Editing The Chariot Of Dharma

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  • Introduction

 Kurukshetra is on the threshold of the great battle that never happened before.

Both the armies gathered there for a fight to finish the other side...

But before the commencement of the battle another event took place that helped the third Pandav realise the  reason why he should raise his bow against his  grandfather,preceptor and others. 

Yes. Gita which is hailed as The Song Devine..was born..

The story traces down the incidents of Mahabharat, that paved way to the great battle to take place between the cousins who belonged to the same clan..Kuruvamsh.

The protagonist of this story Arjun. stands unique in every aspect. as..he is a rare combination of Unparalelled valour and unimaginable compassion . 

This is an attempt to travel with him to the day he listened to the discourse that explains the ultimate mystery of life.

Truth is supreme..the ultimate.

Take resort to truth..you will never fall from dharma..

Arjuna walked by the river..Hiranwati...Vedavyasa's words to his Eldest ...at Indraprasth..he could hear the soothening voice of the Sage as if he said it just before

Arjuna gazed at the river flowing with rythym unperturbed by the sudden rush of people who camped there ...with a hope of victory?

The water is green, darker in the shadows and more pale in the light, but still green. Against the noise of the birds that are returning to their nests,the gentle murmur of the water can only be heard, sounding like a  backdrop to the musical notes coming from the twittering Of birds.

A nature lover at heart but Arjun seemed immersed in his own thoughts or rather doubts.


Is truth that much powerful ? Why should then his Eldest suffer all these years in forest and now forced to fight for his right over the kingdom?

Arjun  was in confusion. There is only one night left before the great battle to commence. Thirteen years he never felt this kind of disturbance in his heart and mind.

Fighting battles is like childplay for him. He never hesitated to fight any battle he fought...begining with his first battle with his Father in law Drupad!

Arjun  waved at Krishna Who is smiling at him..walking towards him...

Why are you roaming here Parth...Drishtadyumna is waiting for you..to discuss the vyuha for tomorrow's battle. Your Eldest is tensed up not seeing you there in time.

Arjun nodded his head...he knew so much is to be done...the soldiers should be motivated ..they should be thorough with the rules of the war..

Sahadev approached them and said...I checked the medical wing. There is still deficiency of aushadhis ..We need more..I asked Nakula to send someone to Upaplavya and get them ...

Krishna held Arjuna's hand and looked deep into his eyes...Why are you looking lost? Parth..What is the matter?

Before Arjuna  could reply Daruka came and bowed before Krishna..I arranged the chariot of Prince Arjuna as per your instruction. May the lord have a look and tell if anything more is to be done? ..he asked .

Krishna turned to Arjun ...I will check the chariot and come to Drishtadyumna's tent. You go straight without delay...keep your never ending dilemmas and good shots for tomorrow... We will have a separate Question answer session...he patted on Arjun's back and left.

 Arjjun  closed his eyes and tried to feel what is going to happen the next day.He is reluctant to think what will happen if he and his grand father come face to face.He then got up and walked towards the tent of Drishtadyumna .

Arjun  could not help but  reminisce his child hood at Satasrunga mountain when his father was alive.Pandu used to teach him how to hold the bow when he was four years old

.After that Kripacharya instructed him the basics of Archery but more theoretical than practical .Then came into his life Dronacharya who extracted the best from him 

. He learnt ,he practiced,he excelled,he achieved.He owes his identity of an archer par excellence to Dronacharya in particular.

 Then he had the good fortune of learning from Siva himself 

. The Pasupat mantra only once he recited. but he is able to grasp that thanks to his memory power.

Then he learnt the fourth and fifth vidhis of   Archery which no one knows apart from Siva himself. 

Then he was taught by his father Indra and other gods..He learnt every astra with utmost devotion and dedication.

But what is the end result? His whole knowledge is meant to be utilised against his grand father ,his Guru and his kith and kin.Will he be able to do it?

 ' Arjun,You are here?" Panchali's voice brought him back to present.Arjun looked into her lotus eyes which always uplifted his spirits and encouraged him in his every step.He smiled at her and said.' Krishnaa ,your Arjun will never fail in his purpose. Don't worry. I am fine." 

Panchali bent her head down and said.' Did I ask you anything? Please don't think you are answerable to me. I feel guilty to see you in dilemma Arjun. I blame myself for instigating you all for war." 

Arjun stopped her.' Don't ever say that. We all are equally responsible for war. More than all of us,Jyesht Pita Dhritarashtr is responsible. Don't blame yourself.My dilemma has nothing to do with you at all

.My concerns are my weaknesses.I will try and overcome my soft corner for Pitamah."

 Panchali looked into his eyes and assured.' You will..Govind is there with you.

As Arjun  passed by the place where chariots and horses were getting arranged,Krishna is still there conversing with Daruka.

Daruka knew how to set the chariot and horses ..Why are you still here? Arjun asked with a bit of surprise in his eyes.His white horses are looking beautiful gearing up for the war ahead. 

His Devadutta and Krishna's Panchajanya are hanging on the right side of the wall. The celestial ape banner is fixed straight on top of the chariot.

Arjun caressed the horses and bent down to say...let us begin our most crucial journey together. 

Krishna added with a strange expression on his face...Yes..the chariot Of Dharma is waiting since a long time.. Finally the preparation is done with. We two also waited for this moment since ages to be in the Chariot Of Dharma. ..to fulfill the urge of destiny.

Arjun gazed into his face that appeared Devine..You won't stop speaking in riddles. If it is the Chariot Of Dharma, Eldest has to ascend it not me..he tried to correct his Madhav.

Krishna laughed heartfully...Parth..the day you solve the riddle you will attain the purpose of your life...His words sounded different..thought Arjun.

The first day of the Great War dawned at Kurukshetr,with both the armies gathering momentum by their chief commanders who got themselves into the task of infusing energy and enthusiasm among them

.The chief commander of Kaurava army  Bhishma  went to the river Hiranvati in the early hours of the day.He stood in knee deep waters and offered arghya to Surya Narayan

.As he opened his eyes he saw his Ganga Mata walk towards him in the water flow with a smile that is pale and a bit sad.

 He did Pranam and folded his hands.Ganga placed her hand on his head and said.' Blessings my son.May your wish be fulfilled." 

Bheeshma  had an understanding smile on his face. She didn't wish him victory.He knew the reason. She is aware of the outcome of war.

But still he couldn't help but ask.' You didn't wish me victory?" Ganga looked deep into his eyes.' My son,you really want to win the battle for Duryothan?"

Bheeshma replied tongue in cheek.' But I am fighting for him Mata?"

 Ganga said with reluctance.' I know and you know who is going to win war.What is the use of my blessing? All blessings are meant for your dearest grandson the third Pandav. Swayam Narayan is with him." 

Gangaputr had a glow on his face hearing the mention of Arjun.He said softly.' My Arjun deserves victory Mata. He is Vijaya the invincible. He will surely redeem me from my tiresome journey of life." 

Ganga had tears in her eyes.' You don't know how painful it is to see you fallen. My heart breaks at the thought.is that the way you should end your life? "

 Bheeshma looked detached. He confessed.' Justice should be done to Amba who took the form of Sikhandi.I owe her my life." 

Ganga blessed him and smirked.' Your Arjun is coming Bheeshm.I will go.May god bless you my son." 

Bheeshma looked back and found Arjun entering into the river. He is in trance immersed in thoughts. He wore a white dhoti without uttariya. 

His curly hair is  touching his shoulders enhancing the beauty of his face.

 Bheeshma looked proudly at the bow marks on his shoulders that highlight the triumphs of the warrior Extraordinaire.

Arjun slipped in the water just to be caught by his grand father in time

.Gangaputr hugged him tight and scolded.' Why are you so absent minded? A warrior should always be alert and careful. Ofcourse you can come out on your own unless another damsel in distress abducts you again. 

Arjun 's face became red at the hint of Ulupi.He gazed into his eyes and said.' Pitamah how could you be so calm and cheerful?The war starts now. You look so charged up to wipe us out." 

Arjun's sarcastic comment made Bheeshma  smile.He patted him and said.' I am waiting for the arrows released from Gandiv to caress me all over. Don't deprive that bliss of me."  

Arjun remarked.' It is easy to say that. But too difficult for me to accomplish."

 Duryothan came to the shore with Karn and called up.' Pitamah GuruDron waits for you to arrange the vyuha. I hope you remember that you are our chief commander. If you finish your interaction with your favourite grandson,come over now." 

Bheeshm's face became pale and he followed Duryothan. Arjun looked at his disappearing form with concern and heard his friend's voice.' Parth,come out now. Eldest waits for us.Panchali is ready with Aarti. Let us go." 

Arjuna's mind is still clouded with apprehensions. He knew his Pitamah is fighting a lost battle. He definitely believe in his Eldest's confession.

Yato dharmah Tato Krishnah

Yatah Krishnah tato jayah.

Where there is Dharma,Krishna is there. Where Krishna is,there victory happens.

But what is Dharma? 

Chapter. One

Kurukshetr and River Hiranvati always had the kind of peace and tranquility that made the sages establish their hermitages there and pursue spiritualism.But the whole scene got changed with the advent of Kuru Pandav soldiers.

Every where activity,enthusiasm and apprehension.History is waiting with bated breath for the destruction and bloodshed that will happen due to the animosity between the Pandavas and Kauravas.

The Rules Of war..Bheeshma takes charge

Krishna addressed the gathering that met to discuss the rules.' I request Pitamah Bheeshm  to decide the rules of war."

 Bheeshm  got up,looked at all those waiting for him to speak and addressed.' I welcome every one who gathered here. The war that will start day after tomorrow marks the clash of ideologies,I won't blame any one side for this. Both are equally responsible for such an unwanted war that may lead to total loss and destruction.But let us move forward and prepare ourselves for day after tomorrow's battle.

The war will start one hour after Sunrise and continue till sunset.

Atirathi should fight with Atirathi, Maharathi should fight with Maharathi and so on.

Multiple warriors should not attack a single warrior. Night battle should not be allowed.

Wounded soldiers should be taken care of with utmost attention. Remember we all are honourable citizens first and then we are acclaimed warriors. Let us keep our reputation intact."

Yudhishtir bowed before Bheeshm humbly. He said..Your word is the ultimate Pitamah.

Bhishm blessed him heartfully.

Bhim  and Duryodhan approached  Bhishm  together by co incidence to touch his feet . Both of them sideglanced each other with menace.

Bhishm sighed and thought. Kuruvamsh would have flourished if at all these two coexisted with affection.. " He embraced them and blessed.

Arjun looked at the white beard of Bhishm which he used to pull playfully in his childhood.

Now destiny made him stand up against his dearest Pitamah. Will he be able to shoot an arrow at him? Kunti Mata used to be fed up of him as he always throw tantrums to eat food. Then Pitamah will make him sit on his lap and make him eat by telling stories of Kuru warriors.He used to say.' My son,you should excell all our ancestors including me in valour." But he never said that he should prove his valour by striking at him only.

Duryothan arranged snacks and drinks to all of them.

Krishna brought Parth out of his thoughts ' Are you sleeping Parth? Enjoy the hospitality of Hastinapur." He handed over the drink to Arjun.Grand Father took Badami milk and looked at his dearest grandson . Destiny brought them against each other.Arjun is dearer to him than anyone in this world.Now if at all he has to move to the other world he would like to do it at Arjun's hands.

Suddenly the Badami struck in his throat and he started coughing.Every one panicked. Arjun ran to him , clasped him and tapped on his head by bending his head down. The Badami piece came out of his mouth and then Arjun offered him water.' Duryothan's face became red. He scolded his attendants.' Why did you leave pieces of Badame? Can't you put powder in Pitamah's bowl?Dussasan,Don't let them repeat it again."

Bhishm looked at Arjun and whispered.' Don't worry. I am alright.I won't leave until you help me leave this world."

Arjun sulked.He looked deep in to his eyes expressing his hurt feelings.

Duryothan became impatient seeing the bonding of GRANDFATHER AND PARTH.

Krishna observed that and approached Arjun .' Santanav Bheeshm,We are grateful to you for your guidance and blessings. We take leave as of now. Parth,let us leave. "

Arjun touched the feet of his grandfather tightly and whispered.' Pranam ." ..


Panchali asked Krishna and Arjun curiously.' What happened there? Is everything fine? " Krishna smiled .' Panchali !I have to drag Arjun literally from his grandfather. He wanted to re experience his childhood by sitting on his lap. "

Arjun desparately pointed out.' That Duryothan boasts he is taking care of him properly. But he can not even make him drink proper Badami milk.And he wants Pitamah to fight the war at the risk  of his life."

Krishna. Warned him.' Parth,Don't be that sentimental. It happened by mistake. Now think more about how to face The Great warrior Bheeshma .No one except you can tackle him." 

Arjuna quipped..Sikhandi will do the job. Why should I ?

Krishna nodded his head and remarked. Impossible.

After Krishna left Panchali asked Arjun.' Are you fine?" Arjun replied matter of factly.' I hope I am . " 

Durga's blessings

Five thousand years ago on the first day of war Arjun dropped his Gandiv. That lead to Bhagawan coming down in all his glory to the level of Nar who lost his sense of duty.Arjun stood on the bank of river Hiranvati

. The sun is about to rise and illuminate the universe with his bright Rays.He slowly walked into the waters and stood facing the Rising sun. Tomorrow's sunrise will see the war begin and decide the lives of Eighteen Akshouhinis including Kauravas and Pandavas.Hey Lord of The Universe,Save the lives." He prayed.'

Provided they had their life span left to live on this earth." The familiar friendly voice made him look back.

Krishna is standing on the shore with a serene smile on his face.

Arjun walked up to him and said.' Surely all those who participate in war may not have the same destiny to lose their lives together.Madhav,I wish some miracle should happen and change the mind of that stubborn cousin of us , Duryodhan,"

Krishna smiled ' Parth Come into your element.Your Eldest will get tensed up if you look aloof and detached.Dhrishtdyumn is waiting for you to discuss the vyuha for tomorrow.The boys want you to address them and give them tips.Your Wife wants you to be present at the Durga Puja she is holding for the welfare of our side. So my dear Parth,hurry up." 

