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Hello Shello KHKTian's 


I am here with the Winner of the Contest " Will you be my Valentine?" The judge of the contest was MsChanandlerBong, thank you dear for taking up the judge seat and giving us a winner smiley31. The winning entry got 8 out of 10 for good grammer and strong story writing

Now the winning entry


‘You and me’

Sonakshi had a tiring day at the set. They had shot for four scenes back to back and the close ups for same ones after that. The shoot wrapped up by 8:30 pm and finally after one and a half hour of struggle through the lazy-moving traffic, she was back to her home at 10:00pm. Flopping on the bigger couch of their room, she threw her bag on the adjacent smaller one. Her phone pinged with Rohit’s message which read, “Will be reaching home in half an hour. Love You! ” with a heart emoticon. Her face lit up instantly and she informed him about her whereabouts along with ‘come soon’ and a heart. Deciding to have a quick shower meanwhile until he returns, she got up.


Putting inside both the packets first, Rohit sat in the backseat of the car straightening the creases of his blazer. It was just another day, a hectic one for him too. He had two minor surgeries to practice today and about a dozen patients lined up in the OPD. Finally after checking on a patient whose surgery was scheduled for the next day, he decided to call it off for the day. Thankfully, the traffic on the roads were negligible so hopefully, he’ll be able to reach home in less than 15 minutes, glad over the fact that he’ll be meeting his Drama Queen soon.


‘Ek man tha mere paas who ab khone laga hai..

Paakar tujhe haaye mujhe kuchh hone laga hai..

Ek tere bharose pe sab baithi hoon bhool ke..

Yun hi umr guzar jaaye, tere saath guzar jaaye..’

Lyrics from a 70s bollywood song, which was also one of her favourites, floated from the speakers, breaking the prevailing calm silence spread across the room. Changing into a t-shirt and a pair of comfy pajamas after the shower, she began drying her hair standing in front of the dresser. Her thoughts automatically drifted towards him, making an obvious smile appear on her face unknowingly. Love is just a word till someone you meet gives it a meaning. How true this, she thought. People say love is beautiful, but for her, being in love with someone and being deeply loved by the same person is the most beautiful feeling ever. Earlier she wasn’t able to understand the excitement of people with the arrival of valentine’s week, even when she was in a relationship with Karan! But since Rohit had entered in her life, she was able to connect with all those emotions that lovers feel. He was the one who understood her more than herself. He made her feel loved, secure and complete. Life with him was a pure bliss, if not perfect. She was looking forward to spend some time with him tomorrow. She knew it’ll be impossible to take one whole day out from their respective busy schedules but even a dinner date would suffice. She decided to ask him once he returns.

Her chain of thoughts broke with a sensual whisper in her ear, “Missing me, wifey?”, which made the towel in her hand drop on the floor . She was about to hit him playfully for startling her like that but he caught her by the waist, engulfing her in a tight embrace. She listened to his heartbeats while he took in the fruity fragrance of her hair, relief flooding both of them giving a sense of homecoming.

He continued, a smirk playing on his lips, “So, were you thinking about me?”

She looked up and asked, still remaining in his embrace “And what makes you think like that Dr. Surgeon?”

He countered, “Your smile and the blush that appears on your face tells a story of their own. I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out your thoughts.”

She playfully hit his arm, complaining “What’s the point of asking if you knew it all the time! You don’t spare one chance of teasing me.”

He chuckled at her response locking her to his frame once again and whispering sweet words of love in her ears.

Raising her head, she stated cupping his cheeks “How was your day? You look so exhausted. You go and freshen up. I’ll set the dinner on the table. Vimmi informed me that everyone had dinner already, so it’s only us. And I had to ask you about…..”

“Hold on, bullet train,” he chuckled earning a playful blow on his arm but rejoined, amused at her antics “Yes’ my day was hectic yet a good one indeed. And since it’s only two of us, I think you should ask Vimmi to bring our dinner here only, so that we can enjoy our ‘we’ time. And, now tell me what’s going on your mind?” he concluded.

