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This is a grown up SS. Ani is 29 and Bondi is 18. You will see a lot of drama and romance here. Don't pheko chappals, Tomatoes are fine. smiley14


Chahat: Chapter 1

It was a just a cloudy rainy night for the whole world. Not for the Roy Chowdharys. Especially not for Aniruddh Roy Chowdhary. No, he had a similar night which turned his whole life topsy turvy 10 years ago when he married Bondita Das, an 8 year old girl. He was 19 then, his life had changed forever that day. His life turned into devotion that day. Today, it was changing again. For good? There is a need to wait to know that.

Bondita Aniruddh Roy Chowdhary was returning from Calcutta after a whole of 10 months after her examinations got over for the year at the University. Everybody has been waiting for her return. But mostly, it was Aniruddh who waited for her. No, he hadn’t fallen in love with her, at least that’s what he thinks. She was going to be here for a month or two. Binoy was still loggerheads with her. Trilochan couldn’t keep up with his poker face for a long time because he had melted for the 8 year old Bondita’s charm way back. Somnath was better with her now and Batuk-Bondita were great friends.  

At the same time, Bondita was in her taxi counting minutes to reach her Sasural. She couldn’t wait to meet her family after this long period. She wanted to meet Trilochan Kaka, who became a great support system for her, Somnath her rude but cute devar, Batuk, her bestest friend and Binoy. But amidst them all, her heart was still yearning to meet the one. The one who gave his everything to her.  Her Pati Babu. She never knew why or in what circumstances he married her but she knew the way he behaved with her, no husband behaved that soft to any woman. She got to knew this when she started growing up. So she had immense respect for her husband and she couln’t wait to meet her. 

Sampoorna had written a letter to Bondita a few months ago, asking if she fell in love with her pati babu. Bondita couldn’t blame her sister because in every letter of hers to Sampoorna, she only asked about Aniruddh’s whereabouts. Because Aniruddh always said her, they had a mentor-mentee relationship and she also grew up with a notion that she didn’t love Aniruddh. But Sampoorna’s questions caused butterflies in Bondita’s stomach. 

At last, Bondita reached Roy Chowdhary Mansion. Batuk rushed hearing the car and helped Bondita with the luggages. Even though 10 years ago Aniruddh had prohibited Batuk and Somnath from calling Bondita Boudi, under influence of Binoy, they did it with an unintentional intention to mock and irritate Aniruddh.

“How was your journey Boudi?” asked Batuk as he took the luggages out of the car.

Bondita replied, helping him: “It was good Batuk. Sab kahan gaye?” asked Bondita. Batuk was trying hard to hide his worry from expressing. But he couldn’t help it and as observant our Bondita is, she noticed it.

“What happened Batuk? Why do you look so worried? What is the issue?” asked Bondita. Batuk replied with a fake smile; “Nothing Boudi, andar chalet hai na. Sabse milke phir baat karte hai!” 

Meeting everyone seemed a good idea and Bondita followed Batuk inside the house. Entering the house, she met Trilochan Kaka who showered her with a lot of love and blessings, Somnath greeted her with a subtle smile while Binoy was nowhere to be seen. After greeting everyone Bondita went upstairs. She was upset with the fact that her pati babu didn’t come downstairs even after being at home. She knew he was home and she confirmed it from Trilochan Kaka. But all of them had a worry plastered on her face. That scared her. Was he sick?

Aniruddh and Bondita shared a room even though they had different beds to sleep in. She took her first step inside her room and she had Aniruddh trying to get out of the room. Both of them almost collided with each other and there Bondita had a myriad of emotions inside her heart seeing her pati babu.

Aniruddh there, had the same hullabaloo going on his heart. His wife, whom he really didn’t consider one was standing infront of him. She looked tired from all the travelling. Her face didn’t had anything but a huge red bindi. The sindoor of his name adored her hair partition. She almost teared up seeing him. 

But suddenly, Aniruddh was back to his senses. He moved back to give her space and as soon as she entered the room he rushed out.

“Pati Babu… Kahan jaa rahe hai aap? Pati babu!” called out Bondita vigorously. But he rushed out without paying any heed to her words. What happened to him? Did she do anything? She stood there with her hands dangling in air. Suddenly Binoy entered the room with disgust evident on his face. There was thunders outside and Bondita didn’t knew she was going to get a thunderclap soon.

“Tumhari vajah se yeh sab hua hai! You are the sole reason for all of this. Declared Binoy.

Bondita stood there confused. What was happening? “What did I do Baba?” asked Bondita innocently.

“Tumhare vajah se mere bête ki zindagi barbaad hui hai. If you want to see where you have landed my son, just follow him. You have destroyed him, completely! Completely Bondita!” spit Binoy.