As they walked together suddenly Krishna stopped and turned to him and said..' Panchali did a good thing by holding Durga puja. Now listen to me carefully.Before going on your work worship Durga and praise her. She is Siva's Sakti.Siva already graced you. Now you need the grace of Sakti.She is the Deity of power,energy,good luck and success. She is the Mata Sakti who saves her children and destroys Evil.Praise her with devotion. "

Krishna took Arjun to the place where Panchali arranged everything for Durga Puja.On seeing them come over she smiled and welcomed them by giving them flowers to worship.Arjun moved forward and folded his hands before the Goddess.

Arjun prayed with great devotion. He Maa Jagadamba,Durga,Katyayani,

You are the cause of creation,sustenance and destruction. You are the Sakti that instigates Brahma,Vishnu and Maheswar to fulfill their duties. You are the half of Siva. Siva Sakti holds the creation. We are all your progeny.Shower your grace on us and remove our troubles. Guide me Maa in this crucial hour."

Arjun closed his eyes . Durga Bhavani smilingly stood before him with Trishul in hand.She extended her right hand and touched his head.'Arjun,my son,Narayan is your Soulmate. My lord Mahadev blessed you with Pasupat.What more do you want? You are the symbol of victory. You will win your rivals. My blessings are always with you. Vijayi Bhava"

After she disappeared Arjun looked back and found Krishna and Krishnaa benevolently looking at him with smiling faces.He felt rejuvenated and energetic.Swayam Durga Mata appeared before him and blessed him.

Chapter..two..I will throw him down...

The Pandava side had a surprise visitor from Kaurava side.Uluka,the son of Sakuni.He was sent by Duryothana. 

Yudhishtir politely invited him and offered him hospitality. Then he said.' Uluka say whatever that arrogant Duryothan asked you to convey. Don't hesitate."

Uluka started with apprehension side glancing Bheema who is glaring at him. ' Yudhishtir.Dont expect to be the king again.You better live in the forest . And Bheem! you have selected a suitable job at Virat. Your obsession for eating made you a cook shamelessly.You took many oaths in Kurusabha. We are ready here. If you have guts keep your promise. "

Bheem rolled his eyes.He is about to get on to Uluka but was stopped by Yudhishtir who raised his hand

. Uluka continued.' Arjun, You became a eunuch and danced without shame. What happened to your virility? You brought shame to Kurus.You boast of being the greatest warrior of Aryavarth. Show your prowess by defeating Bheeshm,Dron and Karn. We would like to see your prowess."

Arjun's face became red. Krishna said in a cool voice.'' Uluka !Tell that Duryothan . Parth will come after him wherever he goes.Dont waste your time in words. Be ready for action."

Arjun said.' Uluka ! tell Duryodhana not to fly high thinking of Pitamah. I will throw him down.. This is my promise to him. And then having removed Drona I will proceed to kill Karn. Two days left for war to commence. It is not far away. Madhav is with us, Remember it." 

There is pindrop silence all around. Every one had the same expression. Arjun to throw his Pitamah down?

Nonethless Bhim proudly clapped his hands while Nakula joined him.

But the man who uttered the words stood up,signalled Yudhishtira by bowing down and walked out. He is confused. What did he say? How could he do that?

Parth was desperate. He wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Uma Parvati looked at Mahadev Who was in his yogic trance. She placed her hand on his softly and questioned "Swami Arjun is in confusion. He looks like he is on the verge of renouncing everything. He may not fight the war. He is too deeply attached to his Pitamah.What will my brother do now? Would he wield his weapons?

Mahadev opened his eyes and smiled.. "Parvati..Narayan will make him fight the war. Before that the universe will be blessed with Gita.

Parvati could not suppress her excitement. Gita? She questioned instantly.

Mahadev's Devine voice spelled the words... to his eternal spouse. "Yes. Bhagavadgita...

The sun rose  in the morning dispelling the darkness around and brightening up the energy levels with warmth and vitality.Draupadi did worship to Katyayani and prayed for the welfare of Pandavas. 

After much discussion,it was decided that Draupadi also will have a shibir in their war camp.She would look after the food matters and physicians.

 Subhadra mostly should stay with Uttara at Upaplavya and occasionally if she wants she can visit the camp.

A very spacious kitchen hall was built already with every facility to cook for the Royal people and the army.

Kurukshetr is a sacred place where so many sages have ashramas. Yudhishtir asked Arjun to take care and see that their camp will maintain a safe distance from the sages not disturbing their peaceful routine. 

Balram who is miffed with Krishna for not stopping the war of cousins visited the Pandava camp..He is welcomed heartfully and  a private meeting is arranged to know Balram's purpose of visit. 

Balram addressed the gathering that comprises of all the prominent members of Pandava side. ' I really feel bad seeing all the kings of Aryavarth participate either on this side or Kaurava side. What is there that can not be stopped by amicable talks? Kanha went to Hastinapur but returned without making peace. Both Kauravas and Pandavas are our relatives. Still Krishna is blinded by his love for Arjun' 

Balaram shopped to take breath and continued. ' If Kanha decided to be with Pandavas they only will,win, Yato Krishnastato Jayah.Where Krishna is,there victory will be. 

I am the one who trained Bheem and Duryothan in mace fight. How can I watch one kill the other? So I decided not to participate in war. I will visit Duryothan also and bless him.I can not oppose Krishna's decision. So I will go to Saraswati Tirth and  wait there till the end of the war." 

Arjun looked at Krishna who smiled assuringly. 

The farewell song of a soldier

After Balram went off Krishna and Arjun walked by the shores of Hiranvati seeing the army camps lit up by torches. Some soldiers gathered around the campfire and started singing folk songs accompanied by the beat of drums played by bards.

Arjun concentrated on the song grasping the meaning of the song.

Krishna observed him and asked.' Liked the song Parth? You are unique. Even at the moment of the forth coming battle you enjoy such things. You know I am also like that. That is why we connected so well."

Arjun seriously looked into Krishna's eyes.' You heard the song well? The meaning of the lyrics?"

Krishna nodded.' No ,not quite well. What does the song mean?"

Arjun stopped and gazed into the serene waters of Hiranvati and murmured.' O my Beloved! Forgive me for leaving you and joining the war. I know you never let me part with you even for a minute. But now I left you not knowing when I meet you again.Or If I meet you again or not. But my love. Let us not be unhappy at this moment of pain. Let us reminisce the beautiful moments together .The moon lit nites,The passionate kisses and the breathless embraces. Let us hope for a reunion but if we can't meet,let us meet in heaven." Arjun 's voice broke as he finished the last line.

Krishna turned him in his direction and said in his magnetic voice.' Parth,why do you feel sad? You should see the spirit of boldness the soldier displayed.He is confident of meeting his beloved if not in this world atleast in other world."

Arjun questioned.' Why should he be denied the company of his wife? Isn't it injustice on our part to make him fight war to fulfill our purpose? "

Krishna smiled' Because he is a soldier and his duty is to fight battles.Life or death he should do his duty. And he is doing it. Now don't think too much."

Arjun and Krishna had tents side by side. Arjun silently walked into his tent after hugging his Madhav.Krishna entered his tent and saw Draupadi waiting for him.He raised his eyebrows on seeing her at such odd hour.Panchali asked him.' Did he reach his tent?" Krishna nodded.

She said in a low voice.' Govind! since the war is decided,I observed him disturbed and ill at ease with himself.You know he is bearing maximum responsibility of the battle proceedings.I never found him so vulnerable.I saw him going for battles just like he is attending a celebration.But now he looks dazed,disturbed..."

Krishna approached her and placed his hand on her head.' Parth is my responsibility. I care for him. I love him and you know I compete with you in that aspect and win hands down."

Panchali looked up and smiled.' I know. But can't you remove his dilemmas and prepare him for war?"She questioned earnestly.

Krishna promised.' I do. I will remove his mental trauma and if necessary I will manifest..

Draupadi stared at him,confused.

.Krishna avoided her gaze and warned.' But Yajnaseni,you also have the responsibility to do your bit. "

Draupadi is bewildered.' What can I do in this regard?"

"You can infuse faith in him in your own way. Motivate him.

The morning brought the news of an unwanted visitor seeking entrance into the Pandava camp.

He was Rukmi,the Vidarbha prince and brother of Rukmini.

After politely offering him hospitality,Yudhishtir enquired his welfare. 

Rukmi is arrogant. He nodded his head indicating everything fine and turned towards Arjun and boasted.' Arjun,It is your good luck if I fight  on your side.Dont be afraid of the Kaurava army with so many Maharathis. They are nothing before me.You just relax and watch . I will finish of your rivals."

 Every one who listened his words got hurt at his boastfulness. 

Arjun looked at Krishna who looked calm and composed. He thought of Rukmi's shamelessness as Krishna who defeated Rukmi at the time of Rukmini's abduction is sitting there

.Arjun looked at Rukmi with his natural attitude and said.' When Duryothan was imprisoned by Gandharvas You were nowhere to help me. When I fought with Kaurava army at Virat singlehandedly I didn't seek your help.Now you think I need your help? I don't need your services. You can go somewhere and help those in need. I don't need you in my camp."

 Rukmi fumed at Pandavas but went off and met Duryothan. There also he was rejected. He returned back to Vidarbha disappointed. Only two persons did not participate in war. They are Balram and Rukmi.

Arjun walked by the river..Hiranwati...Vedavyasa's words to his Eldest ...at Indraprasth..he could hear the soothening voice of the Sage as if he said it just before

Arjun gazed at the river flowing with rythym unperturbed by the sudden rush of people who camped there ...with a hope of victory?

The water is green, darker in the shadows and more pale in the light, but still green. Against the noise of the birds that are returning to their nests,the gentle murmur of the water can only be heard, sounding like a  backdrop to the musical notes coming from the twittering Of birds.

A nature lover at heart but Arjun seemed immersed in his own thoughts or rather doubts.

Truth is supreme. Truth is Dharma.

Truth is the ultimate.


Is truth that much powerful ? Why should then his Eldest suffer all these years in forest and now forced to fight for his right over the kingdom?

Arjun was in confusion. There is only one night left before the great battle to commence. Thirteen years he never felt this kind of disturbance in his heart and mind

Arjun closed his eyes trying to get control over his wavering thoughts..

He is reluctant to think what will happen if he and his grand father come face to face.He then got up and walked towards the tent of Drishtadyumna .

The night before the war

The Pandava family assembled in Yudhishtir's spacious tent,the night before the commencement of the Great War.

The shores of Hiranvati river,sheltering the army camps got lit up by torches.

In the evening ,Dhaumya did Homa and offered oblations to all the gods. Dharmaraj Yudhishtir looked calm and composed.He reconciled to the fact that war is inevitable to get their kingdom back

.Bheema is beaming with pride.'Finally I can do justice by punishing the criminals of Draupadi. And Mata Kunti also endorsed the war. What more do I want? Let the Pandava scions reign supreme." He pronounced his feelings and got shouts of applause from every one.

Dhrishtdyumn promised total commitment towards the purpose.' I will fulfill my duty as the Sarva Senadhipati. Brother in law Arjun has so much faith in my ability. I will never let him down." Arjun smiled at him in appreciation.

Abhimanyu came forward and confessed.' On behalf of my brothers and myself I promise. We will keep the Pandava glory fly high.Kauravas will taste what Arjun's son can do to them. Those who insulted my Jyesht Mata have to count their days now onwards."

Abhimanyu hugged his father and Arjun lifted him up like he is a small kid. With moisture in his eyes he admonished him.' My son. We are there to face them. You are our future hope. Don't be aggressive in the battlefield. All of you stick together and do only that what is entrusted to you.Think of Uttara. She needs you more."

Krishna got up, walked to Arjun and smiled.' Parth,A lion cub never stays back. He is Arjun's son and Krishna's nephew. At what age you fought your first war? That too with the great Drupad?Think over."

Drupad laughed broadly and added.' Abhimanyu,Your father is too young when he defeated me and earned fame. I was awestruck on seeing the clarity,precision ,lightness of hand and the speed with which he overpowered me completely. Your father is equally adept at sword fight. In a brief while he exhibited his extraordinary skills in such a manner that I was desparate to make him my son in law at any cost.And the rest is history."

Abhimanyu and the boys clapped gleefully.

Bheema assured Abhimanyu.. You will earn great fame through your exploits. This war will bear testimony for your excellence. Son! You will make us proud.

Arjuna stood up and walked out taking leave followed by Krishna.

Krishna asked him " Still pondering over the propriety of war? Only one night left to move ahead with your Gandiv. Don't entertain dilemmas and doubts.

Arjuna paused and then said .. The War will take away lives on both sides. We also have to lose our dear ones. Why can't we send our sons away from war? They will at least remain safe to continue our legacy.

Krishna chuckled. Pandava legacy will remain safe. But that doesn't mean you should hide your successors and deny them the honour of participation.They should do their duty...which is more important. Now stop bothering about your sons and take rest. The great begining for a new future awaits Aryavarth..

Cgapter 3 ..

The unforgettable dawn 

That dawn was not like it used to be ...thought Panchali.. It will decide the future of Pandavas. It will let Aryavarth change for better..

She was optimistic about the outcome of war. She knew they will win come what may. Govind stood by them by being the charioteer Of his Parth.

But only one doubt left in her mind. Will Arjun fight with his full mettle? Specially towards Bhishma and Drona? His dearest grandfather who did not take initiative to prevent her insult in Kuru Sabha...his revered Preceptor who could not raise his voice against adharma...still gets the same honour and regard.

Draupadi knew only Arjun is in dilemma not her other husbands. But she can not help in any way..only Krishna can make him see reason..that whoever sided with adharma should be punished...

Yudhishtir was The first to arrive at the worship place where Draupadi is waiting with Aarti thali. 

