IF Dev Team Promotions / Updates. #2

Posted: 26 days ago

Well again another Fun Friday and we have another set of promotions of members who will be joining us in IF Development Team aka DT.

Alexia_wilson : Barrister Bahu 

18shabbo : Avatar and Signature 

Leprechaun: Asian Shows 

Viswasruti: Pavitra Bhagya 

Additional charge of Ishq Mein Marjawan is being given to Minionite (Moderator)

(Permissions to forums will be set in sometime)

There are a few more names which we will add once we get their confirmation.

Lets congratulate our new viewbies and I would like to thank them for taking up this new responsibility. 

A lot of applications are pending and we are still going through them and doing some background check to ensure they match with their application. For members who wants to join the DT can now check the Frequently Asked Questions about our Development Team at Help Center.


In case you have more questions you can use the Add Question in our Help Center and we will try and answer them for the benefit of all users.



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Posted: 26 days ago

Update Post to be used in case we add more names this week.

Viswasruti : Pavitra Bhagya

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Posted: 26 days ago

Congratulations to the new Viewbiessmiley32, Alexia, Shabbo and Leprechaun Welcome aboard smiley31

Edit: Congratulations Shreya for new forum smiley1

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Posted: 26 days ago

Congratulations guys... Again some known faces...

A big hug to nabz for making it. Your contribution to IF as a cc and as a bc is immense. I am so glad that now you are a part of DT... long due I must say.smiley31

Edna? Am I right? You were an ex cc as well if I am not wrong? Please don’t tell me that i didn’t get your name right smiley24

Congrats alexia for becoming a viewbie smiley27

Edit: congrats Shreya for the new forum.

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Posted: 26 days ago

Congrats Nabz! Welcome back to the group! smiley31

Congrats Alexia and leprechaun. Welcome to DT.

Posted: 26 days ago

Congrats to Alexia and the others for their promotions smiley4smiley32

Posted: 26 days ago

Congratulations everyone.

Sri - So many promotionssmiley36 You're on a hat trick smiley16

Posted: 26 days ago

I'm glad and thanks for considering my application! 

Congratulations to Shreya, Nab and Alexia_wilson smiley40 

@ErumMalik Thank you so much!

@Appy smiley22 You forgot me, right? That was my old UN! Let's save the story behind that for another daysmiley36 

@Shreya and braveheartdoc Thank You!

@Nidhi Thank you smiley31

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