Bondita was on the verge of tears. She rushed. She literally ran through everyone who tried to stop her. Somnath, Trilochan, Batuk- everyone tried but no use. She ran and in no time she was out in the heavy rain. As soon as she got outside she saw that sight.

Aniruddh and Saudamini, were standing in the rain. Looked like they were fighting about something. Bondita knew Saudamini was their neighbor, but she didn’t knew anything about Aniruddh and Saudamini’s past relationship. Being the inquisitive girl she is, she took steps towards Saudamini’s house.

At the same time, Aniruddh had this mind and heart filled with disgust and hate for the girl standing in front of him. Saudamini, the girl whom he gave the biggest space in his heart. The girl whom he thought he loved. The girl who claimed to love him most. Even though their relationship was a past, he never thought everything, each and everything he lived, he felt, he experienced was a lie.

“What is this Saudamini? Tell me what is this? You had made a legal paper that 50% of Aniruddh Roy Chowdhary went to you, Saudamini Roy Chowdhary? When did this happen? This is unsigned! This is unofficial and this… this paper is from 1902, 10 years back. In sab ka kya matlab hai?” shouted Aniruddh.

“Uh-Oh Aniruddh. Stop this. Yes. Yes I made these papers. From where did you get it?” asked Saudamini, the glimpse of sweetness in her had disappeared. Aniruddh was seeing a face of her that he never saw.

“That doesn’t matter! Tell me Saudamini.” Aniruddh was adamant on knowing the truth.

Saudamini crossed her arms across her chest. “I made this just some days before you promised to propose me. I made this, yes I made this with the help of my dad.”

“Why?” asked Aniruddh.

“What do you mean why? I mean, come on Aniruddh! What you thought? I loved you seeing this handsome face of yours? Obviously that’s one factor but yeah. Your wealth, you being a London returned Barrister, the wealth you could bring to our family, living in London, all this was what pulled me towards you. Why would I just marry you if I am not getting any of your wealth? Think of it Aniruddh. You think the society needs to change, women should ask questions! This character you have- which family will possibly get their daughter married to you? You are a disgrace Aniruddh, to our religion, to our customs-practices, to our traditions and our country!” Saudamini lashed out at him. Aniruddh couldn’t process whatever she said.

Bondita reached Saudamini’s courtyard by the time. It was heavily raining. Three of them had been drenched. 

Aniruddh replied; “Saudamini…!! You know what you are saying? Where is that Mini who loved Aniruddh, who loved him for what he is, who wanted to be Batuk’s Boudi? What are you saying?”

“I am saying the truth Aniruddh. Yes I loved you. As I said, I loved you and I wanted to marry you. But then, but then you broke my heart. You broke my heart and you married that girl, Bondita. That too the day you promised to propose me Aniruddh! You broke all your ties with me and completely destroyed our relationship.  I am getting married next month if you don’t know. You broke my heart and now your heart will break! Even if you ended our relationship I know that this will hurt you to the core. And shouldn’t you be that much hurt for breaking my heart and bringing that girl into your life? Oh yeah, not you, she- she destroyed everything! Everything!” Saudamini shouted.

Her words were a thunderclap for Bondita. She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Aniruddh & Saudamini? It was a new concept for her. She ran away from there, before Saudamini could continue. Maybe staying there and listening what both of them had to say might have helped her, but her heart couldn’t take anything, anymore. She clutched onto her broken heart and left the place.


Don't be disheartened reading the update, There is more to it. As I said, it would have helped Bondi if she stood their long hearing the left part of their convo but she didn't now let's see what happenssmiley2 trust me there is so much to come!

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It inspires me to write..!!

This one's gonna be romantic.





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The title of thr strory is itself so interesting.. I'm really going to enjoy this denial phase of rudhita specially our handsome anirudh avoiding his own feelings 

The way you've ended the update it seems the next one is going to be passionate well I hope it is 

Waiting for the next part


Laalchi reader

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You write so well ^_^

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Impressed with the title smiley1 

Waiting to read the realisation of their budding love... like the part  how she's unaware of Ani mini and glad Ani knows about her real face in the first chapter itself 😂 doesn't want her here too 🙄 

Wonderful start sujzsmiley32 can't wait for the next part!! Update soon 

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Interesting story 

Plz continue soon smiley4

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It's awesome, Sujzz...

Dher Sara Pyaar tere liye...smiley31smiley27smiley27

I am coming back with comments...

Please update soon...smiley42

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That's really beautiful... Now it will be interesting to see the ignorance of bondita, longing heart of anirudh and untold silence of rudhita journey... Good and beautiful title dear... Great work. 

Barrister Babu 

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