Where are others? They should have been here by this time. We should reach the battlefield in time. He said with anxiety.

Bhima and Nakula came together. They were looking excited enough to commence the first day with a triumph over the rivals.

Bhima assured Draupadi...The countdown begins. I will punish your offenders very soon..

Panchali smiled with understanding.

Sahadeva joined Nakula and bowed before Durga.He informed..All our sons are ready with their weapons. They said you already blessed them with Arti...

Draupadi nodded her head and said with pride. " They were the first to arrive here..

And we were the last to arrive...Krishna said entering with Arjun.

What happened? Why were you late? ..Bhim  asked Arjun but Krishna was quick to respond.

Your brother had a face off with Pitamah Bhishm early in the morning. Both grandfather and grandson exchanged pleasantries and refused to come out of Hiranvati river but Duryodhan came there and reminded his commander in Chief Of his priorities.

Arjuna remembered his brief moments spent with his Pitamah. He heard his affectionate voice echo in his ears again.

I am waiting for the arrows released from Gandiv to caress me all over. Don't deprive that bliss of me.

Yudhishtir  looked at Arjun and said.. I decided on Achala vyuha for our army..Spies brought the information that they are forming Manusha vyuha. Do you have anything else in mind?

Arjun nodded his head...Your choice is my choice. I will let Drishtdyumna arrange Achala which is also called Vajra vyuha for us. ".He said instantly.

Yudhishtir said ..Fine..Then let us move to the field of battle and form the Vyuha. It takes time.

Arjun took Aarti and bid farewell to Draupadi ..He said while moving away...The security for our camp is tight. Still if you find any lapse send messengers.

Panchali nodded her head and smiled...She tried to suppress her apprehensions regarding his mindset..hoping for the best...Krishna's smile offered her solace.

The journey to Battle Field

It was not far away from the camp but Arjuna felt he was travelling miles ..He could see Krishna driving his chariot with a serene expression on his face.

Arjuna turned his head and observed Drishtdyumn commanding the army with great confidence. When he addressed the army and the akshouhini commanders,Arjuncould see the silence and attention with which he was listened.

Arjun sighed with relief. He was the one who nominated Drishtdyumn for the chief commander position. Krishna supported him.

Somehow he did not want to burden his father in law Drupad with the responsibility..He ,at his age should have relaxed freely with his grandchildren but the insult done to his daughter had shaken him severely..He nourished UPA Pandavas in their absence along with Drishtdyumn..

The warrior who was an accomplice of his preceptor Drona wore armour at this age...Arjun could not help but look at his father in law who was a little behind Abhimanyu..

Krishna turned back and chuckled...Your father-in-law can fight with menace even now. Don't worry about him.

Before Arjuna could reply Abhimanyu rode past their chariot and prevented Krishna from moving ahead.

Abhimanyu shouted in excitement.' Pitasri where shall we be in our Vyuh?"

Arjun smiled at him and said.' Your Mama Dhrisht will be the peak.You and your brothers be with him.Bhrata Bheem will be just behind to take care of you .

Your Pitamah Drupad and Maharaj Virat will be in north and South

. Your Jyesht Pita Yudhishtir will be in the middle of the vyuha.

Atthe backside Raja Dhrisht Ketu and Chekitan will take their places." 

And where will you be Pitasri?" Abhi asked.

Krishna said with a meaningful smile.' Just opposite Santanav Bhishm along with Sikhandi."

Arjun became serious and signalled Abhimanyu to leave the path.

The Pandava army marching ahead was optimistic and enthusiastic.

Yudhishtir had a contented expression on his face. Arjun  knew the reason. The sacrificial fire lit up by Dhaumya in the early hours rose higher without smoke and to the right side. It was a good sign and indicate success in endeavour.

Spies informed that Duryodhana's sacrificial fire was covered by smoke and kept to the left direction which was a sign of loss and destruction.

Krishna alerted Parth...See your grandfsther's vyuha was arranged...take inspiration from the old warrior.

Arjun shrugged his shoulders and checked the vyuha of Kauravas..that was quite imposing. Pitamah availed the large numbers he had to his advantage..he hailed in appreciation.

As the chariot entered the war Zone Arjun could see Drishtdyumna arrange their army in the form of Vajra,Indra's thunderbolt. He saw every one take their places as instructed by the chief commander.

As Arjun's chariot aporoached,everyone shouted in joy. Drishtdyumna asked him..Did I need to do any changes?

Arjun. answered instantly..Nothing . You did well but Keep Dhrishtaketu With Virata And Chekitana with Maharaj Drupad..That is essential to balance .

..Drishtdyumna understood ". Virata and Drupada were aged warriors. Hence Arjuna wanted them to be with younger maharadhis.

Abhimanyu shouted..When will the war commence? The Sun has risen already..

Arjun. signalled him with his eyes and said...Let Pitamah blow the conch. Then your Jyeshtpita will sound his conch. That will be the moment to start striking..

At that moment the Chariot Of the chief commander of Kaurava army,Santanav Bhishm came to the front and took the place at the head of their vyuha.

Arjun. asked Krishna..Will you take the chariot ahead to the middle space. I want to have a look at their army. I want to know whom I have to fight.

Krishna drove the chariot to that place from where both the armies are getting clearly visible ..He stopped the chariot and kept his whip aside...Look at both the armies..but make it fast. We have to take position.

Arjun kept his hand above his eyes as the morning rays of the Sun are obstructing his vision.

He first saw the white umbrella of his Pitamah Bhishm..Then his white turban,..the white colour extended to his beard and then his white armour..His white garments completed the full whiteness which is the symbol of peace that  pervaded all around making his silver white chariot glint in white . His white horses looked impatient to be standstill..and waited to gallop ahead.

Arjun's vision blurred due to the moisture in his eyes..Anytime a teardrop may fall down indicating his emotional trauma.. Arjun closed his eyes and heard the affectionate voice of his Pitamah..calling an eight year old boy with dark complexion...

 Arjun my child...You can't lift my bow..don't try...I will get a small one for you..

Chapter 4

The Grandfather who became a Father

Arjun was  running faster and faster in the corridors of Hastinapur.The little toddler did not stop till he reached his Grandfather's chamber.

Bheeshm was seriously in conversation with border Security officers.Generally Bheeshm goes to confidential chamber meant to discuss these things.But since he is unwell due to his mental agony caused by Pandu's untimely death he called them there only.

 Suddenly he felt the tiny hands of Arjun round his neck looking at him in anticipation.His clothes are dusty and his feet carried the dust into Bheeshma's White Dhoti and spread over it. 

Bheeshma looked down into the hazel eyes of the kid and immediately got connected to them. Those eyes are sharp intelligent and at the same time captivating. Arjun muttered under his breath.' Pitasri I am sad..hurt.." Bheeshm melted at his innocent banter.' Arjun I am not your Pitasri I am Pitasri to your Pitasri.Call me Pitamah." 

Arjun repeated the word Ppitamah with curiosity

.' Why are you sad and hurt Arjun? " Bhishm asked him placing his hand on his head. 

Arjun became dull.' Pitamah,It was crushed by Dussasan. It was broken." 

Arjun looked up and pleaded with him in hesitation...May I get your bow Pitamah?

Bheeshm could not see tears in Arjun's eyes.He wiped them and said..Arjun..my child! You can not lift my bow. I will get you a new one.

 He then looked at the officers and ordered.' Go and get a bow for my boy in his size .I don't mean wooden one." 

The officers looked at each other. They came there to discuss the hostile Yavana king but now they were entrusted with another job.They ran as fast as they can. Arjun's eyes twinkled with excitement.He stood on Bheeshma's lap and kissed him on his cheek to express his happiness.

Bheeshm made Arjun sit properly and started. You know Arjun in our Kuruvamsh great archers were there in the past...Arjun forgot his sadness and listened to the stories of his ancestors.

Within two hours Arjun got his unbreakable small designer bow made by the chief Architecht of Hastinapur.As he fixed the arrow on it,Bheeshm couldn't believe his eyes. 

Such precision at that age? He  wondered and blessed him with pride..You will enhance the glory of Kuruvamsh.

Arjuna sighed and turned his face to the right of his Pitamah. There he is..his Guru Dron.His dignified countenance,the detached look in his eyes made Parth..reminisce his golden past.

Eight year old Arjun spell bound on seeing the way ball came out from the well. The urge to do it himself and the love for his bow did not let him stand still. He was instrumental in bringing his Pitamah there and the rest is history

How could he forget the voice that dictated him,demonstrated him,encouraged him and made him the best in Aryavarth.!

How could he shoot his arrows on his most revered Preceptor who loved him more than his own son Aswathama?

Arjun stared at his beloved Guru. His voice rang in his ears.

What did you see Arjun?

Only the bird eye Gurudev..nothing else...Arjun could hear his own voice.

Shoot...an excited Drona ordered.

There was the sound of a sharp crack and the bird fell,hit only in the eye with great precision.

Arjun could see the smile on his Guru's face even now...How could he aim his shots on him who graced him with such affection ..!

To his right Drona has Aswathama ,his dearest son. Arjun could not help but wonder..Is he really the dearest son? Years back in Gurukul Drona found an unexpected competitor for his paternal affection in the form of himself.

Aswathama used to say..that his father now forgot who his son actually was..Aswathama or Arjuna?

Aswathama also said that he never had seen his father so enthusiastic and energetic while teaching his students..specially when he was teaching his special student Arjuna.

Aswathama was always a friend of Duryodhana in Gurukul..But he always expressed his admiration for him whenever he,Arjuna excelled in tests..

He still remember his words when he saved Guru Dron from the crocodile.

I could not do it for my father..You did it with presence of mind. Now you really deserved his love more than me.

Aswathama's confession embarrassed him then but not now...he understood how much his preceptor loved him ..that he chose to impart the knowledge of Brahmasira only to him..Aswathama was not instructed withdrawal..

Parth..How long would you like to live in your past? Come back to present. Every one is looking at us to sound our conches. Santanav Bhishm is waiting for us to get back to our position. " Krishna looked back and alerted his cousin.

Arjuna wiped the already formed sweat on his forehead.

Krishna continued..Angaraj Karn won't fight it seems. He pledged that he will enter battle field only after Bhishma's fall. He was angry with your Pitamah for degrading him as a warrior..Bhishm called him Artharath.

Arjuna retorted with a frown..So..he decided that my Pitamah will fall down..he must have forgotten his valour..he defeated Parasurama himself..

Krishna declared with a decisive tone..Parth..No one is beyond fate..Every one has to end his journey at some point. That applies to your Pitamah also.

Arjun has moisture in his eyes . He then turned his face to see Duryodhan ,much right to Aswathama..looking impatient as usual.

What did he achieve by doing all that he had done? Arjun wondered. 

Arjun could not help but reminisce the most dreaded moment of his life. The Dice Hall. Panchali's humiliation.He could see the scene before his eyes because hardly could he overcome his anger towards his helplessness in shielding his wife.

Panchali had tears rolling down. Dussasan is pulling her Pallu with force and she won't be able to resist anymore. 

Her saviour her Bhagawan has to come and redeem her.Panchali closed her eyes and prayed.' Hey Krishna,Govinda,Vaasudeva,Narayana Hare,Pahimam,Rakshamam." ..

   Narayan ,Pundarikaksh,Jagannadh,Panchali's Govind and Parth's Madhav  lifted his hand. Graced his Sakhi with unending ,lustrous long sary that covered her fully and made Dussasan tired of pulling the saree.

 The garment became a big hill,of sorts making the onlookers wonder and praise the devotional power and chastity of Draupadi. 

Arjun opened his eyes to see the grace and love of Madhav that made His Krishnaa stand tall while all the others looked like pitiful creatures who will be burnt by the power of a sati. 

He sighed with relief ,with tears in his eyes. ' Madhav, you kept your promise. You redeemed us. You stood by your Sakhi and proved your love for her. You gave me life." Arjun thanked his Madhav again and again.    

Arjun forcibly pulled himself from that heartbreaking incident of their lives.

But could he take away life from his cousins who were fools and ignorant of the outcome of war? Could he deprive his Jyeshtpita Dhritarashtra and his Jyeshtmata Gandhari of the shelter of their sons in the last phase of their lives? 

Arjun desparately nodded his head. The whole clan will perish. Sons,grandsons ..everyone.

Arjun turned his eyes towards Jayadhradh ,the husband of his only sister Dussala. Could he make her a widow for no fault of her?

Chapter 5

Arjun was in dilemma. Could he take away life from his cousins who were fools and ignorant of the outcome of war? Could he deprive his Jyeshtpita Dhritarashtra and his Jyeshtmata Gandhari of the shelter of their sons in the last phase of their lives?

Arjun desparately nodded his head. The whole clan will perish. Sons,grandsons ..everyone.

Arjun turned his eyes towards Jayadhradh ,the husband of his only sister Dussala. Could he make her a widow for no fault of her? He still remember how he crossed the limits by abducting Draupadi..on that day

Panchali moved away from him trying fiercely to balance her feet and not giving him opportunity to touch her.Jayadhrath laughed with amusement thinking that finally he is able to have the most beautiful woman within his reach.

. Yajnaseni 's eyes turned red. ' you are a fool Jayadhrath,you consider me helpless? Are you in your senses to realise with whom you are rubbing shoulders? I hope you will come to terms with your destiny when you see Savya Sachi with Gandiv in his hand. Your eyes will wide open when he burns your army like forest fire.You need not wait too long. Very soon you will hear the Twang of Gandiv.Then your senses will stop functioning. Get ready to face the arrows of Gandiv.And Ofcourse Bheem will never leave you at all. His mace will cause destruction.Remember,If it is too late even Eldest won't forgive you."

Jayadhrath laughed loudly looking at her with lust. ' Daughter of Drupad! You look too beautiful even in anger. And your hair,I never saw such luscious hair for any one." Jayadhrath tried to touch her curls greedily.Panchali threatened him. ' Dont ever dare Jayadhrath!You will get burnt here itself."...