Rolling her eyes, she replied, “Fine, I’ll ask her to bring our dinner upstairs.” Then again began unsure yet hopefully, “Actually, I wanted to know about your tomorrow’s schedule. We can go for a dinner or as you wish.”

His next statement literally killed her excitement.

“I’m so sorry Sona. I’ve two important surgeries tomorrow, one is scheduled in the morning at our hospital and for the second one I’ve to board a flight to Delhi in afternoon. I’ll be able to come back day after tomorrow. I’m really very sorry but I promise we’ll go in weekend. Okay?”

She passed him a reluctant smile but nodded in order to avoid making him feel guilty. He patted her cheeks and mouthed an apology again for which she assured him, “It’s perfectly fine Rohit. We can keep a date on hold but not anyone’s life. You don’t worry. We can go when you return.”

“You sure?” he confirmed.

“One hundred percent sure!” she affirmed.


Sonakshi halted her car as she reached the destined place, looking around for a parking spot. On finding a suitable one, she parked the car and disembarked from it, locking it using the key. She had an early pack-up today. Had it been any other day, she would’ve been on cloud nine after getting this opportunity. But not today, as the only person with whom she wanted to be with wasn’t in the city. Could any situation be more cruel? Perhaps NO!

It’s been 3 months of their marriage and almost 5 months of their relationship. Their marriage was fixed in a haste after their relationship came out, despite their reluctance. Family issues kept popping up in between which had taken a toll on them. And after that, their respective works came in between. Off late she didn’t even remembered when they had a proper heart to heart talk, until some moments last night. They hardly could find time for each other!

With all these musings running a marathon in the back of her mind, she proceeded towards the familiar place, the familiar tree which had offered her the required solace everytime in case of a bad mood. And the sight which greeted her left her in a pleasant shock as she came face to face with the person she least expected to be there at that moment. And, he was looking back at her with equally surprised eyes.



Both uttered simultaneously.

“What are you doing here?” Rohit asked.

She stated, moving towards him “Well, I want to ask you the same. You’re gone to Delhi for the surgery, right? Then how..”

She stopped speaking when Rohit turned around and went back fixing the lights around the tree. Sonakshi held his arm to make him face herself and asked, “You lied about the surgery to plan all this?”

He rolled his eyes and exclaimed, “Yeah, I did! Now don’t get started on I hate lies and all! How was I supposed to tell about a surprise beforehand? And look at yourself! You’re literally 8th wonder of the world. I mean girls feel lucky if their partners do something like this and here you are, lecturing me. Who told you to come here this soon, you literally spoiled my whole plan! This is so unfair, Sona!”

Sonakshi let out a chuckle at his non-stop rant, “Wow! If I’m a bullet train, then you’re no less than a Rajdhani Express! And I genuinely asked a question, when did I complain? I came here at this time because of you only Dr. Surgeon!”


“Yeah, of course! I mean come on, it’s our first valentines together and you left without even wishing me! Hell, you didn’t even wake me up before leaving, instead just left a note! You neither you received my calls nor replied to my messages. Do you even realize how much I’ve missed you?” 

He closed the distance between them holding her by the waist and lowered his head to her level, their faces separated just some inches apart and their frames locked. “I really do, otherwise you won’t be wearing my hoodie! Well, it actually looks good on you,” he complimented her and said, ““I didn’t knew that you believed in valentines, I mean remember what you’d said at the time of new year, no resolution at all, so I thought…,”purposely leaving the sentence midway.

She placed her hands on his shoulders, and spoke with a smile, “You’re such a tease, Dr. Surgeon! That was a different case, okay! Well, I didn’t knew you’re so good at planning surprises. Not bad Dr. Surgeon! Very impressive,” looking admiringly at him and then at the surroundings, “But why this place, Rohit?”

His hands grazed her chin, a habit he had developed in these months and began explaining, “Do you remember the last time we’d come here?” he paused and continued when she nodded in affirmative, “You’d complained about this place being a mess and even compared yourself with this. So I thought it’ll be better to make a change. Sona, this place has been very special for both of us, it has been our solace at times of our chaos as separate individuals, but now since we’ve each other, why not make this our ‘happy place’, celebrating our togetherness. I know we got married so early and didn’t get a proper dating phase. So this was a small attempt from my side to let us live that phase for some hours,” he finished with a smile, eyes shining with the intensity of his love for her.

