Bayhadh 2 LIVE UPDATES 03 Mar 2020

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Posted: 4 years ago

Epi 67 

episode begins with Maya co fronting Adi for trying to probe Maya connection with Rishi . 
Adi fears Maya was trying to kill him . She hides her intentions n fakes that she was trying to find out what he knew about her, her family, her past so she could not kill Adi ... 

He asks  if she liked black colour ?? Any significance ?? Maya diverts the topic n asks him to mind his own business n let her mind hers , he could ask her during IV .

Ani feels something g was fishy 

Adi is chatting with Amir n is sure Adi will find some clue against Maya .

Antara is shocked as she wakes up to see Nanadi I at bedside . They have their usual confrontation n nok jhok , face off . Antara’s rude words rings a bell n Nandini recollects same words spoke to her earlier . She faints .. Mama runs tk her , ridra too runs too Nandini . Maya glares at Antara but does not disclose  the truth to Rudra  .. 

after Rudra takes Nandini away maya warns Antara that ... “it was not over yet ..!”

As Nandini is revived she gets flashbacks of the past .. Roy family accusing Maanvi using the same words as Antara

Nandini gets panic attacks m Rajiv, Maya calm her n support her .

Maya gives sadativ e injection to Nandini .. .. Maya hides the injections as Rudra  enters .. but Rudra says he did hear her mother screaming .Maya assures she was sleeping .

When Nandini wakes up, maya asks if Antara was rude to her ..of Antara insulted her ...  .nandini does not disclose fully but says Antara was concerned about Rudra .. . she asks Maya not to tell Rudra about her n Antara . Maya assures .. 

Nandini tries to recollect .. but she remembers a name .. Maa... “Maya “adds Maya ... As she fears Nandini was recollecting her last .

Maya is furious with Antara for being the cause to trigger this attack in Nandini ,she tried to show aukaat to Nandini , now Maya will show Antara her place ..   

Antara panics as she sees maya inside her washroom . Maya pushes her into a corner n manhandles her .. maya turns on the shower .. with hot water .. states she could not be burnt in fire or be drown in water . 

maya tries to drown Antara in bathtub ... Antara screams in panic ..Maya threatens to kill Antara .. if she dared to misbehave with Nandini ever again .. she will beg for breath .. Antara threatens with a pair of scissors .. she threatens to reveal to Rudra that Maya was his dad’s GF .. that she phasaoed  the dad then the son . She was besharam .

Maya retorts back tha She rejected MJ many times but MJ forced him self on her . .

Antara was the o e besharam when maya was beggging at Antara’s feet to save her baby . 
Maya Antara confrontation n challenging .. maya warns she will see a small trailer of things to come soon . Next moment Maya notices MJ inside the washroom . Maya confronts MJ .


MJ smirks as Rudra tries to take off the ring from Maya’s finger, but maya refuses saying this was a Rudra’s pyaar ki nishaani .

Finally Rudra succeeds and smashes that ring with a hammer . 
maya smirks saying she won while MJ smirks thinking his plot worked n he won .

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Posted: 4 years ago

Show is quite high on domestic violence ... EMA etc .

Posted: 4 years ago

How has Nandini forgotten her daughters face 

Posted: 4 years ago

Originally posted by PrashT

How has Nandini forgotten her daughters face 

Unbelievable really .. 

Posted: 4 years ago

Originally posted by PrashT

How has Nandini forgotten her daughters face 

Another loophole🤔

Posted: 4 years ago

 Thank you Suta for the WU. 🤗

Just a passable episode. 

Nandini and Antara played imp roles in today's episode. 

Maya changed as Mahakali again to eliminate a few wicked persons from her near vicinity. Now, it seems, her intentions are not to kill, just to scare everyone to put them under control.  

MJ is a silent watcher today, and Maya the definer of the relationships!

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Posted: 4 years ago

thnks for update 🤗

todays episode was awesome 

n highlight was Maya and Antara scene
Maya knocks Antaras head and says It's not over yet and kissed her forehead 😆🤣

n bathroom scene 👍🏼

in precap rudra 

Posted: 4 years ago

What was the precap 

Ex lovers ki khel samaj mein nahi aah raha hey!

Posted: 4 years ago

when maya kissed antara's forehead, her reaction was hilarious. like what just happened 🤣 anyway i am excited for today's episode. aaj phir mj aur maya ke beech hogi game. let see who gets the score. 👍🏼


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