When Dhaumya informed them with tears what happened in their absence,Pandavas got into a state of anger,Shock and disdain. Dhaumya regretted.' By the time I heard her calling Arjun and Bheem for help,the chariot went far away.I fear they must have gone too far. Rajkumar Arjun,Bheem hurry up. Otherwise the queen will get into serious trouble."

Arjun pulled up his quivers took Gandiv in hand and urged Bheem.' Let us go Bhrata before that wretched Jayadhrath crosses the forest.Bheem was already in hurry to rush fast  rolling his eyes.

 They both went ahead of the other three who followed them behind. Arjun told Bheem that it is necessary to stop Jayadhrath from moving out of the forest.He shot his fire arrows even without seeing the chariot before his eyes.

First the Twang of The Gandiv was heard and then Jayadhrath's chariot horses looked bewildered as they were stopped by the line of fire created by the arrows released from Gandiv.

Panchali could not control her excitement.' Murkh Jayadhrath !Heard the sound? Be careful otherwise your ears will get blocked. Recognised the arrows? They are from Gandiv.They will converse with you in your language." Jayadrath peeped behind and saw the Five Brothers.Two of them are nearer to the chariot and the remaining three are behind. He asked Panchali .' Describe the Pandavas. I want to hear from you."

Panchali laughed gleefully. ' Now I am relieved. I saw them together coming to punish you .I have no fear.See,that Eldest who can forgive even his rivals.He always try to follow dharma.

Now see BheemSen who is rolling his eyes. He will never leave his rivals alive.

See the Twins,They are dangerous to those who try to harm them.

Now see Arjun,Even if you hide in heaven,he can find you out and kill you.

Before Jayadrath could do anything Arjun killed Five hundred chief warriors of Jayadrath.He immediately killed twelve Sauvira princes. Soon the whole place has been covered by head less bodies and body less heads.Bheem killed elephants and horses with his mace.

Jayadrath started shivering. That much destruction in that less time span? He realised the truth of Panchali's words. Just then Arjun shot sharp arrows and killed the horses of his chariot.

Panchali laughed at Jayadrath. ' Didn't I tell you,before? Coward. Do you have guts to face arrows released from Gandiv? Have an answer for the onslaught? Whose wife did you cast your eyes upon? They are Pandavas.Now endure the result of your misdeed."

Her words made Jayadrath overcome with fear.He jumped from his chariot ,ascended another chariot and fled. Immediately Arjun and Bhim reached there .They entrusted Panchali to Sahadev . They asked him to get back to hermitage with her and others.

Arjun approached Bheem and alerted him.' Stop it Bhrata.. Stop killing innocent warriors. The real culprit fled away. Let us catch him alive."

They both followed Jayadrath who is galloping in his chariot.He already crossed kros distance,away from Arjun and Bheem.Then Arjun who is unshaken despite not seeing Jayadrath any where nearer shot a Divine astra that sped fast and killed his  horses.

Sindhuraj was spellbound on seeing such expertise that made Arjun shoot the horses from such a long distance. He looked back and saw both Bheem and Arjun approach him on horses. He regretted.' My lust made me see this day.I provoked that Arjun who is invincible to even gods. I should save my life from Bhim."

Jayadrath started running fast and Arjun laughed at him and shouted.' ' O Jayadrath!,You are shameless. You left your army at our mercy and running away. Is this your valour that made you abduct another's wife? Stop there we are coming." Jayadrath did not stop but hid himself in bushes.

Bhim scolded Arjun " No need to talk with him..I will smash his head with my bare hands.

Arjun and Bheem finally traced Jayadrath and Bheem started kicking him left and right. Blood flowed from his nose and Arjun pulled Bhima back.' Stop it Bhrata. Let us take him alive." He said.

Bheem shouted loudly.' Don't be that soft.Arjun,The crime he committed is unpardonable.Still for Eldest I am leaving him as of now."

Jayadrath was thrown at the feet of Draupadi.She smiled with contentment. 

Yudhishtir councilled him in his own way.' You are the husband of our sister Dussala. How could you attempt such henuous crime? Learn to worship Dharma by standing by it."

.Bheem burst out.' There is only one punishment for him. Death punishment.And I will carry it on."

Panchali said in a soft voice.' Leave him alive. He is our Dussala's husband." Arjun looked at her with appreciation.Yudhishtir applauded her.

Bheem took an arrow from Arjun and shaved off his hair leaving five parts and declared.' Jayadrath!Now you are our servant. Wherever you are remember it." Jayadrath folded his hands and left.

Arjun desparately stared at Jayathrath. That day they saved him for the sake of Dussala. How could they kill him now forgetting about their sister's happiness?

Krishna turned to Parth and declared..I will take the chariot back to our place. See how your Eldest is looking confused at our stay here in the middle of the armies? Look at your Bhrata Bhim Who is impatient that you are causing delay in commencing battle? 

Arjun again wiped off his sweat. His fingers lost grip on Gandiv. His knees turned weak and can not support him to stand. He got reeling sensation..He stammered helplessly..Madhav I can not fight..

Dhritarashtra asked Sanjaya to narrate the incidents at Kurukshetra with the Devine vision he got by the blessings of VedVyas..

Dharma Kshetre Kurukshetre Samaveta ...Mamakah Pandavaschaiva Kimakurvata Sanjaya" 

What did my sons and Pandavas do having assembled there at Kurukshetr which is the Dharmakshetra?

Sanjaya was bewildered on hearing the question. The way Dhritarashtra distinguishes between his sons and Pandu's sons..is that not the reason for this Great War to happen?

Kurukshetra is Dharmakshetra. Dhritarashtra knows that but still he is blind with his obsessive love for Duryodhan. Had he tried his best ,he would have averted this unwanted calamity that is about to strike Kuruvamsh...Sanjaya sighed with despair.

When Veda Vyas granted him Devine vision,Sanjay did not know how blessed he is going to be. How fortunate he is to become the only person to witness the universal form of the Lord himself along with Arjun. But destiny knows the fact. That is why along with the whole creation,destiny is waiting with bated breath for the glorious moment to unfold the eternal truth. 

The Chariot Of Dharma stood still in the middle, With Krishna showering his unlimited grace on his Parth through his lotus eyes,by placing his hand on his shoulder.

Sanjaya  concentrated and started .' Maharaj Listen to me what I have been fortunate to witness ,the conversation between Krishna and Arjun...It is an honour even to watch the two soulmates together in one chariot.

The war drums were sounding higher and the war music was the only thing heard ...Everything around blurred in his vision. The music did not uphold his spirits as it used to do in every battle he fought..The greatest warrior of Aryavarth felt his knees buckling and he has to clutch the pole of the chariot for support. He tried not to fall back and began stuttering.

Through the moisture of his eyes Arjun again looked at his grandfather who was standing as if waiting to hear the conches blown by him and Krishna.

Arjun wished he could question him..Why did you let us be sent to Varanavat?Why did you let Draupadi be insulted in the savagest way ever devised by men?Why did you let the Dice game happen? Why did you not stop us from going on Exile? Why did you not command Duryodhan to accept Krishna's peace proposal?

Arjun closed his eyes and the tears rolled down on his cheeks to be wiped off by the hand that always held him with affection and made him feel rejuvenated in any mood,that he was in.

As he tried to open his eyes gradually he felt the soft yellow upper garment of Krishna wipe away the tear drops.

Arjun clasped his hand firmly ..that hand which belongs to him,who is his life support system.

Krishna stood erect,,gazing at his friend and infusing strength through his touch..he knew the moment has arrived..Krishna looked up..the morning Sun is in full form as if to be the first one to hear him along with Arjun.

Dharmaraj Yudhishtir sat in his chariot in deep thought. He could see the two Krishnas,away from their army,in the middle and at the corner. It is too difficult to fathom what is happening inside. Why are they not getting back to position? The question that he found no answer yet is framed by his brother.Bhim.who else?

Bhrata! Why is Arjun staying there and wasting time? Why such delay in blowing conches? If you agree I will go there and fetch them back..Bhim asked with impatience.

Sahadev interrupted Bhim and said..No Bhrata. Let us wait with patience.

Nakul took Bhim's hand and said..Let us go to Drishtdyumn and check our vyuha once. One round we go,I am sure we will hear Panchajanya and Devdutta blow and indicate the commencement of war.

Chapter 6

Arjun looked around again and nodded his head in despair.

Krishna goaded him...Speak up Parth..say what is nailing you at this moment. I am here to listen.

Arjun started in a broken voice,looking dejected. " Madhav! Just by watching my people on both sides,my body is trembling ,my mouth already dried up..See..my Gandiv slips from my hand.

I see bad omens..indicating the disaster ahead.

Krishna has a smile on his face..his Parth is in serious need of his councilling.

Arjun continued..I don't need power,enjoyment,riches..For what purpose I need them?

Those who assembled here are ready to die..I don't know who will survive.

  • See my Pitamah..I love him dearly. How could I strike him down? He came all the way to Indraprasth to express his delight when I returned from my northern Rajasuya conquest. I still feel the warmth of his hug...Arjun reminisced that moment..

The Rajasuya preparations are going on at a fast pace. Of the four Pandavas who went on conquest ,Arjun was the last to return. He went in northern direction up to Uttar Kuru regions in Himalayas. The wealth he brought was huge. Camels and elephants carried the precious jewels and gems..to the outskirts of Indraprasth.

As Arjun alighted from his chariot he was welcomed by his Madhav,his Eldest,Bhim and Sahadev.

Krishna hugged him tight and said...I am counting time..without you I am getting bored..but really great your conquest Parth..You made the empire of your Eldest the most prosperous in Aryavarth..

Bhim lifted him up and applauded..Proud Of you Arjun.

Yudhishtir patted him and revealed..I coined a new name for you..Dhananjay.

Dhananjay..my blessings to you ..

As Arjun heard the most familiar voice he turned around and could not believe his eyes.

Don't you want to take your gift?

Arjun looked astonished. The next moment he ran into the arms of his Pitamah.

He clung to his neck just like he used to do in his childhood. He had tears in his eyes.

You remembered your promise? He asked in broken voice.

Why would I forget? You made the impossible possible . You brought Aryavarth under the same chatr. Is this a small feat? Bhishm questioned him with a proud smile.

Krishna smiled and said. Mahamahim Bhishm, your love for Parth is real. I am touched.

Krishna looked at Arjun with affection and compassion.He then asked showering his grace on Arjun.

Jishnu,From where did you get such despicable thought? It will bring ill fame to you.You have to fight at any cost."

Arjun nodded his head with impatience.' No. I won't fight Madhav.Look at him. He is my Pitamah. In my childhood I used to climb into his lap with dirty feet. He never scolded me. He pampered me like I was his own son. How can I shoot him with an arrow? I see no pleasure in that. And my Guru?

He loved me more than his own son Aswathama. How can I wound him? And my foolish cousins. How can I send them to the land of death? No way. Never."

Arjun became silent. He has tears in his eyes.

Krishna spoke with a strange calmness that Arjun never saw before.' You mourn for those who are already dead? Do you think there was ever a time when you were not there or I was not there? You think with death all those kings cease to exist?Never.Every one is always there in Eternity."

Arjun did not get convinced.' Let them have it all. I don't like to eat blood stained food. Madhav don't persuade me to fight. I won't."

Arjun looked into Krishna's eyes and found them deep like ocean and distant as he never felt before.

Arjun persisted.' I can not fight. I am confused. I don't know what my dharma is.

I lost my peace of mind. I am disillusioned.Madhav,Guide me further.Instruct me my dharma.I can't decide by myself.But I remind you I can not kill my Elders for selfish reasons."

Arjun again took resort to silence having said thus.

The future of Aryavartha hung in balance.If Arjun refuses to fight, the Devine plan set by Krishna to reduce the burden of earth will not get fulfilled.

Krishna took Arjun's hand into his.' Parth listen to me.Happiness and Sorrow will come one after  another like winter and summer.

An intelligent person should not grieve both,Such a person surely deserves to get Moksha.

Soul never perishes. No one can destroy a soul.But body will get destroyed by all means,If you keep that in mind you will realise that you are not killing the soul.

Just like we leave old clothes and wear new clothes soul will change into another body.Soul can not be pierced by any weapon.It can not be burnt by fire.

Soul can not be drenched by water It can not be swept by wind."

Arjun stared at his friend trying to grasp the essence of his words.

The Gita continued from the lord himself to his alter ego.his soulmate Arjun...and it even had the never happened before occurance..the universal form of the almighty ..and enlightened Arjun about the different manifestations of him..

Krishna touched various aspects of the reality of creation,the real knowledge..and many more.

He stressed that soul will stay intact..it won't have any kind of destruction...Arjun listened and  understood..but still 

The knowledge that Krishna imparted on that day ..which is the ultimate ...suppressed under the layers of Arjun's mind...did it work positively towards enabling him to follow his dharma as a warrior completely?

The question can be answered only by following and tracking Arjuna..and his actions,apprehensions and inhibitions..

Whatever Krishna told ..definitely surfaced .and guided him further...no doubt about it..

A journey with Arjun towards awakening..

Panchali..in her camp shibir..could not help but reminisce the past incident connected with Arjun's amazing bond with Bhishm who arrived at Indraprastha far before the commencement of Rajasuya.

Arjun's other wives Ulupi,Chitra also came there to participate in the celebrations and sacrifice. Subhadra was already there with her child Abhimanyu..All Of them wondered what happened to Arjun as he is missing since two days. They even visited Draupadi's chamber to know his whereabouts but the queen was equally ignorant about Arjun...

Late at night after dinner Draupadi walked towards Bhishma's rest house ,a little away from royal palace.

Panchali extended her hand to Arjun who was shocked to see her there. He took the aushadhi from her hand and asked.' Krishnaa you should have sent them through Malini. Why did you come here? Pitamah is suffering from severe cold. Sahadev's aushadhi will do good for sure."

