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Posted: 4 months ago


Hello Guys🤗


I am your new moderator.smiley40 You can call me Tanu, Chai, Billi, BilliCat. smiley17 I just joined here and I see that the forum is in a heated situation with fan wars. smiley22This happens with all the forums with more than one couple but we will all work together to make it better smiley14

I have listed down some rules and I/ Erum/ Appy will update this thread whenever we need to. Please PM one of us for any doubts. 

  1. Any sort of name calling/bashing(indirect or direct) is not allowed in the forum. Whether it be the actors/ CVs /members/DTs. 

  2. If you are breaking the rules for the first time, you will receive a PM with or without an increase in WL . If it is your second or third time, your warning level will be increased without a PM. You can check your warning note for more details. 

  3. Any discussion regarding current/ previous DT is not allowed. You can PM us directly for any concerns. If you have complaints regarding one DT, please PM any of the other two DTs. If you have complaints regarding the entire team, please PM a higher end. (Either a GM/admin) 

  4. Please do not abuse the report button. You can report when you feel the post is breaking some rule. Please do not report the same post multiple times. Please give us a time period of 4 days from the day the post was reported for resolving the reports. 

  5. While reporting in AT, if there are 1-2 pages of posts which break rules , you can report first post and mention the number of pages. For example: if there is chat going on for 3-4 pages, report the first post and then mention to check the next 3-4 pages. 

  6. Please ensure you write the complete reason while reporting. Sometimes, we might not understand the context of the report as we aren't watching the show or because we think differently, but details in the report will help us understand your point of view.

  7. If you find a post which is breaking rules, please do not moral police or attack the member back, just report the post. 

  8. Comparison posts will not be allowed in the forum. Any such posts will be closed. 

    Rules updated on 28th Feb 2020 : 3:30 PM IST

    9. Henceforth, no character bashing will be allowed in the forum. You can criticise the character but please don't bash them. This instigates fights. 

    10. If you are reporting, please ensure you do not use abusive language/mock/bash/question DT or any members or actors. If you have questions, please PM us, do not post in the reports. And this has been mentioned before too, but please explain in detail why a post is being reported and do not report the same post again and again.

    11. While you can PM us for any questions or doubts, please do not be abusive and please follow IF COC even while PMing us.

You can PM Appy, Erum or me for any questions.


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Posted: 4 months ago

Please avoid name-calling of any Characters, Members, DTs, CVs or Actors. Here is the modified list of names which are used to mock generally in the forum. We will keep updating it. It doesn’t mean that you can use any mock names which aren’t in the thread, it’s just to clear things for members.

Mata for Ekta Kapoor

Haddipie or similar derogatory term for AnuPre's Kid



Nanny for Prerna

TRP Aunties

Polyester Pajama




Note : 06-03-2020

We had restricted the use of dumb and weird for character earlier. Some members had PMed us and we realised we have not explained it completely and it restricted character criticism. It is okay to use dumb/weird to describe something characters did.

When you are calling a character dumb, kindly justify why do you think his/her actions are dumb/weird/idiotic. Don't just use it to mock characters or instigate fights.

For example : it was so dumb of xyz to do something. 

 this is also allowed xyz seems dumb because... 

xyz is a dimwit because

xyz's actions seemed idiotic 

What is not allowed : 

Calling other characters dumb/weird/dimwit in ATs for other couple.

Calling any member/creative/actor/DT as dumb/weird

Please dont use these on kids.



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Posted: 3 months ago

Appreciation Threads Rules:

Appreciation Thread Rules as on Jan 29 2020

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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