Did Shahryar deserved happy ending in Arabian Nights main story?

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Posted: 1 months ago

Did Shahryar deserved happy ending in Arabian Nights main story? Like seriously? After killing 1002 wives including the 1st unfaithful he gets his happy ending with 1003th wife and 3 children that also sons? He had took their virginity before killing them which was rape in a way. People of course love the stories told by Scherezade to Shahryar. But is any person really fan of their story? Okay his 1st wife was unfaithful and he killed her. But what he did afterwards that is hating all women and killing all his wives after marrying them so that they won't betray him. Was it justified? Is his sin any smaller than his 1st wife? And who in right mind would be in love with him enough to marry him which Scherezade did? Okay she married in an attempt to stop his madness and save other girls. But falling in love with a mass murderer of her own gender? Is it normal? I doubt if he ever set out of his palace and looked at the condition of women in his kingdom before judging them just because of 1 woman. On top of that he gets a happy ending as if the women he murdered in 4 digit of numbers was okay. 

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