Panchali stared at both the grandson and grandfather. Arjun is sitting by his side and Bhishma looked quite comfortable having him there.

Bheeshm opened his eyes and scolded Arjun. ' Now go with her and take rest.Anyway I will sleep now."

Arjun refused outright.' No Pitamah. I have to massage your head. I will escort her and comeback."

Bheeshm desparately complained.' Arjun is too stubborn.You must have realised by now."

Panchali smiled and replied.' Yes Pitamah. I realised."

Arjun sideglanced her with smiling eyes. As they walked out together Bheeshm could not help but bless them in his heart.'

" Arjun observed her silence and asked. ' What happened? Why did you come all the way? Missed me already?"Panchali seriously turned to him and said.' Yes. All your wives missed you.You should have sent message that you are with Pitamah.They thought that you are with me and visited my chamber."

Arjun could not believe his ears.Then suddenly he threw his head back and laughed heartfully.' Finally they must have realised how besotted I am with you."

Panchali walked fast indicating her annoyance.Arjun caught up with her and held her waist.' Forgive me. I should have informed them that I am with Pitamah.Tomortow I will send messages to them.I promise. They won't trouble you again. Pitamah is not well. I couldn't think of anything else...

Panchali pulled herself from the past..

She shivered remembering Arjun's unshaken devotion and love towards his Pitamah.

Arjun who forgot his wives,Arjun who forgot his children,such Arjun will lift his Gandiv against him? Will he show his prowess before his dearest Pitamah?.. 

Chapter 7

Krishna continued his speech that elaborated the nature of the soul and body.

.Jatasya Hi Dhruvo Mrityuh Dhruvam Janma Mritasya Cha ...

The one who takes birth has to meet his death. And the one who dies takes birth again.itis inevitable.Hence know it Parth. To fight as a Kshatriya is the best way for you.Nodoubt about that.If you don't fight you will incur sin and ill fame.And you know I'll fame is equal to death.Hato Va Prapyasi Swargam...If you die in war you will go to heaven. If you win you will get back your kingdom.Now get up and be ready to fight.Dont think about Victory and defeat. Just fight with a cool mind.

Till now I instructed Sandhya yoga that tells about the soul.

Arjun listened carefully..with utmost dedication..but was he able to overcome his feelings for his Pitamah?

The third day battle proved otherwise..

The Third Day

On Arjun's instruction Dhrisht Dyumn formed crescent moon formation,the Artha Chandra Vyuha.Bheema stood at the right edge.

Then Virat and Drupad . In the middle stood Yudhishtir with Sikhandi and Dhrisht.

Then Satyaki,Abhimanyu and Draupadi's sons filled up.

At the left edge stationed Arjun with his Gandiv.Arjun started destroying the Kaurava army exhibiting his unparalleled prowess.

Satyaki, Abhi ,and upapandavas attacked Sakuni.A fierce battle happened between Duryothan and Bheem.Within a short while Duryotthan swooned in his chariot.Abhi defeated Sakuni and made him run away.

Arjun appeared as if he is playing a game, Whoever came across they were thrown off their feet by Savyasachi who troubled the Kauravas by shooting with both his hands.

Duryothan got angry and blamed Dron and Bhishm with harsh words Pitamah! Are you fighting on my side? He questioned directly.

.Bheeshm got angry and proceeded to wipe off Pandava army.

He appeared as if he only is fighting every where.His skill in archery made every one wonder of his. Accuracy and power.He looked like Siva at the time of Pralaya.

Krishna bit his lips and addressed Arjun.' Parth why are you overlooking your Pitamah? Now fight with full heart."

As Krishna raced his chariot towards Bheeshm, Arjun pierced the bow string of Bhishm..who took another one but that was also broken by Arjun in a split second.

Bheeshm smiled at Arjun with applause in his eyes.Bheeshm again continued his fight and wounded both Arjun and Krishn.Observing Arjun's passive attitude Krishna got angry and jumped down from the chariot.

He took a chariot wheel in his hand and shouted.' I am wielding my weapon despite my oath that I won't fight. Today I will kill Santanav and others and bestow the kingdom on Pandavas."

Every one stood spell bound seeing his ferocious form .

Bheeshm folded his hands and prayed.' O lotus eyed Lord! O Krishna with shining yellow garment,Iwelcome you Lord please liberate me from this bondage. Grace me Prabhu."

Arjun jumped down from the chariot and ran . He sprinted forward yelling "Madhav Please stop.

Krishna still raced ahead with firmness and Arjun managed to hold his shoulder tightly, but Krishna dragged Arjun along with him .

Finally Arjun stopped him with his full might and clasped his feet.Krishna fired at him.' Parth you won't harm your Pitamah. Let me do this for your sake."

Arjun pleaded with him.' How can I incur sin by forcing you break your vow? Give me another chance, I will tackle Pitamah.Arjun promised.

Krishna chided him.' You will tackle. But you won't kill him. Is that so? What is the use?"

Arjun's face turned pale. He confessed. ' As you wish I will do. But leave the weapon."

As both of them ascended the chariot every one sighed with relief.

Krishna drove the chariot with force and Arjun attacked the Kaurava army and Bheeshm keeping aside his apprehensions.

Bheeshm hurled a Sakti arrow at Arjun but Arjun pulled the string of Gandiv to his ear and shot his Astr that made the earth tremble.Gandiv thrummed with menace.

An arch of fire blazed across the sky and fell on the Kaurava army . Bheeshm's chariot halted.

His charioteer swooned. The horses ran wilfly.Asthe Astra caused devastating effect thousands of Kaurava soldiers with their elephants and horses lost their lives.

The river of blood started flowing in Kaurava side. Drona,Salya and others stood stupefied. The day came to an end with Pandavas prevailing over the Kauravas.

Devdutt and Panchajanya together blew victorious notes that made Pandava army dance but Kaurava army shiver.

And the Astra released by Arjun on that day became the topic of discussion. It was Aindrastr.

The Astra of Indra given to him by his father.

.In the night Panchali stepped into his tent and gazed deeply into the most charming face that bowled her over ever since she saw him walk towards the bow at her Swayamvar.What would she love more? His valour or his beauty? Or his sensitivity? She can't tell.

Arjuna stood dumbfounded,overwhelmed with grief..that was the eighth day of war and he lost his Eldest son Iravan,the son of Ulupi..He was shaken up..shattered...but still he continued his fight with his opponents. He tried to get control over his emotions..remembering Krishna's instruction...of Karma..action..Karmayoga.

Krishna's voice his Devine aura...Parth reminded the moment again.

Karma Yoga.Traigunya Vishaya Veda.

.Vedas describe the three gunas.You should be beyond those three and the dualities of life.

You have the right to do your duty but you can not dictate the result..

And you are not the reason for the end result.

!the same time you should not desist from your duty thinking of the result

.Karmanyevadhikaraste MA Phaleshu Kadachana ..

He Dhananjay !leave your apprehensions and take resort to Bhakti Bhava

.Sages and Yogis practice this and liberate themselves from the sufferings of the materialistic world

.Then they will get out of the cycle of birth and death.You should try and attain that state."

Arjun slowly and steadily applied his mind on Krishna's words.

He started having anxiety and curiosity to know more and more.

He asked.' Sthita Prajnasya Kaa Bhasha ? Samadhisthasya Kesava...Madhav, Such a person who achieves the state of liberation,how will he be? How will he speak? How will he behave?"

Parth the man who takes delight in soul,he is called The Stable minded and Knowledgable.

Veeta Raaga Bhaya Krodha.

..That person will not be overjoyed in happiness and too disturbed in troubles

.He will be devoid of fear,affection and anger.

He is called a sage.He will not be effected by the physicalities of the world.

Those who have senses under control and concentrate their heart in myself He is the Stable and knowledgable.

...But naturally man will get attracted to the objects of senses due to which he will be enveloped by passion due to which he is subjected to anger..

The Sunset dropped curtains down on the battle field..the chariot is racing towards the camp of Pandavas. Arjun could not help but remember Ulupi..and the night that broke his brahmacharya...and brought Iravan into this world...

Nagakanya Ulupi stared at the mesmerising form of heroic Phalgun. She wondered how could she behave so impulsively leaving her dignity and manners.

She heard from her friends that the third Pandav has camped at Gangadwar and he is breathtakingly handsome. By then the stories of his valour are widely populour in Naglok.

All her friends drooled over him and told her that spending the minutest moment in his company is worth their lives.

Ulupi got curious and finally had her eyes on him that evening. She could not believe her eyes.

The dark complexioned,curly haired hero with moon like face and great physique made her swoon and lose her control. She hugged him and with the help of her power of illusion, brought him to nagaok.

But how can she reveal her desire? Ulupi looked at him who is doing his unfinished evening Homa in the fire that existed there.

Arjun finished his Homa and found Ulupi in deliberation.

After daring to abduct a stranger who is an ascetic, why do you lack courage to explain the reason. I believe I deserve an answer .

Arjun's straight forward question hurt Ulupi a bit.

She gathered her courage and introduced herself. Arjun nodded his head and smiled at her.

Still I did'nt get my answer. He said looking at her sharply.

Ulupi thought he really has loads of attitude.

Who would'nt have when such great achievements , in such young age have been credited with his name?

Arjun glanced at her expression and understood. She is desperately besotted with him.

Ulupi opened up finally. Yes,Rajkumar Arjun, I abducted you with a desire to own you . I can not live with out you. Grace me with a son.

Arjun wondered. How can he fulfill her desire when practicing ascetism?

Ulupi understood his doubt. "I know you are leading ascetic life as you had broken a vow that is connected to Draupadi. But your vow is restricted to Draupadi only but not to any one else. I remind you again I can't live further if you refuse to accept me.

Arjun thought if his vow costs the life of Ulupi It will be his failure only even if he completes his pilgrimage.

Ulupi could not suppress her joy..And the night became the most memorable night of her lifetime.

. She informed her father Kauravya, the serpent king who took pride in having the greatest warrior of Aryavarth as his son in law.

He assured Arjun that Indraprasth would never have danger from snakes of any kind. Ulupi got a son by name Iravan,in sadyogarbh, as a boon for spending a beautiful night with Arjun.

Arjun got tears in his eyes...The war now started consuming his own people..first Uttar Kumar..now Iravan..

Krishna stood in the chariot ...they reached the destination..He took him close and whispered..Time to practice what I preached..

In Krishna's close embrace resounded the question he asked that day..

Do you think those who die in this battlefield can be saved if you refuse to fight? No. In our side or in their side those who ought to go should leave this world..

The Earth has prayed for her release..And the answer is this battle and its outcome. You are the chosen instrument by gods and by the supreme lord..

Arjun looked at him who is kindness personified. He is the breath that he,Arjun inhale for his survival. He is the heartbeat.

The darkness spread over Pandava camp and they mourned Iravan's death.

Arjun walked through  the tents...to spend a sleepless night...to wake up for a brighter tomorrow.

Nineth day

At Kurukshetra ended in triumph for Kauravas as Bhishma killed Pandava army like fire burns cotton. Arjun did not bother to check him and was mild in his counter attack.

He walked towards Hiranvati river in the darkness of night and lied down placing his hand on his eyes. He doesn't want to think about war happenings. He just wanted to reminisce Krishna's teaching that could help him pool up strength to face his Pitamah again..His sixth sense is indicating the forthcoming incident that may corner him,nail him but ultimately make him responsible for the drastic turn of War ...

Krishna continued.' Parth,Previously I instructed this Yoga Sastra to Surya Dev.Then it was given to Manu by SunGod.Manu instructed this to Ikshwaku.You are my friend and devotee. That is why I am instructing this ancient Sastra to you."

Arjun could not suppress his confusion. He immediately asked his friend.' Surya Dev existed since the beginning of the creation. Then how could you instruct him this science? I am confused."

Krishna smiled and informed.' Dear Parth,So many births happened to me and to you.I remember them all. But you can not."

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya.glanirbhavati Bharata

..Parth,Whenever Dharma falls in danger,I will take birth

.Paritranaya Sadhunam...

I will incarnate in every age to save noble people,to destroy wicked people and to reestablish Dharma

.People who got rid of desire,anger and sorrow and who applied their consciousness in me certainly were purified by my awareness and were blessed with my Devine love.

.One who feels satisfied with whatever he gets by chance,One who is beyond the dualities of life One devoid of jealousy,One who stays stable in happiness and sadness such a person is never bound by his actions.

Arjun wondered..how could that state be attained? That stability which is possible only for sages...how could an ordinary man like him achieve that? He is still prone to all emotions..effected by love and hatred.

Yudhishtir went to Krishna and said .' See the loss of lives in our side. I can not bear this any more. I thought your dear friend and my brother will kill Pitamah. But observing him today I,understood.Arjun will never kill Pitamah.we won't win the war. Hence I would like to go to the forest again with my brothers.Why to make innocent people die in the hands of Pitamah?"

Ktishna consoled him.' You will definitely win the war. Your brother will do it for you. If he hesitate I will fulfill your work."

Yudhi then took Krishna and his brothers to Bheeshma late at night. Bhishm felt happy to see them all suddenly.

When Yudhi asked him how could they win the war Bhishm replied with a smile .' Yudhishtir ask your brother to throw me down keeping Sikhandi before.None can beat me in war. Narayan or Nar are the exception."

Arjun got tears in his eyes. The moment has arrived.He is the unfortunate one to incur sin."

Bheeshm called him nearer.' Don't have any hesitation to shoot me down. I chose you to open the doors of Moksha for me.Promise me you will do it."

Bheeshm took Arjun closer and softened his curls.Arjun hid his face on his shoulder. Tears did not stop even after he came out of the tent,.

As he walked beside Krishna he couldn't control his disgust towards himself .

He said in a broken voice.' My Pitamah never harmed any one. He lived his life like a sage. He treated me like his own son. He never bothered even if I ran to his lap with my dirty feet.He made me recover from the sorrow of my father's death. Madhav! I can't shoot him down. Let Sikhandi do the thing."