She was just speechless at his words. This man never ceases to amaze her, as a partner. She really felt like the most luckiest woman on the planet at that moment to have this perfectionist of a person as her man.

Her eyes brimmed with happy tears, a beaming smile on her face, “You know you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, Rohit. My life would’ve never been this perfect if you weren’t  its part! Thank you for coming in my life. Thank you for making me yours. You’re the best gift for me, God’s blessing! I love you.”

He just touched their foreheads in response as he was too overwhelmed. After a minute, he said raising his head, “So lets celebrate this moment!” to which she affirmed and he took her hands to light the red sky lantern symbolizing joy and vitality.

They watched the lantern floating up high in the air while sitting on the bench near the railing. He held her in a side embrace while she rested her head on her shoulders. A sudden thought popped up in her mind, “Don’t you think it’ll be nice to name this place ‘You and me’, just our thing?” she asked with twinkling eyes.

“As you wish,” he affirmed and locked her again in his embrace murmuring against her ears, “Happy Valentines Day, Drama Queen!” to which she rejoined, “wishing you the same, Dr. Surgeon!”


ImageThe entry is written by 

                                                                                  vaidehi1306 Image


Congratulations  vaidehi1306   you have WON the Short Story Contest in KHKT, your present is up. For All those who participated thank you for your entries and you can post it now.

Thank you allsmiley27


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This is beautiful Vaidehi!!! smiley42smiley42


Their subtle teasing! That beautiful romance! And that place of their love story start!!! Lub this shot!!! smiley31

Ab aur likho Vaidehi! This is not enough! I want more from you ok!!!

Love ya behn! 😘😘😘

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Posted: 3 months ago

It was so beautiful Vaids. Congratulationssmiley31

You explored the theme of the show in one OS more than the channel did in the whole run of the show!

Rohit is definitely Dr. Mcdreamy 😍😍

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Posted: 3 months ago

This story is aesthetically beautiful Vaidu ❤️

Marking that place as their's was the best idea. It's special for them and us as well. 

Congratulations on this Vaidu 😘  

Best wishes for the other entries as well smiley20 

If possible post your stories now so that we can read them as well.

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Posted: 3 months ago

Beautiful would be an underestimation for this. Vaidu this is beyond beautiful and i pictured karan and dipika all the way along. This is so lovely and i enjoyed it to the core. 

Congratulations my winner!!! Very well deserved and here is to more such happen in the coming future.

A proud fan of you.

Love and hugs.smiley27

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Posted: 3 months ago

Mesmerizing is this story. Just sooo beautiful. smiley42smiley42

I am proud of you my girl... 😘😘😘❤❤ 

Well deserved Winner. Congratulations smiley40smiley41

Just loveddddd the story and it's beauty... Picturized karpika nd Ronakshi ❤❤❤😍😍😍smiley42smiley27

You just fulfilled my wish, with this story of yours... 

I am looking forward to more stories from you... 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤😍😍😍

Toh Autograph kab de rahi aap.. smiley36smiley27

Love, Alu😘❤ 

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Posted: 3 months ago

Pehle toh main ek chapat key saath apna comment Shuru karna chahungi! Ek Toh tu itni acchi writer hai, upar sey much bhi nahi likha or nahi humein batayasmiley26 Kharab auratsmiley3

Now shifting to the real gem which is your writing. With every wheeling word, Vaiduu I swear I could literally visualize RoNakshi with my mind's eye. It seemed like every word you put in the story were deserving and when you finally put them altogether the whole writing started to brim with beauty and completionsmiley27 

I am thrilled to bits after reading it, I want more 🤗🤗🤗🤗 

You are something else girlll! Itni acchi gaati hai, likhti hai, aur Kya Kya chupaya????

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Posted: 3 months ago

Vaidu smiley31

I loved it 

Soft subtle heart touching and beautifully romantic story 

So nice 

I really hope you decide to continue it 


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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 

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