others .Kp is big attention seeker n showoff , tat support n giving instructions to others n always bak bak , shut up oldie uncle . when teju supporting her team n boosting her team mates when doing stunts , dis kp n others doing over n making fun of her , wats their prob , they are doing bak bak n bakwas n when teju talks they ve prob . They want to get rid of winner types teju , she is threat n losers literally crying on winner likez . dis kp oldie n others jealous souls crying on her in guise of fun . tats y she might got hurt n retired hurt , dis kp crying too muchEdited by Cool_N_Cold - 3 months ago
Posted: 3 months ago

I agree he is unfair with her. She is great at her stunts at least she deserves some more respect from him

Posted: 3 months ago

That's what usually happens when someone asks dumb questions. They have that image of her as a dumb. I don't mind people making fun of her but they shouldn't take her like sh*t. I didn't like how Rohit scolded her. I am sure he could have handled it calmly. She is so far one of the best in stunts. She definitely needs more respect even though she makes me roll my eyes sometimes. 

Posted: 3 months ago

I don't understand why she is being tagged as dumb amongst all. I mean, she is very smart and does well with her tasks. The tasks in KKK require intelligence  too and she has proved that she is intelligent. She has nailed every task. How can a dumb person perform such tasks?  Also, I found it very unfair by pressurizing her for nominating others though practically it was good for her  as Teju took her name because of which she could be eliminated but that made her cry and she was feeling guilty. 

Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 

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