Lesser Known facts of the Mahabharata

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Posted: 1 months ago

There are things that very few people know from Mahabharat..Specially Unabridged Editions,in particular Southern Edition consisted of much more information that we don’t see in CE.I would first present from Adi Parva and Sabha Parva ..remaining parvas some other time..

  1. Nara, whose companion is Narayana, will be born as Indra's son and indeed, will be known as Arjuna, the mighty son of Pandu..All the authentic versions got this explanation in Adi Parva 
  2. Chandradev wished to send his son Varchas as the son of Nara born as Arjuna.
  3. Adrisyanti,the daughter in law of Vasishtha and wife of Sakti gave birth to Parashara after a twelve year pregnancy. Gandhari was pregnant for two years.
  4. Sakuntala gave birth to Bharata after three years of pregnancy.
  5. Pandu died on Arjun’s birthday…. as per Southern Edition .. While Kunti is serving Brahmins food on that occasion,the mishap happened with Pandu.
  6. Arjuna was trained at Satasringa mountain itself by Pandu and by Sukra,a Rajarshi son of King Saryati ….in archery. He showed the signs of becoming an archer par excellence then itself.
  7. The name of the bow used by Drupada in Swayamvara was Kindhura.
  8. Drupada begotten Sikhandi to kill Bhishma..by pleasing Mahadev with severe penance.
  9. Karna failed to string the bow by hairbreadth space ,hit by the bow..in Draupadi Swayamvara.
  10. As per SE Karna did not leave the fight after Swayamvara as described in CE. He again returns with another bow and gets defeated by Arjuna..No chance of any doubt of Arjuna’s victory.
  11. After the fight that took place when Arjun won Draupadi..again another battle happened between Kauravas,Karna and Pandavas,aided by Panchalas. Duryodhan gets defeated by Bhima and Karna was defeated by Arjuna then also.. ( ch.218..Adiparva Kumbhakonam Edition And PPSSastri Edited version )
  12. As per Gita Press ,Many Of Drupada’s associates and relatives knew about his wish to offer Draupadi to Arjun. Drupada’s priest advises him to arrange Swayamvara as he heard upasruti about Pandavas as not dead in Laksha grih.
  13. Krishna and Balarama comes back from Dwarika to bless Draupadi and Pandavas,hearing about their marriage and offer gifts.
  14. Indra and Sachidevi comes down to perform the marriage of Arjuna with Subhadra in Dwaraka..The marriage was done with the consent of Yadava elders excluding Balarama.
  15. Satyabhama accompanies Draupadi and Subhadra with Krishna and Arjun during their pleasure trip to Yamuna shores.
  16. Pandavas spent 23 years at Indraprastha before the game of Dice happened..
  17. As per SE Arjuna gets furious after the gruesome events at Dice hall and reacts in such a way taking Gandiv in hand that even celestaials shiver with fear.. Bhima applauds him..later Yudhishtir pacifies him.
  18. Arjuna during his northern conquest, on Swetha Parvata vanquished kimpurushas ruled by Drumaputra.
  19. When Pandavas went to Hastinapur ,the women of Dhritarashtra's household with Dussala taking the lead visited them. And the daughters-in-law of Dhritarashtra beholding the blazing and splendid beauty and prosperity of Yajnaseni, became cheerless and filled with jealousy.
  20. Vibhishana also sent gifts through Ghatotkacha for Rajasuya sacrifice.

Will add more…and more..


Bori Critical Edition Of Mahabharata Sanskrit version,

Gita Press With Hindi Translation by Pandit Ramnarayan

Southern Edition Kumbhakonam And PPS Sastri Edited version

Posted: 22 days ago

Heya! I just finished reading this (I'm hopeless I know)

But please do continue this series na! Love knowing more things! smiley27

The new things I learnt were 7, 14, and 16. smiley9

Posted: 21 days ago

Originally posted by proteeti

Heya! I just finished reading this (I'm hopeless I know)

But please do continue this series na! Love knowing more things! smiley27

The new things I learnt were 7, 14, and 16. smiley9

Sure Proteeti

Posted: 12 days ago

Thanks for the facts ..

But karan didn't get the chance to win the sawayamwar as draupadi refused him .she told that she doesnt want to marry a sut putra. She was told by Lord krishna to do so .

Posted: 2 days ago

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, Laxmi di!smiley27

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