Krishna smiled with concern. His Parth will never change. Not even The Gita could make him attack his Pitamah.He looked endearingly into his face and said.' Parth He is Santanav Bheeshm. Sikhandi's arrows can do no harm to him.You are destined to do that . Your arrows only would strike him down.

Along with Arjun who did not sleep that night,someone else also could not close her eyes even for a Kshan. She was agitated thinking about the difficult task ahead for her husband ..surely the sunrise next day will make her Parth..shattered and devastated.

Panchali always found Arjun quite different inside ..he,Who looks cheerful.humble and energetic has the detached spirit inherent and dominant within his soul..

She first sensed that tinge when Arjun silently submitted himself to the word of his mother and brother to share her among the Five. She came across his detached persona..again and again ..

Panchali reminisced One such incident that acquainted her with his innermost thoughts..at Indraprasth.

Indraprasth just then bid adieu to Krishna who left for Dwaraka after Rajasuya sacrifice.Arjun went along with Krishna almost half the distance and then returned being scolded by Krishna.

It was almost midnight when he reached Panchali's chamber.He looked earnestly at his son Sritakirti who is in deep sleep. Panchali teased him with sleepy eyes.' Why did you return? You should have gone to Dwaraka with Govind. I thought you would go."

Arjun walked to the window and replied.' Am I that lucky? No. I have to return back to my duties ,responsibilities and predicaments. Sometimes I feel wierd even in the middle of all luxeries and grandeure.Where will all this end? Is there a limit to worldly pleasures? How great it will be if I am allowed to go to a forest and do penance ? "

Panchali pretended anger.' Please for gods sake don't do so. I heard your Pitasri Indr will send apsaras to disturb the penances of sages.Then I will get another co wife who is Devine."

Arjun laughed throwing his head back.He pinched her cheek and teased.' Always possessive.Krishnaa Yajnaseni never leave this trait not even in her dreams."

Panchali hugged him close and admitted.' Yes Ofcourse.I should be possessive as my husband is a flirt.and at the same time an ascetic at heart,,.

Panchali pulled herself forcibly into present that is scary and haunting.

Arjun, please compose yourself. Govind !help him out." She desparately prayed again.

Arjun got up and walked out..It was still the fourth quarter of the night..The camp is swept by silence still..As he walked past the recovery sibir,he found many wounded soldiers lying on beds unable to get sound sleep.

Specially the day before ended not in a favourable note with Bhishma striking soldiers and wounding them in high numbers..He Arjun did not quite reciprocate his attack...and as a result ,the tenth day sunrise will forcibly throw him into a do or die battle with his Pitamah.

Hiranvati river appeared agitated and disturbed...Far away on the other side of the river..the hermitages Of sages woke up to follow their routine.

Arjun stood in knee deep water and closed his eyes..As usual he tried to remind himself what his Madhav said on that day...that only could drive him towards the goal..

Krishna continued.' Parth those who think of me at the time of death will certainly reach me immediately.

..Hence you always think of me and do your duty.

Fight with your rivals.

That way you will attain me for sure

.He who is smaller than the smallest,the nourisher of the universe ,the formless one,the Parama purusha should be meditated as the most ancient and the all knowledgable.

He is beyond the physicalities of the world

..The experts of Vedic knowledge,the seers who chant OM,and those who practice sanyasa will merge in Brahma.Liberation from the actions of senses is called the state of yoga

.Omityekaksharam Brahma...Taking resort yoga,if the person leaves his body chanting Om and thinking of me,he will definitely attain spiritual worlds.

Those who attain such state will never come back to this world that is Asaswat.

According to caliculation one thousand yugas is said to be one day time for Brshma.His night also will be the same.The supreme God can be attained by single minded devotion.Those who leave their body in daytime,during Uttarayan will reach the ultimate state.Those who die in Dakshinayan and night time will come back to take birth again.Parth fix your mind in devotion.

The man who practice Bhakti yoga will get the same result as those who study Vedas and perform sacrifices.

Parth,you are always devoid of jealousy. Hence I am offering you this secret knowledge.With this you will be free from your sufferings.

Arjun opened his eyes..the darkness is giving way to dawn..the orange blue sky is indicating that The Sungod will manifest in full splendour in a short while..

Arjun walked towards his Madhav who stood smiling at him with assurance..Accomplish the task taking my name. I will look after everything.. he said in his Devine voice.

The Tenth day war started with Sikhandi moving forward and attacking Bheeshma with great determination.

He shot a number of arrows on Pitamah who laughed and said.' I know you are a woman previously and man later. I also know the significance of your birth. But I will never fight with you as per my principle."

 Sikhandi got angry and ridiculed Bheeshma.' You are the desciple of Parasurama. It doesn't look proper if you don't meet my challenge.No need to bother about my previous birth.You are the sole reason for my existence on this earth.Now face my wrath." So saying Sikhandi shot more arrows on the old warrior. 

Arjun observed Sikhandi's attitude and understood that finally his Grand Father's final day of battle had arrived. He closed his eyes and prayed.' God Forgive my treacherous crime. But I am destined to do that today.Pitamah Forgive me." 

Duryodhan observed Arjun who is clearing way for Sikhandi to reach Bheeshma methodically. Whoever is coming in his way they are being punished by severe shafts from Gandiv.There is a clear firmness in the face of Krishna who is driving Arjun's chariot towards Bheeshma with great force and power.

Duryothan called Dussasan and ordered him to stop Arjun from reaching Grand Father.Dussasan obstructed Arjun and shot five arrows on his forehead.Arjun frowned and broke his bow. He then shot a powerful shaft on Dussasan who swooned in his chariot due to it.But Dussasan got back his consciousness and again came in Arjun's way.Arjun's face displayed his anger and he instantly broke his bow,and pierced all his limbs with his surefire arrows. Dussasan could not bear the pain and ran away

.Drona who is fighting at a distance observed Arjun's way of fighting that day and called his son Aswathama.' Son it looks like Arjun will definitely throw down Bheeshm today. I am not feeling well. I forget all the mantras of Astras.See the way Arjun is racing forward towards Bheeshm He is clearing the way by destroying Kaurava Forces who are before our chief commander.

I will stop Panchalas from assisting Arjun. You go and be with Bheeshm. Save him from Arjun today." 

Aswathama went to assist Bheeshma Bheema jumped into Kuru army and started destroying them to help Arjun reach Bheeshm but Bhagadutta,Jayadhradha and many others bounced on him. 

Arjun swiftly reached there and assisted Bheem in tackling them. He made Sikhandi be with him only and lead him towards Bheeshm

Again Dussasan came in the way of Arjun and fought fiercely.The way Dussasan fought that day to stop Arjun is praiseworthy as no other Pandava warrior except Arjun could stop him.

 Arjun wounded him severely and Dussasan went behind the chariot of his grand father.

Arjun  pierced Bhagadutta's Elephant and removed them from his way.The celestials gathered in the sky to watch that crucial battle with Arjun targeting his Pitamah and the whole Kaurava army trying  to shield Bheeshma from him.

The Kaurava Army with their stalwarts together attacked Arjun at once. Arjun scattered them like whirlwind scatters clouds with his Astras.Sikhandi was shown the way nearer to Bheeshm and under Arjun's protection he shot many arrows on Bheeshm

But Bheeshm was not effected by those arrows and started laughing at him.He avoided Sikhandi and shot Arjun with sharp arrows.Dussasan again came and ran away unable to bear Arjun's wrath

.Dussasan brought Kripa Salya and Vikarna with him but Arjun destroyed their chariots and made them weapon less.

Bheeshm got angry and destroyed Panchal army and killed Virata's brother Satanika.Pandava army felt depressed on seeing that.

 Krishna advised Arjun.' Parth Again your grandfather is on rampage. Now don't spare him for more. He will demoralise our army. Exhibit your prowess.Dont feel for him. He wants liberation  from your hands. Do him that favour. 

Indra's son had moisture in his eyes but nodded his head and bounced upon Santanav with full energy. The twang of Gandiv resounded in the battlefield

.The chariot and the charioteer of Bheeshm was covered with Arjun's arrows and Bheeshma's bow was broken much to the disappointment of Kauravas. Gandiv thummed with menace.

Arjun wiped his tears that are continuously reminding him of the love he had for his grandfather. 

He looked at his Madhav whose face indicated him of the inevitable that is going to happen which is pre ordained

. He clasped his Gandiv tightly and showered arrows in such a way that the army surrounding Bheeshm either got fatally wounded or fled away.

He protected Sikhandi from Kauravas and encouraged him to strike Bheeshm.He broke every bow that Bheeshm took within split second.

Then he covered Bheeshm's charioteer,his chariot and horses with sharpest arrows.

Duryothan's Maharathis tried in vain to reach up Pitamah as Arjun appeared as if he is present before each of them and stopped their advances.

Bheeshm has a slight smile at the corner of his lips. Now his grandson is in full power and no one can stop him. He then took a sakti weapon and hurled it on Arjun but it was destroyed and nullified.

Arjun then killed Bheeshma's charioteer and destroyed the roof of the chariot

.Bheeshm then thought that it is futile exercise to continue fighting. No one can vanquish him if he still wields the bow.

Celestials appeared in the sky and supported his decision.

They showered flowers on his head.Still Bheeshma continued his battle as he doesn't want Duryothan to feel cheated.

Sikhandi shot many arrows on Bheeshm but they could not show any effect.

Then Arjun shot his arrows faster and broke Bheeshma's bow.He then shot a strong shaft that pierced inside Bheeshma's body.

Bheeshma was stupified and looked at Arjun who is invincible to all the warriors of his side including himself.

He addressed Dussasana thus.' The arrow that pierced my body belong to Arjun but not of Sikhandi.These arrows are torchering my body in crucial parts. Sikhandi never had such arrows. The arrows that struck me now are from Gandiv,They struck with high speed,They never miss their aim they are the sharpest and they belong to my Arjun.Sikhandi can never shoot such arrows.

Then again Bheeshm hurled another sakti on Arjun but it was met in the middle itself and destroyed completely.Bheeshm then took a sword and shield but Arjun broke them and continuously showered arrows on his body with such precision and symmetry that the celestials were surprised and praised his skills.

Sun started his journey towards west..The pride of Kurus,the Patriach Of Kauravas and Pandavas slowly fell keeping his head towards eastern direction .

. He was on the arrow bed his head hanging down because of not having support.

Arjun kept his Gandiv away and turned back sobbing uncontrollably. Krishna got up and took him in his hands. ' Parth,don't grieve for him. You paved his way for salvation.Control yourself." He enlightened his cousin and wiped his tears off. At that moment sages came there in the form of swans and told Bheeshm not to leave his body in Dakshinayan. Bheeshm assured them that he will be alive till Uttarayan enters as he has the boon of Ichamrityu Death at his wish. 

Sobbing piteously Arjun remembered his last meeting with his Pitamah early that day in the waters of Hiranvati river.

For a while none of them spoke. The sound of Hiranvati waters,the sweet notes of birds,the reddish hue in the sky made the two great warriors get enough relief and to some extent revived their spirits

.Arjun broke the silence and insisted in his pampered tone that he always used when he was with his Pitamah.' Come what may. I won't do what you asked me to. I won't do it even if you lure me with your rewards." Bheeshm smiled at his grandson who looked like the toddler trying to get whatever he wanted.

Years back this endearing child won his heart and made him taste fatherhood despite being a grandfather.Now destiny made them stand against each other and fight . Arjun needs to be strong and unshaken otherwise Krishna's purpose of incarnating on the earth will go waste.

If he Bheeshm continue to fight there is every chance of Duryothan winning the war as Arjun will never show his full mettle come what may.

' Bheeshm sat on the Rock and made Arjun sit on another.He took his hand in his and affectionately placed it between his hands.' Arjun, listen to me carefully.When I took an oath not to marry and not to be the king,I never realised the repercussions. I continued my support to whoever sat on the throne of Hastinapur.The only respite I felt was when your father Pandu ruled the kingdom.But after his death again my troubles started.Pandu's death was a big jolt to me. Then you five came to me. I got hope that the Kuru Empire will flourish with Yudhishtir as the king and you as my successor.I never felt the need to have my own children. But when you came into my life surprisingly the suppressed fatherhood surfaced and I took delight in nourishing you and grooming you as I wished. When you called me Pitasri you don't know how soothing it was to my heart.But I didn't encourage you to call me so as I was afraid of losing my mental strength and grit . My love for you may dominate my life and I may falter in my dharma."

Arjun's tears dried up. He touched his grand father's cheek with his palm and asked.' Then why are you making me do this censurable thing? Surely I will be blamed for my sinful act by every one till the end of the creation."

Bheeshma pressed his hand and said in a broken voice. ' Arjun we both are culprits of Panchali. We both failed. I am the chief commander of Hastinapur Still I didn't prevent that wretched Dice game and Panchali's insult. You are the chief commander of Indraprasth.You didn't protest against that shameful incident. I am enslaved to the throne of Hastinapur. You are enslaved to your Eldest. We both are at fault."

Arjun's jaw tightened remembering the disgraceful incident.He admitted in a broken voice.' I am her culprit Pitamah. More than my brothers I should protect her from those jackals. But I kept quiet. I know I incurred sin. And I will get punishment."

Bheeshm looked straight into his eyes.' Arjun we both are getting punished today for our crime. You by making your dearest Grandfather fall down and I by enduring torture till I breathe my last. Let us be brave and face our ordeal."

Arjun's tears rolled down.He touched Bheeshm's wrinkled body all over and wailed.' Pitamah how do you endure the pain? Surely it will torture you a lot." Bheeshm smiled.' I won't get any pain. The arrows from Gandiv will kiss me all over. They belong to my Arjun no? Now promise me you won't hold back You will display your fine skills to the maximum today. And I warn you I won't make your task easier.Let people remember this unique encounter between Ganga Putr Bhishm and Kunti Putr Arjun. Take the challenge."

