Niya's situation and her POV(Page 2)

Posted: 4 months ago

In real world person like Nia wouldn't survive in this rash corporate world! But given she is a lead/central character, and writers these days are overboard with concepts such as woman empowerment in their dailies... Nia will be shown as successful 'Entrepreneur' 

Let Logic rest in peace. 

Initially even I was interested in her story.. But now like most of your comments, I am done! 

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Posted: 4 months ago

My experience in watching tv shows, will say that - this is a dream world, nia would come up successfully, she will beat the Big rich company Like you never know, In real world, it will take many years of hard work to come up like that.

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Posted: 4 months ago

Initially, I was supporting Nia when she left the job. I did feel that We Net was being harsh with her.

She decided to leave, which was fine. The non-competition clause is not new but she should have known about it before she joined to company. If the company did not tell her or just added it then that is not right.

The HR rep should have checked her bag in private and not in front of everyone. I exited a company and I my bag was checked in private.

When Nia said that Swara and Kabir backstabbed her! That was when I decided Nia was wrong. At on point did Swara say that she was going with Nia. She said she will decide between the two and let them know.

Even if Nia had matched the offer of We Net, what business projects does she have? None. And Swara was under no obligation to go with Nia. That was a bit much for Nia to say that Swara and Kabir backstabbed her. Swara made no promises and was not in the wrong here.

She had two offers. She chose the one that she liked and made more business sense. I hated Nia's reaction. She was being childish. Swara was not her property in the first place. A start-up takes time and you won't land a big financial advisor over night. I am disappointed in Nia now....I don't like her track anymore...

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 

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