"Thrive In Catastrophe" Chapter 1 Updated

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Wanings: 18+ 

Character's Introduction:

Bondita: 16 years old, Mentally a child of 8 years. 

Anirudh: A foreign return Barrister who wants to bring change in his country.

Saudamini: Anirudh's childhood friend. Secretly loves him and tries to win his heart.

Rest are same and OC's will be introduced as the story progresses. 

Peek In:

"Aayyy Bonditaaaa, ruk ja" said a 9 years old boy running after a girl but gave up after realizing that his older friend is not going to listen to him, or anyone else as a matter of fact. The girl with long thick hairs, anklets in both feet was running across the dirt road without a care in the world. She looked back, still running but now smiling as well and said "Thori hi door ek doli guzar rahi hai, dulhann ko dekhe baghair main nahi ruktiiiii" 

The boy gave up and hunched while breathing heavily "Doli pakki sadak se guzre gi or waha'n janey ki ijazat nahi hai humein, par issey kaun samjhaye?"

On the other hand the aristocrats 'Roy Choudharys' were celebrating the  wedding of their family friend's youngest son and were all ready to welcome the new bride. 

What they were't expecting was coming across a teenage girl who behaves strangely for her age but asks questions that leaves everyone astonished.

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update soon

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Nice and different concept for story of Anirudh and Bondita

Good start and waiting for update

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Nice different  concept 

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The sky was barely lit with sunshine and birds had already started chirping and dancing around, the peaceful atmosphere of Tulsipur was one of the things that Anirudh terribly missed in London. Holding two big suitcases, one in each hand, he kept walking. No map in hand or written address but with only his memories of this place he loved to call home. No one at his home knew that he was coming back from London, he wanted to surprise them all but what he did't know was that his family has a bigger surprise planned for him.

on the other end of Tulsipur, where a small basti filled with farmers, blacksmiths, vendors and other hard working people lived. Bondita das and her widowed mother, Sumati das, had moved in with her maama, maami and their teen daughter Sampoorna recently. Bondita's maami 'Devoleena' was not very happy with 2 additions in her family but since Sumati did all the housework like a maid, she ignored her but what troubled her the most was her niece Bondita.

"Kaha'n gai ? aaj nahi chodungi main...Ek baar mil jaye bass" shouted an angry looking devoleena while coming out of her room. "Kya hua maa ? kyun subha subha chillaa rahi ho ?" asked Sampoorna who was drying her hair with a towel. Devoleena looked at her and then looked at Sumati who was hanging washed clothes on a rope and strode towards her and said "Kal maine apni nai lal par sada saree nikaal k baksey main rakhi thi Sampoorna k liye magar abb woh saree gayab hai"

Sampoorna and Sumati soon realized who would've done this, Sumati looked down ashamed and continued working while Sampoorna tried to look for an excuse..."Maa ho sakta hai k tumhi kahi'n or rakh k bhooli gai ho ?" Devoleena placed her hands on her waiste and gave Sampoorna a stern look "Mujhe nahi pata kya k ghar main konsi aafat hai jo saara samaan idhar udhar karti hai ? Hai kaha'n woh Paagal waisey?" Hearing the word "Pagal"  Sumati looked up immediately and tried to defend her daughter but was stopped by Devoleena.

A white saree pallu with red border was flying freely behind a girl, the beautiful tinkling of her anklets was creating a beautiful melody along the chirping birds.

"Aayyy Bonditaaaa, ruk ja" Said a 9 years old boy running after her.

The girl looked back and smiled widely before replying,""Thori hi door ek doli guzar rahi hai, dulhann ko dekhe baghair main nahi ruktiiiii" and took off again.

The boy knew that this dolli was't an ordinary one and trespassing it would cause trouble so he stopped and looked on with worried eyes the girl's figure slowly faded as she neared the causeway.

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Barrister Babu 

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