Arjun hugged him for the last time and heard Krishna's voice from behind.' Parth come over. Gandiv is waiting for you Open the doors of salvation for your dear Grandfather. "

Arjun touched Bheeshma's feet and turned back to see Krishna and Krishnaa on the shore. As he approached them,Panchali smiled and took Sindur from her Mang and placed it as Vir Tilak on his forehead.

May you be victorious as ever my husband,She said defiantly making Krishna smile and add.' Yes Krishnaa your husband will win for sure."

He hugged his Parth and looked at Bheeshma with his Devine grace

. Bheeshma folded his hands and prayed.' Narayan be with my Arjun and guide him in his most crucial battle today." Ktishna nodded his head and said.' So be it." 

Krishna almost dragged Parth down from the chariot to go to Pitamah. 

Arjun is shedding tears and repeating.' Madhav I did the most sinful action of my life,.Already I opened the doors of hell for myself.I can't show my face to Pitamah.He nourished me like his own son and I gave him this much pain?I am not fit to be forgiven."

Krishna wiped his tears and patiently consoled him.' Parth,You are his redeemer.You paved the way for him to reach his origina Place.He is one among the eight Vasus . He came to this earth to endure his curse. Now he will reach his abode. Don't grieve for him.Now we should bow to him and pay respects ."

Krishna forcefully pulled Arjun to the place where the grand father lied on arrow bed. Already every one from both sides assembled around him. On seeing Krishna, Bheeshma folded his hands with difficulty.

Yudhishtir Bheem Nakul and Sahadev stood with folded hands.

Duryothan brought surgeons who can heal Bhishm 's wounds.

But Bheeshm declined and turned to Arjun.' My head is hanging down without support. I need support."

Immediately Duryothan made his servants bring cushions and pillows to keep under his head. Bheeshm refused and asked Arjun.' I can not use those things now. You should provide me support. You know what I mean."

Krishna placed his hand on Arjun's shoulder. Arjun still has tears in his eyes. He fixed three arrows on his Gandiv and shot them beneath the head of Bheeshm.

The three arrows planted perfectly like a pillow under his head.Arjun carefully placed his head on that.Bheeshm smiled and blessed.' Long live my dear grand son. I am indebted to you for relieving me of my burden.

Soon whole Of kurukshetra arrived to pay their respects to the fallen Patriach of Kurus.

They stood standstill around Bheeshm with folded hands and tearfilled faces

'Drona swooned on hearng the news and reached Bheeshm waith a heavy heart.

Duryothan blamed Arjun with harsh words.' You proved your love for Grandfather in a unique manner.Arjun you crossed all the limits.

Arjun bent his head with tears continuously falling down but Bheem retorted sharply.''Duryothan' because you crossed all the limits in your hatred Grand father has to lie down like this. Dont blame Arjun for your misdeeds.''

Bheeshm raised his hand and said 'Dont blame each other for my state. I don't want you to fight before my eyes.I will wait till the Uttarayan time.You keep this area well guarded as I want to meditate most of the time.

Krishna praised Bheeshm. with superlatives.'Ganga Putr;You are the Great Kuru legend who lived a pious life and served the throne of http://Kurus.Infuture I will make you share your immense jnan with your grand sons and pass it on to later generations. 

After a while Bheeshm got thirsty and asked for water.Duryothan immediately arranged cool tasty water but Grand father refused to drink.He declared thus'As I am on the arrow bed I should drink the water that is created by an arrow piercing the earth.Arjun.you only can create such water.I want you to quench my http://thirst.Mywhole body is burning with pain.Now arrange pious water for me "

Arjun went round his Pitamah with folded hands.He took an arrow from his quiver and recited mantras that are directed towards Indra .He then fixed it on his Gandiv stretched the string and shot it into the earth in such a way that cool' tasty and devine water fell directly into Bheeshm's mouth.

.Bheeshm. felt gratified as the water not only satisfied his thirst but also gave solace to his tired and wounded body'

Bheeshm smiled at Arjun and asked him to sit near his head.He then whispered in a feeble voice.'Now dont grieve for me anymore. You did your duty.I am mmensely pleased to get liberation from your hands.

Do your duty and dont brood over my state.I will hear your exploits and feel proud.'

He raised his hand and ruffled his hair .He then turned to Duryothan and enlightened him.'Duryothan;Sage Narad once told me that Krishna is Swayam Narayan and Arjun is Nar.When thetwo of them stand together no one can defeat them.Now leave your illusions and false hopes for victory.Give them Indraprasth and be satisfied with Hastinapur.Atleast let the remaining people survive and live peacefully.'

But Duryothan did not pay interest in his words.Bheeshma understood his intention and closed his eyes ' 

While Yudhishtir sighed with relief,Bheem openly admitted his satisfaction...We got a breakthrough. Yes we have to move forward in our pursuit of victory. Pitamah also wished the same.

As Pradosha made way for night,Arjun reached the riverside and walked into kneedeep water. He felt emptiness that he experienced when he lost his father Pandu. His heart became heavy thinking of the way his Pitamah was lying on his arrow bed. 

Arjun closed his eyes and heard his Madhav's words...

' ' Parth ,He who is  interested in doing good would never be doomed either in this world or in the other world.He will never get defeated by evil.

Arjun heard his own voice questioning Krishna..What would happen to those who could not pursue yoga completely in one birth?

Krishna clarified.

He  who couldn't pursue yoga completely will happily enjoy in meritorious worlds for many years. Afterwards he will take birth in a pious or rich family.Or else. He will be born in the family of yogis.But it is rare.Then he will continue where he left his yoga in his previous birth and try to achieve success.

Due to his previous birth impressions he will get attracted to yoga in this birth.He will be beyond the rules of worldly actions.After trying hard with dedication finally after many births he will achieve liberation.

A yogi is superior to a sage,a seer and one who is indulged in karma.

.Yogi who always lives in my consciousness,who serves me with love he is associated with me in yoga. He is superior to others.

.Dear Parth now I will let you know how you will realise my reality by practicing yoga applying your mind in my thoughts...Only one in thousand will try to achieve complete knowledge.Among those who achieve such knowledge only one will know my reality.

The river is flowing silently...looks like extending solace by occasionally rising up to touch his shoulders .

Arjun concentrated further...what did his Madhav say?

The Devine voice rang in his ears.

Earth,Fire,Wind,Sky mind,buddhi,and arrogance all these eight are my different forms that are distinct but identified as my natural power

..He Dhananjay,! no truth exists that is the best other than me.

Just like pearls that are woven into a garland by means of a thread,all the creation depends on me only.

O son of Kunti! I am the taste in water,lustre in Sun and the Moon,Om in Vedic hymns ,sound in sky and ability in a person.

I am the fragrance of the earth,heat of the fire,life of the beings and penance of the sages.

I am the seed of all beings and power of powerful people.

realise me and my nature.But whoever takes resort to me can easily get out of this illusion created by the three qualities.But fools,wicked and ethiests can not come out of illusion.

Arjun was interrupted by the messenger from his Eldest..He was immediately required in his private chamber.

The bitter truth of war is there won't be any time to stop,pause and brood over the loss of lives.It just won't work. For, the next day battle will stare in the face and demand so much homework to be done to face the opposition.Both Kauravas and Pandavas need to move on from where the battle ended. 

So Duryothan immediately assembled his prominent warriors to decide further action.Most important Ofcourse is to decide the next Chief commander for his army.

Panchali Who was in her Shibir got information on the next commander in chief for Kauravas. He will be Guru Dron.

Panchali could not help but sigh in desperation. She knew how much regard Arjun has for his ultimate Guru Dronacharya...How could she forget her conversation with him..that happened in Indraprasth when GuruDron artived as a guest for Rajasuya Sacrifice...She remembered every word Arjun said that day...

Indraprasth...Pre Rajasuya times

Arjun came so late after attending on his Gurudev and supervising the Yajna Sala construction progress.

 Panchali who is half asleep woke up and let him in. Arjun expressed surprise.' Already into sleep? Among my wives you are the only one to manage being awake at this time. Now you also succumb to sleep."

 Panchali retorted.' Every one needs sufficient sleep. Only you can survive without it. I can't imagine how you can be so active without sleeping."

Arjun smiled and confessed.' But there are many advantages if we can win over sleep." Panchali asked curiously.' How?" Arjun elaborated.' You will have more time to practice. You will have more time to plan war strategies. You can falsify the plans of rivals if you are conscious at night." 

Panchali raised her eyebrows.' Like you did when Vasuki took,you to Patal." Arjun nodded.' Yes. It is an advantage it helped me win over Vasuki."

Arjun expressed his feelings..he is on top of the world ..his Preceptor graced Indraprasth...

Krishnaa I am immensely happy today. My Gurudev graced Indraprasth. It is a blessed moment for me.I want to make him proud by achieving so much in my life. This is just the begining," 

Panchali stared at him.' You are obsessed with your preceptor Arjun. Actually you should be thanked for making him immortal with your achievements."

 He turned her face to him,looked straight into her lotus eyes.' Krishnaa you mean to say my contribution is more in my progress." 

Panchali nodded her head apprehensively.Arjun softly pushed back her curls and said.' My dear wife,you don't know Acharya's way of teaching.He appears strict but he is so soft at heart.His one look used to inspire me into achieving so much .

He challenged my capabilities in such a way that I ended up being perfect.He gave a wide mouthed vessel to Aswathama and a narrow mouthed vessel to me.That made me use my brain and I did what he expected. I filled the vessel with Varunastr. That way he taught me practical knowledge.

When lamp blew off while eating I ate without difficulty. I understood that with practice I could shoot in darkness. He told me the next day that moulding ourselves according to the situation will help us better ourselves.

 When I mastered shooting in dark he goaded me.' Don't stop with whatever you achieved.Always think that you know nothing. I thought well That day I was practicing at my usual place the mango grove. 

My right forefinger got wounded the previous day when I was sharpening my arrows. Gurumata observed that tied a bandage and fed me with her own hands. 

In the morning when all of us are going for practice she asked Gurudev not to send me as I ruptured my hand.But Gurudev refused and said.' No need. He should learn to cope up with injuries. Arjun, Use your brain first. You should complete your daily quota of practice.

 I was ten years old then.Duryothan and Karn laughed at me when I reached the practice spot.' How would you shoot arrows now? Don't be a fool.Roam here and there and go back to Ashram" 

They even ridiculed Gurudev.' Use your brain power. Gurudev's instruction.How can any one practice with injured finger?Gurudev's words have no sense.

" I got angry hearing their words. Gurudev's words always have significance and deep meaning. I didn't argue either with  them,took my bow and moved away from them.

 My right finger is paining. It won't let me  shoot perfectly. I pondered over the problem and casually held the bow in another hand. 

As I suddenly looked at my stance a wild idea crossed my mind. Why can't I shoot with left hand? I swiftly placed the arrow using left hand in place of right hand and tried to shoot.

 It was odd in the begining, But within two days it became a habit with me to use left hand with equal ease and skill. My wound healed but my obsession with left hand stayed back." 

Arjun observed Draupadi who is listening with utmost attention placing her head on his heart. Arjun hugged her closer and said.' Remaining to be continued."

 Panchali pushed him and said.' Tell me what did your Guru say when he saw you excell in using left hand." Arjun smiled at her enthusiasm....

Draupadi could not think further. Destiny will decide the future course. She knew that.

Guru Dron promised Duryodhan that he will capture Yudhishtir if Arjun is not protecting his brother.

Samsaptakas were alotted the task of taking Arjun away from Yudhishtir.

On 11 th day almost Drona captured Yudhishtir but Arjun rushed there just in time and defeated Drona.

On 12 th day also Arjun s timely intrusion helped Pandava side come out of danger. Arjun killed Bhagadutta and his elephant Supratika ..Drona has to end the day with another defeat for Kaurava side.

The Kaurava camp lost their confidence due to the death of Supratika Bhagadutta and the defeat of Samsaptakas. Drauna's inability to capture Yudhi made Duryothan fume in anger at the Gurudev.He blamed him with harsh words.' I know your partiality for Pandavas. Still I believed your words like a fool. You failed to imprison Yudhishtir.Then why do you make false promises?"

GuruDron felt devastated. He could never satisfy Duryothan though he try hard.He said firmly.' Duryothan,you yourself witnessed how much I tried to achieve what I promised. Yesterday and today I almost reached him. I could have captured him had Arjun not appeared in time to save his brother.I repeat I can capture Yudhi if Arjun is not there.Now it is your duty to move him away.I would arrange chakra Vyuha the lotus formation tomorrow which only Arjun knew how to penetrate into the vyuha .Itwill enable me take Yudhishtir as a prisoner if Arjun moves away." 

Samsaptakas lead by Susarma assured Duryothan that they will take away Arjun far from the main battlefield from where he won't be able to return in time to save Yudhishtir.

The Margaseersha chilled winds blew soothingly and brought solace to the soldiers who fought the war all through the day.The Pandava camp is peacefully at sleep as they are more than happy at the way the war progressed giving them an edge over their rivals.Arjun's valour is praised by every one around as he played a pivotal role in making Drona fail in his purpose.

Arjun could not sleep that night.he doesn't know why his mind is disturbed and agitated. He got up from his bed and came out of his tent. He walked towards Hiranvati which is flowing silently without any sound. There is a fierce silence around him which he found odd and disturbing.

Why is his concience trying to say something that is not agreeable ,sad and indigestible.He felt an emptiness in him that is growing on and on by leaps and bounds.Will anything happen to his dearest ones? To whom? Krishnaa? Abhi? ...Arjun walked back and peeped through the tent of Panchali where she is in deep sleep. He then proceeded and stopped at Abhi's tent .Uttara must be there with him inside. He knew it.He didn't want to disturb them and walked towards Krishna's tent.

Krishna found his Parth by his side and smiled with concern. He knew why his Parth is unable to sleep.But who can avert the inevitable? Parth has to go through his life's saddest moment after the disrobing of Draupadi in Dyut Sabha.

 Krishna placed his hand on Arjun's eyes and closed them.' Now go to sleep.I chanted the mantra." He said in a chilled voice.Arjun smiled and retorted.' Ofcourse I need your mantra today. I can't sleep on my own. What will happen tomorrow?"

Abhi folded his hands in salutation.He is standing in the sky. His whole form is shining with a different lustre.' Jyesht Mata,I take leave.I beg pardon I can not stay for long to see your criminals punished." Panchali stared at him and shouted.' Come down Abhi. You can not go like this.How could I bear?come back Abhi. For me,for Subhadra,for Uttara and for your Pita? He won't breath without you." Abhi smiled and said.' I am helpless Mata. I have to leave."         

         Panchali got up from her nightmare.It is the early hours of thirteenth day at Kurukshetra.She had sweat all over her face. She is shivering with fear. What kind of a dream she got? It is said that early morning dreams will become true.Abhi...Something bad may happen  to him today.Panchali controlled herself and prayed to Durga Bhavaani ' Save him Mata.Our lives depend on him only." 

                        Uttara pleaded with Subhadra.' Mata I got the dream again. Ask your son not to go today. I sense something bad may happen today.' Subhadra took her to Yudhishtir's main camp hall where all the Warriors assemble before they leave.Yudhishtir is worried. His spies failed to bring any information regarding the Vyuha or plan of their rivals.He asked Krishna.' Why did they maintain that secrecy? Krishna I sense some foul play. After yesterday's battle they must have realised Gurudev's failure in Arjun's presence.On top of it they lost Bhagadutta and Supratika." Bheem laughed merrily.' Why do you worry? Duryothan must have realised how futile his plans are.so they must have slept peacefully . Better to catch sleep rather than break their heads and make useless plans." Abhi who just entered clapped his hands and said.' Jyesht Pita don't worry. Now we are leading the scores. Very shortly they will admit defeat." 

                      Subhadra Panchali and Uttara entered and collectively requested.' Let Abhi stay back today.Uttara needs him by her side.' Arjun called Abhi.' Take a break.Be with your wife for a while.Why don't you listen to her? Madhav, tell your Ladla to stay back." Panchali approached Abhi and softened his curls.' Your father and Mama will take care of your Jyesht Pita. Don't be stubborn. Stay back." She is unable to forget her dream and Abhi 's words.Krishna  taunted them,' Bhadra,Krishnaa  you both should infuse courage in Uttara. But you both are more worried it seems. Kshatriyas need not fear wars . It is a cherished game for them.And Parth,you are discouraging your son? Not done.

                       Abhi hugged his mama and shouted.' Come now Kirti Sutasom Bhrata,let us lead in the front.Pitasri,today I will make you proud by displaying my valour." Arjun hugged him close. Tears rolled down from his eyes.His lion cub will never take a backstep. After all he is his blood,his son,his Abhimanyu." 

                       The Pandava army reached the warspot and deliberated on the Vyuha to be formed.' Why did Gurudev not make his Vyuha yet? He got the answer next minute. The Samsaptakas challenged him yet again.' Arjun, if you are a hero face us now. But not here. We will do our fight away from this main battle spot. Come let us go if you have guts." 

Arjun looked at Krishna who nodded his head. Yudhishtir half heartedly gave them permission to go.As Arjun left the place Kauravas shouted in joy.Within a short while their Vyuha became visible to Yudhishtir. And it is Chakra Vyuh. Also called Padma Vyuh. The Lotus Formation.And only three warriors know how to penetrate inside. Arjun,Krishna and Pradyumna. Abhi learnt only half. He doesn't know how to come back after getting inside.

Little did he know that the Chakravyuha formation he learnt from Dronacharya years ago in Gurukul would be the reason for his dearest son Abhimanyu's death in his absence. Arjun lost his control when he heard about the way his Abhi s daring act to penetrate the Chakravyuh took him away from him on 13 th day.

Arjun wept like a child. Krishna hugged him close..Parth! Try to remember what I told you on first day!Don't lose yourself in this crucial moment..

Arjun  could not remember anything that moment.. He just took the oath to avenge the death of Abhimanyu.

Jayadhrath  is the stake ..either he will live or Arjun will..both can not coexist...

>The Soul is neither born nor does it die at any time. It does not come into being or cease to exist. It is unborn, eternal, permanent, and primeval. The Soul is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.

Krishna's words filled his conscience.,but Arjun could not suppress his grief..He is restless till he kills Jayadhrath, .his sister's husband.

And the rest is history. Kaurava army witnessed Arjun's fury and how! Along with Jayadrath  7 akshouhinis of their army is  killed by Arjun!

As they drove back after the Sunset,Arjun wiped off his tears and looked up.

        the sun is setting in western horizon.Krishna stood in his chariot and hugged him with love and affection. " Parth, you achieved the most difficult task today. You avenged the death of our Abhi. See the battle ground bears testimony for your unparalleled valour." 

Arjun stammered with tears. " what is the use? I won't get my Abhi back no? I won't see his smiling face again.I won't see him greet me when I return in the evening." 

     Krishna took his face in his hands and wiped his tears. He showed the sky." Parth . He is there. He witnessed your great valour and he is jumping and clapping. Don't you have faith in me?" Krishna stopped unable to continue. He has moisture in his eyes. His dearest nephew whom he brought up like his own son,.his Parth's life support left them forever.

 Krishna closed his eyes and smiled.Even God has emotions,heart break.But he should not show it. For the sake of his Parth.who still has so much to do. He should be calm and composed. 

Krishna smiled to himself. He knew his Parth did not misinterpret Gita. He did his duty even when he was shattered by Abhi's death..He annihilated most of his rivals along with Jayadhrath.. 

That was what he asked him to do. to follow his Kshatriya dharma and punish the unrighteous people.

His Parth did not renounce worldly responsibilities instead he gave a message to people...how to be focused towards the immediate action that demands his attention.

End of the war 

The war came to an end...it washed off not only sinners but also innocent ones..on both sides. 

Arjun stood at the bank of Hiranvati. The final rites of the deceased were performed under the supervision of Dhaumya. He still is in shock.. hearing the truth of Karna.

He is exhausted mentally not physically.

He could not digest the bitter truth How is it possible?

 He could still feel Karna's anger,fury and jealousy.But never did he see any kind of concern for him even after knowing the truth.

" Not able to relate to reality Parth?" Krishna's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

Krishna placed his hand on Arjun's shoulder." Speak up Parth. Relieve your burden.

Arjun looked straight into his lotus eyes that are brimming with affection.

" Madhav,If you know the truth why did you encourage me to kill him?Arjun's question was met with a smile that is Devine and meaningful.

Krishna spoke." Parth,I encouraged you to throw your Grandfather also down. Surely you have highest regard and affection for him. But I did not ask you to spare him either.Similarly I made Eldest tell a half lie to pave way for Drona's death.

Guru Dron for you is equal to God.

 Karna,is your brother. But he is instrumental in keeping the rivalry between cousins ablaze.

If Karna is not there in the scenes Duryothan wouldn't have ventured to fight with you at all.

He did the most censurable thing by suggesting Panchali's Vastra Harlan.

Karna is the one who guided Kauravas for Abhimanyu's slaughter by unrighteous means.

Just because he is Kunti's son his crimes would not be forgiven."

Arjun heard his friend's words and understood the essence.He sighed.Justice is equal to everyone.

The midnight massacre caused by Aswathama crushed Paandavas and made them weak and vulnerable.The hard earned victory and sovereinity look insignificant as no successor is left  to succeed them as their heir.

The only hope  left is the yet to be born child of Uttara who can continue the legacy of his valorous father Abhimanyu and undefeated grand father Arjun.

Draupadi walked slowly and reached the river.she observed someone sitting almost into the waters with head bent on his knee,

Panchali stood behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder that is familiarly hard with bow marks.

Arjun came out of his trance and stammered." Krishnaa"

Both of them did not move but just stayed in the same position. There won't be moon rise and moonlight.It is Amavasya. The dark night.It is symbolic as darkness dominated  their lives now

Thought Panchali.

Suddenly Arjun turned to her and hid his face on her waist. The force with which Arjun did so made Panchali lost her balance but he firmly clasped her making her stand erect.

Draupadi looked down and observed his shoulders go up and down as the sobs intensified more and more.Arjun wept heart fully without control and without inhibitions.Panchali did not stop him.

After a while Arjun's words started flowing out along with his tears.

"I hate myself. Krishnaa.Shame on me. I am unable to save any of my sons. Abhi died in my absence. And now the boys,They were offered prey to Aswathama's anger and fury.Iravan did not get my help. Now I am scared  thinking of Uttara's unborn child. What will happen if Aswathama's Astra burns him inside? Who is left for us? What did this war done to us?"

Your grandson will never die Parth. Don't you have faith in your Madhav?" Krishna's voice rang through the darkness. Next moment,the peacock feather danced in rhythm.the yellow garment,the Vaijayanti Mala and  the Kaustubha gem became visible to the other two Krishnas.

The lotus eyes showered infinite grace on his two most loved people ,shattered and on the verge of collapse.Panchali tried to move away from Arjun but Krishna signalled her to stay on.


He approached Arjun and feigned anger." Forgot everything I told you on the first day? Again back to your oldest argument? What did the war give you? Parth.I told you already . You are not the one to decide the death of these people.Their destiny decided the way they died.Forgot that?"

Krishna stood nearer to him and placed his hand on Arjun's head.His highly emotional cousin will never change. Not even after Geeta.He needs his counsel again and again.Krishna smiled affectionately and softened his curls. But that did not stop his Parth from following his word . And that is called submission...to him and to a good purpose.

The chamber door opened and Kunti brought the baby who is still and motionless.

Arjun shed tears and leaned on Krishna's shoulder. Panchali and Subhadra came and stood behind Kunti sobbing and sighing heavily.

Kunti looked at Krishna and said." Kanha !Today I am speaking to Narayan himself not to my nephew.

He Vaasudev,He Rukmini Pati, He Nara Sakha Show your grace. You protected my children since their childhood.

You saved Draupadi from humiliation.

You became Saradhi to my son and fetched him victory.

Now The Kuru Vamsh is in danger.

In the name of your love for Abhimanyu save his son.

If that won't happen there is no use of my life for me.

Arjun's vision blurred..am I that unfortunate that I should live with the memories of my grandson also? ..He did not say it but his Madhav heard him for sure.

Krishna nodded his head and said." I will keep my promise. All of you get rid of your sorrow. I will certainly revive Parth's grandson who will rule Aryavarth for more than sixty years."

Having said so Krishna washed his feet and did achaman three times.

He placed the baby beside his mother on the couch.

Krishna then stood by the baby and looked with a fixed gaze.

A strange hollow surrounded his head and his face shone with Devine splendour.

Krishna then said in an authoritative tone." If I never retreated back from any battle and always fought for truth this son of Abhimanyu should get back life." 

If I always worshipped Brahmins and dharma let this son of Uttara get back his life.

If I killed Kamsa and others only to protect dharma and not for any personal reason,let this heir of Pandavas get back his life.

If I always loved Parth more than my life and if no misunderstanding ever happened between me and Parth let this grandson of Parth breathe again."

As Krishna finished his last line and sprinkled water on the baby,the miracle happened.

The baby moved freely and opened his eyes.

Next moment he stretched his hands and cried aloud to make his presence felt in this world.

The grandson of Arjun breathed and flourished.

The future Emperor of Aryavarth smiled at Krishna.

Parikshit won the battle with Aswathama along with his grandfather Arjun.


*A person whose mind is unperturbed by sorrow, 

who does not crave for pleasures, and who is 

completely free from attachment, fear, and anger, 

is called Sthita-prajna - a sage of steady intellect.*

Did Arjun become a stable minded? Yes and no.

To his credit he overcame his emotions that overpowered him through out his life to proceed towards his ultimate goal..Gradual evolution is always better than instant transformation.It surely makes life fulfilling and worth living.

Arjun despite having Viswarup Darshan ,treated Krishna as his soulmate and that really makes the Krishna Arjuna comradiare exclusively endearing and unique.

The three Krishnas ,Krishna,Arjuna And Draupadi set the standards higher in exhibiting compassion,goodness and focus towards ultimate kartavya.

Magnanimous Draupadi forgave Aswathama,the murderer of her children.

Arjun treated Dhritarashtra with compassion when the king was suffering from the heartbreak of the loss of his sons.

The journey towards Awakening

Arjun is walking as if in trance. They started their final journey towards Himalayas.

Arjun has to give away his Gandiv,his another soul partner to Agnidev...now the touch of Gandiv eluded him..,

First he parted with his life breaths ,vital for his existence itself,his Madhav..and now his Gandiv ...

The final blow...Panchali fell down...Arjun's vision blurred..his soulmate who travelled with him...in their journey of life..she was no more..

Sahadev,Nakul...they also...left.

The misty slopes of Himalayas ...the orange golden hue of Pradosha ..towering high and touching the sky,Kailash mountain ,Karpur gaur Karunavatar Sankar Shiv,...Arjun could not see or imagine any more.His body became light like feather.

Suddenly he found himself in the midst of a golden ball of fire...which did not burn him but offered him solace..He tried to look through the Prakash...and he is floating in waves that enveloped his soul..he could feel the ultimate bliss..

And then he saw the form approach ..slowly the peacock feather,the lotus eyes,the compassionate smile and the Devine glow  became visible ...Arjun heard his Madhav's voice ...let us unite in eternity ,Parth!

For every one  the journey towards awakening continues crossing the stages of ashtanga yoga by practice and belief.,,till Nar  realises Narayan in true essence...by his grace..

sarvopanishado gavo dogdha gopala-nandanah

partho vatsah sudhir bhokta dugdham gitamritam  mahat.

Comparing all the Upanishads as a cow, Krishna the son of the cowherd chief is the milkman, Arjuna the son of Pritha is the calf, and the intelligent  people will enjoy the great nectar of Bhagavad gita as the milk.

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